Inchcock Today – Tuesday 30th January 2018

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Irish: Dé Máirt 30 Eanáir 2018

0205hrs: Woke up and found scribble on the notepad about a dream I had earlier. Seems a bit disorientated but this writing is all I had to go on: Dead, not unhappy… searching for someone to talk to. Found hundreds in a long queue… none would speak to me, all feeling sad and missing friends and family – felt sorry for them… Started playing hopscotch in the hope they would join in and cheer up; they lifted me and threw me down a builder’s rubbish funnel… I landed on the recliner in the flat, minus a leg, but had a wooden stump painted in red white and blue? Odd!

The ailments this morning were mostly very kind to me. Only the Inchies Lesion and Harry Hernia were any bothers. I sat there pondering, clutching for something I knew that needed attention today, but the grey-cells must have been still asleep. Irritating this is.

Eventually, I removed the unwilling bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications etc. I noticed that the pulse was slowly getting lower? 100 – 92 – 84, now 81. I hope the battery isn’t running out inside the ticker? Hehe!

Made a brew and quaffed the medications.

I had used one of the Assam tea bags this time and left it to stew and brew for three minutes before drinking any of it. Very nice! But I had to let it go cold, as the innards abruptly started churning and rumbling, and off on an urgent mission to the Porcelain Throne room!

A terribly tricky and long messy affair. Haemorrhoid Harold and Inchies Lesion both bleeding, compounded the tortuous, yucky, disagreeable situation even more. By the time I’d sorted and cleaned everything after the evacuation, and got back to the kitchen, the mug of tea was stone-cold!

I brewed another mug of tea. The Twinings Extra Strong Old English this time. Another great tasting one.

Got the computer on and finished off the Monday Diary, then started this one going.

I got as far as here and then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader. Some great posts on here, today.

Moved on to comment responding next.

0510hrs: Made another brew and went on Facebook, a lot of catching up to do on it required to be done.

Had to finish a little prematurely, to get the ablutions tended to. The shave and doing the teggies went alright, but it was a wretched medicalisationing session. The shower was grand.

I took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

I doddered down to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut, the feet we soon hurting, but the ailments were all, each and every one of them being kind to me! The EQ was worried and, apprehensiveness about this incredible event. Hehe!

In the shed were about eight tenants, all keeping warm while they awaited the arrival of the bus. Outside, stood six smoker-residents at the stop.

Those residents inside were given the story of my farce with the jacket zip from yesterday. Nice to see them laughing. I listened to the gossip of the day, and we all went to the request stop together. I must say, I’ve never seen so many folks at the flats get on a bus before.

I, along with three others, got off the bus at the bottom of Winchester Street Hill. Turned left on Mansfield Road down the incline and visited the Continental Food Shop. Made my way straight to the cooked meat counter and bought three slices of Polish roasted pork. Then to the bread section and got a small slice loaf. They are expensive at £1.59 for 400g, but they do taste wonderfully satisfying. I had a walk around the shelves and purchased a can of beef and vegetable stew. Paid the man and departed up the hill and to the Wilko Store.

Where I have to admit, I got carried away repurchasing things. I spent a long time pottering around but got some things that they were out of last week, while they had them in stock. Washing Fabric Softener and Two Fragrance Enhancers, both scented with Freesia & Y-Lang, which I find very pleasant when used in the laundry. A Lemon scented floor cleaner liquid. Anti-bacterial Lemon-impregnated floor cleaner sheets. Ginko tablets on offer at £1.20. Three of the small Citrus men’s deodorant sprays, and three packets of nuts. Nearly £20 gone. Overspent again! Tsk!

I got a call on the mobile while walking up the hill. Nottingham City Homes to tell me they are calling on Thursday to have another look at the Strobe and Pillow Alarm.

I called in at the Dentist Stalag Surgery to confirm my next appointment date and time. But came out after seeing the length of the queue of fellow patients at the desk. This was the reason for my withdrawal; combined with the coughing and sneezing from the people and the intimidating scowls from the receptionists that indicated to me they would be happier if I sodded-off. So, I did!

Up to the Sherwood bus stop. The board indicated it was 20 minutes past the hour. The L9 bus being due at 27 minutes gone the hour, I thought I’d catch it. But no, of course not!

I waited until 38 minutes past, then started to walk it back to the flats. A touch confused at this.

I took the route over the hill, down to the gate and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Apart from the heavy weight of the bag and its contents, plus the feet hurting and stinging most uncomfortably (Agony almost, well, maybe not, but positively painful, Hehe!), I did enjoy the hobble back through the greenery and seeing the dogs taking their owner for a walk.

And the sun came out, giving me an opportunity to try and take a moody photo at the top of the footpath. It came out not too bad as it happened.

I turned right and saw the poor Tree Copse in front of me, looking all bare, abandoned and somewhat forlorn.

I reckoned it would be a good idea if I walked down the hill through the Copse and took some photographs as I walked down and came out at the bottom field.

I got to the entry of the path through the trees and nearly had a Whoopsidangleplop or Accifauxpa as I slipped and very-nearly slipped  over on the muddy surface

So I rerouted and used the gravel footpath, instead!

I got some flaring on the photo I took half-way down to the flats.

A little disappointed with this I was. Humph!

A bit tricky at the bottom of the path, with mud and what looked like oil across the trail?

I got indoors and up to the apartment, and put the unwanted, unnecessary and unneeded purchases away.

Got the computer on, and two hours later I’d updated this load of blather up to here.

Got the Health Checks and medications taken. Updated the Diaries, written and Google.

Then I tended to the nosh and got the chips in the oven cooking.

Had a go at Facebooking while I waited.

Delicious pork and tomato sandwiches. Stilton cheese, potato & bacon balls and chips, sliced apple and beetroot.

Lemon Curd yoghourts for dessert.

I ate the lot of it! With a certain relish as well!

Rang Brother-in-law Pete, it’s his 70th today. Had a good gossip, cut short by the wet warm sensation from my lower regions.

More bleeding, I’m getting bleeding fed-up with this!

‘Herbert’ banging away merrily up above.

Weariness and fatigue come again.

I settled down to watch some TV and waited for the Strobe Pillow Alarm to activate. Either it didn’t, or I was too tired and deep in sleep to feel it. For I was in the land of Nod very soon.

Inchcock Today – Monday 29th January 2018

Monday 29th January 2018

Japanese: 2018年1月29日月曜日

0024hrs: Woke and laid there a while, waiting for the brain to start its own pandiculating and join me. As it did, I sensed the warm wet worrying sensation from the lower regions. I dismounted nervously from the £300 second-hand recliner, perpendicularised myself and limped off to the wet room.

  Oh dearie me! Matted and fresh blood this morning from the fungal lesion. I cleaned things but did not do any medicating, changed the PPs (Protection Pants) the medicationalising can wait until I do the shower and ablutions later.

Got the Health Checks tended to and took the medications. Computer put on and did last weeks record in Excel.

Updated the Sunday post, and sent it off.

0230hrs: Made a brew, during which the call to the Porcelain Throne expeditiously arrived. I was so glad no CCTV cameras were running! As I had to run and get on the Throne with much haste and amusement.

I arrived in the nick-of-time, and as I plonked down, the lid slid sideways and trapped some… erm… flesh! The evacuation was slow, big and messy. A lot of relief when it ended, then the cleaning up. I bent down to try to make the seat more secure. All I achieved was to hit my head on the sink getting back up after failing to make any difference to the wandering lid! Changed the PPs again, cause the lesion had been bleeding too. Humph!

Made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold, and collated the paperwork needed for my visit to the Council Mobility place. Hope I can find it, the map and internet were little help other than saying: Victoria Centre also has a mobility centre, operated by Nottingham City Council, located on Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre
York Street, Nottingham NG1 3EN. Level 1 of the White Zone Car Park?
The centre site tells me it’s on Level 1 of the White Zone Car Park, Cairns Street?

I’m going to have fun here today, I can tell! I’ll call at the Poundland shop as well, and ask if anyone had handed in my bag of shopping I left there on Saturday, or was it Friday? Either one, I’ve still got the receipt, but not the slightest faith in getting it back!

