Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd January 2018: Lost control of my actions, decisions and limbs, today. Tsk!

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Hmong: Tuesday 23 Lub Ib Hlis Ntuj Tim 20, 2018

0100hrs: I woke, and it took a while for the dream that I’d had to clear away. I was in the most comfortable and well-equipped coffin and had been going through the act of vivisepulture; in this sarcophagus in the middle of a field of cauliflowers; with those in attendance singing “Come, all ye faithful!” up above. A Royal Blue coloured telephone was stuck on the lid of the coffin. I was thinking, marvellous! Now I don’t need my sleep, nobody rings, then I heard a knocking outside of the casing? I can only recall up to here of the dream but feel sure it developed much further.

0110hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with unexpectedly remarkable efficiency and minimal nocive effects. I’m sure it is a different person wakes up in this recliner every morning. Hehe!

Fully extricated from the chair, and off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me! This session was Trotsky affected, kerplunk-push-gush-cling like glue, affair. Messy in the extreme and left a sanguinary splattered Inchcock and wet room. Haemorrhoid Harold and the fungal lesion all bleeding. The cleaning up and medicationalising treatments took me fifteen minutes. Adopted a new pair of Protection pants. These episodes changed my previously perky-outlook on things.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I made my way to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks sorted. All the readings looked fair to me.

Made a brew and took the medications.

On the computer and started this load of hogwash going.

The innards started to rumble and grumbled, then hurt, followed with another visit to the Porcelain Throne.

Same as the previous session. Fewer evacuations though, and far less bleeding, thankfully, so the cleaning up was much easier to do.

Back to the computer and checked the calendar for today’s reminders. Morrison delivery due 0630 > 0730hrs. And twixt 1400 > 1600hrs Robin Hood (Nottingham City Council) Electricity supply change application for suitability meeting. Must email Mate Mike.

Went to make another brew for the other that I let go cold.

A foreboding looking sky outside as I waited for the kettle to boil.

0315hrs: Then I moved on to finishing yesterdays post. This took a long while.

0700hrs: Got it finished.

The Morrison man arrived, grand chap.

Got the stuff into the kitchen and eventually sorted and stored away.

The fridge now loaded a bit more.

I had the struggle to get the fresh fodder into the fridge.

It didn’t seem such a load this time.

That was because the bulk cost was the new saucepans.

Which came with instructions that could have easily baffled and bemused Albert Einstein!

Hand Wash Thoroughly. – Precondition the non-stick surfaces, wipe on the cookware with vegetable oil, heat gently, cool thoroughly and wipe clean.

A List of where not to use them, avoid scorching and hot heating? Conditions to use them in. Do not scratch surfaces. The cooker hobs may be damaged? Many more instructions on using them. Then a monologue of how to clean them. Storage methods. A list of Cautions etc…

Sorry I bought them now!

By the time I’d got them out, being too scared to use them, it was time for the ablutions so I can to the meeting in time. I’m fed-up already now!

Had a good scrub-up. Medicationalised the areas needed to be done. Took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

Lifted the saucepans empty box and filled it with recyclable stuff and took it down with me as I left to go to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Shed, to find out the time of the Robin Hood electrical suppliers meeting.

I dropped off the box near the recycling bin.

I noticed this wood pigeon on the opposite side of Chestnut Grove on the back verge and took this photo of the little beauty.


As I made me along the road, taking care not to have an Accifauxpa on the wet leaves, I also avoided the deep puddled.

So much traffic and so little space for it.

I got to the hut, and Obergerfreiteress Julie and two other Nottingham City Homes employees were having a cuppa and nibble. One of them was the caretaker, I didn’t know the other bloke, but he didn’t smile or answer my cheery greetings.

Two tenants joined me as the three agreed that they will have to go and get something done. Hehehe! We had a laugh and nattering session.

