Inchcock Today – Saturday 26th May 2018: Another day of demi-depressionalisation!

Saturday 26th May 2018

Punjabi: ਸ਼ਨੀਵਾਰ 26 ਮਈ 2018

0325hrs: I’m afraid I woke in a sorry state. Both mentally and physically. I lay there for ages pondering fearing and worrying about seemingly endless ailments and my continuing journey from logicality into the hands of insanity. My coping-ability levels are dropping and becoming unreliable nowadays. I’m thinking silly things, yet hanging on to my empathy for others?

The new ferocious flatulence had moved into the innards, and one massive breakage of wind, that must have been building up overnight, escaped from the rear end. It almost lifted me off of my Haemmorhoid Harold’s ring-cushion! Painful and noisy in the extreme! I responded by removing myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off to the Porcelain Throne with all possible haste.

1Mon01b I got there in plenty of time. However, the evacuation was once again almost liquid and required a lot of cleaning up and medicating afterwards. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding, was sore and itchy too. New PPs put on. Cleaned everything up and applied some Daktacort Cream. An uncomfortable experience. Harold’s Haemorrhoids had to be cleansed and medicated too. This performance got me off to a bad start for the day, which is a shame, because I’d woken up with tension, fear and apprehension already firmly embedded in my currently tormented mind.

6Sat001I can see now, the high winds blowing the Copse, trees, and bushes about something rotten, outside. Mist lingering, what bit of drizzle earlier had stopped entirely now.

I must get some bread and milk in today. I hope that the weather is kind. Into the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks, medication taking, etc.

The mind wandered off on its own accord before I did the Health Checks. The dodgy state of the innards, my bad memory and getting confused so easily nowadays, the damned Bank Holiday on Monday; No buses, Noisy Herbert will have a hay-day with his banging and knocking, No one to talk to or have a laugh with…

1Mon01b The thoughts were deflected when I realised the warm wet sensation from the lower regions indicated that blood was escaping, or I was wee-weeing myself. Humph! Back to the wet room to investigate and clarify which ailment was causing this leaky situation this time. (I think I might be resigning from worrying, [I hope] because this problem, I took in my stride, even the embarrassment and pain of sorting it out didn’t get to me much?). My aboulomania seems to have turned to acceptance?

This was a good thing this bleeding, cause it ensured that I was handily placed right next to the Porcelain Throne when Trotsky Terence insisted on some more of the innards pungent liquid being got rid of ASAP. Harolds Haemorrhoids did not like this in the least bit and stung away nastily as the evacuation took place. The throbbing, smarting, burning and irritating itching ensued. Another painful session of cleansing and medicationalisationing was needed. Another change of PPs. Huh!

6Sat07Rinsed me up and wiped around with the antiseptic disinfectanted hessian cloth, kept just for this job.

Back to the kitchen, and made myself a tasty brew of Breakfast Tea in the medium-sized mug. (It just came into my mind then. A medium sized mug could describe me down to a tea! Although, swapping medium for plumb would be a tad more exact? Hehe!)

At long last I got the Health Checks done. All readings were in range I think.


The ailments and Whoopsideangleplops seem to have affected my thoughts and thinking this morning. Making the creation and application of methodical, articulate, consistent or relevant considerations, a little more unstable and awkward than usual.

I really must talk to someone who can understand and arrange for some help. I fear I will do nothing about it, though. Being the psychoneurotic depressive (I think so anyway), and champion fritterer! Hehe!

1Mon01b At long last, I got the Computer on to update yesterday’s blog page.


  • 6Sat03Pinterest would not let me load any graphics from WordPress?
  • WordPress kept on swapping to US English, and I had to repeatedly change the settings back to UK English.
  • Then Liberty-Virgin internet went off, and it took me ages to get it going again!
  • Then, CorelDraw demanded my signing in, even though I had not signed out! MS Windows update might be to blame?

0505hrs: Eventually, I got the Friday diary finished and posted off. What, a palaver!

I hoped and prayed that things would not go on like they have been doing, for all over these unwanted, lonely damned busless, depressingly banal and bad-luck ridden Bank Holiday. I bet noisy Herbert likes them. This thought makes me even more depressed in nature.

Sorted the waste bags and got them taken to the rubbish chute.