I made a start on this post up to here and then did some WordPress Reading. On to comments and replied.

0430hrs: The wind is still blowing fiercely out there this morning. Made a lovely mug of Assam tea, before going on CorelDraw to do another Inchcock Today page top graphic for use later.

Ablutions and medicationalisationing were done. Bin bags to the chute.

Down and to the Onerbgruppenfurheresses Shed. Met Welsh Bill en route. I’m glad I did, cause he likes to insult, mock and put down the older folk, and no one else was available. Hehe!

Keine Offiziere oder Kommandeure were available at this time. But a few tenants were sheltering from the rain, and we had a good laugh.

The bus arrived, and I did the crosswords until alighting into the rain at Upper Parliament Street

I called into the PoundShop where I left the food I’d bought on Friday behind. The lady asked others, but they had not had any bag handed in. Didn’t expect them to have indeed. I repurchased some of the same fodder again and made my way to the self-serve checkout. Where a Whoopsiedangleplop of embarrassing and mega proportions was suffered! I’d got the stuff scanned and in the bag alright – but could I get the blocked zip on the coat to open so I could get to my money or bank card? A resounding, thunderous No, would be the answer! What a picklement! The assistant lady tried her best to help me, the checkout till kept asking me if I wanted to continue with the purchase and the Nottinghamians in the queue waiting indicated their desire to, as we locals say… Marmalise Me! After several flunked attempts to sort the zip, she had to put her hand up my under my coat to get the bank card for me to enable me to settle with. With a red face and feeling a twit, I thanked her and paid the bill – remembering to take the food with me this time. The gal had a good wit and humorously said as I was leaving; “Things happen in threes, let me know when you’re coming in again and I’ll take the day off!” She had a lovely smile. Other staff members laughed, but those customers in the queue looked like they were about to explode as they leered, scowled and offered me threatening looks. I beat a hasty retreat!

I crossed the road and went to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Up to the top floor and called in the Market Place and visited the Afghan chaps stall to see if he had any coats suitable to buy as a replacement for the one I had on. I was confident the blocked zip would defeat all attempts to clear it, it was that bad!

Walked the length of the centre and called into the House of Fraser shop, after seeing their Sale signs and the gents department being near the doors.

I got an Extra Large coat that seemed to have enough pockets to suit me.

It was reduced from £180, down to £162 and now £126.

The two young nymphets serving, both tried to free the zip on my jacket for me.

Despite their best efforts, it remained stuck solid and refused to move.

One of the lasses got a pair of scissors, but it was no use, bless them.

I paid the bill and made my way through the exit doors, down a floor and into the bus station, which had changed considerably since my last visit to it.

But, I was lucky enough to find the Nottingham City Council Mobility kiosk here, at the first location that I tried. Bit of luck there… very unusual for me! Hehe!


Another bit of good fortune as I left the building and walked towards Mansfield Road on my way to the bus stop. Taking this photograph and the bus suddenly appearing from behind, I was well pleased that it missed the giant puddle of standing rainwater in the gutter.Thus avoiding another drenching!

I did get a mini-splash or two later, mind. As I walked by the front of the House of Fraser store on the main road, a bus pulled up as I taking this photograph from under my umbrella as the rain got a little stronger. It sprayed some water, but the bloke in front copped for most of it. Was my luck actually changing?

I know it is many years since I have had any alcohol.

But as I plodded on and was passing the Victoria Hotel, oh no, it’s called the Hilton nowadays, I saw a sign with prices displayed.

Boy are these high or what?

Made me so glad I’ve kicked the alcohol into touch!

I admit I am not sure what the things on the list were, or any idea what a Package indicates or means. But 70cl is I assume a measurement of the alcohol, that is on offer. I could be wrong, I often am. I had to look up what Belvedere Pure Illuminated (1.75ml). (Belvedere is the toast of Poland and is feted as a premium Vodka throughout the world) and Laurent Perrier Rose (1.5L). (Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne Magnum is one of the rare Rosé champagnes to be made using the maceration [skin contact] technique, which gives it the extraordinary depth and freshness that has made it the benchmark for Rosé champagne around the world) meant, when I got home. Not cheap are they? I assume this offer was made with visiting drug dealers, politicians, Brain surgeons and the like in mind? Hehehe! Probably not the likes of this Nottinghamian Street Sleeper I passed on Upper Parliament Street outside the Money Lender and Pawnbroker shop.

Got to the bus shelter and joined a couple of lady tenants. We had a chinwagging session while waiting for the bus to arrive late as is usual for this one.

Arrived at the flats, and called into the Social Hut, hoping to ask Obergruppenfureress Deana or Obergefreitereress Julie for help in detaching the useless coat from my rather rotund misshaped body. But bother were unavailable. The lady who sorts out the power suppliers for us was there with a young man from Nottingham City Homes. I told them of my woes, and they did larf! Haha!

The youth tried to free the zip, but as anticipated it was a fruitless effort, like all those who had tried to help earlier. But I appreciated the people all trying. He lost his grip trying to pull up the zipper, and clouted me on the nose! He tried again, and several zipper-teeth came out as he freed the closure.

Then, him being such a tall man, he had nae bother in dragging the now useless coat over my head and freeing me from the jacket. I thanked him.

Then, I transferred all the many items from the old one to the new coat pockets. I left the deceased one on a chair, hoping whoever has been doing the stealing from the hut, will nick it and find it useless.

Gave both people some nibbles and an Easter Egg, the lady some DVDs I said last week I had, and she fancied. OBergefreiteress Warden Julie popped in and out as she was busy. But I managed to give her the Rolo-Egg pressie.

Off back to the apartment.

No wee-wee or Porcelain Throne attentions needed. Hmm?

The sky kept changing quickly.

The radio said below freezing tonight. Tsk!

Got the computer on and updated this diary to here.

The fatigue is setting in now again. So I got the curls and fish fingers in the oven cooking and readied the other bits on the plate.

Took a look to see if owt worth watching was on the box tonight. Too many choices, hard to make up my mind which to watch.

Got the fodder all done and sorted. Smoked mackerel in BBQ sauce, battered fish fingers, sliced apple, tomatoes, beetroot, potato curls and a couple of anchovies on the last of the buttered cobs.

9.4/10 rating for this one. Only the beetroots being tasteless, let it down.

I settled to view the TV programmes, in readiness for falling asleep and the Strobe Alarm to activate. I have no idea if the fire alarm went off or not, so deep was the sleep I fell into, within minutes.

Woke and scribbled some memories of a dream I’d been having. (I know this, cause I found them in the morning and was glad too, cause actual memories later, were none existent.)

Inchcock Today – Sunday 28th January 2018:

Sunday 28th January 2018

Italiano: Domenica 28 Gennaio 2018

0025hrs: Awake thanks to the earlier Strobe & Pillow Alarm Activations, and feeling excessively concerned about my state of health, physical and mental. From last nights early settling down, the memories are, to say the least vague. If it were not for the notes I’d scribbled on the pad, I would not recall anything at all?

The usual ailments, (Apart from later finding Little Inchies lesion bleeding profusely and painfully), had taken a back seat, very odd this. A headache, rumbling innards, ear-ache, tight chest and the occasional shivering/shaking had replaced the usual infirmities (I could have just said a cold, couldn’t I? Hehe!). I dread to think how I’d feel if Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry or Anne Gyna kicked off now, as well. I wonder if I can claim Man-Flu? Haha!

I blew my nose and nearly lacerated the skin on the hands. The stubble on the chin was so thick! I had not done any ablutions last night with the falling asleep – waking-up routine that was imposed on me. Tsk!

Unbelievable how easy I found it getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into an upright stance. I began to think that maybe I was dreaming it all?

Into the kitchen, and as I opened the door, Gawd, it was cold in there! Made me shiver for a second or two.

I got the kettle on, nipped to the wet room for a wee-wee. Oh, heck! Little Inchies lesion had been and was pouring thick blood. Cleaned things up best I could. I’ve never known such pain before from this injury. Took a while, but I think I’ve stopped the flow. The swelling was worse, and the colouration had changed to deep purple/amethyst. Swapped Protection Pants and began to feel sorry for me again. Tsk!

