6 thoughts on “Ladybird Political Books

  1. Excellent satire! With all of our problems stateside I sometimes forget about the oligarchs and plutocrats worldwide “influencing.” I’m hoping for a domino effect once the plutocrats and fascists Begin to Fall.👍👊

    • Cheers.
      Same here, Tom. Our Brexit is causing and brewing discontent, the medical NHS is rumbling through lack of funds and rich get richer at the same time?
      At least we do not have to worry about war and TTT (Terrible Tyranist Trump).
      All the best.

      • 2018 will definitely be a test of strength for all of us. I’m seeing fresh new faces joining the Resistance . How long can the Putin/Trump romance last with all that pocket picking going on? “No honor among Thieves” and all that jazz.👍👊

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