Inchock Today – Tuesday 26th December 2017

Tuesday 26th December 2017

Lithuanian: 2017 m. Gruodžio 26 d., Antradienis

0150hrs: Woke-up with no sense of incongruity, and in complete acceptance of my weakness for anecdotes. Well pleased that Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis allowed me a relatively pain-free pandiculating session. I think the fluid retention, although still more in the right leg than the left one, had both gone down a smidge, we’ll see later.

I sensed I had dreamt of being chased all over a factory. I do not think I’ve had one of these dreams for a while, they used to be a regular occurrence.

The porcelain throne usage was needed, and even Hippy Hilda permitted me to escape the clutches of the oh so comfortable and snuggly warm £300 second-hand recliner without too much pain.

I began to think things were improving, then stubbed my toe on the large Ottoman as I made my way to the wet room, which started Hippy Hilda off, naturally. Humph! Things went well with the evacuation with no bleeding at all.

Tended to the Health Checks. Then took the medications.

Got the computer on and had a lot of emails, due to my not attending to them yesterday. WordPress bill is due. I had to alter the bank details.

Got on with updating yesterday’s blog and posted it off.

Then started this one going up to here. Onto WordPress Comments next.

I added some photographs to the widget on the WordPress site, the carousel one.

0505hrs: Then went on WordPress Reader. Not much on it, Christmas demands I expect caused this. Hehe!

Had a go on Facebook next.

Did CorelDraw creating until around 0840hrs, Sister Jane rang for a chinwag while Pete had gone to fetch the papers.

Back Facebook to post the TFZer graphics off. A few of them here. I’ll make a post with all 21, on later.

Took this photograph while waiting for the kettle to boil. By golly, it was cold leaning out of that kitchen window. Hehe!

Made a start on the Graphics post, I think I’ll title it “TFZer Entertainers”.

0855hrs: Back in a bit…

0915hrs: I’m back folks.

I went on Facebook and added each one to the appropriate picture gallery and also posted them to the TFZer site.

1100hrs: Got it done.

Back on WordPress Reader, and comments.

CorelDraw again and got some work done on a Lynton and Martin graphic… Boing!

1400hrs: The programme crashed, and I lost everything after hours of working on it too! I nearly cried!

I gave up and turned everything off, sulked for a while, swore and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the meal prepares, singing my fingers on the oven dish as they protruded through the hole in the oven gloves getting the bacon out. Humph!

The Scottish plain bread had thawed out okay. Seasoned the canned tomatoes with some Pasta tomato and garlic sauce added and liberally sprinkled basil in the saucepan.

‘Herbert’ from the flat above started his whining and banging as I settled to watch some TV. The aperiodicity of his clanging about keeps me on my toes and offers me something to get bothered about.

Once down in the recliner with the headphones on and the TV volume high, it didn’t matter. I could hear nothing other than the TV.

I fell asleep as the film came on and woke up as the closing credits were being rolled on the screen. I’m getting good at doing this lately.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get out a bit. The buses should be running again.

Ah, the A-Team is on channel 31 now. I got as far as the first set of commercials before nodding off.