The flat is generally getting messy, untidy and needs a good clean up. It’s in this state cause I keep falling asleep (In between noise from Herbert above, the workers and the Strobe Fire Alarms) so effortlessly and irresistibly lately.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the computer going (Very slow, I fear the worst!). To start this post off.

I’m finding concentrating the mind on any one subject or topic is difficult. I did see in the notes I’d made in the night, a reminder to Email the surgery for a blood test. The shakes and slow computer are making typing a task. I requested the appointment and one with the Doctor to arrange to have the Lesion looked at again, properly. Sent Email to mate Mike.

I seemed to lose track of things, cause I wondered off to the kitchen to make up next weeks medical pots?

During which, I felt the warm damp sensation down below in the PPs (Protection Pants) Little Inchies lesion was bleeding again. Finished the tubs off, and trotted to the wet room to medicalise and cleanse things again.

Not as bad as the last session, but still not pleasant. I nearly had a bad Accifauxpa, though, but just stopped myself.

After cleaning Inchy up, I reached for the Daktarin cream and picked up the toothpaste in mistake. You’ll see in this photograph, on top of the WC, the cream and toothpaste next to each other to the right of the carbolic soap. Different sizes, colouring and thickness. How I nearly used the toothpaste on the lesion, I don’t know. Just glad I noticed in time. Tsk!

Made another cuppa and back on the computer. Updated this load of tosh, then did a Morrison order for Thursday next week.

0425hrs: Snapped this photo as I refilled the tea mug and went to the WordPress Reader. Then a few comments responded to.

Opened CorelDraw and did some Inchcock Today top photo’s in advance. Suddenly realised I had not finished the Sunday post yet – Fool! – so I tended to it.

Back on CorelDraw to do a few page tops again. Didn’t want to spend too much time doing this, cause I wanted to have a hobble (No buses on Sundays) up to Mapperley Top and get some chips and lemon curd yoghourts. I don’t want to show them yet, as it might spoil it for when they get used in the diary.

And I am aware that recently I have been flagging earlier each day.

Ablutions tended to, black bags to the chute on the way out.I noticed the state of the carpeting outside the lift doors in the foyer on our floor. Huh!

Down in the shuddering elevator, and out and along Chestnut Walk, at a steady come slow pace.

As I got to the end of the Walk, I thought this photographicalisation, might come out in a bit of a ‘Moody’ Style.

But it didn’t.

Shame. But this made me more determined to get at least one ‘Moody’ taken today.

I moved onto Winchester Street Hill at the top.

By Jimminee, Anne Gyna started as soon as I got on the steeper part. So I slowed right down and tool smaller steps, and I got to the top with only a couple of pauses and recovery stops. Hehe!

At last!

I got a decent ‘Moody’ picture taken as got to the crest of the hill.

I might try to make this with a trial Sepia conversion later?

Then again, will I find the time and stay awake long enough? Tsk!

I was a little early arriving at the store, so I wandered on further along Woodborough Road and turned left down Porchester Road, a few hundred yards down and took this cracking ‘Moody’ effort. I was pleased with this one.

Started to walk back towards the Aldi store.

This young Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over as he sped by close to my struggling body mass.

Got in the store and had a wander around for a good while. Got five items of fodder and paid the chap on the check-out, who was a fantastic multi-tasker as it turned out. The lad could talk to someone stacking shelves at the same time as ignoring this pensioner and undercharging me by 35p.

I departed and made my way back to the flats.

Part-way down Winchester Street Hill, I took this photo showing the housing estates in the background, with the wet road and cars struggling up the last steep bit of the hill.

It wasn’t too cold or windy, and the heatless sun persisted for a while.

I came across this bit of Nottingham Street Art on the pavement, I’d missed on my way up the road earlier. “Smoking increases the risk of blindness” is a new warning on the cigarette packets I’ve not seen before?

As I turned into Chestnut Walk and the flats came into view, the sun had another visit.

The feet were aching a little as I made my way in and up the lift to the apartment.

Where on entering, I noticed a letter stuck under the radiator opposite the door.

I put the bits away and opened the mail. It was from the Nottingham City Council Mobility Centre and had been forwarded from the old address. Glad I paid for this service now. My bus-pass needed to be renewed, and the location of the office had moved into the Victoria Centre Car Park White Zone. I got the computer on to try and get the siting of it, so I could call tomorrow and update my beloved pensioner’s freebie pass. But could not find the exact location anywhere. So, in the AM, I’ll have a hunt around and inquire. I need various things it tells me; Recent utility bill, bank statement and the eight digit number from my Senior Smartcard. I’ll sort it in the morning. (Little did I know what a challenge and hassle this was going to be!)

Off for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding again. More medicationalisationing and antisepticising. Tsk!

Got the meal done, and again lost the photo in the ether from the camera – then realised later, I did not have the SD card in the thing when I took the picture. Huh!

The usual fatigue dawned, even earlier than usual.

Incapable and inadequate to do anything else, I washed the pots, took the medications early and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some episodes of Dr No before expecting to nod-off. Oh, that should have been Dr Who, sorry. To the accompaniment of Herbert’s banging about above. But it didn’t last for long.

No Alarm Strobe or Pillow Shaker activations tonight. But I think I kept waking up waiting for them? Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 27th January 2018: Woke up confused… Stayed that way, I have to say, all day!

Saturday 27th January 2018

Indonesian: Sabtu 27 Januari 2018

0015hrs: I stirred, and immediately the depression did the same nauseating thing. I lay there for a minute or so, thinking, confused by these saturnine style thoughts. No cheerful, flippercanorious or optimistic thinking was being allowed to get through to me by the depressed brain. Equanimity did not join in the grey-cells mayhem ridden ideas and notions as they attacked my mental contentment.

The grumbling innards indicated my need for the Porcelain Throne to be employed. I extracted my lumbering body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner with little hassle or pain from the ailments, and by the time I’d got into the wet room; I found me singing to myself. Billy Fury’s ‘Cross My Heart’ a ‘B-side’ from 1961. How can this happen to anyone with a sane mind? From the depths to the heights within minutes?

The Throne session was slightly messy again. Got cleaned up and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks. At least despite my semi-disoriented brain, the pulse let me know I was still alive. Hehe!

Made a mug of tea. And back to the wet room for another wee-wee.

Took the medications.

Thought I’d nip out into Sherwood later, to get some frozen chips. For some unknown reason, I craved chips to have with the nosh?

0105hrs: I momentarily considered doing some laundry. But this morning feeling so very cold again, I decided to get the computer on and finish off yesterdays post. This proved to be a monumental task. Because of the mayhem and Whoopsiedangleplops of Friday being so many and complicated, it took me a long time to get it sorted and in some kind of readability for my wonderful, dedicated followers and fans all over the world. (I must write and thank them both later. Hehe!) Got it finished and posted.

0450hrs: Got this one started. The computer went dead slow, and I tried closing and opening again, it is still slow, be less so. It won’t be long before I lose it, I’m sure.

Went to the WordPress Reader. Then on Comments.

0600hrs: I had a look on YouTube at the motoring incident videos, hoping the computer lets me.

Then the ablutions needed tending to. More blood, gore and mess. Tsk!

Had a go on Facebooking.

Felt a bit weary suddenly and closed everything down and got back in the recliner.

I was amazed that I fell asleep again. I woke to hear noises from Herbert above. (Weekend again, Huh!)

Got the nosh served up. I did take a photo of it, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether? Ready-made Beef Hotpot

I still felt tired, and after washing the pots, I nodded off again.

1645hrs: Woke me up. Had to make the checks to be safe again. No response came from the Alarm Activation Control people.

Turned the TV on, but nodded off again.

1820hrs: Woke me up. Had to make the checks to be safe again. No response came from the Alarm Activation Control people.

Fell asleep once more.

1910hrs: Woke me up. Had to make the checks to be safe again. No response came from the Alarm Activation Control people.

I tried reading a book, but once more drifted into the land of Nod.

2055hrs: Woke me up. I didn’t bother with making the checks to be safe again, this time. No response came from the Alarm Activation Control people. I lay there waiting for another activation until I succumbed to the slumber.

