Inchcock Today – Thursday 14th Decmber 2017:

Thursday 14th December 2017

Turkish: Perşembe 14 2017

0130hrs: I stirred, pandiculated gently, added to the several pages of notes the pad, that, I assumed I had done overnight about the Whoopsiedangleplops yesterday, and the dream I’d had last night.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. All wind, no solids, not even any liquids evacuated. I did sit there a while pondering on the events of yesterday, doing my damndest to recollect something of the blank spots, without any luck. I got the shpilkes when I realised just how much I could not remember.

I recognised that getting the Wednesday the 13th Inchcock Today updated would entail a lot of difficulties. So I did the Health Checks and took the medications, made a brew and set about sorting it out.

The Sys and Dia are still a bit high. I assessed the physical attributes. Water retention in legs, bad ✘. Reflux Roger, A lot easier and gone down, not sticking at all ✔. Duodenal Donald, Playing up ✘. Hernia Harry, Good ✔.  Anne Gyna, Not too bad at all ✔. Hippy Hilda, bothersome ✘. Arthur Itis Knees, ✔, Hands ✔ Wrists ✘. Ankle Tendonitis, Okay ✔. A toothache, Not too bad ✔. Metal Ticker, No problems ✔. Haemorrhoid Harold, Bleeding ✘. Constipation Conrad, Okay ✔. Dizzy Dennis, Only one spell up to now ✔. Prostate Percy, leaking ✘. Boils, Still there but not painful? ✔, Trotsky Terence, Good ✔, and Crampy Craig, Okay  ✔ So, let’s add these up, (Where’s my abacus? Hehe!)

Goods ✔= 14 – Bads ✘= 7. I’m content, pleased-as-punch and tickled pink with that. Fank you!

I’ll have to think up a name for the Blank Spells when everything seems to go vague, and memories disappear, although thank heavens this is not very often, it has happened more this year than ever before. Blank Bob? Vague Vernon?  Maybe, Obscure Oscar? Suggestions welcome.

Many wee-wees throughout today.

On with sorting the diary out again, then another summoning from the innards to the Porcelain Throne! And what a session that was. Trotsky Terence seems to have been replaced with Constipation Conrad; Who minutes ago I gave an ‘Okay’ rating. Hehehe! Still, it gave me a chance to catch up on the Lenigrad book.

I don’t know that the pillock living above is up to, but he ain’t half banging away, sounds like he’s dragging and then slamming things?

Finally got the 13ths Inchcock Today completed and posted off.

MAde a start on this one. Good heavens, it’s 0800hrs already!

I wish I were confident about what is going on about the upgrade. I know I’ve to stay in until something happens today and all day tomorrow. If the builders come early enough in the morning, I can go see Brother-in-law Pete skating in the slab square.

Got up to make another brew and had a Dizzy Dennis. Whatever was wrong with me yesterday afternoon, has apparently not finished with me yet. I’ll best not go to the Social Hour today. That’s two weeks I’ve missed now. Humph!

Caught up to here on the blog, then did some WordPress reading and comments.

On to Facebook.

Did a bit of work on CorelDraw for the TFZer series. Then did the ablutions.

Finally, four hours later, I got the TFZer graphics done. I’m going to make a post with them all on. Here are a few of them.

Got the nosh prepared.

I’d overcooked the beef slices and potatoes. Used the balsamic glaze on them both. The beetroots were a little hard, the tomatoes were bitter, but the lemon mousse and clementine juice were okay.

I did the Health Checks and off to the Porcelain Throne – Constipation Conrad had now got a grip, and it was not easy. On the bright side, the Lenigrad book will soon be finished at this rate. Still unsure whether to risk taking Senna?

I felt weary again and got one of the Seagal films out of the box and into the DVD player. I was so pleased that it had subtitles… until I found out it was only Norwegian subtitles! Tsk!

Settled in the recliner, tray and dirty plate and cutlery on the chair next to it, I proceeded to fall-asleep and wake-up repeatedly for hours.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 13th December 2017: Started well, Whoopsiedangleplops, ended not good. Tsk!

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Italian: Mercoledì 13 Dicembre 2017

2350hrs: Awoke, rumbling innards. Tried to remember the dreams but nothing there in the grey-cells. Vey is mir, the dizzies attacked when I disentangled my fat obese body from the clutches of the warm comfy £300 second-hand recliner, to visit the Porcelain Throne.

