Inchcock Today – Thursday 11th January 2018

Thursday 11th January 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau 11 Ionawr 2018

Odder than usual morning today. I stirred into imitation life around 0215hrs, no memories of any dreams, although I know I had some. I had to make a concerted effort to create a bee-line for the Porcelain Throne, after the most amazingly straightforward and near painless task of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. All of the ailments, apart from Hernia Harry were still asleep I reckon. Haha!

But, once I settled on the plastic seat, Dizzy Dennis awakened, fiercely. I even thought I was going to topple off of the Throne! Only lasted a minute or so, though. Another messy multicoloured session. Not that it concerned me overly, what with Arthur Itis, Hippy Hilda and the other ailments being so kind to me.

I knew I had run out of advance prepared drafts and Top of the page graphics. So I decided this needed doing first.

It took me until gone 0800hrs to do the pictures on CorelDraw and make up the diary drafts.

Then, I did the medication taking and Health Checks.

Still got a bit of a thirst on me.

I semi-cleaned myself up ready for the Morrison delivery.

Then realised that they were not due until 1100 > 1200hrs. What a clot.

No signs of any workmen down below yet?

Lots of tasks to get done yet. WordPressing and more CorelDraw stuff in the queue. Facebooking and mails to examine; and, the time ran out. I must get ready for the Tenants Social Hours, TFZer catching-up, get the prizes and nibbles sorted, bo the waste bins. Oh dearie me!

Back later.

I’m back. The Tenants Social Hour went exceptionally well, today. The gals burst into song occasionally, well, twice. I led the applause after each occasion. Very upbeat session. Plenty of sarcasm flowed twit us all. Along with laughter and leg-pulling. I put the prizes with the others. Jenny was in good form. Bought the raffle tickets and gave them away. BJ came, and we managed a little natter before he took the raffle trolley duties up. I left a bit early in case the Morrison van arrived.

Back in the flat, and made yet another mug of tea. This thirst is bamboozling me!

Got on the computer to update this load of codswallop.

The site was buzzing with busy people by now.

I feared that the Morrison man would not be able through to the flats with all the commotion of the delivery lorries bringing concrete blocks, cranes and more scaffolding for the Willmott-Brown men.

But he got through on his second effort.

I’d forgot about ordering the tomatoes and bought some yesterday. Seems like I’ll have to live on these tomatoes now for a few days or more?

What a thumble brain I am!

1125hrs: The door chime rang out; It was none other than my old mate Mick Charnley!

Boy, was I glad to see him! Stories, memories and recent history were exchanged. We shared much laughter for hours. Mick departed around 0330hrs, leaving a happy, but tired Inchcock behind him.  I pictured him leaving and giving me a wave as left. Bless him.

I pressed on with the updating of this post to here. Then, got the nosh sorted out.

Scottish Plain bread smoked sliced belly pork sandwiches, mini-tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette, sliced apple (Without cutting any fingers!), potato chip sticks, sugar snap peas, BBQ lentils, red onions, two miniature pork and pickle pies. A case of the eyes being more prominent than the belly again, and I left some of it uneaten. But enjoyed it.

Got the washing up done and settled to watch some TV. A farce really, kept nodding off and waking to a different frame or programme altogether to that I was watching, when I drifted off. This went on for ages until I found the sense to turn off the TV and sleep.

I woke up in the early hours, wanting, no, almost needing a drink. The mug of clementine juice was empty, so I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and went to refill it. Signs of nocturnal nibbling and possible somnambulation were spotted. A tub of chocolate nibbles had the lid off of it? – The cold tap was gently running? – A cupboard door was left open? Most mysteriously to me, my fingerless gloves were on top of a lidded saucepan on the stove?

Got my head down again.