0025hrs: No idea what woke me with a start, but I felt confused and still tired. So I got up.

Rotten day!

Inchcock Today – Friday 26th January 2018: Lost my grip on things today – danged feverish and Mega Whoopsideangleplop! Huh!

Friday 26th January 2018

Igbo: Friday 26 Jenụwarị 2018

2330hrs: I awaited the brain coming to life, and deep thoughts permeated the usual unimportant, inane mind wanderings. Had a wee-wee. The grey cell’s wanderings had become more inconcinnity-like. Concentration had a degree of raptness about it, but this did not concern me overmuch, I was just happy that I was feeling so much better than earlier, physically. However mentally? Thoughts, conclusions and logicality were not so bright.

I rose painfully out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Got the laundry bag, which was all ready, and set off out to the launderette on the ground floor. Loaded the machine and up to the apartment and had a wee-wee.

Got the computer going and started this twaddle off.

0001hrs: Down again, to move things to the dryer. Bits of fluff from the filter was scattered inside the drum and sink? New notices spotted on the board this morning.

0110hrs: Someone had left us all a messaged in the lift, I observed. Hehe!

Up to the twelfth floor and, had a wee-wee. I carried on with the updating of this blog. Cleaned up the photographs on CorelDraw.

Had a wee-wee. Oh, dearie me, getting a little frequent this morning methinks.

The instant stomach rumbling forced me off to the Porcelain Throne. And what a session this was. I believe it affected my brain, a feeling of nullibicity came and stayed with me for a few minutes as I sat there waiting for ages. Knowing (Or sensing) that a lot of content needed to evacuate, but nothing moved in the slightest, not even any wind escaped. Not good, this.

0055hrs: Down to collect the washing.

Cleaned the filter, inside and out of the machines, sink, draining board and doors inside and out.

The floor was not swept, as there was only a small brush and pan available.

Packed the bag with the folded clothing and on leaving the laundry room, to take a photograph of the rain trodden front of the building outside, I espied that someone had been kicking the wall? I’ve not seen this before, I wondered if it might have been one of the new tenants? By saying that isn’t fair. The naughty pensioner!

I took a photo to the right outside, to try and catch the moody-like garages at the dead-end of Chestnut Walk.

It was drizzling just a bit now, after the earlier heavy rain. A gentle breeze and warm with it.

I sneaked a selfie while going back up in the elevator. Good job the Council have put the mirror in the lifts. Or not. Hehe!

5′ 2″ of impecunious, cuddly pensioner with dimples and hearing aids… I can’t understand how I have not been snapped up by some senior jaguaress by now? Hahaha!

As I exited the lift into the twelfth-floor lobby, the beauty and intricate care that was taken in making this an appealing, attractive, pleasant homely atmosphere to live out our last few months in, nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Is my wit rampant this morning? Hehehe!

0120hrs: Back up in the flat and all the clothing stored away.

I foolishly opened the window to take a morning view photographicalisation, and the stored rainwater ran down the frame gulley and spilt right on the new radiator and the floor! Oh, I was annoyed!

 Had a wee-wee. Made a brew and got the hearing aid maintenance done.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Success, this time. Slow evacuation, but a painful push and gigantic elongated plonk solved the issue. Haha!

Got to finish off yesterdays diary and got it posted.

Had a wee-wee. Tsk!

Visited the WordPress Reader next. During which; I got the dreaded blue screen come up when I was on WordPressing – Message ‘Thread Stuck in…’ but it went off before I could read any more. Tsk! Restarted and going again, but very slow.

Keep feeling a bit shivery then seem to be sweating? I’ll nip out later to the chemist and see if they can recommend summat or other for me to take. Not been feeling too bad earlier, got the laundry done and updated the posts. Then, the Flu (I assume) started to make me feel wobbly. Poor old thing. Hahaha!

Tried Facebook to see how things went. Working at the moment.

Created a  graphic for the TFZers Visit Nottingham album, posted it to the TFZ page and Facebook album. Pattie, Lona and Mary in the middle TFZer gals.

Then TFZer Patricia made my day by calling at the flats to see me!.

Then, I met Sandie and Joycie in the City Centre near the Pizza place.

These for gals arrived in the foyer on a visit. I think they got sidetracked en route, mind.

Got the ablutions tended to next. Waste bags were taken to the chute.

Off out. Down Chestnut Walk and to the hut.

Gossip with some other folks, then out to the bus stop. Bus into town.

Called in the Poundland store. Got pork pies, chocolate Almonds and nibbles.

Out and down to the City Centre.

Walked to Chapel Bar and into the Pound Shop there. Got some containers and DVDs, used the self-serve till, cause there was no on the checkouts.

Out and to Sainsbury’s, got some Wholemeal bread thins for 89p.

The rain started coming down.


Hobbled back to the Slab Square.

Had a walk around looking for opportunities to take some moody photos.

I was feeling in good spirits, and the coughing seemed to ease off a lot.

I made my way to the front of the Council House.

Took this reasonable effort t ouse later.

The rain was getting worse now, so I hybernated temporarily under the shop fronts on Long Row East.

From where I took these two pictures that came out alright, I thought.

Up Queen Street to the bus stop and engaged in a chinwag with a lady waiting. And we continued on the bus until she got off on Gordon Street.

To the apartments and in the flat. Had a wee-wee and started to get the nosh out to put it way… What a Pratt! I’d left all the stuff I bought at the self-service till in the Poundland shop at the side of the self-serve till! I remember having problems getting the things through and changing the bags around, I reckon that’s when I had a Dennis Dizzy at the same time, so assume now, this is what happened.

Nosh put in the oven. Feeling well pissed off at myself. Did the HC’s and medications.

Did the Nosh.

Had the ready meal and added some sausages. I surprised myself considering how rotten I felt with the dizzies and shakes, but I ate the lot of it! Accompanied by some banging, tapping and drilling from the flat above.

Washed the pots and as I settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner a mood of deep unhappiness with things are going came over me. The pathetic self-pity overcame me. I tried to think logically (An impossibility) and weighed up the was causing this, analyse them and ponder on what I could do to pull myself up and free of the current feelings of sadness, despair and futility. The odd sneeze and coughing bouts accompanied this.

The causes were apparent even to me; The increasing ailments, a sense of being isolated despite many people around me, I can go days without talking to anyone. Dispiritedness, self-loathing, confusion and on and on; But the worst is the increasing dysthymia (I think that’s the word).

The sure knowledge that this computer is on the verge of packing up and taking away my only contact with the world, my love and hobby from me. And I just don’t know what to do to put things right. I understand that my situations are beyond any resarciate success.

I’d thought in the past, that going senile would be something one would not be aware of mentally, and did not concern myself overly with the thought. Of course, now it is arriving and taking up residence in my grey cells, I realise that one is aware of it. Some of the time and this makes it very hard and problematical to accept as you know full well anything, event or happening will find its way into ones labyrinthine brain of confusion, some never to be seen or heard of again, others to torment you eternally.

I’d been pondering on this for ages without any signs of resolution, or even understanding appearing in my foggy brain. And the Fire Alarm strobe and pillow shaker activated. More frustration! Nothing in my life is getting in order, arranged or successful. So, I had to go through the usual rigmarole again; Dismount the recliner, find and fit the hearing aids, go to the door and check the handle with the back of my had for any heat – None. (But there were the INR Test Results in the letterbox), so I open the door to listen for any alarms, there were none sounding, then go to the kitchen and open the window and look down to see if any emergency vehicles were there, none were. I have to go through this everytime a false activation occurs, and this is many times a week. It does my getting any sleep no-good at all. It is just another thing to assist my unwanted and feared passage into further mental derangement.

I must let Jenny know about this activation on Monday. Bless her. No point in doing anything now, it being a Saturday as I write this, and no one can respond anyway, as the Nottingham City Homes only monitor, not repair alarms on weekends. Not that this alarm went through to the Response Centre anyway, otherwise I would have got a call from them to check on things, and I didn’t get one.

Settled back in the chair and was soon off into the land of Nod again, despite the unremitting, nagging thoughts wandering through the brain at random.

