Inchcock Today – Friday 4th May 2018: Ambled through the Copse and Sherwood, getting lost en route. Some decent photos were taken.


Ah, so he’s a Star Trek Fan then? (Of Spock?)

Friday 4th May 2018

Swedish: Fredag 4 Maj 2018

0420hrs: Woke, after nodding off and sleeping through seven (Yes, Seven!) blissfully uninterrupted hours! And, waking in the exact same position, as I fell asleep in! But the woolly bob-hat was no longer on my head. Not a problem in reality, but another mystery for the old codger (me) all the same.

I spent a while trying to recall a dream I’d had, something about me climbing on the outside of the block of flats, and being chased? Then, I dismounted from the £300 second-hand recliner, with relative ease this morning, and carried out a search for the missing black woolly hat. But, it was nowhere to be found at this stage. I put the puzzlement away in the storage section, in the file marked “Something else to worry about later” of my grey-cells. Haha!

Went for a wee-wee, washed and got the sphygmomanometer out and did the Health Checks. The readings looked better this morning.


4Thu13Made a brew and took the medications

Putting away medical equipment and tablets, I could hear a humming noise. I put in the hearing aids and had a wander around trying to locate and or work out what was making the sound, without any luck.

It stopped a few minutes later anyway.

4Thu14The woolly hat situation was bothering me again. So I had a sauntering session around the other rooms, just in case I might have had a noctambulation and not remembered and left the hat somewhere; although waking in the very similar position to that which I was in at my hypnagogic state, would indicate this is not the case, surely?

Noticed the beautiful view from the junk-room window, and took this photographicalisation.

WDP02A I had to nip sharpishly back to the Porcelain Throne room. Only Just in time too, blimey talk about a close call! Phew! Another clean-up made a brew for the mug that had gone cold while I was in the evacuation room (Hehe!), then I had a search around for elusive black woolly cap again. No luck!

Got the computer on to update yesterday’s diary. And guess what?

5Fri001b I gave up trying to work on the diaries and went to check on the CorelDraw to see if it might be the computer that was slowing everything down for some reason. CorelDraw was working normally. I turned off the Liberty-Virgin box and did a few minutes prep-work on some graphics.

Ths sun rising from behind Woodthorpe Court kept appearing and disappearing. I got the Lumix and took these pictures from the kitchen window, within a minute of each of them. Bootiful!


Then I tried the WordPress again, the computer was still slow, but it did improve gradually. So I got on with updating the Thursday post and got it posted off!

Time for the ablutions now. Back in a bit folks, TTFN.

I’m back to update things again.

Had a jolly-good ablutioning session. The lesion not too bad, all in all, I’m in a fair condition. (Naturally, I am speaking physically, not mentally, Hehe!)

All readied and off for a walk through my beloved tree Copse. I made this slideshow of photographs later, of the hobble up the and through this delightful coppice.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri016I intended to try the find the route to the local surgery. Just in case they will accept me as a patient, to see if it is easily accessible.

The other tenants had told me it was down this path I had to go to get to it, and it wasn’t far.

So off into the passageway I hobbled. (the feet were still painful from last Wednesday’s soaking in the rain I got going to Carrington to get to the 5Fri017Sherrington Park Medical Practice.

Ah, I thought, the standard Nottingham Graffiti made me feel at home already.

The naughty young schmucks!

I wondered if it was the same gang of youths and youthessess who had conned someone into letting them into the Woodthorpe Court and 5Fri018stolen the Fire Extinguishers last week from the front lobby and lift area, that still No residents were walking been replaced?

I understand that the Grenfell flats didn’t have any either. Well, that’s what William told me.

I pressed on down the alleyway, and blow me down with a feather duster, I heard the humming noises again, just like those I’d heard 5Fri019earlier?

WDP02A I exited with a nice view straight in front of me, but a dilemma all the same. Which way do I go now?

Decision making and taking have not been my strong point for a few years now. (I know, but becoming a klutz was inevitable, all my male family members over the years have gone the 5Fri20same way. Humph!)

I decided the road to the right, would bring me out too early.

So went straight on and down the hill.

No residents were walking about for me to inquire of for the location of the medical centre.