I left, out to the bus stop where a few other residents were waiting. I was only going a few stops up the hill. Barry’s better half, such a friendly gal sat next to me and had a few words and a smile. I dropped off three stops later at the top of the road and made my way to the Aldi store. Where two more bags of shopping and £20 lighter in the pocket. I’d paid the lady and was on the way back to the bus stop.

I waited and waited.

Ten minutes after the bus arrival time, I walked down the hill two bus stops. Still no appearance of the vehicle.

I could see the flats in the distance, and decided to walk it anyway. Slowly.

It doesn’t show clearly in this photo, but at the bottom of the road, as I neared the right turn onto Chestnut Walk, the pavement was sheer wet, compacted leaves. I had a choice of walking on the street and getting knocked over or hobbling on the leaves and slipping over. I must have looked aright old dodderer gingerly making my way on the dodgy pavement.

The sun came out when I got close to the flats. It lasted a good two minutes, then withdrew; its days work finished. Haha!

I got the fodder away, and then suddenly decided to go to Asda instead of the electricity meeting. I’ve no idea why I made this choice. I think the brain kept it a secret from me.

Did the midday checks and medical thingamabobs.

Caught the bus to Arnold, the 15th-floor lady was also on her way out again, here she is in a deep-pink coat. A few tenants on the bus and we were somewhat raucous with our jokes and insults to each other, much laughter until they all got off the bus in Sherwood. Apart from me, who stayed on into Arnold; wondering why the heck I was making this long trip, just to get some Potato nibbles and Sourdough Bread? Especially at this late time of day? Had I finally lost it?

I alighted the bus, and straight into the Asda store, directly to the nibble shelves and got some Beefy Potato Sticks and Cheesy Curls and paid for them and was out and standing at the bus stop all within fifteen minutes.

I got the Dennis Dizzies while waiting for in the bus-shelter. Fool!

Back at the complex, tired and well weary now. I noticed some of the make tenants stood in the drizzle and looking almost what appeared to be longingly at the workers in the centre compound. I wondered if they were having withdrawal symptoms from their working days?

I see this often. No expressions on their faces, it seems they had accessed their memories and were replaying them. Were they perhaps builders of some kind in their younger days or what? Both of these two appeared to be in a trance as they stared at the workers?

I pressed on down to the Woodthorpe Court apartments and went up to the flat, in an almost completely-fatigued mode.

To the Porcelain Throne, where only wind and stomach pains resulted from my best evacuational efforts. The better side of this visit was that Little Inchy had bled just the tiniest bit. Haemorrhoid Harold had made much use of the Protection Pants, though. Haha!

Change togs and carried out the Health Checks, took the medications and got the nosh sorted. The gadding about must have increased my appetite. I ate all of this food tonight. Took me a while to get through it, but Herbert upstairs accompanied me with a little tapping and knocking, bless him. Everything on the plate seemed to taste fantastic, even the Sourdough bread went down so well. Why I had three pots of desserts, I can’t understand. But they were a delight to consume.

I managed to get the pots in the bowl to soak and back to the £300 second-hand recliner, got a DVD on and was in the land-of-Nod in seconds!

3 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd January 2018: Lost control of my actions, decisions and limbs, today. Tsk!

  1. New sauce pans and a fridge full of food. You are a blessed man. You can always look at it as Herbert supplying rhythms to eat by. That’s a great looking plate of food. They powers that be are road working on one of our major thoroughfares for what reason I cannot tell other than to cause much pain and suffering for people who commute. It took me an hour and a half to complete the last 5 miles of my 17 mile commute on the way home tonight. Lots of raging roadies were sitting on streets like parking lots just because of a mile of roadwork that’s reduced 4 lanes down to one lane.

  2. Cheers, Tim.
    Roadworks eh? Sometimes a mystery.
    Sometimes making some poor soul take an hour and a half to travel 5 miles! I do feel for you, so frustrating! I hope this does not last too long.
    If i see them again, I’ll tell the two blokes where to go to see real roadworks over there. Hehehe!

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