A few hours later, it happened again. I had to go through the whole up and check palaver once more! Once more the activation did not get through to the Control Room. Just as well, but had it been an actual activation?

This time sleep did not come quickly. I lay there worrying and fretting over world issues, going bonkers, the bleeding from Inchies lesion, the hole in my trousers, the INR results… You name the concerns, and there is a chance it was in the brain-box somewhere tonight. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 25th January 2018: The Flu Bug Bit Me. Tsk!

Thursday 25th January 2018

Icelandic: Fimmtudagur 25. janúar 2018

0130hrs: Stirred into life, so annoyed at not recalling the dream I knew I’d been having. The immutability of the brain to adapt to and tackle the days’ needs, expectancies and demands, took a while to correct itself. Thus a few minutes of a kind of blankness, mental void or incomprehension, perhaps obliviousness, lingered a while. Slowly the Winwood Social Hour, the need to contact mate Mike and to update yesterdays post filtered through from I know not where, into the grey-cells holding area. Hehe!

. Attention was redirected to attending the Porcelain Throne activities with haste. The task of removing my bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner was achieved with an astounding lack of pain and effort, and no dizzies or toe stubbing. Once up in a perpendicular position, it seemed a different person had taken over my body. A young fitter one? An odd perception that did not last for long. Tsk!

The Throne session was almost blood-free. Little Inchies lesion bled a little, Harold’s Haemorrhoids not at all. Most unusual this. The evacuation was another messy affair. I got cleaned up and wiped around in the wet room, and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and medicationalisationing.

Made a brew of tea.

It was terribly cold in the kitchen this morning, yet the hallway and other rooms were snug-as-a-bug?

I set about updating the Wednesday post.

0220hrs: All finished and sent off. Began to create this diary.

0330hrs: Went to Facebooking.

Then in WordPress Reading.

Feeling good. Watched some traffic DVDs.

Got the ablutions and HC’s med’s done.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute.

Readied the things for the Social and set off to the Obergruppenfurheresses Shed.

Had a chinwag with May in the foyer.

Got to the hut and only a few tenants in attendance.

Thanked Jenny for her help and gave her some extra nibbles. Only a little jar of strawberry preserve and some Truffles.

Put the raffle prizes on the trolley.

Got raffle tickets and handed them out.

BJ arrived and brought me a book, Buses, Trolleys & Trams. Damned decent of him.

This is the time I suddenly felt a little light headed and had a few Dennis Dizzies.

I had no option but to leave early and get back to the flat, where I could suffer without disturbing anyone.

Said my cheerio’s with no response from anyone other then BJ.

Back in the flat, feeling not too good. I got the nosh on and updated this to here while the potatoes cooked.

Ate most of the nosh.

Cleaning up afterwards and Dizzy Dennis convinced me it would be advisable to get sat down, so I got the Health Checks and medications sorted early.

I think I fell asleep quickly.

Woke up eleven hours later. Confused.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 24th January 2018: Confused mind, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, Soaked in the rain, Wind moved fence and hit me on the head, Fire Alarm problems… lots of photos!

Wednesday 24th January 2018

 Hungarian: 2018. Január 24., Szerda

0100hrs: I woke and awaited the brain to join me. The ramblings, musings and confused thoughts arrived with a smattering of common sense mixed in there somewhere; hidden in with the bewilderingly chaotic fusion of almost psychedelic-like ideas, ranging from the poignant and epigrammatical to the intimidating and formidable uncontrollable irrational worries. I think there was a hint of lyssophobia in there somewhere too. These insights and anxieties seemed to melt into the ether quite quickly, and were replaced with just this one – I must get to the Porcelain Throne post- haste! Tsk! Which I did.

Oh, what a performance. Extracting my lumbering-body out of the £300 second-hand recliner was relatively pain-free, and completely accifauxpa free. Getting to the wet room was swiftly achieved without any toe stubbing or Dizzy Dennis’s. Whipping down the Protection Pants in haste to get seated and the evacuation process going. I pulled the pad from where Little Inchies lesion had bled in the night and then dried hard. This caused the blood to flow and splatter over my legs, the floor, the WC bowl and the accoutrements on the floor cabinet (Kitchen towels, toilet rolls, medical creams etc.) and sprayed over the opened pack of Protection Pants! This was not a good start, I thought to myself.

I got seated, and the Trotsky Terence affected evacuation followed. More mess to clean up! By the time I’d got things freshened sorted and cleaned up, it was 0130hrs!

Off to the kitchen to get the sphygmomanometer, thermometer, Enoxaparin hypodermic, creams, lotions and medications out to do the Health Checks and take the tablets.

Made a brew using an Olde English Extra Strong tea bag.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The pulse seems to be getting a little higher this week. I don’t think that is a bad thing, it proves that the battery in the aorta valve is still working at least. Hehe!

0155hrs: I set about updating yesterday’s diary.

0420hrs: Got the Tuesday post finished and posted off, at last. By gum, that tool along time to get done.

Got this one started and got up to here on it at 0520hrs!

Sorted the nibble bags out for hopefully, Nurse Nichole and the staff for when I have the blood test later today.

Went to make another brew. The winds were howling a little outside. I opened the window to have a peep out and take a photograph.

            A mistake that!

The flipping high winds blew it as I began to open the window and flung stuff all over the kitchen!

Thank heavens, the ‘Healing Time’ paintings that Patti from Orlando did for me when I was in the hospital getting the new mechanical ticker had only blown down onto the counter and not into the sink that was full of hot water and soap suds at the time! Kitchen towels, foil trays and instruction leaflets also got spread around too. Humph, what a clot I am!

0545hrs: The winds were really howling loud. I bet there are not many residents still asleep now.

I mustn’t forget to tend to the ablutions, no later than 0700hrs, or there will not be time to sort things out and get to the doctors on time for the blood test. I allow myself an hour for the walk there but usually manage it with a few minutes to spare. But this mornings wind and rain may delay me a bit. So an earlier start will be needed methinks.

An hour or so now, before showering time. I used it on Facebooking catch-up.

0640hrs: Had to leave Facebook and get the ablutions sorted. It’ll take longer today with having to tend to the you-know-what bleeding.

All went well with the purifications and decontaminationing. Hehe! Got the bag and paperwork sorted, and set off with the brolly, well wrapped up and the fur-lined hat that I bought last month that has ear covers. Of course, I won’t be able to hear anything, but it should be warm and keep the terrible wind out.

Rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. I was surprised at how well the hearing aids worked with the hat on. And although not waterproof, the thing is lovely and warm, also does keep out the wind I found. Got it from Primark for £4.99 if anyone is interested.

Set off out on the hobble to the Doctors surgery.

By gum, the wind was cruel! Some patches of the road and pavement still have bits of frost on it, despite it not being cold other than the wind. There’s a reason for this I know, but I don’t see it. Hehehe!

The rain started to belt down even fiercer now. I got to the end of Chestnut Walk and turned right down Winchester Street Hill. And it was heartbreaking when I noticed two small birds, one either side of the netting on the roadside. They were chirping loudly and trying to get to each other I think. They must have been blown out of the trees with their nest. Poor little darlings. They could or at least did not fly when I approached them, but they ran away very quickly into the grass and bushes. This put me on a downer.

Further down the hill, I crossed the road while there was a gap in the traffic.

As I crossed Hood Street on the left on the way to cut through Mansfield Street and onto Mansfield Road; As I looked left for any traffic approaching, this sight greeted me. For some reason it made me laugh? Haha!

Some thin white material, obviously blown by the high winds, had got itself entangled in a tree. I took three shots of it to give a better depiction. I wondered what the clothing was and where it had been carried from.

I kept limping along and got onto Mansfield Road and turned left to walk over the hill and down into Carrington.

Just beyond the railings on the left, I got my first dowsing from a bus that went through a puddle as it was level with me. The rain grew even more powerful.

I’d just over the crest of the hill and thought the view would make a half-decent moody-photo, perhaps. If I had taken it a few seconds later, I would have caught the estate type car hitting the back of the mini! Dang, just missed it. Never mind though.

When I got into Carrington proper, I saw this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming my way, and the traffic slowed down. I tried for another moody-photo effort. Which I’m sorry I did now.