Off to get the ablutions and medicating done again. I felt a bit better about myself after the shave, shower and other requirements were all done.

6Sat05Out to shops around 0900hrs.

Getting out onto Chestnut Walk, I took this photographicalisation of the end of Woodthorpe Court and the New Extra Care unit being built in between the existing two less-care tower blocks. They look close, don’t they?

Sure to block out the light and view for the lower floor tenants. I’m so happy to be up on the 12th floor.

The complete complex will be called Winwood Heights, the new Extra Care unit will be called Winwood Court, along with the old Woodthorpe, and Winchester Courts will be keeping their names.

6Sat06I noticed further along the road that the Winchester Court flats were at the stage of having their Kitchen windows fitted. The dark frame is one of the newly fitted ones. Compared to the much preferred older ones, you can see how they block the wonderfully previous panoramic view. And the bottom pane is much deep in size, the frames are thicker and let even less light into the kitchens now. But, I’m not moaning and groaning, just mentioning it.

6Sat07At the end of Chestnut Walk, I took this picture displaying the vast array of what used to be all Council Houses and Estates.

But Mrs Thatcher changed the rules and forced the local councils into selling their tenants the properties. So, now it is a mish-mash of rented and privately owned dwellings.

6Sat08As I crossed over and up Mapperley Rise (The steeper top part leading up to Mapperley Plains), the plates-of-meat and Anne Gyna started to play me up a bit. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. To be expected really on this stretch of road.

But, this gave me photographic intentions a chance to use the small Nikon camera a few 6Sat09times on the hobble. I’m missing the new Lumix already, I must get to the Jessops camera shop on Tuesday and see if they will mend it for me, or if it is my fault and I’ve accidentally changed or broken something? Yutz!

As I struggled up the cruel hill and around the first bend, it looked like it had been snowing. Hehe!

6Sat10I did notice they had, at last, replaced the stolen sand-salt from the grit-bin on the corner of Maurice Drive.

Better late than never, but will it be stolen again as soon as any ice appears on the hill? I expect it will get nicked again, knowing my Nottinghamian fellow residents as I do.

I got to the top of the road and turned left onto 6Sat11Woodborough Road.

A sad sight indeed. The old Millenium Car Showrooms and grounds. Now vandalised, drug needles, empty beer cans and spirit bottles in the weed-strewn grass verge, and just a few hundred yards of where two murders and five stabbings have taken place in the last eight months or so.

The plates were worse than ever as I progress limpingly along to the Aldi store to get my bread, milk and a TV paper. However, as soon as I’d been walking on the flat surface for a couple of minutes, Anne Gyna calmed down rapidly.

6Sat12Alas, my shopping addiction got the better of me again. Ahem!

I did get the bread, milk and TV paper… but also: A Pork Pie, flavoured mineral water, mature cheddar cheese, frikadellens, long life cobs, pork ribs, tomatoes, Breakfast tea bags, tomatoes, fresh cream jam & doughnuts and ice-cream cones. Spent a bit there. Cough!

6Sat13I’d like to point out that the cream doughnuts were purchased for Jenny and Frank, in the flats. 

Oh yes, they were!

I paid the young chap and departed from the store onto Woodborough Road, to walk back to Woodthorpe Court in the opposite route I had taken to get there.

6Sat14When I got home later, I found this photograph on the SD card between the Aldi store above and the Nottingham City Homes Electronic Information board on the wall, near the lifts in the Woodthorpe Court foyer.

I can’t recall taking it, or what it was supposed to be displaying?

The hobble down the hill was much more comfortable and without any complaints from the ailment. Well, apart from the feet!

Sister Jane rang as I walked down the hill. I said I’d ring her back.

I got back a lot quicker than what it took me to get to the store. (Downhill, Hehe!) I’d done a decent job with the timing I thought.

On Chestnut Walk, I looked at the Nottingham City Homes Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling-Inchcock-off Zone and Things to be stolen by residents room, Portakabin across the road, it looked deserted from what I saw through the windows. I was going to see if Jenny was in. I carried on hobbling.

6Sat15As I went into the flats, Frank was there in the foyer. We had a little natter, a grand lad Frank. He told me Jenny was in the cabin. He was on his way there too. So I asked him if he would take the jam and cream doughnuts to her for me, and he agreed to. Bless him.

