Inchcock Today – Tuesday 5th December 2017

Tuesday 5th December 2017

Scottish Gaelic: Dimàirt 5mh Dùbhlachd 2017

0535hrs: By Jiminy, I must have needed that sleep; over eight hours without any interruption. Eight-Hours in the land of Nod? Me? Not been known, for donkey’ years!

No signs of any nocturnal-nibbling, no scribble on the notepad and Duodenal Donald’s hassle, was absent!

But, a new silent gurgling was coming from the innards.  And the tummy and top of the legs were itching proliferously. I feared an imbroglio of a medical nature might be imminent. (I was right, Tsk!)

Had to visit the Porcelain Throne with some urgency. Made it in time, but only just. Squirting jet-propelled like liquids, all yellow in colour? It is somewhat ambiguous as to whether or not this is a good sign or bad. The mind was enhaloed with confusion, as I cleaned up and medicated Haemorrhoid Harold’s area.

The computer was started, and I sent an email to the surgery, asking for appointments to see the doctor and the blood tests. To add to the already befuddled grey-cells, I got a message telling me that it failed to go through.

So, I tried again with a Letter and long number from an earlier message from them. It seems to have gone through this time. Well, I hope it has anyway.

The itching has now moved to the back as well?

Off to the Porcelain Throne again. Same results, only liquid evacuated, but at least there was no bleeding at all.

The intercom phone chirped into life, and of course, then I remembered the Morrison Order was due. Tsk! (This getting up late had confused me more than I thought, Huh!) The deliveryman took the bags through to the kitchen for me, and I thanked him. Handed him last weeks carrier bags, he pointed out that the Wagon Wheels were unavailable, and off he went.

I revisited the Throne! No solids again, but far less liquid this time and much more wind? Not that this helped the stomach ache or itching.

At last, I got around to doing the Health Checks and getting the medications taken. I nearly made a righWhoopsiedangleplop and gave myself an injection of the Enoxaparin, when it is not needed at the moment. What a Plonka!

The results were not good this morning, though. All a bit high, I thought. An asterisk appeared on the read-out next to the pulse?

The workmen have been coming up and down in their external hoist all the time, and drilling and knocking on various balcony bases. But the noise did not bother me today.

I got the medications for the diahorrea and Sennas in the drawer. Along with those, I bought yesterday from the Poundland Shop because I’d forgotten I’d ordered these from Morrisons. Sad, I know!

I found the Wagon Wheel was in the bags.

The jars of tomato and mushroom sauce, I bought to be able to add some liquid to the tinned tomatoes and be able to keep the pot in the fridge in between.

A load of the Polish Sourdough, a treat I get for Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana and Obergefreiteress Warden Julie, had arrived alright.

I’d ordered a pack of two Morliny Masurian cooked sausages, that had been on offer at £1.10 off of the regular price. I’d assumed they were 200g packs like the others. When it came to finding room for them in the fridge, I found they were ginormous and 750g. Hehe!

The Squib Fish Sauce was a more substantial bottle than I expected as well, for £1.20, it was 725ml, a bargain. Made in Thailand. The contents were shown as; Anchovy (Stolphorus spp) Extract Fish 77%, Salt 20%, Sugar 3%.

I looked up the Stolphorus spp and got this description back from Google: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Clupeiformes (Herrings) > Engraulidae (Anchovies) > Engraulinae. I’m not much wiser now. Haha!

Off to the Porcelain Throne once again. Same results, but with more wind. And why had I got this itching on the legs, belly and back, that has now started to affect the face cheeks?

I poddled into the kitchen to make another mug of tea before starting on the Inchcock Todays. Looked out of the window, and saw a car come by. I don’t know why, but I took several shots of it as it parked up, and used them to make this funny:

Not even a bit humorous, no idea why I did this whatsoever?

Off to the Throne yet again. Little liquid, no solids and much wind evacuated.

Back to the mug of cold tea and made another, taking another Dia-Limit capsule.

Did the midday Health Checks a little early and took the medications.

Got a reply from the Surgery.

Put the details on the Google Calendar and the written diary.

The banging and clanging continue, but this is only to be expected.

I must remember in the morning, the Heater Instruction course at 1000hrs in the Obergruppenfhureress shed.

Got the Monday post finished at last. Then made a start on this one. The thirst and itching continue, too.

Made yet another mug of tea.

Then went on WordPress Reader.

Some great stuff on there. This ode and photographicalisationing of the nocturnal Cranes really caught my naturist’s eye.

Nocturnal Cranes – Photos and Ode

Excellent work Mr Price.

This flipping itching is driving me bonkers!

On Facebook to catch up. Sandie posted an old car on TFZ expressing her desire to drive one like it. I made a graphic up and posted it.

Off to get the late ablutions done now. Back in a bitski!

Had a good shower shave and medicalisationing session. Sorted the bin bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

As I went into the kitchen, I heard the sound of sirens. But no alarms were going off anywhere in the building? Had a look out of the window to see the Frie Service in attendance again?

I popped into the Wardens hut on the way and found a meeting taking place. Gave Julie and Deana their nibbles and Polish bread.

I left and off on a limp down into Sherwood, getting some odd looks from the residents at the meeting.

Going down Winchester Street Hill, I soon came across the first Nottingham Street art of the day, in the gutter.

The maggots seemed nice and plump.

Onward down the now almost deserted Winchester Street.

On to Mansfield Road to have a little wander and get a little exercise in.

As I walked up the hill, a row of three shops in a row had now been closed down.

The first one only opened a couple of months ago.

All was gloom, though.

At the top of the hill, the closed down Swinton Insurance office come shop, has been replaced with a Card Factory outlet.

I assume that this is only a temporary arrangement. To cover the Christmas and New Year rush for cards period?

A nosey inside showed me two staff and many customers milling around.

This looked like it would be a haven, Sherwoods Shoplifters Paradise, I reckon.

I foolishly wandered into the Co-op Store. Came out with grated cheese, Jam Doughnuts for the tenant’s nibbles, smoked streaky bacon, tomato & mushroom sauce and the only thing I went in for, 99 Tea Bags. Tsk!

The itching was still annoying me, and Hippy Hilda, bothersome.

Further up the hill and into the Wilko Store, came out having spent £12, on cleaning stuff and a few screw-lidded storage pots.

To the bus stop and caught an L9 back up the hill to the apartments.

I called in the meeting, Jenny sorted me a chair bless her.

The new hearing aids were much better now, although with background noise I still missed much of what was going on. Then, Trotsky Terence and the stomach rumbling started, and I had to make my way out and to the Porcelain Throne. I think I managed to apologise, explain to Jenny before I departed in rather an embarrassing hurry.

Unfortunately, I did not make it to the Throne in time. Seconds too late. Needed a lot of cleaning up afterwards, Huh! And a bit of blood, wet and clumps were not making me feel too confident. More solids though, this session.

Had a shower, ’cause I felt awful. And the Safety Pants were adorned, better late than never. Much washing to do in the morning!

Put the shopping away, and got on with sorting the meal of the day. Surprisingly, I felt hungry for once.

Potato Waffle sticks, tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette, Pork and mushroom pate, apple, Marmite crisps, two slices of buttered Scottish Plain and a whipped lemon yoghourt. Despite my feeling a little low about the Porcelain Throne Accifauxpa, I ate the lot of it!

Took the medications and did the last Health Checks.

Settled in the recliner to watch some DVD ‘Boon’ episodes. Fell asleep, woke up three hours later. Turned on the TV to watch ‘Law & Order’… fell asleep…