For I got a massive drenching from a bus, that filled my bag with rainwater and soaked the trousers, shoes and socks! Tsk, Huh and Botherations!

I have to mention at this point, that Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald were all being sympathetic, benevolent and kind to me. I was doing well medically speaking. Only the plates-of-meat were really giving me any real bother. My EQ told me, this would not last for long.

Just a few hundred yards further on, the panel fencing on the old cricket ground was loose and blowing about in the wind. I saw this and was aware of it. But my just passing a massive puddle in the gutter, I turned and looked back to make sure that no buses were coming along… and panel blew out and hit me on the side of the head! I can now inform you, that the silly Primark hat with the ear-flaps offers pretty good protection again wayward planks of wood, too! Haha!

Got to the surgery and logged in with a new receptionist, who greeted me with a smile and asked my name. Gerald Chambers, I replied. She said; “Shingles? To see the specialist nurse? Your appointment isn’t until 1500hrs this afternoon Mr Charnley!” Int life confusing?  After I confirmed my name all was sorted, and I sat down and got the crossword book out – the now very wet crossword book, thanks to the puddles and buses en route to the medical practice. I put it back in the bag with hopes of drying it out later.

Seconds later, a new to me nurse came to collect me to take my blood. Where was Nurse Nichole? She was a cute little thing, and very helpful. She told me she’ll see me early as I’d arrived now, then I can go on my way and get home quicker. A lovely thought, but it would not work because I can’t use my bus pass until 0930hrs, but still, it was kind of her. She took the blood and afterwards there was no leaking at all. She kindly warned me that the rain was like a storm now, as I left.

I gave the bag of nibbles to the receptionist and went to leave the premises.

Well, the nurse was right, it was belting it down, and the winds continued without any lessening. I got the soaking brolly out of the rainwater filled bag, and bravely ventured out and hobbled to the Lidl shop.

The Fool!

As soon as I turned left on Mansfield Road, it happened again!

The bus you see in the distance had just given me another soaking.

I was beginning to get depressed. Hehehe!

I went to the store and intentionally took my time perusing around, in the hope that when I finished, the bus-pass would be valid to use. This proved expensive. Me, wandering around a food store is always likely to be a money-spending event. Tsk! I came out having spent £11.98 on things unwanted, unneeded and a wet bag to carry them home in. Twit! A tin of BBW mackerel to join the several tina already in the cupboard. Chocolate nibbles, more yoghourts. Potatoes. Anchovies. Bacon and air-spray.

On top of all this, I was still too early for me to use the bus-pass!

Having forgotten to take my mobile phone with me, and not owning a watch made things awkward. I stood under the brolly keeping an eye on the time of the electric bus sign.

Still a good while to wait. As I did so two fire tenders, an ambulance went by, and the police helicopter hovered above.

Eventually, 0930hrs arrived, and I moved to the bus shelter.

A bus came along, I stuck out my arm, and it passed me by. Not having a perfect day today, you know. I suppose the coach might have been full, though.

The next one stopped and climbed onboard to find only the raised seats free. Comical this, cause with me just going a few stops, by the time I got myself up and seated, it was time to get out of the seat to get off.

The timing meant I’d just missed an L9 bus.

to get back up to the flats. Curse! So, I started to walk over the hill and up through the Woodthorpe Park route home.

En route, I met Jenny with two ladies who were related to dear old Eddie. I assumed they had come over for Eddie’s funeral and to sort things out. So kind and typical of Jenny to assist and help out. She told me she had arranged for someone to come and look at my Strobe and Pillow fire alarms when she was at a Council meeting, for me. When it went off all those times, the Alert Centre had received no activation signals. I thanked her, and the three ladies shot off ahead of me to avoid getting any wetter, bless them.

Eventually, I got to the flats. Got in and put the utterly superfluous fodder I’d bought away, and got the large potato cleaned and in the oven baking.

I pondered on why I did not ask about Nurse Nichole. Fool I am! I hope she is not poorly. Ah, but it is not a Tuesday is it? (See how quick I was there? Hehe!)

I made a super-strong large mug of tea, using a Yorkshire and /extra /string English Breakfast tea bags. Took the mediations and did the Health Checks. All okay.

Then I got on with refreshing this post as far as here. The updating, took about three hours to get done.

Then I went to the WordPress Reader. Did the Comment reading and replying, then remembered the baking spud – went to check it out.

Overcooked a bit, but this made the mixing in the bowl, less hassle. I used tomato puree, just a bit, salt even less and cheddar cheese, no butter, to bash up with the removed potato flesh. Then back into the husks and replaced in the oven to brown it off for half-an-hour. Going to have tomatoes and mini pork & pickle pie with them I reckon.

Can’t believe the mess I made mixing them. Still, all cleaned up now. Had a bash on Facebook updating while waiting with baited breath for them to cooked and browned off.

The cheesy-baked potatoes were ready, as I went to get them out of the oven, the intercom phone chirped into life. It was the chap who initially installed the Fire Alarm strobe and Pillow.

Fantastic help, care and work from Jenny! Who as I said earlier, had arranged this support for me.

After asking some relevant questions, he spent some time analysing things on his laptop, contacted the Alarm Response centre. Set it off a couple of times and dealt with control when he set it off. The chap pointed out that when an alarm strobe or otherwise goes off, it should go through to Control who should contact me about it via the central alarm console, but all the times it has activated in the flat, this did not happen.

He pressed on with his investigating things and told me that he thought someone in the block was using a system on the same frequency. So he’d changed it. In the event of any alarms in the future that are not responded to by control, I am to contact him immediately and inform him or them.

I thanked him and off he went. Afterwards, as I was getting out the now-gone-cold cheesy potatoes from the oven, I realised I did not have his telephone number. Tsk!

Got the nosh sorted.

I looked delicious. It smelled marvellous.

I’ve not the foggiest what I did wrong or what was a matter with me, but apart from the cheesy baked potatoes, I did not enjoy anything else?


Cold coming on from getting another soaking in the rain?

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd January 2018: Lost control of my actions, decisions and limbs, today. Tsk!

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Hmong: Tuesday 23 Lub Ib Hlis Ntuj Tim 20, 2018

0100hrs: I woke, and it took a while for the dream that I’d had to clear away. I was in the most comfortable and well-equipped coffin and had been going through the act of vivisepulture; in this sarcophagus in the middle of a field of cauliflowers; with those in attendance singing “Come, all ye faithful!” up above. A Royal Blue coloured telephone was stuck on the lid of the coffin. I was thinking, marvellous! Now I don’t need my sleep, nobody rings, then I heard a knocking outside of the casing? I can only recall up to here of the dream but feel sure it developed much further.

0110hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with unexpectedly remarkable efficiency and minimal nocive effects. I’m sure it is a different person wakes up in this recliner every morning. Hehe!

Fully extricated from the chair, and off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me! This session was Trotsky affected, kerplunk-push-gush-cling like glue, affair. Messy in the extreme and left a sanguinary splattered Inchcock and wet room. Haemorrhoid Harold and the fungal lesion all bleeding. The cleaning up and medicationalising treatments took me fifteen minutes. Adopted a new pair of Protection pants. These episodes changed my previously perky-outlook on things.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I made my way to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks sorted. All the readings looked fair to me.

Made a brew and took the medications.

On the computer and started this load of hogwash going.

The innards started to rumble and grumbled, then hurt, followed with another visit to the Porcelain Throne.

Same as the previous session. Fewer evacuations though, and far less bleeding, thankfully, so the cleaning up was much easier to do.

Back to the computer and checked the calendar for today’s reminders. Morrison delivery due 0630 > 0730hrs. And twixt 1400 > 1600hrs Robin Hood (Nottingham City Council) Electricity supply change application for suitability meeting. Must email Mate Mike.

Went to make another brew for the other that I let go cold.

A foreboding looking sky outside as I waited for the kettle to boil.

0315hrs: Then I moved on to finishing yesterdays post. This took a long while.

0700hrs: Got it finished.

The Morrison man arrived, grand chap.

Got the stuff into the kitchen and eventually sorted and stored away.

The fridge now loaded a bit more.

I had the struggle to get the fresh fodder into the fridge.

