Inchcock Today – Saturday 30th December 2017

Saturday 30th December 2017


0130hrs: Wind was escaping, in extra-long silent involuntary leaks.

I think I had been dreaming of waking up and nodding off seconds later, repeatedly. Or, maybe had been doing this? As I decided to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner to avoid nodding off yet once more – Dizzy Dennis appeared, and it felt like most joints in my body ached and hurt when used. Wrists, fingers, knees, neck and back, and the wrists alone being hard to bear. So I think this diary may be a little sparse as typing is actually painful at this moment. The odd twinges from Hippy Hilda were coming even when I was not moving?

I thought about taking the medications with an extra pain-killer, and a good rub of the joints with the pain-gel would be a good idea, in hopes to palliate this disconcerting condition.

The pulse, just like Thursday morning had shot up? I put on the fingerless gloves, thinking this might help with the wrist joint hassle.

The almost bubbling wind escapages caused me to err on the safe side, and I visited the Porcelain Throne.

As I sat there, reading the Leningrad ‘State of Siege’ book, accompanied by the sound of the continuous almost musical tones of escaping air, and nothing else evacuated at all.

I depressed myself a tad and felt guilty for moaning to myself about my pathetic ailments compared to what the Leningrad citizens went through on chapter 7 page 203. They had -29°c temperatures, fires from German artillery incendiary’s and faulty heaters installed were raging, bread baking had stopped through lack of water, the flames were left to burn for the same reason. The dead bodies were now being left where they fell, for those alive had no strength left to move them. Of course, the City rulers suffered no shortages of food.

I could read no further, and when I stood up, Hippy Hilda gave a super stab of pain, and I felt a crunching feeling. How this can be, after yesterday’s respite and foolish thoughts that the ailments were easing off?

I’m ashamed to admit it to myself, but I’m not coping well with them this morning at all. Hernia Harry, Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis (Wrists fingers neck back – but surprisingly not the knees?), Theodore Thighs and Duodenal Donald were top of the Offenders League at the moment. Hehehe! I felt the need was exceptional today and did take an extra Codeine, and a bottle (only joking) of the impotent antacid medicine.

Hello, sudden rumbling warnings from the innards. I whipped off and dropped the dressing gown as speedily as I could manage in a semi-rush to the Porcelain Throne. I made it there with barely seconds to spare. Phew!

And no bleeding either! Washed up and to the kitchen accompanied by Dizzy Dennis worryingly, to make a brew of tea.

Popped the head out of the window to see what the weather was like.


The rumbling innards were still bubbling away. I got on the computer and started this diary going as far as here.

Then I updated yesterday’s post and got it sent off.

Ah! I’ve just realised why maybe the ailments are so severe and different this morning; Perhaps, the getting soaked in the rain yesterday. Then the struggle to clear up the Whoopsiedangleplop when the food tray fell off of my belly when I fell asleep is the reason?

The stomach rumbling continues. Expecting an eruption of some kind soon. Hehe!

Went to the WordPress Reader.

To the Porcelain Throne, this time it was just escaping winds again. To make the trip less pointless, I did the teggies and had a shave while in there.

0530hrs: Made a cuppa and back to the computer. Emails checked and then on Facebook.

Next, I created a TFZer graphicalisation. Marie (Australia) and Pattie (Canada) cooking in an old kitchen. For extra humour, I added a pot of Vegemite for Marie and a jug of Maple Syrup and their woof-woofs. Hehehe! Ten posted it to the TFZer site. Hope they like it.

The stomach and Duodenal Donald both started kicking off, I came suddenly tired out. Got myself down in the chair to try and sleep, to the tones of bang, scrape, knock from the Herbert above. The noises stopped very soon.

Went to make a mug of tea, spilt some milk on the floor and got down to clean it up and Dizzy Dennis and Hippy Hilda started to join in.

I even thought of putting the TV on, that usually gets me to nod-off. Yes, I’ll try that. Oh, better take the midday med’s first and do the checks, while I remember.

Got down in the recliner. Nibbles on the ottoman at the side… and there I stayed for around 14 hours. Didn’t move or need a wee-wee, the Throne or anything. But I did not get any sleep for ages. ‘Herbert’ was making heavy bangs and scraping noises on and off for so long. I even thought of moving, wondered if I should see if the Guinness Homes near the Forest had any vacancies, they have full-time staff one can call for assistance. Which was a silly thought? Because I just could not cope with all the hassle and problems of moving home again. Changing insurances, utilities, addresses with companies, medical etc. and this depressed me, so I ended up desperate for sleep, frustrated and coping with Hippy Hilda who decided to wake me with pain every time I twitched, let alone moved. And the rent at Guinness Homes is considerably more than here.

I suppose the disruptions, annoyances, irritations, ructions and worries over the upgrading work has caused me to fret too much over things, perhaps. The extra medical bother from Hippy Hilda and Duondenal Donald. There being no buses again for two days doesn’t help. This means I am at the mercy of ‘Herbert’ and his steam engine model making noises for so much longer every day, with my being stuck indoors when usually I would be out and about using the buses.

I felt slightly passive later, after a few hours laying there unable to move without pain and desperately seeking solace and sleep.

I felt ashamed at not coping very well. Then decided, it was all this unhappiness was planned as payment for my past failures, bad decisions and gullibility. Then I found it easier to cope with getting no sleep.

But the mind still foraged looking for ways to get my life back, and return to the person I was a weeks days ago.

