Inchcock Today – Thursday 30th November 2017: Tenants Social Hour… well, 20 minutes.

Thursday 30th November 2017

پنجشنبه 30 نوامبر 2017  Persian

0020hrs: A night of waking and nodding-off repeatedly. In spite of the brain apparently working in an acervuline manner, I did spot that I’d used the notepad and investigated, I’d written about dreams. First time for ages. As I was perusing the scribble, Trotsky Terence summoned me to the porcelain throne, and I forgot about what I dreamt until later.

Not sure if I’d been getting up during the night, but found signs of nibbling, the light was on and the fridge door open.

Arrived at the WC and although I cannot recall visiting overnight, the last packet of ARDC capsules was on the cabinet top on the floor, with just two tablets left. The Leningrad book was in a different place than I usually keep it, and confusion reigned in the brain, as I tended to Trotskies demands. A little less watery than the fifteen visits yesterday. (You’ve got to laugh, or you’d cry, Hehehe!)

Washed up and into the kitchen, shut the fridge and freezer doors I’d left ajar, got the kettle on and took a photograph of the room from the same place, one with the flash on auto the other one with the option turned off.

I bet I’ll have to throw away some fodder again from the freezer? Huh! I’ll see if I can get another order delivered tomorrow from Morrisons, I hope so, cause I can order the anti-Diahorrea capsules at the same time.

I had the Lumix camera charging, so used the old Sony, and put that in charge afterwards.

Made a cuppa and on the computer to see if Morrisons can deliver tomorrow morning. No chance, but didn’t think they could. Never mind, if Trotsky lets me, (and it’s looking better this morning; only three visits in two-and-a-half hours) I can go down into Sherwood and get some capsules from the Wilko shop.

Finished the Wednesday Inchcock Today and made a start on this one.

Then realised I’d not done the Health Checks, so got them actioned. Doing this, I dropped some tablets. I bent down (A risky action with Trotsky Terence lurking awaiting an opportunity to catch me out with a Whoopsiedangleplop motion!), to retrieve them, and there I stayed down there for ages, unable to get back up on my tootsies. Tsk!

Hopes of keeping off the 15 stone mark are dwindling. Having to clean and cut the fingernails, blow my nose, strip-off, remove the hearing aids, the glasses, pick the teeth, remove any ear-wax and make sure I’ve just paid a visit to the Throne before I dare to step on the scales nowadays. The readings for today were better I think. Glad to see the pulse has gone up a bit.

Made another cuppa (I’m still drinking a lot) and back to the computer. Spotting the notepad, I looked at the dream scribble about the dreams. It appears that I was back driving a bus, a 1960 model Bristol Lodekka, just like the one shown here on what was then Granby Street but changed to Maid Marion Way later, in Nottingham. I was in the cab with a bloke and telling him how much harder it was to drive the older buses and he kept hitting me? Silly really, cause there was never room for two in the cab.

Another dream, about the Carter’s Pop Factory I worked at years ago. Vague this one, but I think I was being chased all over the factories by Nannys with prams (If I read the note correctly?)

. I got a cycle puncture repair kit out of the raincoat I was wearing and started stitching and patching myself up. Got off the table, left some nibbles and hobbled through the fighting, arguing, scratching, head-butting medical staff, and out to the car park, where I got into my old Skoda Estelle.

Had a wee-wee, made another mug of tasty tea and carried on updating this page to here.

I got onto WordPress Reader then. Lots of good stuff on today.

Facebooking next. Then onto CorelDraw graphicationalisationing.

0750hrs: Got the ablutioning done. Dressed and ready for the Morrison order to arrive. Which it did at 0915hrs. The orange chocolates Jenny wanted getting in, came, and I also ordered a Rum flavour one for her to try. Jenny was getting some to hand out. Put these in one bag, and the bread and truffles for the Obergefrieteress Julie and Obergruppenfurheress Deana in another carrier. Got the rest of it stored away in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. I purchased some fresh potato rostis that I intend to have tonight. Along with some freshly trimmed mangetout, Scottish buttered bread, Piccolo tomatoes, a pickled egg and some Chinese chicken breasts.

I don’t think this should give Diahorrea Donald any bother? I wrote these ingredients down so as not to forget. Sad innit?

