Inchcock Today – Sunday 17th December 2017

Sunday 17th December 2017

Scottish Gaelic: Didòmhnaich 17 Dùbhlachd 2017

0035hrs: Woken up by the ‘Herbert’ living above me as he banged and clattered bout. It didn’t last for long, but the damage had been done, and I was wide-awake. Always the same on the weekends. Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana had spoken with him about this after several other complaints, but he continues making the noise, especially on the weekends, every Saturday and Sunday! I know I’m not the only one being pestered by this. But, what can we do? Maybe a visit up to his flat and a polite discussion – that would be beyond me and risky.

The only effects as far as I could tell, from the mini-marathon hobble yesterday, after hauling my overweight body mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner, was oddly enough cramp in the fingers and hands? And Hilda Hippy feeling a little stiff. I know, it does not make sense, somewhat enigmatical.

My mental legerity seemed in top-form this morning, but I was still annoyed at not being able to recall the dreams I knew I’d had.

Off to the kitchen and did the Health Checks and got the kettle on.

The Sys and Dia had gone back up again, Pulse as well, at least I knew the metal heart valve was still ticking over. Hehe!

Took the medications and made up another week set of pot doses.

Then the time arrived for another attempt at making use of the Porcelain Throne. I settled and automatically reached for the Leningrad book, but the fingers got an Arthur Itis and Cramp Craig visit and turning over the pages and holding the book became beyond my capabilities. Not that it mattered, because I did not have time to do any reading, as things moved and evacuated painfully, but with much swiftness.

I had the camera in my dressing gown pocket, and although a struggle with only one useable hand, I managed to photograph the warped hand and digits. Seconds later, the limbs returned to normal. Another perplexity to ponder over.

The tea had gone cold so, I went to make another one.

It was not very warm this morning again. But I opened the window and leant out to take this shot of the ‘Noisy One’s flat’ above me. When I saw how bright his lights were compared to mine below, I couldn’t help my imagination-urge off on its own at this stage.

Was he a reincarnation of Frankenstein? Was he creating another somewhat grotesque, but sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment?

Getting this unexpected inspiration, I just had to get the computer on and modify the original picture.

I wondered why my lights kept dipping? Hehehe!

Back to make the brew again, and the distant view caught my eye.

All those people out there, getting sozzled, housebreaking, stealing cars, doing drug deals, shoplifting, worrying, starving, sleeping, scared, lonely, injecting drugs, on there mobile phones and internet, waiting for operations, hiding from the customs and police, dreading going to work on Monday, homeless, desperate, greedy, wealthy, proletariat, jealous, aggressive, tall, short, fat, thin, poorly, noisy, hoping, sarcastic, uncaring, … Oh dear, I got carried away there. Sorry.

It must have been freezing out there, for the people’s vehicles below were well covered in frost.

For some reason, I remembered the Woodthorpe Grange Park flower shop had an open day today. As long as it warms up a little, I’d like to take the camera and have a hobble up there later and have a look in the Tropical Plant house,

I feel in an odd mood this morning.

Went to the WordPress Reader.

I returned to the kitchen to look outside to see if it was getting any warmer outside, trod on the brush and pan and the brush shot off and hit me in the privates! By gum, it made me jump!

Made another mug of tea to replace what must have been the third cup that I’d let go cold.

On to Facebook.

Checked the Emails.

While doing this, about 0500hrs, I pandiculated and caught a view through the window, and was amazed that I could see no lights on the outside? Inevitably a power cut would have cut us off in the flats as well?

I went off again to the kitchen window to investigate. A right pea-souper had fallen on us. This made me rethink about going out up through the park to the Tropical Gardens after-all.

Compare this one with the earlier one above that I took three hours or so ago.

Made yet another mug of tea, a small one, though. Used the English Breakfast tea-bag, let it brew for ages, very nice and tasty.

Then decided to make up some templates to use on later dairies, to keep ahead of the game. Not too happy with them, might have to tweak the graphics later.

CorelDraw, working on a TFZer graphic.

I made this basic graphics and was unsure which of the delightful TFZer gals to use in it. So, I went on the TFZer file and clicked blindly on the page, and as luck would have it, I got Jillie from Australia to use. And she had mentioned chocolate in a comment this very morning. Perfick!

I had the time, so I made another graphicalisation for the site. I’m on a roll lately with these.

Four hours later, I got it finished.

Got it sent off to the TFZ site.

Got the nosh sorted out.

Sat down to eat it and had a ‘Funny Turn’. I hate these, when everything seems to be a dream, things get muddled in the head and appear to know this but can do nothing about it but wait for the fog to clear.

Brother-in-Law Pete rang, he and Jane are passing nearby in the car tomorrow and will call in to see me, 1130ish I think. I did not make any notes, but I am sure of this. His voice kept fading as he spoke.

I found myself washing the pots as I came out of, the Stupour is a suitable word I think, indeed, a better description than ‘Funny Turn’.

I put the TV on, well, a DVD. I’d nodded off in seconds I reckon. But kept waking up so often it was unreal, but always kept floating away again.