Inchcock Today – Tuesday 19th December 2017: Long day, Whoopsiedangleplops and an Imbroglio. Tsk!

Tuesday 19th December 2017

Zulu: NgoLwesibili 19 Disemba 2017

2350hrs: I woke with a start and lay there a few moments pondering on why none of the ailments seemed to be giving me any hassle. Then I appreciated and was grateful for this situation.

I remembered that Brother-in-Law Pete had sent some photographs via Email, and dislodged my fearsomely growing ever fatter torso from the £300 second-hand recliner. Turned on the computer ready to download the photographicalisations later, then into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

En route, Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald both belatedly started kicking off. Tsk!

Not such good readings this morning I thought, compared to yesterday morning Sys and Dia were creeping up a tad. But, I’ve had worse I guess. And other than Donald and Hilda, things seemed fine, so no complaints.

While in the kitchen, I noticed I’d left the dish and cutlery in the washing up bowl soaking, so thought I’d get them appropriately washed. Worra Day! I dropped the deep dish while drying it; What a mess, bits of crockery all over the place and a bruised toe to-boot! I believe I might have said something like “Oh, what a shame!”, Hehehe! Cleaned it up, put away the medical equipment, made another mug of tea, and got on the computer.

I downloaded the photo’s from Pete that he took at the flat yesterday. This one I kept to use as a page header on WordPress messages and might try it on Facebook.

I took a second picture of outside.

The fog had got a mite worse. But I still felt I ought to go out today, to get some exercise in for Hippy Hilda, who was again playing me up. MAybe I could go to the Nottingham Arboretum and feed the ducks. I could go to town and back on the bus, and get a decent hobble about the pastures, pond, trees and the Chinese gun we still haven’t given them back. In the Crimean War of 1854-6, some cannon guns were taken at Sebastopol, and two of them were sent to Nottingham and mounted, and a heap of balls added. Yes, I think I’ll try to get some photographs of them too. That’ll be a good workout for Hilda, climbing up the hill to get to the site. See, I can occasionally make decisions. Proof that I am not always equivocal, uncertain, unsure, doubtful, indecisive, inconclusive, irresolute, vacillating, fickle or in two minds. I say with a hesitant voice, Haha!

Summoned to the Porcelain Throne, I got through a good bit of the Leningrad book. A particularly harrowing chapter of how the population were struggling for food and dying where they fell over through fatigue. I pray nothing like this happens ever again.

I think that Trotsky Terence may be returning again.

Eventually, I got the post for yesterday finished, then started on this one.

Went to the WordPress reader.

Did some Facebooking.

Then onto CorelDraw to make a few more day headers.

Did a TFZer Humour Graphic.

TFZers, Wanda, Gladys & Andy, with one TFZer falling down to visit them in the background?

I hope the funny side is seen in this one.

Closed everything down and got the ablutions tended to.

The view outside of the sky was particularly appealing.

The various shades of blue and greys I thought were different to what they would typically be.

Got adorned in warm clothing. Took the bin bags to the rubbish chute.

Got the charity food bag ready, blooming heavy it was too.

The tins and bottles at the bottom proved to be a burden I could have done without. Hehe!

I departed and got down the lift and out along to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut.

Mary, Welsh Bill, Doreen and two other tenants were in there, and the gossip was not good! Three of the five, who each had already had their heaters fitted, found their electricity bills had… wait for it… DOUBLEDFretting and worrying Mode was adopted! Roy and his better-half have turned theirs off, just too expensive to run them. They have gone back to using oil filled radiators?

Scaringly, I heard a lady say she used candles near her leaky window to take the edge off of the draught!!!

Out and awaited the buses arrival. When the City bound arrived first, only three of us got on it. And more bad news from the driver. Because the route had changed from last year, they were struggling to get anywhere near the correct times allocated, on every trip bar the first one. Oh, dear!

Got the crossword book out en route.

Dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street and went straight to the Mission Cafe, and gave the girls their bag of fodder for Christmas.

Then next door to the Wilko Store. Yesterday, Jane told me I needed to keep the tea bags in an airtight container, so I bought some as I was buying a replacement for the pot bowl I dropped and smashed. Tsk, worra day today! The feet and Hippy Hilda were both in a foul mood with me, too.

Over the road and the Tesco Store. Determined to buy only some Pork Knuckle if it had a decent shelf-life on it, Tomato Cooking Sauce and some Part-baked rolls. I left with pork knuckles, fresh air spray and seaweed, forgetting all about the part-baked rolls until I got home. Humph! Still, I might have ordered some from Morrisons, I think the Christmas order I did should arrive tomorrow, I’ll have to check it later. (He says to himself knowing fully that he’ll not remember)

The state of my feet decided me not to even think about walking up to the arboretum to see the mallards today.

I left the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) with a distinct feeling I was being watched?

I went along Milton Street and over the road into Clumber Street.