It didn’t seem such a load this time.

That was because the bulk cost was the new saucepans.

Which came with instructions that could have easily baffled and bemused Albert Einstein!

Hand Wash Thoroughly. – Precondition the non-stick surfaces, wipe on the cookware with vegetable oil, heat gently, cool thoroughly and wipe clean.

A List of where not to use them, avoid scorching and hot heating? Conditions to use them in. Do not scratch surfaces. The cooker hobs may be damaged? Many more instructions on using them. Then a monologue of how to clean them. Storage methods. A list of Cautions etc…

Sorry I bought them now!

By the time I’d got them out, being too scared to use them, it was time for the ablutions so I can to the meeting in time. I’m fed-up already now!

Had a good scrub-up. Medicationalised the areas needed to be done. Took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

Lifted the saucepans empty box and filled it with recyclable stuff and took it down with me as I left to go to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Shed, to find out the time of the Robin Hood electrical suppliers meeting.

I dropped off the box near the recycling bin.

I noticed this wood pigeon on the opposite side of Chestnut Grove on the back verge and took this photo of the little beauty.


As I made me along the road, taking care not to have an Accifauxpa on the wet leaves, I also avoided the deep puddled.

So much traffic and so little space for it.

I got to the hut, and Obergerfreiteress Julie and two other Nottingham City Homes employees were having a cuppa and nibble. One of them was the caretaker, I didn’t know the other bloke, but he didn’t smile or answer my cheery greetings.

Two tenants joined me as the three agreed that they will have to go and get something done. Hehehe! We had a laugh and nattering session.

I left, out to the bus stop where a few other residents were waiting. I was only going a few stops up the hill. Barry’s better half, such a friendly gal sat next to me and had a few words and a smile. I dropped off three stops later at the top of the road and made my way to the Aldi store. Where two more bags of shopping and £20 lighter in the pocket. I’d paid the lady and was on the way back to the bus stop.

I waited and waited.

Ten minutes after the bus arrival time, I walked down the hill two bus stops. Still no appearance of the vehicle.

I could see the flats in the distance, and decided to walk it anyway. Slowly.

It doesn’t show clearly in this photo, but at the bottom of the road, as I neared the right turn onto Chestnut Walk, the pavement was sheer wet, compacted leaves. I had a choice of walking on the street and getting knocked over or hobbling on the leaves and slipping over. I must have looked aright old dodderer gingerly making my way on the dodgy pavement.

The sun came out when I got close to the flats. It lasted a good two minutes, then withdrew; its days work finished. Haha!

I got the fodder away, and then suddenly decided to go to Asda instead of the electricity meeting. I’ve no idea why I made this choice. I think the brain kept it a secret from me.

Did the midday checks and medical thingamabobs.

Caught the bus to Arnold, the 15th-floor lady was also on her way out again, here she is in a deep-pink coat. A few tenants on the bus and we were somewhat raucous with our jokes and insults to each other, much laughter until they all got off the bus in Sherwood. Apart from me, who stayed on into Arnold; wondering why the heck I was making this long trip, just to get some Potato nibbles and Sourdough Bread? Especially at this late time of day? Had I finally lost it?

I alighted the bus, and straight into the Asda store, directly to the nibble shelves and got some Beefy Potato Sticks and Cheesy Curls and paid for them and was out and standing at the bus stop all within fifteen minutes.

I got the Dennis Dizzies while waiting for in the bus-shelter. Fool!

Back at the complex, tired and well weary now. I noticed some of the make tenants stood in the drizzle and looking almost what appeared to be longingly at the workers in the centre compound. I wondered if they were having withdrawal symptoms from their working days?

I see this often. No expressions on their faces, it seems they had accessed their memories and were replaying them. Were they perhaps builders of some kind in their younger days or what? Both of these two appeared to be in a trance as they stared at the workers?

I pressed on down to the Woodthorpe Court apartments and went up to the flat, in an almost completely-fatigued mode.

To the Porcelain Throne, where only wind and stomach pains resulted from my best evacuational efforts. The better side of this visit was that Little Inchy had bled just the tiniest bit. Haemorrhoid Harold had made much use of the Protection Pants, though. Haha!

Change togs and carried out the Health Checks, took the medications and got the nosh sorted. The gadding about must have increased my appetite. I ate all of this food tonight. Took me a while to get through it, but Herbert upstairs accompanied me with a little tapping and knocking, bless him. Everything on the plate seemed to taste fantastic, even the Sourdough bread went down so well. Why I had three pots of desserts, I can’t understand. But they were a delight to consume.

I managed to get the pots in the bowl to soak and back to the £300 second-hand recliner, got a DVD on and was in the land-of-Nod in seconds!

Inchcock Today – Monday 22nd January 2018

Monday 22nd January 2018

Hindi: सोमवार 22 जनवरी 2018

0015hrs: I gave up lying there in the recliner, trying to get some sleep. I emancipated my tired, weary wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Made a brew and took the medications.

Got the computer on to update diaries.

0050hrs: Remembered, I had the laundry to sort out, so stopped the writing and collected the things and went down to the laundry room.

Spotted a new poster on the elevator corridor wall, and made a note of the date, to add to the calenders later.

Might be worth talking to them perhaps. Save a bit of money?

Hobbled to the washing room and got the things into the washer. Back up in the lift to the apartment and had a wee-wee. Then made another cup of tea to replace the one that had gone cold.

Apart from feeling phenomenally tired, the ailments were not severe.

Topped-up the soap capsule and freshener pots ready for the next visit. I did not wash the dressing gown or towels so they will need doing soon.

Did the Health Checks for this morning and collated last weeks one for the nurse.

0125hrs: Time to go down and move the gear into the dryer. The filter on the dryer had not been cleaned again, but I was too tired to get miffed over this infraction of Stalag Woodthorpe Rules. Hehe! Got this done and back up and added the things to the calendars, book and internet.

I found a note that had been shoved through the door yesterday that had floated in the breeze coming in from the gaps on the door, windows, and air-vents, landing behind the new heater in the hallway.

Got the Sunday post almost finished.

Then off to the Porcelain Throne. The left ear was found to be bleeding behind the tab-hole? Harold’s Haemorrhoids were bleeding extensively, but not a patch on how Little Inchies fungus lesion was profusely bleeding. Once more, I was glad I was wearing the protection pants. I cleaned up all but Little Inchy, I’ll do that later when I have the shower. Far easier to do it then, no less painful, but definitely less bothersome.

0218hrs: Off down to collect the washing.

Took this photograph through the lobby doors. Drizzling with rain again, but there was no snow at least. And it didn’t feel too cold out there.

Into the laundry room.

Got the things out and folded up.

Then got them into the bag.

Cleaned the filter and wiped the casings of the machines.

Back up to the twelfth floor.

Made a mug of tea, put the clothes away and had a wee-wee.

Finished off the Sunday diary and got it posted off, at last.

The dreaded wet and warm sensation came from the lower regions. Oh dear!

Harolds Haemorrhoids were leaking again. Cleaned up, applied the cream and change into another new set of protection pants. Blooming good job I’ve had Michael’s help and plenty of them in hand! (As if to put it!)

I was getting a little frazzled with life and things. Possibly through feeling so stonkered and all the new appointments, bleeding, and lack of sleep confusing me. And getting out of my control? Anyway, I was in an edgy mood as I closed the drawer after replacing the hydrocortisone tube after use, I managed to trap my finger in it! What a Plonka! Huh!

Made a start on this load of falderal. 0500hrs: Getting up to here, then went to the WordPress Reader page. Followed by a visit to the comments section.

Then, on to Facebooking.

Ablutions and medicationalisationing tended to. Not a pleasant task, sorting the fungal lesion out.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. Where I realised I had not got my hearing aids in.

So I nipped back to the Batchelor-Pad and quickly collected them, and off out to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens shed on Chestnut Walk. Had a natter with some residents in the foyer on the way.

The morning was looking a tad gloomy. Got in the shed and asked Lynne about the Heater lessons and Robin Hood dates and times, to confirm them. Not easy this task, as both hearing aid batteries had run out?