No evacuation achieved, only wind. The stomach seemed to calm down, though. Whoopsiedangleplop, it’s off again. Tsk!

I made a brew and got the computer going. Finished off yesterday’s Inchock Today and posted it. Went onto Facebook to add the photographs to the albums from yesterday. But it was not to be – Facebook let me into photos, then albums; but when I selected the collection to open, just a blank screen appeared? When I tried opening the Notifications, 50% did send me to them, the others a blank screen again? I did a search for Facebook Problems Today, and found this:

So I gave up and started updating this post.

Then in an instant, the stomach started to actually hurt. I made my way with great haste to the Porcelain Throne, arriving only just in time. This was the first ‘Normal’ evacuation I’ve had for weeks. A few spots of blood, but experience told me this was only from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

A rinse and wipe around, and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

I made a small mug of the Assam tea, and let it cool before taking the medications after the Health Checks were done.

Blimey, the Sys and Dia had shot up a bit?

Took a look outside to check to see if any ice remained, but could not see any as I hung out of the window to take this shot. It felt bitterly cold out there, but it looked like it would be a safe hobble for me to the bus stop later on.

Back to WordPress and my anecdotalism.

Went on WordPress Reader.

Spent a couple of hours doing post headers for later in the week.

Then tried Facebook again to see if I could do the photo albums. Slow, but working now.

Got the ablutions tended to. Wrapped up warm. Checked the lights, taps etc. and got the nibbles and bread in the bag to drop off for my beautiful wardens, Obergrupenfurheress Deana and Obergefreiteress Julie and set off to the elevator on my way to the Social Hut. Pressed the call-button, and realised I’d not got the camera with me. Back to home and collected the camera, making sure it had a sim-card in it.

Of again, got as far as the lift and going down in it, Whoopsiedangleplop once more, I had not got the hearing aids in. Back to the apartment and got them in, and off again.

Down and out and hobbled to the Social Shed. I was feeling good physically, and this worried me a tad. Dropped in to see the busy gals, gave them their Polish Sourdough bread and nibbles. I asked if they knew how Jenny was, and Julie phoned her, but the line was engaged.

We had a laugh and little chinwag and then out and to the bus stop. A decent crowd of tenants there, all smokers who faced the cold rather than go into the shed to keep warm while waiting. I was listening to Mary telling me her goings on, and realised I had not got the Emergency Medical Card with me! Whoopsiedangleplop number three. (Hehe!) I wondered if I had time to go back yet again to collect the card. I went to look at the time on the mobile phone – Whoopsiedangleplop number Four! I’d not got the phone with me either! Had to excuse my self. Mary told me the time, and she thought I had enough of it to go and get the card and mobile in time to get back and catch the bus. Another walk back and trip up the elevator and retrieved card and phone. My EQ told me I was due to suffer something nasty! However, at that moment I felt good… not mentally mind, but bodily. Haha!

The girl (Linda, I think?) from the top home arrived, and a crowd of twenty or so had gathered waiting. Much more nattering. She was still online for her holiday in January to the Mediterranian cruise and Greece visit.

Sat with Mary on the bus into town, and heard all about her birds.

Dropped off on Lower Parliament Street and over and up Glasshouse Street. With its abandoned shops, empty offices and the Victoria Shopping (Mall) Centre, and the flats above and car park below.

I’d intended to go to the Aldi Store on Huntingdon Street, but the tweaks from Hippy Hilda were telling me not to, so I didn’t. I went into Tesco. Where I purchased a small Polish Pork Knuckle, potato chips, a massive chunk of Stilton cheese, lemon curd yoghourts and some bacon. Out of the centre onto Milton Street, passing the closed down eateries on my left and right.


I reckon there must be seating in the three new restaurants in Trinity Square, for three hundred or more customers. I wondered if the two Nottingham Shoplifters… sorry, shoppers in the picture might go in and get some overcharged food? Hehehe!

I did some window shopping as I hobbled down Kings Walk.

It seemed the only shops with any customers were the Pawnbrokers and the Money Shop as  I poddled along down towards Upper Parliament Street.