I wrote down some notes of how I felt at that moment, I remember using the wind-up torch to do this, clearly, it was around midnight… then I assume I dropped off to sleep.

Don’t know when, but when I did wake up at 0315hrs – Boy, did I need the Porcelain Throne. The ensuing battle to get there, I’ve put in tomorrows Inchcock Today. Hehehe!


Inchcock Today – Friday 29th December 2017

Friday 29th December 2017

0415hrs: I woke and nodded off again, twice. Never been known before. Realised the time 045hrs, never slept in this late before either. I was tired and drained. Staying up late for me, in a desperate effort get to save some graphics as PNG format, but failed.

It was still a battle to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner, not through any of the ailments, but I was still feeling weak and drained. Most odd?

As I stood up, with no dizzies at all, I saw the food tray on the chair next to the recliner. I’d half eaten it, and a load of crushed paper towels adorned it? I really can’t remember how or why this was so.

I took it into the kitchen and washed the things up. Then did the Health Checks and took the medications, I could tell by the empty pots in the weekly tray, that I’d imbibed last nights doses. Into the freezing cold spare room and onto the scales. Got my clothes back on again quickly I can tell you Hehe!

A headache coming on now, but the commoner ailments, Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Duncan, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Reflux Roger were all being so kind to me. Dizzy Dennis and Hernia Harry both just had a little go at me when I was in the other room weighing my bulging horrendously hideous short-plump body.

I got the computer on and checked the emails. The Cyber-friend I was trying to do the graphic for, informed me the could convert jpg with a white background himself. This cheered me up, and I set about transforming the two graphics to jpg and sent them off. I hope the lad can use them on his site. He is so creative and humorous. Make me proud that would. But I do not want to be recognised as the maker or creator, just to see them used.

Then I got on with finishing off Thursday’s diary. And started this one going.

Off to the Porcelain Throne for a long hard session. Thank heavens for the Leningrad book. Coming towards the end now, but I’ve got a Clarkson one ready to start.

Went to make a cuppa.

I foolishly let the cold in when I opened the window to take this photograph of the ice on the cars windscreens and found the milkman busy at work.

Made an English Breakfast tea brew and back to the computer. I let it get cold. Tsk!

Looked up the weather for Nottingham on the web.

Currently 0°c locally. Not surprising after seeing the cars below. Looks like it is going to get a bit warmer if these indicators are anything like correct? Rain predominant? And I have to go out today as well, to collect the prescriptions from the pharmacy in Carrington. That’ll give me a bit of exercise walking there. If it is raining I’ll wrap up well, might use the new water-resistant trousers? Take the brolly as well.

I hope the noisy demonosopher upstairs doesn’t start banging about too much today. I’ll have a look in Lidl when I get out, see if they have any stun-guns on sale. Haha!

Made another mug of tea, Co-op 99 this time. That Jersey-Guernsey full cream milk is gorgeous. Not very healthy people tell me, but I’m addicted to it now in my tea.

Went on to the WordPress Reader.

Then checked the comments.

Then the Emails.

No time with me sleeping for so long and getting up late, for me to do any Facebooking. But I did manage to titivate a TFZer graphic.

Off to the wetroom to depurate my desperately, degenerating, disproportionally shaped, drugged-up disappointingly dwarflike but flabby body.

Readied the waste bags and took them with me on the way out to the rubbish chute.

Well wrapped up, brolly at the ready, I set out on the walk to the chemist in Carrington.

Where the ice was near the contractor’s top gate yesterday, had been replaced with a mega-puddle and one of the resident’s vehicles.

If anyone parks opposite this car, the emergency services will not be able to get to the contractors compound in the event of a fire, nor to our block of flats.

Not easy, taking photographs in the rain when you have a bag, brolly up and camera to manipulate. Hehe!

Half-way down Winchester Street Hill. Barely any traffic or pedestrians about at all.

Down to the bottom and turned left and limped up the slow incline of Mansfield Road. Anny Gyna gave me a lot of hassle, but that is to be expected my deciding to hobble up hills.

Over the crest and down. Had it not been a misty day I might have seen my destination point of the pharmacy.

I plodded on down the near-deserted road, crossed over and down to the Chemists.

Collected the prescriptions and they filled-up one of the bags.

Then out and called in the Lidl store just up the road (I’m a glutton for punishment!).

Ended up with Cherry Vine tomatoes, Mini-Wieners, Roast chicken thighs, plain yoghourt, mature cheddar cheese slices and some Stilton cheese. Another farce on the self-serve tills. I was doing well until it came my to swiping the barcode on the chicken, and a bleeper rang; a message said for me “To stop, and assistance would be with me shortly” Shortly? I could have grown hair or read War & Peace before anyone got to me. I was actually physically starting to take the things out of the bag and give up when he arrived and muttered something to me, I’ve no idea what. He used his key and reset something and said: “Carry on!”

I asked the man, who had distant eyes and a total lack of communicational skills: “Why did it stop, mate?” My best translation of his answer would be “Grumf, okay now, the weight.”

After once again telling myself I really must stop coming to this Lidl place to be ignored, neglected, disregarded and sneered at. It’s just that Lidl do train their overpaid staff so well in the art of belittling and denigrating older customers, and it would be a shame to give them less opportunity to display their arrogance, wouldn’t it?

They make Asda and Tesco staff appear almost human.

