Inchcock Today – Sunday 21st January 2018: What a horrible sleepless night again. Grumph!

Sunday 21st January 2018

Hebrew: יום ראשון 21 ינואר 2018

0230hrs: I’d been lying there awake for a good while, and was forced to detach my whale-like body from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee. Did a lot better last night in getting some sleep in at last. Little Inchies lesion had been bleeding, but not severely, and I did wear the Protection Pants, so little cleaning up to do.

Got the computer on and made a mug of tea. Which soon went cold at the side of the machine. Another wee-wee!

Back into the kitchen to make another. Got the kettle on the boil and felt a nippy breeze coming in through the holes in the wall, ill-fitting window frame and the air vents.

Took this photo out of the window, but regretted it. There’s not much wind, but it was so cold. The vehicles had all got frosted windscreens.

Thought I’d do the Health Checks next while I was in the room. I didn’t do any medicating or creaming until I get my ablutions done.

I managed to stop myself using the Enoxaparin hypodermic in time. Fool!

Made a fresh smaller mug of tea and took the medications. The Sys has gone back up, at last, the temperature up, and the pulse and down. But I think it all looks fine.

Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna are calm. Arthur Itis was okay. Crampy Craig is a nuisance on my hands and fingers both this morning. The weight had gone down too. Yet another wee-wee was called for. Oh dear, a third since getting up?

I got yesterday’s diary finished off and posted.

0445hrs: As I started to do this post, an almost instant rumbling and grumbling from the innards forced a requisite for the necessary immediate use of the Porcelain Throne; during which the tea went cold again. Tsk!

0513hrs: Got back from the Throne duties. Yes, 27 minutes of the mess, cacophony, chaos and annoyance, suffered. The Troskies had returned! Discomfort, cringe-worthy and ignominy, would be the best words to describe this session on the Porcelain Throne. Oh, and with sloppy acervuline evacuations. I’m so glad I bought the bottle of liquid soap from Wilko’s last week. It’s so much easier to use and makes less mess with no powder for me to spill. Which I would have if I’d used some detergent. For Shaking Shaun had joined up with Dizzy Dennis to annoy me now. Hard work typing, so many corrections needed.

Cleaning up afterwards took me ages. And, I stubbed my toe going to the kitchen! Hehe! Where I made yet another brew of tea. This time in the tiny mug, bearing in mind all of this morning’s wee-wee activity.

Mind you, thinking about it, I haven’t drunk much tea, in reality, most of it ended up going cold and getting thrown down the sink. Huh! Carried on with updating this twollop.

0530hrs: Went on to WordPress Reading. Then the comments.

0630hrs: The tea had gone cold again, but I did have a few sips of it first this time. Made another one, and went on Facebooking.

Unexpectedly and quickly I began feeling a bit under the weather. So I got the potatoes into the crock-pot and got settled down in the chair. I had hoped to get out in the park later, but the weather and feeling a bit faint put me off completely. Tsk!

Put on the TV in the hopes that I would fall asleep and get some rest. Herbert upstairs was making a little banging about noises, but they were not bothering me too much at all.

Got the nosh sorted out. I’d been nibbling while sat in the chair and didn’t need much of a meal to fill me up.

Alright, this one was. Rated at 8/10.

Blissfully, I drifted off into the land of Nod.

The landline phone tinkled away, I woke, looked at the light flashing and ignored it.

Took a while then, to get back to sleep.

Woke-up with a start, not sure if it was the dream about me in a canoe being chased through blood-veins, or if some noise had woken me. So, I had to get up and have a look around for any signs of disturbances and stubbed my toe doing so. Getting fed-up with the recent anti-sleep campaign being waged against me by well, everything and everyone it seems! Tsk!

While I was awake, I remembered I’d not taken the medications or done the Health Checks, so I did. Gawd blimey this was proving to be a long sleepless night again!

Nodded off again eventually, but woke needing the Porcelain Thrones usage. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding a bit, so I lost more rest time cleaning things up and medicationalisationing. Humph!

Sod Me!. Then the strobe and pillow shaker alarms activated! Out of the £300 second-hand recliner for the; how many times since I got settled? Did the safety checks, nothing untoward found?

Now disorientated, irritable with myself and having dark thoughts – I tried once more to get to sleep.

I admitted defeat with depressing ease, yet reluctance. At 0015hrs and got up.

12 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 21st January 2018: What a horrible sleepless night again. Grumph!

  1. Looks cold and snowy. We had a little snow this morning, cloudy with cold winds all day. That pillow alarm is quit a nuisance. Did the well arranged plate of food give some energy?

    • Flipping weather! Hehe! Just wet this morning Tim, back to the rain, well, drizzle.
      The flipping alarm, doing my getting any rest no good at all.
      I could do with some energy mate. Lack of nocturnal rest, you know.
      Your storm skies photos were great!

  2. Tossing all those cold cuppas, I’d think you’d nuke them in the microwave if you have one or use it to water houseplants if you have them! Of course, a tea purist would scoff at the notion or reheating tea but I am from America and we tend to be revolting lowercase republicans! (You now, George III and taxes without representation and all that!)

    • Hehehe! You are right Doug mate.
      I don’t use a microwave oven. In the old house, the cooker/stove blew-up and I lived with everything done in the microwave for years. Moved here and it is the opposite. No room for a microwave in my tiny kitchen, everything is done in the crock pot or stove now.
      Reheat or make a mug of tea in the Microwave?!?! Tsk! Hehe! Oh no!
      Royalty and Politicians are at a low ebb here nowadays. As for Republicans… Isn’t Far…, no er, Trump a variety of them? Hahaha!
      Sorry for the late reply Sir, been up to the neck busy with medical and all the upgrading going on.

      • Trump is no republican or Republican. He is an oligarch, a basic tyrant-wanna-be. Other than that, I guess you know best what to do with that cold cuppa! (I’d probably do that American thing and cool it in the refrigerator for a lovely ice tea! I just can’t stop meddling in the affairs of others, I guess! Make a new one and thank Ye Gods there’s no shortage of tea leaves!)

      • That’s a hotly contested piece of real estate in this household…. It must be great to be small enough to appreciate that arm’s special qualities!

      • I understand Doug.
        Lady used to love climbing into the oven, which was dangerous with her and the oven being black. I had to keep aware when using it. Haha!

      • Andy and his predecessor, Louie, would hop into the clothes dryer. I had to be very careful loading the dryer for that reason. The new washer-dryer features a dryer that only SuperKat could reach, but the washer part is easily accessed. I definitely have to be careful about keeping that machine’s door closed for that reason. Once it starts, the door locks.

  3. I hope you are feeling better. There’s some nasty bugs doing the round at present.
    I’m shocked that Nottingham council haven’t sorted your badly fitted window yet. The winter fuel allowance will do little to compensate for that!

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