My Failed Search for Sanity

Why does Inchcock need to find Sanity?

I’ll begin by going back to my tender years

It all started  around 1943,

Just born, Mid-Wife hands me bloodied to Mother, in comiti,

Mother tells the midwife, to throw it in the river, set it free,

I can’t afford it, I’m not a Charity!

Not an auspicious good start that, as  you can see,

Still, she took me, dropped fag ash on my head, and not surprisingly,

I grew up scared and the first few years were hard, combatively,

Owt not locked up or tied down she’s nick, with compulsivity,

The police caught her later, a brave man that local PC!

She was a great con-woman, but they did her. The trial was a calamity!

Fined £9, Dad paid, and she walked, laughing and free,

Tried to sell my Sister to a member of the family,

But years later, she ran away after more crimes, arbitrarily,

Dad and I accepted it with the general familiarity.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Twas not hard to harness the forgettability,

Dad got me up early to make the fire, his breakfast as well,

Then, got me a paper round, morning & night with Mr Bell,

Later, a Saturday job at Heason’s Hardware… pity,

For me, anyway, life seemed like an eviternity,

Rushing from school, on my homebound journey,

But this fed my evolvability,

And to get some pennies for the gas and electricity meter,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sometimes I’d play-up with tantrums and hostility,

Dad would rearrange the shape, of my posterior vicinity,

His boots were leather, large and offered me lachrymosity, Hehe!

We shared all we had, although it seemed mostly paucity,

I had a new sense of upcoming insecurity,

Somehow I knew, Mother would return with her egocentricity.

The conning conceited ways and her dubiosity,

Sadly, I was right, back came the anguish and incongruity,

Dad accepted her presence, doing his duty, showing endurability!

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

She nicked conned and ran-away several more times, fatuity,

I’d like to mention Dad, this brave, honest loyal entity,

After so many years, I feel felicity,

And it is all thanks to him, his lack of hostility,

His patience and fungibility,

Love, care, and indefatigability,

I’ll see you soon, Dad…

Hopefully for infinity,

Then I can find my sanity

Forgive me, please.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 23rd December 2017

Saturday 23rd December 2017

Irish: Dé Sathairn 23 Nollaig 2017

0005hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner. All night, every time I moved, Hippy Hilda gave me pain and woke me up. On this occasion, I decided to get up and do the laundry duties. I recalled dreaming about my giving away cars to people?

Lifting the right Hippy Hilda leg had never been more laborious or more painful. Why do these things always kick-off when the GP surgery is closed, and the A & E are short staffed? This reminded me of last Christmas when I had the ‘Blank Spell’ and Olive called the ambulance. A right rollicking five-hour wait to be seen, a two-hour delay to see the Cardiac Specialist, told I will have to be admitted because there is no way they can release me with the Warfarin INR level being so low. An hour wait on a trolley in a corridor for a bed, then told I was being released at midnight! No buses, I had no money for a taxi, not that any were available at that time on Christmas Eve morning, followed by a three-hour walk home!

A wee-wee and rinse, then got the clothing ready for the laundry room, took the mobile phone, empty glass jars and bottle for the recycling bin and camera down with me as well.

The lift was a bit wet, a sweet smell lingered and permeated the air in there.

Got the washing in the machine.

Went out as to the recycling bin with the jars.

No rain and not too cold out there at the moment.

Up and to the wet room for another wee-wee. On the way up, the irritational-itching started around the rib cage, just under the armpits, back and front. I think I had this during the night as well, but Hippy Hilda held all my attention as she was more painful.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks. The Sys had come down at last at least.

Down to the laundry room to move the things to the dryer.

The filter had been cleaned by the previous user, that was nice. I did drop some items in the transferring process, and boy did Hippy Hilda let me know her displeasure at my having to bend down to retrieve them. Hehe!

I limped back to the flat, had a wee-wee, scratched my back on the corner of the door, it hurt, but I had no other choice but to do this. The front of the torso was far more comfortable to scratch at.

I made a start on this diary, completely forgetting to finish off yesterday’s first. Tsk!

I was trying to do some more satisfying clawing and scraping of the rib cage and knocked the notepad off of the desk. Actually, the 1964 E-Plan cabinet. Noticed the scrawl I’d done about the bat that had been found and had stopped the work on the building. At this, I looked up the Soprano Pipistrelle Bat and got a photo of one from the web.

Native Rare: The Soprano Pipistrelle is a priority species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. I assume they are like toads, a protected species.

I wish they would declare me a protected species. Haha!

Getting up out of the chair to go down to collect the laundry was horrendous. I was going to take the walking stick down with me but realised I’d most likely get myself all tangled up with it getting the stuff out and sorted. And there would be a strong chance of my forgetting to bring it back with me.

Hobbled down and retrieved the clothes from the dryer. Cleaned the filter and casings. Then folded the togs and got them in the bag. I managed to drop a pair of socks, and what a farce trying to get down to pick them up. Humph!

Back to the apartment and got the things in the airing cupboard.

To the Porcelain Throne. A longish session, that resulted in a proper clean-up after struggling to get up off of the WC! At least Haemorrhoid Harold was not bleeding.

Back to doing this post up to here. Realised I’d not completed the Friday post yet, so I did so.

Facebooked and then went to the WordPress Reader.

Mug of tea and started the ablutions. Lifting the right leg to get into the jammies without too much pain from the Hippy Hilda area was a significant problem. I now find that swelling of the already bloated tummy on my right side had grown and firmed up.  Haemorrhoid Harold started bleeding again. Then Dizzy Dennis began with short visits. I tried to get a look at my back where the irresistible itching around the torso is located, to take a photo of it. But could not get into a decent enough position to get a clear photo for me to analyse the problem.

I hoped that a repeat of last year with the problems with the ‘Blank-Spots’ and hospitalisation that ruined the holiday, doesn’t start again.

I realised that I had not seen or spoken to anyone for over36 hours – thank heavens for the internet. Depression appeared from nowhere, and for an hour or so, I was living with a different person. Dark thoughts that slowly dissipated into the ether from which they came. To be replaced with guilt and shame, embarrassment and even more pain from Hilda’s location as I attempted to clean my lower regions and extremities. I had to use the extended scrubbing brush for them.

A conundrum as to why, but I perked-up as I got the nosh prepared, and I liked this alto-ego. (Is that the right word? I’ll have to look it up later).

I reheated three of the ‘Rustic Cobs’ in the oven for ten minutes. Buttered them well with just a touch of garlic salt and parsley. Sliced some tomatoes and dribbled them with Balsamic sauce, Stilton Cheese sliced an apple, potato chips, the tasty Mushroom pate and the Aldi BBQ chicken wings.

A mistake in getting them. I expected nothing like the tongue-burning blast of burning-hot flavour that threatened what few teeth I have left, and tonsils, with my first, and only bite of them! Straight in the bin!

The rest of the meal contents were much enjoyed. Even with the noises starting from ‘Herbert’ in the flat above. My sense of humour returned as I thought; “I hope he’s constructing a spaceship so he can get home to his planet ‘Noisygit’? Hehe!

Stubbed my toe on the way into the kitchen to put the meal things in the sink to soak.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks. Then Made up next weeks dosage pots.

The evening sky was multi-coloured.

Settled to watch a DVD, but failed to get through it due to falling asleep so often, waking up and rewinding, then nodding off again… Gave up and tried to sleep and couldn’t nod-off!