Dispirited, I departed and waited in the rain for a bus to lift me to Sherwood. I worked out I ought to be able to get their, cross the road and get t the bus stop just in time to catch an L9 up to the flats.

I nearly didn’t make it.

As I crossed the Pelican Lights, I underestimated the depth of the rainwater in the gutter running down the hill. Hehe!

I got over the way and continued to the bus stop with wet shoes, socks and feet. Tsk!

There were four seats under the shelter. Two had bags of food on then, the other two people. The lady told me a bloke had deposited them on the benches and gone into the bookmakers? By then. There were around four pensioners who had to stand in the rain. As the 40 bus arrived, this chap appeared and collected his bags and got on the bus. Astonishing!

The L9 bus arrived, and I was soon hobbling along Chestnut Walk back to the flats. I noticed that a car had indeed parked alongside the people-carrier near the compound gates.

To avoid getting any wetter, I did not take a photograph then but did when I got up into the apartment.

I had a wee-wee, and did the Health Checks then took the midday medications.

I removed the trousers, shoes and socks, dried the feet and legs, hung up the clothes to dry, left the brolly open.

Got the purchases and new medications sorted out in a sort of fashion.

I’ve done it now. Set of my ambivalences and destroyed my imperturbation, by getting such a wide choice of fodder to ponder over which to have for nosh tonight! Haha! I think I’ll check the use-by-dates and choose that way?

I got the medicine, and stuff put away in their allotted storage drawers.

No noises came from ‘Herbert’ above.

I got the computer on and updated this Inchcock Today.

Had a bash on catching up on Facebook.

Got the meal prepared.

The eyes were definitely bigger than stomach, tonight. One cob, a few tomato slices, all the franks, all the chips and none of the bacon were eaten. Neither the yoghourt or mousse were opened let alone tasted.

After nibbling at it a bit, I fell asleep, tray on the stomach and nodded off. Woke a few minutes later and the plate slipped off onto the floor decorating me, the recliner, the Ottoman and the carpet with tomato slices, bacon bits and cobs and crumbs!

I took a while, in fact, a long time to get it cleared up. The grabber-stick, brush and dustpan, hoover, fingers and a fair bit of naughty language had to be utilised to do this. The search and seek for the stray escapee bits of fodder took a while too. Getting back up off of the floor, cost the most significant efforts, pains and most extended length of time of the whole operation.

Into the kitchen with the rubbish and washed the pots. Which turned out fortuitous for me. Cause I went into the medication drawer to take a painkiller, it dawned on me, I had not imbibed the evening medications or done the Health Checks. So I did them.

Back to the recliner and settled to watch Law & Order. Fell asleep.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 28th December 2017

Thursday 28th December 2017

2355hrs: Woke and wrote down what could remember from the dream I’d had. In a classroom, a modern day one, but I was sat at the old wooden desk with the ink-well and italic nibbed pen that I did back at school… I was writing a letter to Tony Blair, I’d used straight words in telling him of what I thought of him and his actions, but could not decide which term of endearment to sign off with? Totally finifugal. I could see that I was not of the same age as those around me, I didn’t fit in. But times and dates seemed confused and intermingled in my thoughts in the dream, I knew Blair was not yet born? All confusing. Soon drifted off again.

01204040hrs: Woke, pleased when I saw the notes of the dream to use. I couldn’t miss them really, they were laying with an empty Stilton cheese biscuit bag and the pencil, across my substantial bloated wobbly belly. Tsk!

I liberated my liberal body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner without as much difficulty as is usual. Hippy Hilda only a tad bothersome, Arthur Itis was a painful flaming nuisance and Reflux Roger giving me some gip. The retained fluid in the legs seems to have increased. But, overall I felt in good nick this morning. So much so, I decided to get the rest of the laundry done straight away, but a demand for the Porcelain Throne usage arrived as I stood up, pleasantly finding no Dizzy Dennis affects and avoided stubbing any toes.

The Throne session proved to be a dud – only wind, but I could tell an eruption of an evacuation was building up. All the usual signs were there, the pains to the left of the tummy, no strong aroma accompanied the wind escaping and no bleeding at all. I’m gerrin’ good at this forecasting lark! Read a page or two of the Leningrad book

0140hrs: Cleaned-up and got the laundry things collated, and off down the lift.

The carpet in the lift area had taken a bashing from someone.

I know that the Willmott-Dixon lads are not back working until 2nd January, so they can’t be blamed?

The lift down was a bit shuddery with scraping noises, but that has been how they have been for a few weeks recently. I’m getting used to them now.

The carpet on the ground floor was a little battered as well.

As I made my way to the laundry room, a bloke, a new tenant I  assumed, not having seen him before, arrived with his bag of washing to do. Bit of a whippersnapper, he only looked about 55 years old. He was wearing a monocle, his pyjamas, dressing gown and carpet slippers! He did not reply to my cheery Good Morning! And had a guilty look on his mush.

I got the washing machine going.

I nipped outside to take a picture from outside the foyer doors. Flipping cold out there!

We both got in the lift to go back up together. No words were spoken by the chap again. It might be that the poor young thing felt a pratt for getting caught in his night attire? I had the sense to keep mine on under the trousers and a big jacket. Hehehe!

Up to the flat just in time for the sudden surge I’d anticipated from the rear end! Got on the Porcelain Throne in time. Messy, much cleansing needed doing after this evacuation. I suspect that Trotsky Terence is trying to make another visitation and get settled in once more? Huh! Then I antisepticised the contact surfaces and doorknobs, in the hope of avoiding things getting any worse.

