Inchcock Today – Sunday 31st December 2017: Whoopsiedangleplops and the noisy Herbert in the flat above!

Sunday 31st December 2017

0315hrs: I drifted into semi-consciousness, feeling so tired, with eye-lids heavy. A few seconds later, the brain joined me after racing around trying to collate its own thoughts then changing its direction, I was informed of the urgent need for the Porcelain Throne usage!

I did a bit of multitasking with the grey-cells at this stage. (Clever stuff for me! Hehe!) While concentrating on the painful problems that Hippy Hilda was giving me and preventing my exit from the £300 second-hand recliner; I noticed the empty nibble packets, sweet tubs and crumbs scattered around my struggling body and chairs. Realised I did not have any meal last night. But it seems I have made up for this with, crisps, Stilton cheese biscuits, chocolate nuts and whatever the mystery red crumbs came from, I have yet to work out.

I recognised as my corporeality was still in being, as Hippy Hilda made me have to lift the right leg with my arms, gently mind, to straighten the leg up to enable the agonising job of standing up. All this time, the fear of an Accifauxpa from the rear-end was in mind. Tsk! When I did get myself semi-perpendicular and hobbling to the wet room, mercifully I appreciated lack of attention from Dizzy Dennis, and prayed unashamedly it stayed this way.

The Porcelain Throne session, once seated, took about 10 seconds – the cleaning up afterwards about, five minutes. Good, that no signs of any bleeding found.

I began to feel much better in and about myself now. Still tired for some reason, though? Although, I did wonder when the Herbert upstairs would kick-off with his noise making. Every weekend can be very demoralising with his racket! But, it seems his hobby is steam model making, so I must put up with it, or leave.

Made a mug of tea and got the Health Checks done and medications taken.

I was more than a little shaky this morning with the Enoxaparin injection.

The Health Checks revealed some different figures as well.

The Sys had nose-dived, temperature too and the pulse joined in. Hehe! The Sys has never been as low before, but this might be a good thing? The heartbeat was at the lowest its ever been as well. The Dia had never been as high? I’m confused, but we’ll see what the midday check produces.

I forgot about cleaning up the scattered mess around the recliner, and got the computer on and finished yesterday’s post with the help of the scribbled notes.

Made a start on this post up to here. Then went on WordPress Reader.

On Facebooking next

Stopped and went on CorelDraw, to do a graphic of TFZer Sandie in response to her saying she loved this particular car.

Went in to make a brew, and found the weather a little unappealing. Just as well perhaps that there are no buses and nowhere to out to?

I’d thought about a hobble in the park, but that went on a back burner!

The weather and the aching limbs made sure of this.


Caption Competition GRaphic

I got back to Facebook and found that five TFZers had tried at the Caption Competition. Might not sound many, but folks do have families and other commitments, especially at this time of year. Four of the angels had got Two Likes each. So this called for a responsive graphicationalisation to be created, hopefully, a funny one.

Two-and-a-half hours later I’d finally got it finished.

Marie, Pattie, Julie and Gladys were all equal winners.

That was nice.

I posted this off to the TFZer site post haste, fearing someone else had had a go while I was making the graphic, and then I’d have to start again to update it. Hehe!

0850hrs: The Herbert is banging about still. Viewed TV programmes.

0905hrs: Herbert dropped a load of material, sounded like a lot of heavy metal stuff. Didn’t half make me jump. I could not help but shout out as loud as I could, a few words explaining my displeasure! No wonder Margaret, the previous tenant, moved out!

0950hrs: He’s at it again, banging about.

1010hrs: CorelDraw. Herbert active again.

1120hrs: Sister Jane rang for a gossip. Herbert is at it still.

1320hrs: Herbert… Oh, this is a waste of time!

Did the noon Health checks and swallowed the medications. Not a lot of change from earlier on.

Checked potatoes in the slow-cooker, nowhere near ready yet.

Not up to much now. Watching some Cat videos on YouTube.

Oh, heck. I’m bleeding badly now. Off to the wet room for medicationalisationing and try to stop it. Little Inchy’s fungal infection has cracked, and the last thing I need is to go to the hospital again during the holidays.

I got the last tube of corticoid cream out, and it had developed a pinpoint leak in the tubing where I bent it over as it emptied. I just hope it still works and does the job of stemming the flow. It took ages for me to be satisfied, and then it didn’t stop but did decrease in volume a lot. I’ll have to check it out again later when I get up to photograph the New Year fireworks. I’ve set the alarms to wake me up at 2355hrs.

I made such a mess medicationalising; I decided to do the ablutions while I was in there. Had to dump another pyjama bottoms and underpants. Tsk! I wonder if I can get a prescription on the NHS for new clothes lost through my ailments leaking? Hehehe!

Herbert in the flat above continued to keep me amused with the odd deep scraping and banging noises here and there. I wondered what he was working on building today… a steam-powered space shuttle would be nice, providing he intended to go up in it! (Dream Mode Adopted here, Haha!)

All cleaned up now, I got the nosh sorted out. And I ate it all, apart from throwing away the potatoes that tasted horrible and bitter, no idea what I got wrong with these? And, the beetroots that were as hard as cannon balls!

Got the pots washed up (Well, threw them in the washing-up bowl in the sink to soak, Hehe!). Then settled to watch some TV. On channel 81 a new programme that shows all old films and documentaries, mostly on black and white. Named Talking Pictures, they had a Laurel and Hardy film that I watched all the way through. Nostalgia heaven for us old folks!

I checked the mobile alarm, the clock alarm, the timer alarm and the computer alarm were all set for 2355hrs, so I could wake-up to take photographs of the fireworks to welcome in the New Year… of course, I didn’t hear any of them and slept right through! Humph!