The welcoming sight of the boarded up bankrupt retail outlets greeted me as I got over the road and ventured bravely down the pedestrian street.

An event took place here that is worthy of a little Anecdotum, I think.

The sun came out, and I thought I’d tuck myself in a disused doorway to take a shot at getting a ‘Moody’ one taken.

I was using the viewfinder, and I got a knock from behind, and called an Old fart for stopping like that! I resisted mentioning his eye, nose and earrings.

I repositioned myself and took the one above, and the gentleman hit me with his shopping trolley as he passed by! As I said earlier, Worra Day! Hehe!

Undaunted, I made my way to the Slab Square to take some pictures.

In the centre of the attractions, I stood and tool one from the left, one in front and one to the right. Not many folks about yet?

The two youngsters on the Swinging Chairs were not impressed with it much. Poor things looked bored stiff, bless them.

I walked to the far end and out of the melee, planning to go to the Pound World shop to see if they had any Payne’s Misshaped Chocolate Brazils in stock, that was the idea anyway.

I noticed the time on the Little John clock above the Council House. I could catch a bus, assuming it was on time, back to the flats, due in nine minutes. It would take me about that long to get to the bus stop, so I made my way there. Limping along nicely.

Nearly at the stop up Queen Street, and the bus arrived early, I got on, and he left four minutes or so too soon. Naturally, due to this, he did not pick many passengers up en route. When he got to Mapperley Rise, a man and woman got on, and boy did she give the driver some verbals! Shouting at him for being early and giving him looks that should really have killed the poor sod.

I was glad when we arrived at Chestnut Walk a few minutes later, I can tell yer. Hehe! Worra Day!

As I hobbled along, I heard horns pipping and raised voices behind me. So I turned to have a look.

A small queue of traffic had accumulated. Tenants vehicles waiting to get out, a delivery van and collection ambulance wanting to get in, and the bus I arrived on stuck in the middle!

By the time he gets to turn around the garages and out, he will not be early anymore. Worra Day!

The workmen were busy making a start on someone’s balcony – hello, they are on the 12th floor doing Malcolm’s flat. Malcolm (I think that’s his name, grand bloke), who already has had his heaters put in, and has replaced his doormat outside his door when others get threats of eviction if they do it… What going on here? Just who is this Malcolm? Has he got connections? Hehehe! Nice chap really, I like him.

Onwards, I painfully limped inside and up to the apartment.

Oddly, there was no demand for the Porcelain Throne usage or a wee-wee?

I got the fodder put away. Got the kettle on and put some potatoes in the slow-cooker.

The noise was horrendous again from Malcolm’s flat where the builders were busy doing his balcony. No point in complaining, it has to be done.

The confidence in their work has taken a bashing with all the complaints about the heaters already installed not working, costing double to run, or both. Will the balconies be safe? Will the new windows fall out? Why did we not get the same type of radiators that the SNeinton Flats got? You just turn on or off. The cost of running them is far less than the old ones, and don’t have to programme them? The heat is instantaneous when they turn them on? Does, back-handers come into the equation? Haha!

Not my words, I heard all of the above statements this morning in the shed and at the bus stop!

Got the new bowl come dish washed ready for use later. It cost 100% more than the last one!

Got the computer on to do the updating of this rubbish.

And guess what happened. Don’t bother, I’ll tell you.

Between British Gas overcharging. Losing faith with the heaters farce. Breaking Pottery. Hippy Hilda. The Plates-of-meat and the memory going, I’m getting down again. Hehehe!

Took a photo of outside from a different angle while I was checking on the crock-pot potatoes.

Had a wee-wee.

Tried the internet and it was back on. Amazing!

A bit late, but I remembered to take the medications and do the Health Checks tonight.

Went on CorelDraw to do what I think is one of my best efforts at a TFZer Funny Graphic. With the comment: “We’ve come up with a way to stop you missing your
morning medications, Mr Chambers. We’ve combined them all in one capsule!”

Took another photo of the evening sky and then got the bread in the oven.

TV turned on and a perusal of the magazine programmes available tonight for me to fall asleep to while trying to watch them.

MAny showing that I fancied looking at, Law & Order, History documentary and The Persuaders.

T’was an absolutely alimental, Ambrosia-like meal. Cobs out of the warm oven, sliced tomatoes and bacon baguette and two small cobs, small boiled in balsamic vinegar water potatoes, Cox’s apple, lemon curd yoghourt and a large mug of clementine juice.


Got up for a wee-wee and took yet another picture from the kitchen window

An amazing strip of almost luminescant orange and reds ran along the skyline.

I was admiring this scene for a few moments after taking the picture, started to question whether there was a God after all: And dropped the Lumix camera. The aperture opening sticks now, and I have to encourage the thin metal lens surrounds to open fully. That’ll teach me to have deep thoughts! Tsk!

I got through an entire episode, including the commercial breaks, of Law & Order. Then I was off into the land of Nod!

TTFN all.