Out to the bus stop and another good chinwag with other residents there. I found that four of our apartment block clan have died this year so far – None of them was pleased with their new radiators or increased costs of running them. Yet, a smile and laugh emitted from most of them. A few are well known to be affected by geliophobia, bless them.

I had an enjoyable natter with the lovely lady on the bus from the 13th floor. I only got three answers in the crossword en route, and (I’m ashamed to say, I do not know the ladies name… well, can’t remember it, Tsk!) she gave me one of those answers. I had a feeling of cingulomania for a moment but controlled myself. Hehe! I found two batteries in the bottom of the bag and fitted them in the hearing aids.

I dropped off the bus at the terminus on Queen Street and took this attempted moody photograph as I walked down into the Slab Square, with the warmless sun facing me. A little pleased with how it came out. (Smug Mode Temporarily Adopted).

I thought about calling at the centre to get some new hearing aid batteries but remembered that they are closed on Mondays.

The shops looked a bit depressing in the City Centre, so many closed down nowadays.

Sad I know, but those in charge of things, the hierarchy doesn’t seem to be too concerned about this state of affairs. Or at least if they are, they’re not letting on.

I plodded to the Poundland World on Wheeler Gate. Where I got some two packets of suet pellets for the mallards on the canal, two more screw-top containers and spotted they had some Pork Farms pork pies in stock with an extended date, so got two of them as well.

Paid the lady on the till and had a Dizzy Dennis. This was a bad one, so I decided to make my way home instead of going to feed the mallards.

I made my way slowly toward the bus stop. Passing on Long Row a so-called Street Sleepers den in front of yet another closed down business.

I caught the bus back to the flats, no fellow-tenants got on en route today.

Once in the flat, I put away the purchases and did the Health Checks and imbibed the medications.

Got the fodder sorted, a bit of big one this time. (Too big, I left a lot of it, Tsk!)

A mixed rating gave for this dollop of nosh. From 1.5/10 to 9.7/10. Don’t know what that makes the average for the meal though. Let me use the calculator for this… Average 7.09/10 I think.

I wanted to watch some TV, thinking this will surely send me to sleep for a bit. For some reason the Freeview programmes, well 2/3rds of them would not show, just a black silent screen? So I reloaded them. While sorting out and deleting the many channels I did not want on the list, I accidentally hit the delete button on channel-801, which is the CCTV camera outside the foyer entrance. So I started over again.

This time it appears, I chose the West Midlands option over the East Midland one and got the wrong area on my listing. Getting annoyed with me now!

Herbert upstairs continued his occasional tapping and banging, while I reset the blooming thing for the third time! Guess what…

Even I found it hard to believe, but I got it wrong again! What a Plonka Grade One! .This time, I’d got it all right I thought and went to remove the unwanted channels, all seemed well… not sure what I did wrong or missed doing, but, when I got it all done, the previous screen still came up with West Midlands channels again!

Many years ago my old boss at the Co-op store I was working at, told me: “You are an Accident-Disaster-Prone-Kunzite!” I’d just stabbed myself while boning out some shoulder bacon. If only he knew how right this was going to prove to be all these years later! Hehe!

Peed off with meself now. I got the last Health Checks and medications taken? Then returned to the TV with renewed confidence and determination to get it right this time. I lied there!

I wet through the updating bit, then slowly and gingerly deleted the channels not required – then even more carefully, the last screen where I select the options. Made sure I chose the East Midlands… and… Wallah! Got it right! Hurrah!

Of course, by then the programmes I wanted to watch had been long gone. Tsk! Very late for me to be still awake, yet I turned on the DVD to watch some Torchwood Episodes. Selected the first episode I wanted to view and fell to sleep. I woke several hours later and turned off the DVD.

I believe I am getting far too lackadaisical, forgetful, Laodicean and incapable of living on my own without some sort of help, assistance or care. Still, never mind I thought and made a mug of tea, dropped it, cleaned it up and bent the mop handle!

Written by Nottingham’s most frustrated Pensioner. Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 21st January 2018: What a horrible sleepless night again. Grumph!

Sunday 21st January 2018

Hebrew: יום ראשון 21 ינואר 2018

0230hrs: I’d been lying there awake for a good while, and was forced to detach my whale-like body from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee. Did a lot better last night in getting some sleep in at last. Little Inchies lesion had been bleeding, but not severely, and I did wear the Protection Pants, so little cleaning up to do.

Got the computer on and made a mug of tea. Which soon went cold at the side of the machine. Another wee-wee!

Back into the kitchen to make another. Got the kettle on the boil and felt a nippy breeze coming in through the holes in the wall, ill-fitting window frame and the air vents.

Took this photo out of the window, but regretted it. There’s not much wind, but it was so cold. The vehicles had all got frosted windscreens.

Thought I’d do the Health Checks next while I was in the room. I didn’t do any medicating or creaming until I get my ablutions done.

I managed to stop myself using the Enoxaparin hypodermic in time. Fool!

Made a fresh smaller mug of tea and took the medications. The Sys has gone back up, at last, the temperature up, and the pulse and down. But I think it all looks fine.

Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna are calm. Arthur Itis was okay. Crampy Craig is a nuisance on my hands and fingers both this morning. The weight had gone down too. Yet another wee-wee was called for. Oh dear, a third since getting up?

I got yesterday’s diary finished off and posted.

0445hrs: As I started to do this post, an almost instant rumbling and grumbling from the innards forced a requisite for the necessary immediate use of the Porcelain Throne; during which the tea went cold again. Tsk!

0513hrs: Got back from the Throne duties. Yes, 27 minutes of the mess, cacophony, chaos and annoyance, suffered. The Troskies had returned! Discomfort, cringe-worthy and ignominy, would be the best words to describe this session on the Porcelain Throne. Oh, and with sloppy acervuline evacuations. I’m so glad I bought the bottle of liquid soap from Wilko’s last week. It’s so much easier to use and makes less mess with no powder for me to spill. Which I would have if I’d used some detergent. For Shaking Shaun had joined up with Dizzy Dennis to annoy me now. Hard work typing, so many corrections needed.

Cleaning up afterwards took me ages. And, I stubbed my toe going to the kitchen! Hehe! Where I made yet another brew of tea. This time in the tiny mug, bearing in mind all of this morning’s wee-wee activity.

Mind you, thinking about it, I haven’t drunk much tea, in reality, most of it ended up going cold and getting thrown down the sink. Huh! Carried on with updating this twollop.

0530hrs: Went on to WordPress Reading. Then the comments.

0630hrs: The tea had gone cold again, but I did have a few sips of it first this time. Made another one, and went on Facebooking.

Unexpectedly and quickly I began feeling a bit under the weather. So I got the potatoes into the crock-pot and got settled down in the chair. I had hoped to get out in the park later, but the weather and feeling a bit faint put me off completely. Tsk!

Put on the TV in the hopes that I would fall asleep and get some rest. Herbert upstairs was making a little banging about noises, but they were not bothering me too much at all.

Got the nosh sorted out. I’d been nibbling while sat in the chair and didn’t need much of a meal to fill me up.

Alright, this one was. Rated at 8/10.

Blissfully, I drifted off into the land of Nod.

The landline phone tinkled away, I woke, looked at the light flashing and ignored it.

Took a while then, to get back to sleep.

Woke-up with a start, not sure if it was the dream about me in a canoe being chased through blood-veins, or if some noise had woken me. So, I had to get up and have a look around for any signs of disturbances and stubbed my toe doing so. Getting fed-up with the recent anti-sleep campaign being waged against me by well, everything and everyone it seems! Tsk!

While I was awake, I remembered I’d not taken the medications or done the Health Checks, so I did. Gawd blimey this was proving to be a long sleepless night again!

Nodded off again eventually, but woke needing the Porcelain Thrones usage. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding a bit, so I lost more rest time cleaning things up and medicationalisationing. Humph!

Sod Me!. Then the strobe and pillow shaker alarms activated! Out of the £300 second-hand recliner for the; how many times since I got settled? Did the safety checks, nothing untoward found?

Now disorientated, irritable with myself and having dark thoughts – I tried once more to get to sleep.

I admitted defeat with depressing ease, yet reluctance. At 0015hrs and got up.