Across the road, was New York’s American & Italiano, Frankie & Benny’s eatery. Where the sign outside informed the Nottinghamians that they could get a breakfast: Eggs on Toast, for the bargain price of only £5.95 – Three eggs cooked just how you like them! Choose from poached, scrambled or fried. Served with button mushrooms, tomato and brown toast with butter.

There was no queue!

I wandered along the road towards Queen Street and the L9 bus stop, and the smells from the line of shops interested me.

The Eco-Vape shop was giving out every scent I could imagine. Chocolate, ginger, citrus etc. The New York Nails a pungent, tangy sweet one, as were the other two nail businesses in the same row of retailers. Hehehe! By the time I’d got to the end and crossed-over the road onto Queen Street to catch the bus, I think I was affected by the fumes!

While waiting for the late arrival of the bus, I took this semi-moody photographicalisation of the Little John Dome on the Council House.

Linda got on the bus at the next stop and sat next to me. She proceeded to tell me about her having booked her holiday for 2019 already. A tour of Kenya, Egypt and then Vietnam for two months. She informed me of all the tablets and injections she had to have beforehand. This cheered me up no end. Lovely lady. And, it is her Birthday next week, her relating of all the gifts she got from family and Sister, the meals planned for her, dining out and party arranged.

Whoopsiedangleplops numbers Five, Six & Seven: As we approached the flats, I had a nasty dizzy, Reflux Roger blew-up and Anne Gyna joined in. I had to make a hasty farewell to the gal and make my way to the flat, as the stomach had started to rumble as well. In seconds really, I’d gone from feeling oh, so good to a nervous wreck. Then, I got the cramps in the hand as I opened the flat door! Oh dearie me! Went into a little blank period, only for ten minutes or so, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what occurred during that time. Found myself having cut up the belly pork in the crock-pot after apparently having put the potatoes in the saucepan.

I was struggling to regain control of the brain-box as I stirred the mixture, and the door chimed rang out. It was Willmott-Dixon lady Cathy and a chap – I think they are doing something on Friday and I have to stay in all day? Changed a date for something to be done, I’m just not confident, as they had caught me in mid-panic-fretting stations, and in significant discomfort at the time. I must check when I can. I hope I didn’t make myself look a fool.

I know I felt even more confused after they had gone, a feeling I’d not grasped everything.

Whoopsiedangleplop number Eight: Had another Dizzy Dennis minute later, as I bent down to pick-up the DVT Blood Test Results that had been delivered earlier. Having difficulty in thinking things through.

Did The Health Checks and took the medications. Kept putting the timer on for 30 minutes and checking the slow-cooker as I settled to watch some TV.

I’d put the fodder bought away during the blank-spell. Checked the receipt.

The rain stopped, and the wind got up somewhat.

Then, the intercom phone rang. Delivery, from Amazon with some Seagal DVDs – that I could not remember ordering.

Whoopsiedangleplop number Nine.

I went into the kitchen to serve up the sadly dismal meal. Brother-in-Law Pete rang on the mobile. He was going to go skating on Friday at the Slab Square Rink and had kindly given me permission to go and see him. (Hehehe, only joking). I explained best I could about something happening on Friday, and I had to be in all day. If whatever they have to do is done early and doesn’t take too long, I can go meet him afterwards.

The nosh was stone-cold by the time I got it on the tray. But I had little interest in it by then. Yes, I was not in a bon viveur mode. Haha!

Yet, I think I enjoyed it anyway.

I kept the notepad handy and scribbled memories as they happened to use in the morning on this blog.

I was definitely feeling a lot better.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, but only wind and liquid again.

Took this shot of the snow in the lower field, that was refusing to melt. Perhaps it was the remnants of a Snowman the kids?

As I closed the window, the rain started again.

I nibbled a bag of Marmite crisps and a Picnic bar, with a mug of orange juice, well, Clementine juice.

Amazingly, after such a period of confusion and memory loss, I remembered to do a Wrist Panic Alarm battery check with NCHs? Confusion reigned.

(In the morning, it took me five hours to update this diary; thanks to the notepads being referred to.)

I watched a fair bit of TV without nodding off tonight for a change. This is I suppose, due to the brains reluctance to show any interest in the programmes, but wandering all over the place and various topics, without taking me with it! Hahaha!