0218hrs: Down to move the stuff from the washer to drying machine. Up again and got the Health checks done.

Sys and Dia were both within range, the weight had actually gone down a bit too!

At first, the weight, although pleasing to see going down, confused me. Especially with all that retained water still in the legs. Then I realised I’d just evacuated a mass the size of double-decker bus into the Porcelain Throne, and that might be the reason? Haha!

But the pulse had gone up considerably from normal? Never been this high before?

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

0318hrs: Down to collect the clothing and towels.

The new bloke had shoved his empty laundry bag under the machine he was using. That’s going make a mess of his flat when getting back with it. Under these devices is a no-go area for anyone who cleans up in here! Bugs, soap powder, nub-ends, sweet wrappers, fag packets etc. seem to accumulate in this area. Put your carrier-bag under there, and these will be transferred to your dwelling.

I got the clothes out and folded, cleaned the filter and packed the bag and back up to the apartment.

The cars below seem to have a good frost if or even ice, on their windscreens.

A bit of good parking from the forth on the right vehicle driver. Noticing that they were all parked ‘nose-in’ reminded me of a funny told me from a workman:

Question: “Why do old people always park nose-in and not reverse to make it easier for getting out?”

Answer: “One of three reasons, all valid. 1) They do this so they can get home and on the WC quickly! 2) They are not sure if they have left a candle lit or something cooking and need to find out quickly! 3) They may not be alive in the morning, so it doesn’t matter! Hahaha!

Got the computer on a finished the Wednesday post. Made a start on this up to here.

Made another brew for the one that went cold and got on WordPress Reader.

Then answered comments.

Blimey, it’s nearly time for the ablutions to be done. No time for Facebooking or CorelDraw left. Hopefully, I can get out early enough to get the milk and trousers from the Victoria Market I might still have the energy and concentration to do these later today – or not.

Ablutions tended to, and all clean and dressed warmly, I left the flat to go to the Social hut. Returned to the apartment to check that I’d left everything in order, no taps running, lights on, heater on etc. Off again.

Walking down Chestnut Walk and took care not to hobble over the standing rain and snow water near the work compound gate, as it had frozen solid.

I went on and got in the warmth of the hut. A few folk in there doing the same, keeping warm until the bus arrived. Soon we joined with many others coming in.

We departed the hut and joined several others (The smokers who didn’t come in the shed so they could satiate their addiction to tobacco, bless em). The Sherwood-Arnold bus was used by about 14 of the tenants, leaving me and kind lady from the 13th floor, oh, and the heavy-breathing man to get on the City bound one.

I sat next to the lady, and we had an enjoyable, pleasant chinwag en route into town.

I dropped off and made my over the road into the Victoria Centre (Mall), up the escalator and in the Market.

A sorrowful-sight indeed this market nowadays.

More closed stalls than those that are open. It’s the same in the Derby Market too. Still, the Afganistan man who runs a clothing stall was thankfully there and trading. He sorted out some trousers in my size, and I got a jumper while there as well. £50 was gone in a flash.

I walked through the sad place and out, down the moving stairs and to the Tesco store. Another situation! Old stuff on show, part-empty shelves and staff who looked most depressed and unhappy.

I went straight to the continental meal fridge shelves hoping to find some pork knuckles – the shelves were bare of pork knuckles. So I got a pack of Polish Boczek bacon.

Then some part-baked round cobs, potato chips, Full cream Jersey milk and Chinese coated seaweed sea nibbles.

A tenner plus, gone.

I called in the West Indian stall and got a bottle of Mushroom Soy Sauce for only £1.20, a large on as well.

As I departed the mall, I noticed some blue stuff on the floor near several giant flower pots and wondered what they were.

On closer scrutinisationalisticness, I think it was some ice-melting stuff that was coloured blue?

Thinking about it, this is a good idea to let the Nottinghamian shoplifters and muggers that ice is about, visually.

I walked along Milton Street on to Upper Parliament Street and down Queen Street into the City Centre.

All of the stalls and entertainments, apart from the Ice Rink, were open and willing to trade. But it looked a forlorn hope for the poor traders to me. It seemed that tons of cooked food with the emitting aromas were attracting many local folks to eat.

The staff’s faces wore signs of gloom and boredom. As did the people walking around, too. There was the odd bit of cheer, that came from a few kids on the scarcely patronised rides. This got me on a low then.

I made my way to the bus stop and waited for the L9. While I was waiting, I saw a face in this stone outside the Post Office and took a picture of it.

Blown if I can see it now. Tsk!

I was the only one to get on the bus. The cheery driver woman was on duty, and I perked up a bit. I brightened up even further when the beautiful lady from the 13th floor got on the bus at the next stop. She’d been shopping at M & S and had gotten herself some bargains today.

The driver was telling us all as she drove us, her daughter had suffered a slight Accifaupa in her car earlier, and the driver had rung work to say she would be late. Glad to hear there were no injuries. Just a prang on the ice.

Got off the bus and spoke to Welsh William, who did not answer my greetings again? I hobbled to the flats and was soon caught up by the kind lady as I got to the lift. A chinwag and laugh between four of in the elevator were enjoyed.

Into the flat, and put the foodstuff away.

I made a Yorkshire tea bag brew in the mug and took the midday medications and Health Checks.

The tea using this Jersy milk in it was almost perfect, delicious!

