Inchcock Today – Friday 29th December 2017

Friday 29th December 2017

0415hrs: I woke and nodded off again, twice. Never been known before. Realised the time 045hrs, never slept in this late before either. I was tired and drained. Staying up late for me, in a desperate effort get to save some graphics as PNG format, but failed.

It was still a battle to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner, not through any of the ailments, but I was still feeling weak and drained. Most odd?

As I stood up, with no dizzies at all, I saw the food tray on the chair next to the recliner. I’d half eaten it, and a load of crushed paper towels adorned it? I really can’t remember how or why this was so.

I took it into the kitchen and washed the things up. Then did the Health Checks and took the medications, I could tell by the empty pots in the weekly tray, that I’d imbibed last nights doses. Into the freezing cold spare room and onto the scales. Got my clothes back on again quickly I can tell you Hehe!

A headache coming on now, but the commoner ailments, Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Duncan, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Reflux Roger were all being so kind to me. Dizzy Dennis and Hernia Harry both just had a little go at me when I was in the other room weighing my bulging horrendously hideous short-plump body.

I got the computer on and checked the emails. The Cyber-friend I was trying to do the graphic for, informed me the could convert jpg with a white background himself. This cheered me up, and I set about transforming the two graphics to jpg and sent them off. I hope the lad can use them on his site. He is so creative and humorous. Make me proud that would. But I do not want to be recognised as the maker or creator, just to see them used.

Then I got on with finishing off Thursday’s diary. And started this one going.

Off to the Porcelain Throne for a long hard session. Thank heavens for the Leningrad book. Coming towards the end now, but I’ve got a Clarkson one ready to start.

Went to make a cuppa.

I foolishly let the cold in when I opened the window to take this photograph of the ice on the cars windscreens and found the milkman busy at work.

Made an English Breakfast tea brew and back to the computer. I let it get cold. Tsk!

Looked up the weather for Nottingham on the web.

Currently 0°c locally. Not surprising after seeing the cars below. Looks like it is going to get a bit warmer if these indicators are anything like correct? Rain predominant? And I have to go out today as well, to collect the prescriptions from the pharmacy in Carrington. That’ll give me a bit of exercise walking there. If it is raining I’ll wrap up well, might use the new water-resistant trousers? Take the brolly as well.

I hope the noisy demonosopher upstairs doesn’t start banging about too much today. I’ll have a look in Lidl when I get out, see if they have any stun-guns on sale. Haha!

Made another mug of tea, Co-op 99 this time. That Jersey-Guernsey full cream milk is gorgeous. Not very healthy people tell me, but I’m addicted to it now in my tea.

Went on to the WordPress Reader.

Then checked the comments.

Then the Emails.

No time with me sleeping for so long and getting up late, for me to do any Facebooking. But I did manage to titivate a TFZer graphic.

Off to the wetroom to depurate my desperately, degenerating, disproportionally shaped, drugged-up disappointingly dwarflike but flabby body.

Readied the waste bags and took them with me on the way out to the rubbish chute.

Well wrapped up, brolly at the ready, I set out on the walk to the chemist in Carrington.

Where the ice was near the contractor’s top gate yesterday, had been replaced with a mega-puddle and one of the resident’s vehicles.

If anyone parks opposite this car, the emergency services will not be able to get to the contractors compound in the event of a fire, nor to our block of flats.

Not easy, taking photographs in the rain when you have a bag, brolly up and camera to manipulate. Hehe!

Half-way down Winchester Street Hill. Barely any traffic or pedestrians about at all.

Down to the bottom and turned left and limped up the slow incline of Mansfield Road. Anny Gyna gave me a lot of hassle, but that is to be expected my deciding to hobble up hills.

Over the crest and down. Had it not been a misty day I might have seen my destination point of the pharmacy.

I plodded on down the near-deserted road, crossed over and down to the Chemists.

Collected the prescriptions and they filled-up one of the bags.

Then out and called in the Lidl store just up the road (I’m a glutton for punishment!).

Ended up with Cherry Vine tomatoes, Mini-Wieners, Roast chicken thighs, plain yoghourt, mature cheddar cheese slices and some Stilton cheese. Another farce on the self-serve tills. I was doing well until it came my to swiping the barcode on the chicken, and a bleeper rang; a message said for me “To stop, and assistance would be with me shortly” Shortly? I could have grown hair or read War & Peace before anyone got to me. I was actually physically starting to take the things out of the bag and give up when he arrived and muttered something to me, I’ve no idea what. He used his key and reset something and said: “Carry on!”

I asked the man, who had distant eyes and a total lack of communicational skills: “Why did it stop, mate?” My best translation of his answer would be “Grumf, okay now, the weight.”

After once again telling myself I really must stop coming to this Lidl place to be ignored, neglected, disregarded and sneered at. It’s just that Lidl do train their overpaid staff so well in the art of belittling and denigrating older customers, and it would be a shame to give them less opportunity to display their arrogance, wouldn’t it?

They make Asda and Tesco staff appear almost human.

Dispirited, I departed and waited in the rain for a bus to lift me to Sherwood. I worked out I ought to be able to get their, cross the road and get t the bus stop just in time to catch an L9 up to the flats.

I nearly didn’t make it.

As I crossed the Pelican Lights, I underestimated the depth of the rainwater in the gutter running down the hill. Hehe!

I got over the way and continued to the bus stop with wet shoes, socks and feet. Tsk!

There were four seats under the shelter. Two had bags of food on then, the other two people. The lady told me a bloke had deposited them on the benches and gone into the bookmakers? By then. There were around four pensioners who had to stand in the rain. As the 40 bus arrived, this chap appeared and collected his bags and got on the bus. Astonishing!

The L9 bus arrived, and I was soon hobbling along Chestnut Walk back to the flats. I noticed that a car had indeed parked alongside the people-carrier near the compound gates.

To avoid getting any wetter, I did not take a photograph then but did when I got up into the apartment.

I had a wee-wee, and did the Health Checks then took the midday medications.

I removed the trousers, shoes and socks, dried the feet and legs, hung up the clothes to dry, left the brolly open.

Got the purchases and new medications sorted out in a sort of fashion.

I’ve done it now. Set of my ambivalences and destroyed my imperturbation, by getting such a wide choice of fodder to ponder over which to have for nosh tonight! Haha! I think I’ll check the use-by-dates and choose that way?

I got the medicine, and stuff put away in their allotted storage drawers.

No noises came from ‘Herbert’ above.

I got the computer on and updated this Inchcock Today.

Had a bash on catching up on Facebook.

Got the meal prepared.

The eyes were definitely bigger than stomach, tonight. One cob, a few tomato slices, all the franks, all the chips and none of the bacon were eaten. Neither the yoghourt or mousse were opened let alone tasted.

After nibbling at it a bit, I fell asleep, tray on the stomach and nodded off. Woke a few minutes later and the plate slipped off onto the floor decorating me, the recliner, the Ottoman and the carpet with tomato slices, bacon bits and cobs and crumbs!

I took a while, in fact, a long time to get it cleared up. The grabber-stick, brush and dustpan, hoover, fingers and a fair bit of naughty language had to be utilised to do this. The search and seek for the stray escapee bits of fodder took a while too. Getting back up off of the floor, cost the most significant efforts, pains and most extended length of time of the whole operation.

Into the kitchen with the rubbish and washed the pots. Which turned out fortuitous for me. Cause I went into the medication drawer to take a painkiller, it dawned on me, I had not imbibed the evening medications or done the Health Checks. So I did them.

Back to the recliner and settled to watch Law & Order. Fell asleep.