Inchcock Today – Monday 22nd January 2018

Monday 22nd January 2018

Hindi: सोमवार 22 जनवरी 2018

0015hrs: I gave up lying there in the recliner, trying to get some sleep. I emancipated my tired, weary wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Made a brew and took the medications.

Got the computer on to update diaries.

0050hrs: Remembered, I had the laundry to sort out, so stopped the writing and collected the things and went down to the laundry room.

Spotted a new poster on the elevator corridor wall, and made a note of the date, to add to the calenders later.

Might be worth talking to them perhaps. Save a bit of money?

Hobbled to the washing room and got the things into the washer. Back up in the lift to the apartment and had a wee-wee. Then made another cup of tea to replace the one that had gone cold.

Apart from feeling phenomenally tired, the ailments were not severe.

Topped-up the soap capsule and freshener pots ready for the next visit. I did not wash the dressing gown or towels so they will need doing soon.

Did the Health Checks for this morning and collated last weeks one for the nurse.

0125hrs: Time to go down and move the gear into the dryer. The filter on the dryer had not been cleaned again, but I was too tired to get miffed over this infraction of Stalag Woodthorpe Rules. Hehe! Got this done and back up and added the things to the calendars, book and internet.

I found a note that had been shoved through the door yesterday that had floated in the breeze coming in from the gaps on the door, windows, and air-vents, landing behind the new heater in the hallway.

Got the Sunday post almost finished.

Then off to the Porcelain Throne. The left ear was found to be bleeding behind the tab-hole? Harold’s Haemorrhoids were bleeding extensively, but not a patch on how Little Inchies fungus lesion was profusely bleeding. Once more, I was glad I was wearing the protection pants. I cleaned up all but Little Inchy, I’ll do that later when I have the shower. Far easier to do it then, no less painful, but definitely less bothersome.

0218hrs: Off down to collect the washing.

Took this photograph through the lobby doors. Drizzling with rain again, but there was no snow at least. And it didn’t feel too cold out there.

Into the laundry room.

Got the things out and folded up.

Then got them into the bag.

Cleaned the filter and wiped the casings of the machines.

Back up to the twelfth floor.

Made a mug of tea, put the clothes away and had a wee-wee.

Finished off the Sunday diary and got it posted off, at last.

The dreaded wet and warm sensation came from the lower regions. Oh dear!

Harolds Haemorrhoids were leaking again. Cleaned up, applied the cream and change into another new set of protection pants. Blooming good job I’ve had Michael’s help and plenty of them in hand! (As if to put it!)

I was getting a little frazzled with life and things. Possibly through feeling so stonkered and all the new appointments, bleeding, and lack of sleep confusing me. And getting out of my control? Anyway, I was in an edgy mood as I closed the drawer after replacing the hydrocortisone tube after use, I managed to trap my finger in it! What a Plonka! Huh!

Made a start on this load of falderal. 0500hrs: Getting up to here, then went to the WordPress Reader page. Followed by a visit to the comments section.

Then, on to Facebooking.

Ablutions and medicationalisationing tended to. Not a pleasant task, sorting the fungal lesion out.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. Where I realised I had not got my hearing aids in.

So I nipped back to the Batchelor-Pad and quickly collected them, and off out to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens shed on Chestnut Walk. Had a natter with some residents in the foyer on the way.

The morning was looking a tad gloomy. Got in the shed and asked Lynne about the Heater lessons and Robin Hood dates and times, to confirm them. Not easy this task, as both hearing aid batteries had run out?

Out to the bus stop and another good chinwag with other residents there. I found that four of our apartment block clan have died this year so far – None of them was pleased with their new radiators or increased costs of running them. Yet, a smile and laugh emitted from most of them. A few are well known to be affected by geliophobia, bless them.

I had an enjoyable natter with the lovely lady on the bus from the 13th floor. I only got three answers in the crossword en route, and (I’m ashamed to say, I do not know the ladies name… well, can’t remember it, Tsk!) she gave me one of those answers. I had a feeling of cingulomania for a moment but controlled myself. Hehe! I found two batteries in the bottom of the bag and fitted them in the hearing aids.

I dropped off the bus at the terminus on Queen Street and took this attempted moody photograph as I walked down into the Slab Square, with the warmless sun facing me. A little pleased with how it came out. (Smug Mode Temporarily Adopted).

I thought about calling at the centre to get some new hearing aid batteries but remembered that they are closed on Mondays.

The shops looked a bit depressing in the City Centre, so many closed down nowadays.

Sad I know, but those in charge of things, the hierarchy doesn’t seem to be too concerned about this state of affairs. Or at least if they are, they’re not letting on.

I plodded to the Poundland World on Wheeler Gate. Where I got some two packets of suet pellets for the mallards on the canal, two more screw-top containers and spotted they had some Pork Farms pork pies in stock with an extended date, so got two of them as well.

Paid the lady on the till and had a Dizzy Dennis. This was a bad one, so I decided to make my way home instead of going to feed the mallards.

I made my way slowly toward the bus stop. Passing on Long Row a so-called Street Sleepers den in front of yet another closed down business.

I caught the bus back to the flats, no fellow-tenants got on en route today.

Once in the flat, I put away the purchases and did the Health Checks and imbibed the medications.

Got the fodder sorted, a bit of big one this time. (Too big, I left a lot of it, Tsk!)

A mixed rating gave for this dollop of nosh. From 1.5/10 to 9.7/10. Don’t know what that makes the average for the meal though. Let me use the calculator for this… Average 7.09/10 I think.

I wanted to watch some TV, thinking this will surely send me to sleep for a bit. For some reason the Freeview programmes, well 2/3rds of them would not show, just a black silent screen? So I reloaded them. While sorting out and deleting the many channels I did not want on the list, I accidentally hit the delete button on channel-801, which is the CCTV camera outside the foyer entrance. So I started over again.

This time it appears, I chose the West Midlands option over the East Midland one and got the wrong area on my listing. Getting annoyed with me now!

Herbert upstairs continued his occasional tapping and banging, while I reset the blooming thing for the third time! Guess what…

Even I found it hard to believe, but I got it wrong again! What a Plonka Grade One! .This time, I’d got it all right I thought and went to remove the unwanted channels, all seemed well… not sure what I did wrong or missed doing, but, when I got it all done, the previous screen still came up with West Midlands channels again!

Many years ago my old boss at the Co-op store I was working at, told me: “You are an Accident-Disaster-Prone-Kunzite!” I’d just stabbed myself while boning out some shoulder bacon. If only he knew how right this was going to prove to be all these years later! Hehe!

Peed off with meself now. I got the last Health Checks and medications taken? Then returned to the TV with renewed confidence and determination to get it right this time. I lied there!

I wet through the updating bit, then slowly and gingerly deleted the channels not required – then even more carefully, the last screen where I select the options. Made sure I chose the East Midlands… and… Wallah! Got it right! Hurrah!

Of course, by then the programmes I wanted to watch had been long gone. Tsk! Very late for me to be still awake, yet I turned on the DVD to watch some Torchwood Episodes. Selected the first episode I wanted to view and fell to sleep. I woke several hours later and turned off the DVD.

I believe I am getting far too lackadaisical, forgetful, Laodicean and incapable of living on my own without some sort of help, assistance or care. Still, never mind I thought and made a mug of tea, dropped it, cleaned it up and bent the mop handle!

Written by Nottingham’s most frustrated Pensioner. Hehe!