I was getting the computer on ready to update this claptrap, and both doorbells chimed up.

Got to the door, no one there, but a carrier bag with a wrapped up in Christmas paper present in it. A note said sorry I’m late, but I got lost. Hehe! Upon opening it, I found a lovely box of Cadbury Chocolate biscuits! How kind of someone. I wonder who was kind enough to gift me this?

I went to put it in the spare room, and guess what? I found the other pressie I’d misplaced.

I brought them into the front room so I would not forget again.

But where the missing cards are is still a conundrum. Tsk! Same with the pork belly slices, I don’t think I’ll ever seem them, or the spare battery for the camera again. I wondered if someone has slipped me some nepenthe without me knowing?

Started to get this updated. ‘Herbert’ is banging about above once more.

Checked the WordPress Reader, and comments and emails.

I made some graphics of Trump, which I saved in CPT format. I wanted to keep them in PNG, to send them to him so he might use them in his work. After three hours trying, I still could not work out how to save time in PNG. I went to the Corel help page but got so confused, and I am weary now and tried. Feel such a fool. And I really thought they were goodish too.

Closed everything down feeling bad.

Got the medications took, and Health Checks done and then prepared the fodder.

I was so tired and heavy eye-lidded that the brain went to sleep before the body did. Hehehe!

Inchock Today – Wednesday 27th December 2017

Wednesday 27th December 2017

Belarusian: Серада 27 снежня 2017

0210hrs: Woke up, sprawled half-out of the £300 second-hand recliner and did my best to get the brain started to recall some of the dreams I just knew I’d been having – but annoyingly nothing concrete came to me, only an impression that I was being chased again.

Getting the fluid-filled right leg off of the arm of the chair so I could escape and get to the Porcelain Throne, was unpleasant, painful and time-consuming.

No Dennis Dizzies, stubbing of toes or excessive complaints from Arthur Itis or Hippy Hilda, just harassment from the bloated right thigh as I made my way to the WC. The evacuation was of a hard vast volume nature once again, but today, a fair bit of blood with it.

I would not use the shower at this time of course, but did do my teeth and had a shave. The gums bled, but at least I did not cut myself with the razor. I had a few thoughts on the dream while doing this. I now think I was on a merchant ship with several levels below and being pursued. The corridors were caliginous, metal rails and I was scared. Why I felt the need to discover what happened in this nightmare, defeated me.

To the kitchen and got the Health Checks were done, and the medications were taken. The Sys was a bit high?

I could see the rain on the window.

I opened them and leant out to take this slightly worrying photographicalisation. That revealed the wet, windy and depressing weather out there.

Hopefully, the buses will be running today, and I can get out to talk to someone and get some milk.

Made a brew and moved to the computer and got it started. It dawned on me that I had not opened the Christmas Cards yet, so went to collect them from the top of the DVD collection where I knew I had stored them – but they were not there!?!? A search and seek mission was started. I even thought I might find the missing belly pork slices, the lost phone’s SDH card or the hearing aids during my looking for the greeting cards. Abject failure was the result. How? Where? I must have a word with my insouciant Doctor Vindla!

I got the Tuesday post finished and posted off.

Checked the Emails.

Then started this one going as far as here.

0515hrs: Went to the WordPress Reader session. Then answered the comments.

0550hrs: Made another mug of tea and had a wee-wee. Later on to Facebooking.

0620hrs: CorelDraw prep work.

0800hrs: Took the five rubbish bags to the chute.

Had a shower and got things ready.

0910hrs: Out into the rain, and walked to the Obergruppenfureress’s Hut with some nibbles. A natter with Warden Deana, and another with some other tenants as they arrived to wait in the dry for the bus to come. None of them seemed in an overly joyous mood, bless them. Neither was I if the truth were known.

The Bestwood bound L9 arrived, and it was the lovely bonny lassie driver. I gave her a chocolate nibble as we piled on, all the others piled off in Sherwood. I was the only passenger for a while. But it soon refilled at the other request stops. I managed to change the hearing-aid batteries en route. Dropped off outside the Asda (Walmart) store and went in. I wanted milk and Jacobs Stilton Mini-Cheesies if they had any in again.

I decided, being as Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna were both in a good mood, I’d get the milk and other bits in a hurry and try to catch the same bus on its return journey. To my surprise and pleasure, they had some of the bags of the Stilton biscuits in, on offer 3 for £3, so I got six of them. Some Wholemeal Thins bread, small potatoes and a packet of 4 mini-pork pies with caramelised onion chutney on top. I forgot to get the milk, Tsk! I realised this when going through the checkout I noticed the lady in front had remembered her milk. Hehe! Had I gone back get some, I would have missed the bus to the flats, so I didn’t.

Limped rapidly out and up to the bus stop, with two minutes to spare. The bus got very busy en route. But most of the folks had a word and laugh with the driver.

We picked up some other Woodthorpe Tenants in Sherwood. When we dropped off, Welsh Bill was waiting to get on and I offered him a cheerio ‘Good Morning Bill’, but got no reply.

The rain was light, but the wind hard as I hobbled along Chestnut Walk to Woodthorpe Court. A little further along I had to sidestep a big puddle and stopped to take a photograph of the new build apartments inside the centre compound.

As I continued on, in an instant the rain turned into snow. Not heavy though, only light stuff fell, blown along in the strong prevailing winds.

I got up the lift and to the kitchen as fast as I could to get a photograph of the snow. Which, as I took the pictures below, turned back into sleet and then rain again.