As I checked everything to make sure I’d not left anything on that I shouldn’t, the temperature in the kitchen was only 44° f. I collated and tool the bin bags to the chute, then another check around the apartment, and off I set.

One of the workmen told me it was freezing when he started. Not a happy lad at all. As I walked to the temporary shed, I could see that Willmott Dixon had scattered rock-salt around liberally. The sun was glaring but had little warmth in it.

Got in the hut, and gave Jenny the things. Went into the Warden’s office and handed them their Polish bread and nibbles. I departed on the walk into Sherwood to get some of the Loperamide Hydrochloride capsules to counter the Trotskys.

BJ gave me a pap on his horn as he passed going up the hill.

I called in the Co-op first and got a TV magazine and a packet of two small part-baked courgettes… no, that’s not right is it, (I had to look at the label then, the brain had frozen again. Tsk! Poor old clot). Baguettes, I meant to type.

Then hobbled up the Mansfield Road hill and into the Wilko store.

First thing I made sure that I got, was three boxes of their own label ‘Dia-Limit’ capsules, six in each box for only 85p each carton. I’m pretty sure that when Trotsky visited a couple of weeks ago, I tried these capsules and they were moderately efficient then.

While in there, I topped up with the fabric spray, fabric conditioner and fragrance boost. All the Wilko own generic label stuff with Exotic Ylang & Freesia scented.

This is such a scent. Sweetish and tangy at the same time.

They had some of the Citrus mini-cans of deodorant in too, so I got a couple.

I also bought another pot of Ginko Biloba extract tablets. I just wish I could remember who recommended them to me and why they did?

I paid the pleasant lady the £9.30 as requested and withdrew onto Mansfield Road and two vehicles had had a Whoopsiedangleplop between them. This was when it dawned on me that I had left the camera and mobile back in the flat again, Tsk!

Hobbled up to the bus stop to find the time on the display unit and I had a twenty-five-minute wait for the next L9 bus. So, I got the crossword book out and satiated my enigmatology. No that I did very well. Hehe!

The bus arrived very early, and I nearly missed it, but one of other tenants, a new import to the place, also caught out by the unexpected arrival, but she managed to flag it down for us.

I alighted the vehicle and went into the Social Hour meeting again. Took a ‘Dia-Limit’ capsules with a drink of water. A pleasant chat with Jenny then handed the nibble-box around. By gum, they were hungry today. Haha! I didn’t stay long. Managed a little natter with BJ and Bill (William on Sundays), before having to make my way back and up to the Porcelain Throne. Got there on time and this time, it was not as bad. So, maybe things will improve… Me and my forlorn hopes, Hehe!

It was an icy feeling in the flat again. “Blow the expense I thought, and put on the electric fire. I’d only used it once before in the three years… or is three yet? I’ve been here. I didn’t realise that the backlight had to be on for it to throw any heat out. Still, I know now. Not that it’s gotten a lot warmer in the two hours it’s been on. Tsk!

I put away the bits I’d bought and put one more of the ‘Dia-Limit’ capsules in the evening pot of medications and took them. Did the Health-Checks and off to the Porcelain Throne again.

Got on with updating this tosh. Still got the fingerless gloves on form going out, that’s how cold it is.

Went for a wee-wee and to make another brew.

Took this close up of the balcony while hanging out of the kitchen window. No wonder the poor devils were making such horrendous noises. It looks like they are using the 1964 built concrete base and adding some plates to it for attaching something?

Got the oven warming and had a go on Facebook.

Getting on with the Food Themed graphic series for the TFZers, now.

Still, a long way to go, but I enjoy doing them, and love it when I can make anyone smile and or laugh.

Going to get the nosh sorted now. Afraid I didn’t eat much of it; a bit of a disaster! The mangetout was bitter, the chicken too sweet. Had to dish a lot of it.

Washing the pots afterwards, and I found out that the Wilko Apple Slicers stay sharp for a long time.


The sun was shining as it grew a little dark, and the snow fell.

Only a few small flakes, and as they flew past I took this picture as the wind just dropped, as did the temperature.

The snow melted within seconds. Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

My energy faded as soon as I got into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV, the last episode of Pie in the Sky. I missed a lot of it with nod-offs being rampant.

Sleep came begrudgingly notwithstanding my tiredness.