Inchcock Today – Sunday 10th December 2017

Sunday 10th December 2017

Amharic: እሁድ 10 ዲሴምበር 2017

0155hrs: Woke up with the mind still a little nebulous, vague and inchoate, from last nights funny turn. No, not the right word, perhaps troubling is a better term to use. I felt as if I had had no sleep much at all.

Demands had not arrived for the Porcelain Throne usage. Ailments seemed in a good mood, apart from Hippy Hilda when I dragged my body-mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner.

The wind escapers had regained their potency. I wondered if this would be an advantage to the Throne visits?

Got the computer started to download and sort the photographs and found these three. Presumably taken some time last night. Why they were, I have no idea and no memories of making them either?

Questioning my sanity seemed the sanest thing I have done for a while. Hehe!

The call to the Throne arrived, and I responded. Boy, was I right about the accompanying aroma returning! This time, for the first time in days, the session was the same as the previous one. There were no signs of Trotsky Terence, Solid with almost clear liquid accompanying the evacuation. Maybe things were settling down at last? (I can dream? Haha!)

Into the kitchen and put the kettle on, got the medication stuff ready, and took these photographs while hanging out of the window. The extended van is a hired one. Good job the workers are not on at the weekend. I hope the emergency services don’t have to be summoned while this is here.

Got the Health Checks, and medicating needs attended to.

Took the drugs with a good tasty mug of Co-op 99 tea. The readings on the Checks look very good this morning, the Sys and pulse were going down at last.

Pleased with these figures, I proceeded to get the next week medication pots sorted out and have another cup of tea.

Nice and warm in the kitchen, temperature indicated it being 59° c.

Far less rumbling from the innards as well now, but what does escape from the rear has a certain crude-hum to it.

I felt a lot better now and had a go on the WordPress Reader. Then comments.

Then on Facebook.

Made another mug of tea. Then on to CorelDraw prep work for the next TFZer series.

 I spent a couple of hours getting it started, and went to the kitchen to make myself a brew:

Boy am I glad I didn’t talk myself into going out this morning!

The first picture is from the living room.

Then I opened the kitchen window to take the other ones.

I felt a tad sorry for whoever had hired the van, cause they were just moving it to the foyer doors to load it up, or unload it, whichever is the case.

I tried to take some photographicalisations from different angles.

The snow is not heavy but is persistent in nature.

Only small flakes as yet.

I think this is going to prove bothersome for the workmen in the morning if it does not clear-away. I imagine the hoist cages will be in a right state of wetness. And the balconies they were working on are well covered in snow, and up here I think it will freeze harder and become another hassle for the men?

There was only, as far as I could see, one owner being taken for a walk by his two dogs. They seemed to be enjoying the weather, tails wagging fiercely! Hehehe!

I pondered on what to have for nosh today. Scottish Bread sarnies I think. The last of the cooked belly pork, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette and some cheese sounds good to me.

Back to the graphicationalisationing.

The Strobe Fire-Alarm went off. I went on s seek and discover mission again. Looked outside, no signs of any emergency vehicles in attendance – Checked the door handle for any heat with the back of the hand, there was none. Opened the door, no sounds of any Fire-Alarms ringing. I assumed it was another false alarm. I really must remember to tell Obergruppenfurheress Warden Dean about these activations, but I keep forgetting to.

While at the window I took a few more shots of the snow.

Put the kettle on and noticed a family with their youngster with a plastic sledge having fun in the bottom field. I enjoyed watching them so much.

They would put the nipper on and push him or her down, and he or she would get right to the bottom end in one go. Then, they thought it would be fun for Mother to join the little un.


They started off alright and at a reasonable speed too.

Then they came to a cropper and fell off.

Nobody hurt, much laughter ensued.

I might be all on own, but it cheered up just looking at them having such fun. Especially as no one was injured and much merriment was attained as a result.

I made the tea I forgot about earlier, and had a quick look at the WordPress Reader again.

Then back to CorelDraw and the TFZer Vehicle funnies creating.

Getting tired now, poor old thing. Mind, the Porcelain Throne visits have not been many today, so, one good thing.

A quick bash on Facebook, and then got the nosh ready.

Did the washing up, medications and Health Checks and collapsed into the recliner and there I stayed. Nodding off and waking for hours before eventually drifting away into a blissful sleep.