The lady who walks her elderly greyhounds was braving the weather with the black one, both rescue dogs and with a sweet personality. She can’t manage the two of them, I can’t remember why now. No, that’s not right, I’m sure she could cope with them, I meant she prefers not to for some reason.

Glad to see she had prepared the dog well with a good coat for him.

I got the kettle on and did the Health Checks and took the medications while I thought of it. Because I intend to stay awake and get a few days templates and top graphics done in advance, and this will take time. Also, I tend to get carried away doing this task.

I got the fodder put away, and used just a tiny drop of milk in it, from my ever dwindling stocks. I think it is beginning to go off. Humph!

1200hrs: I opened Coreldraw 2017 and started the page headers graphics for the next few days Inchcock Todays.

1550hrs: Blimus! That took a lot of time. The old concentration proved a bit deleterious to my efforts to expatiate myself cleary.

Had a quick look at the WordPress Reader again.

A few minute on Facebook, but the weariness has dawned.

So I got the nosh sorted out.

Buttered wholemeal bread thins with sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette. Two mini pork pies with caramelised onion chutney, potato sticks, Marmite crisps and Pork Knuckle. A large mug of fresh orange juice and a lemon yoghourt to follow!

Rated this one at 9.68/10, a veritable feast of flavour! I think I have developed a sitomania for pork knuckle. I hope they will still have it in stock after the holidays, but bet they won’t. Tsk!

Took the pots to wash up, Hippy Hilda not as bothersome now as earlier, but still not in a perfect mood. At least she let me get the right leg up to about five inches with pain, of course, to get into the jammy-bottoms on later. But the agony in changing the socks on and off was almost beyond description. Hehe! What the heck am I laughing at?

The skyline looked like it had been painted on and had the sense of not belonging to the rest of the view. If that makes sense.

Did the last Health Checks and took the evening medications.

The loud Herbert upstairs has been noisy all day on and off, and I think I will have to mention this again to either Obergruppenfuhreress Warden Deana or Obergefreiteress Warden Julie soon. That or buy a stun-gun and go up and have a word with him. (Note: The stun-gun would be in case he is younger, bigger and braver [Which is very likely] than what I am! Hehehe!).

I got settled in the recliner, with a mug of clementine juice, packet of the Stilton cheese biscuits and some chocolate nibbles, ready to watch the two episodes of Law & Order which was on channel 21 (5USA). The first one started, and I got through ¾ of the way before nodding off. Woke up halfway through the second episode and watched it to the end.

The benefit is I think when the brain is running away on its own course and all efforts to regain control of it fail; thus, sleep is impossible; at least I can put the goggle-box on, and the brain usually surrenders and goes back to its regular lackadaisically detached, uninterested mode. Then sleep comes. Fair enough, it might only be five minutes here or ten or thirty minutes there, but the system works. I should write a book about this? Haha!

I continued to nod-off and wake for a couple of hours and eventually gave up trying to watching the box.

Woke with a right jump about 2300hrs. I think I thought I was still dreaming about whatever it was I was dreaming about but can’t remember because I had my left leg over on the arm of the recliner. Believe me, had I wanted to get the leg in that position while awake or conscious, it would have been an impossibility! Perhaps the pain woke me up? So irritating not to be able to recall what I was dreaming about, though.

Manipulating the limb back down so he could be with his fluid-filled, Arthur Itis amd Hippy Hlda ridden brother’s right leg with his boils and bent ankle, was almost enough to make me cry out in pain! I might not be able to get about much or do anything exciting physical or romantic nowadays, but these little incidents help me to forget that you know. Going bonkers? Me?

Inchock Today – Tuesday 26th December 2017

Tuesday 26th December 2017

Lithuanian: 2017 m. Gruodžio 26 d., Antradienis

0150hrs: Woke-up with no sense of incongruity, and in complete acceptance of my weakness for anecdotes. Well pleased that Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis allowed me a relatively pain-free pandiculating session. I think the fluid retention, although still more in the right leg than the left one, had both gone down a smidge, we’ll see later.

I sensed I had dreamt of being chased all over a factory. I do not think I’ve had one of these dreams for a while, they used to be a regular occurrence.

The porcelain throne usage was needed, and even Hippy Hilda permitted me to escape the clutches of the oh so comfortable and snuggly warm £300 second-hand recliner without too much pain.

I began to think things were improving, then stubbed my toe on the large Ottoman as I made my way to the wet room, which started Hippy Hilda off, naturally. Humph! Things went well with the evacuation with no bleeding at all.

Tended to the Health Checks. Then took the medications.

Got the computer on and had a lot of emails, due to my not attending to them yesterday. WordPress bill is due. I had to alter the bank details.

Got on with updating yesterday’s blog and posted it off.

Then started this one going up to here. Onto WordPress Comments next.

I added some photographs to the widget on the WordPress site, the carousel one.

0505hrs: Then went on WordPress Reader. Not much on it, Christmas demands I expect caused this. Hehe!

Had a go on Facebook next.

Did CorelDraw creating until around 0840hrs, Sister Jane rang for a chinwag while Pete had gone to fetch the papers.

Back Facebook to post the TFZer graphics off. A few of them here. I’ll make a post with all 21, on later.

Took this photograph while waiting for the kettle to boil. By golly, it was cold leaning out of that kitchen window. Hehe!

Made a start on the Graphics post, I think I’ll title it “TFZer Entertainers”.

