Inchcock Today – Saturday 30th December 2017

Saturday 30th December 2017


0130hrs: Wind was escaping, in extra-long silent involuntary leaks.

I think I had been dreaming of waking up and nodding off seconds later, repeatedly. Or, maybe had been doing this? As I decided to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner to avoid nodding off yet once more – Dizzy Dennis appeared, and it felt like most joints in my body ached and hurt when used. Wrists, fingers, knees, neck and back, and the wrists alone being hard to bear. So I think this diary may be a little sparse as typing is actually painful at this moment. The odd twinges from Hippy Hilda were coming even when I was not moving?

I thought about taking the medications with an extra pain-killer, and a good rub of the joints with the pain-gel would be a good idea, in hopes to palliate this disconcerting condition.

The pulse, just like Thursday morning had shot up? I put on the fingerless gloves, thinking this might help with the wrist joint hassle.

The almost bubbling wind escapages caused me to err on the safe side, and I visited the Porcelain Throne.

As I sat there, reading the Leningrad ‘State of Siege’ book, accompanied by the sound of the continuous almost musical tones of escaping air, and nothing else evacuated at all.

I depressed myself a tad and felt guilty for moaning to myself about my pathetic ailments compared to what the Leningrad citizens went through on chapter 7 page 203. They had -29°c temperatures, fires from German artillery incendiary’s and faulty heaters installed were raging, bread baking had stopped through lack of water, the flames were left to burn for the same reason. The dead bodies were now being left where they fell, for those alive had no strength left to move them. Of course, the City rulers suffered no shortages of food.

I could read no further, and when I stood up, Hippy Hilda gave a super stab of pain, and I felt a crunching feeling. How this can be, after yesterday’s respite and foolish thoughts that the ailments were easing off?

I’m ashamed to admit it to myself, but I’m not coping well with them this morning at all. Hernia Harry, Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis (Wrists fingers neck back – but surprisingly not the knees?), Theodore Thighs and Duodenal Donald were top of the Offenders League at the moment. Hehehe! I felt the need was exceptional today and did take an extra Codeine, and a bottle (only joking) of the impotent antacid medicine.

Hello, sudden rumbling warnings from the innards. I whipped off and dropped the dressing gown as speedily as I could manage in a semi-rush to the Porcelain Throne. I made it there with barely seconds to spare. Phew!

And no bleeding either! Washed up and to the kitchen accompanied by Dizzy Dennis worryingly, to make a brew of tea.

Popped the head out of the window to see what the weather was like.


The rumbling innards were still bubbling away. I got on the computer and started this diary going as far as here.

Then I updated yesterday’s post and got it sent off.

Ah! I’ve just realised why maybe the ailments are so severe and different this morning; Perhaps, the getting soaked in the rain yesterday. Then the struggle to clear up the Whoopsiedangleplop when the food tray fell off of my belly when I fell asleep is the reason?

The stomach rumbling continues. Expecting an eruption of some kind soon. Hehe!

Went to the WordPress Reader.

To the Porcelain Throne, this time it was just escaping winds again. To make the trip less pointless, I did the teggies and had a shave while in there.

0530hrs: Made a cuppa and back to the computer. Emails checked and then on Facebook.

Next, I created a TFZer graphicalisation. Marie (Australia) and Pattie (Canada) cooking in an old kitchen. For extra humour, I added a pot of Vegemite for Marie and a jug of Maple Syrup and their woof-woofs. Hehehe! Ten posted it to the TFZer site. Hope they like it.

The stomach and Duodenal Donald both started kicking off, I came suddenly tired out. Got myself down in the chair to try and sleep, to the tones of bang, scrape, knock from the Herbert above. The noises stopped very soon.

Went to make a mug of tea, spilt some milk on the floor and got down to clean it up and Dizzy Dennis and Hippy Hilda started to join in.

I even thought of putting the TV on, that usually gets me to nod-off. Yes, I’ll try that. Oh, better take the midday med’s first and do the checks, while I remember.

Got down in the recliner. Nibbles on the ottoman at the side… and there I stayed for around 14 hours. Didn’t move or need a wee-wee, the Throne or anything. But I did not get any sleep for ages. ‘Herbert’ was making heavy bangs and scraping noises on and off for so long. I even thought of moving, wondered if I should see if the Guinness Homes near the Forest had any vacancies, they have full-time staff one can call for assistance. Which was a silly thought? Because I just could not cope with all the hassle and problems of moving home again. Changing insurances, utilities, addresses with companies, medical etc. and this depressed me, so I ended up desperate for sleep, frustrated and coping with Hippy Hilda who decided to wake me with pain every time I twitched, let alone moved. And the rent at Guinness Homes is considerably more than here.

I suppose the disruptions, annoyances, irritations, ructions and worries over the upgrading work has caused me to fret too much over things, perhaps. The extra medical bother from Hippy Hilda and Duondenal Donald. There being no buses again for two days doesn’t help. This means I am at the mercy of ‘Herbert’ and his steam engine model making noises for so much longer every day, with my being stuck indoors when usually I would be out and about using the buses.

I felt slightly passive later, after a few hours laying there unable to move without pain and desperately seeking solace and sleep.

I felt ashamed at not coping very well. Then decided, it was all this unhappiness was planned as payment for my past failures, bad decisions and gullibility. Then I found it easier to cope with getting no sleep.

But the mind still foraged looking for ways to get my life back, and return to the person I was a weeks days ago.

I wrote down some notes of how I felt at that moment, I remember using the wind-up torch to do this, clearly, it was around midnight… then I assume I dropped off to sleep.

Don’t know when, but when I did wake up at 0315hrs – Boy, did I need the Porcelain Throne. The ensuing battle to get there, I’ve put in tomorrows Inchcock Today. Hehehe!


10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 30th December 2017

  1. That is quite a nice spread in the graphic. You seem to cope with all the irritations of life quite well. I still think you should have one of the building managers check in with Herbert and see what kind of guano he’s up to. Maybe they could put him in a straight jacket from time to time to discourage him from banging a scraping around. Moving is such a pain. One reason we’ve stayed in the same place for so many years.

  2. I’m off the fodder at the moment. I can’t believe I was so tired I forgot to have me nosh?!? Hehe!
    I do intend to mention this to one of the Obergruppenfurheresses. But it is not easy getting to see them to talk to. They keep getting moved to other sites to cover for holidays and sickness, and of course, the weekends when ‘Herbert’ is most active, there is no one on site. Holidays too.
    Sorry I got a bit down lately. Hippy Hilda has to be mentioned to the doctor asap. Got an appointment next week with the nurse for the INR blood test, I;ll try to make an appointment then with Dr Vindla. Not that I expect a lot of interest to be shown.
    Your currently depressed UK cyber-mate, Gerry. Hehehe!
    Cheers, thanks.

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