The electronic sign told me it was only 11:11hrs, Saturday 26th May. And, there was and light rain and showers outside with a temperature of 19°c. Also that I could become a Nottingham City Homes Community Mediator?

6Sat16I got the vegetables prepared and cooing in the saucepan. Turnips, swede, orange peppers, red onions, and mushrooms.

I did then in some Hickory Smoked sauce.

I left the saucepan on a low heat and put the other fodder away in the wherever they were to live until I ate them later.

6Sat17I checked the till receipt and then had a look see if anything was worth watching on the TV.

Not a lot appealed to me.

Did the Health Checks and then onto the computer to continue with updating this load of twaddle.

Now the CorelDraw programme is playing up, 6Sat18icons disappearing from the screen?

Feeling so pee’d-off with life now! I just turned everything off, sulked, grumbled to myself and as soon as the timer chirped to tell me the pork ribs needed turning over in the oven; The phone rang. Sister Jane, but I could not get to the mobile in time.

On the way to the kitchen, I was accompanied by Noisy Herbert’s melodic, ♫ Bang, thud tapping♫ from above.

Into the kitchen and rang Jane back while I added some frikadellens to the BBQ pork ribs and turned them over.

It was while talking to Jane and she mentioned something, and this reminded me I had the frikkadelens in the fridge, so added them to the tray in the oven.

The vegetables cooking in the sauce were almost cooked.

I was working away at the preparing the fodder while nattering with Sister Jane. (History 6Sat23proves this is not a good idea, cause lack of concentration has been my downfall on many occasions that have led to some severe Whoopsiedangleplops in the past!)

Still, it all came out marvellously when I got it in served up in the bowl.

An excellent rating of 9.45/10 for taste value!

The washing up after dining, as you can imagine, took an awfully long messy time! Hehe!

6Sat24I hoped that the content of this dinner would not affect Trotsky Terence. Fingers Crossed!

Did the Health Checks and got the TV on. Fell asleep straight away, despite the tap-tapping from Herbert in the flat above.

Woke around 2100hrs, I remembered that on channel 12 Dave, they were showing some Red Dwarf episodes, and decided to watch them.

I only got as far as the first set of commercials before I nodded-off. Oy Vey.

9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 26th May 2018: Another day of demi-depressionalisation!

  1. When everything comes into focus, life makes sense, and you feel completely sane is when you need to start worrying about yourself. As long as all those things bother you, and you feel like you are going insane, you are perfectly normal.

    Lots of good photos today, and you are getting really artsy with the mostly white photo. It reminds me of “The Beatles” white album. Like the white album there is hidden meaning in your white photo. If you view your white photo backwards you can see “Herbert is a steam weasel!” Nice work.

    You know my thoughts on #youtoo are getting screwed by Liberty-Virgin Internet.

    Dinner looks wonderful. I’m very happy to see it got a high score.

    • Cheers, Tim. I think I’ve got the message in your first paragraph. Hehe!

      That white one is a mystery to me. CAn’t remember what it was I was taking?

      Herbert and I are going to have such a barney when I meet him. It’ll be a blood strewn battle when he knocks hell out me! Haha!
      I must try to get some of those pork-ribs again, they were really tasty.

      I must get to the camera shop tomorrow, and see why the screen has died on the new Lumix.

      Thanks mate. Cheers.

      • Backwards, Tim?
        I recall the pile of bricks on diasplay years ago at the Tate gallery. What a load of… well, bricks? Hahaha!

      • But if they were artfully piled bricks. You need to see if you can find a version of Cheech and Chong’s “Ralph and Herbie” that you can play. Ralph, I think it is, makes an artful pile, and Herbie likes how he uses corn for texture.

      • Those bricks are boring. They are not even a pile of bricks, but a stack of bricks. I think Ralph and Herbie to two leave a pile or two on the stack of bricks. Hope you see Nurse Nichole today.

  2. Those damnable MS updates do it every time to my settings! I have this little warning after the last one about my external memory being low so I must do something about it popping up every so often (obscuring for a moment what I’m doing behind it). Of course, when I try to follow through with what it wants me to do, it shows my external memory is 0% full and if I clean it up I will gain 0% new usable memory! Grrrr!

    • Oh dear, Doug. I share you frustrations with the internet and windows, I’ll give a Grrr as well! Hehehe!

      I wish I could live without the internet really.


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