0855hrs: Back in a bit…

0915hrs: I’m back folks.

I went on Facebook and added each one to the appropriate picture gallery and also posted them to the TFZer site.

1100hrs: Got it done.

Back on WordPress Reader, and comments.

CorelDraw again and got some work done on a Lynton and Martin graphic… Boing!

1400hrs: The programme crashed, and I lost everything after hours of working on it too! I nearly cried!

I gave up and turned everything off, sulked for a while, swore and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the meal prepares, singing my fingers on the oven dish as they protruded through the hole in the oven gloves getting the bacon out. Humph!

The Scottish plain bread had thawed out okay. Seasoned the canned tomatoes with some Pasta tomato and garlic sauce added and liberally sprinkled basil in the saucepan.

‘Herbert’ from the flat above started his whining and banging as I settled to watch some TV. The aperiodicity of his clanging about keeps me on my toes and offers me something to get bothered about.

Once down in the recliner with the headphones on and the TV volume high, it didn’t matter. I could hear nothing other than the TV.

I fell asleep as the film came on and woke up as the closing credits were being rolled on the screen. I’m getting good at doing this lately.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get out a bit. The buses should be running again.

Ah, the A-Team is on channel 31 now. I got as far as the first set of commercials before nodding off.

Inchcock Today – Monday 25th December 2017

Monday 25th December 2017

Galician: Luns 25 de Decembro de 2017

0245hrs: For a change this morning the brain engaged almost immediately I regained consciousness. It was the body that lingered a while before allowing me full access and partial control of it. Hehe!

I noticed the large notebook on the arm of the chair had been utilised during the night. Closer inspection revealed my most lucid writing ever, and a lot of it too. As I perused this monologue, the memory of the parts of the dream actually returned to my mind, when seconds earlier there was nothing in there at all. (That came out wrong?) Tsk! An idea for a graphic of the dream formed, and I added thoughts to the notes to use later.  I did wonder how I wrote these overnight reminders in the dark, mind?

Luckily, my having a degree of ambidexterity, getting the fluid-filled right leg to move without too much pain was achievable. On the plus side, Hippy Hilda was far less troublesome than last night, Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger were both giving an excellent Christmas present by not bothering me at all! Yeehaa!

It took a little coercivity and encouragement, but eventually, I escaped the £300 second-hand recliner, without any stubbing of toes and Dennis Dizzies too!

Off to visit the Porcelain Throne. The session produced, shall I say, a large hard torpedo, very large. A harrowing evacuation indeed today, but this did allow me to read a chapter of the Leningrad book. Not much bleeding and what little there was I could tell came only via the Haemorrhoid Harold department. I cleaned and medicated things and me, and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Oh, dearie me and Globdangerations!

I’d left the hot water faucet running all night! It had run cold. (Of course, Huh!) I seem to recall saying something along the lines of; “Well, fancy that!”.

I also spotted the rubbish bags I sorted yesterday, still awaiting my attention to take them to the waste chute. Guilt mode adopted! I even picked each one up and felt them for any signs of the missing belly pork slices. None found, naturally.

I thought I’d take a photo while hanging out of the window. I found a ‘Miniature’ option on the camera and tried it out. The miniature option one is on the left, auto mode on the right. Same zoom from the same position on both.

The scene got me thinking of all the families down there, kids wanting to open their presents, the excitement. But down there would be street dwellers, single folk who will not see anyone over the holidays. Sight-impaired and blind folk. Hard of hearing and deaf souls. Desperately lonely. Confused… I had to stop myself thinking, and got on with the medicationalisationing and Health Checks.

Got the computer on and did the last weeks averages. The Sys is still a bit higher, but it is coming down again now.

Then, I got on with the Dream post graphic and ode, while things were still amazingly staying in my head, and of course, those notes that I had apparently written in the dark during the night? This and the disappearing belly-pork slices both nagged-on in my mind.

The graphic was beyond my capabilities to get how I wanted it to look, but the general feeling came out in it.

I was hobbling around the Nottingham Beach that arrives in Summer each year and was searching each person and their belongings. To ascertain whether they had a pen or biro with them. I had listed to add their names to if the had both pencil and pen. Only a pen. Just a pencil, or if they had neither of them. Those with pen and pencil were cautioned and put on an offenders list. Those with only a pen were fined and removed from the site – Those with just a pencil were allowed to stay, and I bought them an ice-cream – Those with neither, I handed over to the Victorian uniformed policemen to take to the gallows! I had a miniature stun-gun adapted to the end of my walking stick, but no notes of my using it anywhere. If only memories and records like this were found after every dream. Funny how I cannot recall anything about so many of them most of the time, and then this happens every few weeks? The incomprehensibility of it all confuses me.

There came a whining noise from outside. Like wind blowing through metal fixtures or frames. Then, of course, my astute, quick, calculating, intelligent brain remembered the building is covered with metal fixtures, structures, hoists and scaffolding. How I let myself forget these are there befuddles me this is what I can see sat here through the window now.

Blimey, it’s howling out there now.

Went to the WordPress reader. Replied to the comments, and then onto Facebooking. Spent a good few hours catching up.

Shame that the moron up above me has not gone away for Christmas, his banging has joined in with the howling winds to make my already depressing holiday worse than ever. But, yer doesn’t like to complain does yer. Grrr!

CorelDraw next, to try and get some more of the TFZers ‘Entertainment’ series done. Got two more done and filed for when I get them finished.