5Fri21I pressed on, thinking that if I took a right at the bottom of the road, I would be well positioned to come out somewhere near the doctor’s establishment.

I limped on down to the bottom.

WDP02A It was a dead end! Which proved to be wrong later, but had I taken it, when I looked at the map to make the route photo, I’d have missed the centre).

So I about turned and started to walk back up 5Fri22the road.

I did feel a right schlemiel.

WDP02A I stopped and looked down each of the four side-roads on the hill. But my ambivalence and shilly-shallying proved too much for me to make up my mind whether to try one of these routes or not.

5Fri23Salvation presented itself to me, as a man, woman and dog appeared across the road.

I approached them and made inquiries as to where the Medical Centre was. It was along the next road down the hill, and they were going that way.

“Follow us”, the pair said pleasantly. I tried, but they were too fast for me to keep up. Tsk!

5Fri24They kindly stopped well ahead of me at the end of the road, and I could see the lady saying something to me, but not hear what it was. Then the lady pointed, and I knew she meant it (The doctors), was here. I put up my thumb in thanks.

I pressed on and found the clinic building on the corner of the bend in Elmsmere Gardens.

The entrance was further on when I arrived there, I stood building-up the confidence to go in to ask them if they are taking on patients

5Fri25I thought I’d nibble a couple of the sugar-snap peas I’d taken with me. As I stood up from grubbling in the bag for the peas and looked up, I was surrounded by people; patients and nurses! The gentleman with his face blanked-out asked me not to show his face. So I  respected his request.

WDP02A The Fire Alarm had activated. Giving me the perfect excuse not to go in. Chicken-livered old twit! I think it may have been their Guardian Angels that set the alarm off? Cause if they take me on, they will soon find out what a nuisance me and my ailments will be to them. Haha!

I walked down Ellesmere Gardens onto and down left onto Mansfield Road. Passing as neat a piece of Nottingham Street Art I’ve seen for some time.


5Fri27I walked down the hill and up it to the Continental Store in Sherwood.

On the walk down, I got the feeling everyone was looking, staring at me for some reason. Most disconcerting. I looked down to make sure I’d got my trousers on, not jammies, shoes, not slippers and my zip was done up. Mmm?

Into the Continental Food Store, where I bought a few bits after having a look 5Fri35around for a while.

I got a small sliced continental loaf of bread, a can of Turkish patlican kizartma (Fried Sliced Eggplant) and one tin of bean stew with pork. Not a cheap spend, but I know I do enjoy the bean stew and bread. The eggplant was a brain-storm decision I think. Tsk! I’ve no idea what it tastes like?

I paid the lady and departed. As I hobbled down to Winchester Street, I decided to walk back up to the Birds shop, and get some cream cakes, three, one each for Obergruppenfurheress Deana and Sturmscharführer Julie as a treat for their weekend break, and one for me.

Paid up, and back out to Winchester Street Hill, in the hopes that an L9 bus may be due, and save me the struggle up back to the flats.


WDP02A Regrettably, the next L9 was due in 55 minutes. Ah, well!

5Fri30Half-way up, before the really steep part of the road is to be tackled, I stopped a couple of minutes, to rest the plates-of-meat.

I’d was stood with a view of both blocks of flats in the distance. So took a photograph of them.

The blocks looked so peaceful from far away. If only, folk knew the truth. Hahaha!

5Fri31Getting close to the last really steep part of Winchester Street and the petrichor from the overgrown bushes that had forced their way through the fencing to arrive at the sun was lovely to smell.

That last short bit of the hill was crippling for my feet. Anne Gyna was not too happy about climbing it either. But Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald were all okay with it, and no pains form them at all on the journey? I’m not whining over this at all, but I was a little confused by this good fortune – I’m not familiar with or used to it, you know. Hehe!

5Fri32I stopped at the top when I reached Chestnut Walk and took a photo of the welcoming sight that greeted me.

I called in the Wardens Den and handed over the cream cakes to Oberstleutnant Warden Julie.

At least I brought a smile to her face, bless her cotton socks. I like giving little treats occasionally.

