Inchcock Today – Monday 4th December 2017

Monday 4th December 2017

Italiano: Lunedì 4 Dicembre 2017

0130hrs: The body stirred into life, and waited for the brain to catch up. Duodenal Donald was still with me, but no signs of any Dizzy Dennis thankfully.

A distinct lack of enthusiasm overcame me. The EQ told me I was going to have a day of disturbances, disappointments and pain. (Of course, Duodenal Donald tells me this as well, Hehe!) I was living with saturninity and expectancy of failings today. I hope I’m wrong.

I tried to recall the dreams I knew that I’d had, but no real memories were available.

The pain from the toe reminded me of last nights stubbing of it, as I made my way to the kitchen and got the kettle on and sorted the week’s medication pots.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. TheTrotskys had eased off a lot, but the surprisingly painful evacuation had blobs of blood in it. I cleaned and medicated up afterwards and used the antiseptic wipes liberally all over.

Back to the kitchen, took the medications did today’s checks and then updated the week’s record on Excel.

 Apart from the weight, which was expected as I’ve been stuck indoors that long now, thanks to The Trotsky Terence terror. Hehe! Things looked okay to me. Had a wee-wee.

Did the WordPress Reading next, and answered comments.

0415hrs: Off to the Porcelain Throne. I’m going to see the doctor this morning to get an appointment for the Warfarin DVT blood test and to see her and tell her of the bleeding from the rear end now being in the… solid matter as well.

Scrubbed up again, wiped the surfaces, back to the kitchen to make another mug of tea.

I opened the window wide and took this photographicalisation of the morning sky. On downloading it, there seem to be three moons up there? Towards the right of the real planet and down a bit, much smaller ones? Beats me! Hehe!

It could be the Alien Orbs? Coming down to hide my phone, camera, hearing aids, spectacles and keys, of course? Hahaha!

Had a wee-wee, and made the tea. Still no hunger for food, though. I must remember to tell the Doctor about this as well.

Went on to Facebooking.

Had a wee-wee.

Onto CorelDraw. Made a start doing the prep -work for the TFZer Dance Series.

Got the ablutions tended to later, a good scrub-up and polish, dressed up all warmly and sorted the waste bags out and took them to the chute.

Two flats of the six on my floor are having their heaters installed today. A right organised mess out there. I decided to go to town for a wander and get some undies and socks. Best not to be in with all the noise.

Got the old camera in the bag, hearing aids in and set off. I had to walk down the stairs cause so much rubbish to get by, and the lads were busy bringing up stuff for the installations. Not bothered though, plenty of time. Mind you, by the time I’d got down the 24 flights of concrete stairs, the sore spot on the side of the right foot, was twinging. Hehe!

Duodenal Donald had eased off, bless him.

On the five minute walk to the bus stop, the sun came out and back in again several times. Masses of pensioners arrived at the bus stop. I managed a natter with one or two of them before the bus came. I was the only one who got on the City Bound bus… can’t be B.O., can it? Haha! Gave the crossword book a good bashing en route.

I dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and made my way to Clinton Street to look in the Direct Shop to see if they had any of the long sleeved thick shirts in. They hadn’t! I did get three pairs of socks that looked warm but thin, for £3.99. Off then to the Primark Store, to peruse for the same types of shirts.

Got some more socks, underpants and Chocolate coins for the nibbles.

£20.80 spent there.

Out and hobbled through the fayre things as I walked to and through the Slab Square.

Got a decent shot in the stalls area opposite the Council House.

It was too early for the Ice Skating Rink to be open yet.

I did notice that the Hot Chestnut cabin was charging £2.50 for a tiny pot this year.

I tried to take a photographicalisation of Wheeler Gate. But this camera has not got a viewfinder built in it, and I didn’t realise all the red spots that were on it.

Made a right mess of it, I did. I tried to get rid of some of the red later when I got home, using CorelPhotopaint.

I failed. Tsk!

Went to the Poundland shop. Found some Diahorrea Capsules and Senna tablets, also got a block-nose spray. I have plenty of stock now.

To the bus stop and caught the L9 back to the flats. When I dropped off, I thought I’d take a shot of the new build taking place. As I took the photo, bleeping came from the camera? Never had that before? LAte when I got around to downloading the card to the computer, I had nine identical photos on the SCHD? I think I’ll give this camera to the charity shop.

Mary passed by, and we had a hobble together to the flats and a chinwag and laugh. That cheered me up.

I got in, put the clothes away, had a wee-wee and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Then made a start on finishing the TFZer Dance Competition Training graphicalisations.

This cost me five hours, but I seemed determined to get them finished and posted off today.

Why this determination matured, I don’t know.

But it did, and I stuck at it, no mugs of tea, not nibbles and only the wee-wees made me take a break. Hehe!

Number One, I did Pattie, Sandie and Marie, with Keith, Thomas G and me being their partners for this one.

Number Two; Julie, Janet A and Wanda, with TFZer Gents Andy and Thomas S. I put J’s real husband in this one dancing with her.

Number Three; Mary F with me as her partner, Meritt partnering Suzie and Andy with Linda.

Number Four; Gladys with Keith, Warren with Dizz and Lynda with Andy.

I tried to make this one a bit more vibrant.

Andy has Jillie as a dancer, Meritt has Janet B, and I’ve got Joycie, in this one. I scattered some nibbles and picnic foods about in the background.

I hoped it might get some comments from them, about this. Hehe!

Shirley with Meritt, Lona with Thomas S and Thomas with Nancy on this, the sixth one of the series.

I liked the green background on this one, made a change I thought.

Patricia and Meritt, Lyzzi and me and Warren with Shirley.

I hasten to add, that I do get confused about the gals names sometimes. So I’m hoping I’ve got it right this time.

Worn out now. I went on Facebook afterwards and made an album with these seven in it, I can add some later if all goes well.

Made a mug of tea and had a wee-wee, washed up.

Getting dark now.

By the time I’d decided what to have for the nosh, I realised I didn’t feel hungry yet, again. So I went on here to update this diary.

A quick bash on the WordPress Reader.

Got the potato-gratin in the oven, fanks (with balsamic vinegar) in the saucepan and Scottish Bread and BBQ sauce ready. I think I might eat this one.

So tired and it is hours past my usual head-down time.

Got the meal served up.

It looked good and tasted brilliant, and I ate nearly all of it. An improvement.

Washed the pots and settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner.

Did the Health Checks and medications were taken.

Turned the TV on and after a few nod-offs and wake-ups, I drifted off into the land of Nod.