Had a go on Facebook.

The ‘Herbert’ above me is knocking and banging away again.

Had my usual Pork Pie with the dinner. I got a Morrison Melton Mowbray one this year… I shall not be investing in one of these again. (Note the confidence of expecting to still be here in twelve months time. Hehe!). The top crust was soft and fatty. Bland tasting meat. The potato balls and tomatoes were passable. The cheese was okay. The part-baked cobs that I buttered and put balsamic sauce on were reet grand! Overall, a rating of 4/10 given.

I had what I hope was a final search for the missing belly pork slices, then another for the mobile phone, finding neither.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, and settled to watch the much-viewed over the years ‘Dunkirk’ film, on the TV. I nodded off at the first commercial break and woke with the end-credits rolling down the screen. Humph!

I think I dreamt of being chased again, now this is a regular theme to my dreams that I have not, or can’t remember having had for a long time.

Taketh care each!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 24th December 2017

Forecast for Ten-years time. Hehe!

Sunday 24th December 2017

Uzbek: 24 Dekabr, 2017 yil

0150hrs: I think I must have been having an unwelcome dream or dreams. Because I woke to feel in a right sorry-for-myself state. Couldn’t get specific incidents from my ankle-snapper day from my head, guilt and shame took over. I felt lonely and spiritless and felt awful for feeling like this.

I have to admit, when I made a move to escape the clutches of the £300 second-hand recliner and found that Hippy Hilda was giving me gip, this didn’t seem to affect me. After I got the Porcelain Throne and had to have a good wash and change of clothes, and really struggled with the water filled legs and Hilda, it took me ages to get into the other pair of jammy-bottoms. It was too painful to lift the right leg at all. I had to use the grabber and must have looked a right pillock getting them on. But my spirits rose because I thought the pain was what I deserved anyway. I wish I could remember the nightmare. I think Dad was in there, somewhere?

I got the Health Checks done, and medications were taken.

Then made a start on finalising the Saturday diary.

The concentration was not there. I was retyping so often it got me annoyed with myself. It’s not hard to that, you know. Tsk!

I went to make a brew. Tried to get a wide panoramic shot from the window. Not as width as I took it, but an improvement in my last efforts.

It took me hours to get the blog done, but I did in the end and posted it off.

I did a check on the L9 buses over the holidays.

I forget how many days it is now since I’ve spoken to anyone – ah, the Morrison man, what day did he come. Wednesday I think.

Not going to be going out much over the next three days either. I dare not go out walking with the hip and legs how they are at the moment.

Well, shiver me timbers! I’ve just spoken to someone! The Amazon delivery driver who just delivered the Seagal tape. Well, that’s better, two people spoke to now in only five days. Both delivery men. Humph!

I got the (looking at it now, seemingly sad poem done) and posted off. But it does not depress me at all. It’s just how I felt at the time.

0830hrs: I had what I thought was a good idea come to mind, I’ll get on with the Rhyme dictionary I started a few days ago.

1530hrs: Mentally drained, I got it finished at last! Sweaty, unshaven and unshowered with no guilt at all.

I got the oven warming up to cook the mini-sausages in streaky bacon later. I was going to have the belly pork slices, but they seem to have done a bunk? Just knew it was going to be a sad day when I woke up! Hehe!

Then I got around to starting this post up to here.

Got the nosh sorted.

When I poured the balsamic sauce on the mushroom pate, it resembled something I recall finding funny, and I intended to mention this when I updated this diary. But of course I forgot about it and looking at the picture now, I see nothing humorous in it at all? Sad innit?

I ate and enjoyed the meal with relish. Then a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived as I was seated on that Throne for ages and ages. Half in- half out and agony! Hehe! In the end, I gave up, and uncomfortably got a wash and clean up, and back into the kitchen. Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Put the plate and cutlery in the bowl to soak and back to the front room to settle and watch a DVD. I felt tired but could not drop-off as I usually do. The brain was active and pondering over all sorts of inconsequential, unimportant matters.

Hippy Hilda seemed to be less bothersome than earlier. The water retention in the legs was getting farcical, though. Making movement difficult, notably lifting the right leg, that for some reason had far more fluid in it than the left one? I had gone hard too.

Got an appointment with the nurse for a blood test next Tuesday. I must remember to email them for a Doctors appointment about Hippy Hilda and the legs. Of course, as with the Terence Trotsky’s last month, by the time I get to see Dr Vindla, things will have settled, perhaps? Must mention the itching around the chest to her too.

I had another look around for the belly pork slices that had absonded of their own accord. No luck of course. There isn’t anywhere left that I have not looked. There might be a funny post in this situation yet? Hehehe!

Inchcocks Christmas Day morning Dream

Inchcocks Christmas Day morning Dream

How this brewed in my brain is beyond me, I say,

I was cruel and ungiving, as I chose who should go, and who should stay,

I was the Party Pooper,

How low I had stooped,

Ruining the little ones fun,

I even had with me, a stun gun,

Hidden on the end of my walking stick,

Now the brain plays on me this terrible trick!

I used to cope with the many ailments I had,

I’m going bonkers now, that I find sad,

Will the NHS help with this going Mad?

I’m getting accustomed to it, in later years,

It no longer holds over me such worries and fears,

For I forget things so often, and of that, I’m glad!

Composed and published in Support of others going senile, who used to be able to control their bodies and minds, and like me, accept things as they are, despite the noisy git living in the flat above them!