5Fri33As I walked, well, limped, well, hobbled back to the flat, I noticed how well the Willmott Dixon lads had done with the under-cladding fitting to Woodthorpe Court. I reckon they had done another three floors, judging by the colouring of the outer walls.

The khaki bits are where they have done so far. Still, a lot more to be done yet, mind. Then the actual cladding to go on as well. Furthermore, the other block of flats, Winchester Court, will then need doing.

I’d enjoyed that little ramble out and about this morning.


The worker-lads doing the outside of the block were giving it some hammer when I got in the apartment. And they are not working on my side of the building yet! Still, it’s all part of the Governments ‘let’s-kill-off-the-old-uns-and-save-money’ policy, I expect. I can be a bit humorously quixotic at times. Hehehe!

Knowing the noise is from the workers, makes it acceptable, but Herbert up above me was joining in, although not for long, with his clattering, tap-tapping and… Sorry, I forgot about my being told to just put up with it. Naughty me!

I divested myself of the coat, changed into my slippers, took the hearing aids out, put the kettle on and the oven on low then went for a wee-wee. It will be interesting when the drilling gets right outside the flat. However, no avoiding it and it is for our own good, you know. Well, any of us tenants who live long enough to get the benefit of increased electricity bills thanks to the new heaters. We can play with the bits of… Tsk! I’ve done it again, almost mentioning something that I have been banned from putting on my blog. Silly boy!

I put away the fodder I’d bought. Then got the computer on and began to update (In between wee-wees) this hogwash. It took me ages, due to the many pointless photographs I took while out and about. But I can’t help it, please forgiveth me.

So tired now, but not feeling weary at all, yet.

Some mail was delivered. A rubbish Can-I-sell-You Catalogue, The GUM clinic and the DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Warfarin results. I’m glad this arrived, cause the caring Sherrington Medical Centre decided not to inform me of anything about the blood test… well, not as yet anyway. But, it was good news. The INR level was very close to the target figure at 3.2 (3.5-target). The doses until 16th May are easy to remember, 2 a night all the way through.

WDP02A The clinic letter was not such good news. Just my luck, I get the IRN within range so they can do the op at the clinic next week, and they cancelled it again but gave me a date for it three weeks late. Not their fault, the specialist is poorly. I can almost guarantee that the INR level will be too low or high by then, and prevent it going ahead once more.

Still, things are okay today. Apart from the cramps that have just started in the elbows and hands again. Maybe the joints are something else though, I’ve never had this problem before? You’ve got to laugh!

5Fri36Making a mug of tea and I took this picture out of the kitchen window, and it inaugurated me speculating when I looked at it while resizing it.

It opened a lot of thoughts as the brain went off on one it’s wandering incoherent trails of utter confusion, a melange of inconceivability

  • I hate the wide window sills that prevent me from taking good photographs.
  • I love seeing the dogs taking their owners for a walk in the park.
  • I admire the car owner who can manage to reverse into the parking space.
  • I’m worried about the tree Copse not thickening out.
  • ♫Where have all the people gone, long time passing, where have all the…♫ Sorry about that, I’m losing it? Especially now: I can’t get the tune out of my head. Hehe!
  • What day is it?
  • Better take the medications and get the Health Checks done now

Got the Health Checks sorted out.


5Fri37I got the spuds in the oven and returned to the computer, to close it down.

Had a wee-wee, wash and got into the jammies, just in time for the nosh to be prepared when the potatoes had cooked nice and brown and crispy!

It took a good while to get the fodder presented on the plate. Why did you ask? I hope, hehe!

6Sat03WDP02A Well, I got the shakes while sorting it all out, had to retrieve the dropped rashers of bacon, which took an inordinately long time for me to get back up afterwards. Then to wash the bacon. By which time the almost perfectly cooked for once sliced seasoned potatoes had started to go cold! Ei! Ei!
The tomatoes were delicious.

But, I ate it all, and although with a certain amount of guilt, I enjoyed the cream cake muchly!

7Sun4cWDP02A After several hours of complete failure to get to sleep. I felt tired enough, but the tormenting mind was waffling and rambling away about everything, analysing each thought, worry or fear; and along came a new one and the previous concern was forgotten about all together?

In the early hours, I gave up on getting any sleep at all and got up, deciding to do the laundry. Humph!