Inchcock Today – Thursday 5th July 2018: New ailment discovered! The Creeping Blotches. Oy Vey!


Thursday 5th July 2018

Italiano: Giovedì 5 Luglio 2018

0400hr: I’d laid awake for a while, worrying over the blood test appointment timing and day, missing the Social Hour again, Little Inchies Lesion bleeding, not going outside for four days, the tremendous heat, the boils coming back on the chest and neck… Hang-on, I’ll rephrase that, (It’ll be quicker than going through the whole list); I’d laid awake for a while, worrying over anything and everything. Hehe!

Lots to get done today, my enthusiasm and drive, being in a pessimistic, cynical, and fatalistic mode. I was mourning yesterday’s little spurt of semi-contentments departure.

I caught myself by surprise when I found I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner and stood up, without any Whoopsiedangleplop or Accifauxpa withing a minute or so. The ailments being kind, just a cracking headache and a half, and the lesion had been bleeding and dried. So that will need some careful cleansing and medicalisationing session. Argh!

4Thu001Off to get the Health Checks and medications taken.

When I got in the kitchen, pleased that I had not left any taps running or the stoves on; the heat hit me.

The newly sealed up windows which I’d left as open as I could overnight, were letting no air into the place at all. The plastic outside was covered in plaster and various other unknown materials. The kitchen thermometer read 34°c – 80°f. Is that safe or what?

4Thu01This made me go and check the new gizmo handed out by the Nottingham City Homes Obegruppenfurhers, in the other room.

It seemed the humidity is was well into the green zone, but the heat was into the high-risk area. It’s nice to know HCH care about us by handing out these little monitors. If you mention this being in the red to anyone, they answer: “Yes, I know, all the others are the same!” Haha!

Eventually, I got the Health Checks done.


4Thu02The reading came out looking okay. But it took the hemadynamometer four tries before it worked. Wonder if the excessive heat affected it?

The summoning for the Porcelain Throne usage arrived.

It was another messy job.

While in there, I thought I’d get the ablutions sorted out. As I anticipated the lesion repair work was nasty. But the bleeding soon stopped after medicationalising things.

Being early in the day still, I had a shave and stand-up wash at the sink. I felt a bit better after that.

4Thu04I got the black and recycling bags sorted out, and gathered them up to take down to leave at the Caretakers door.

Well, fancy that, one of the elevators was out of action, again.

I went down and noticed how it was much colder in the lift cage. I wondered if a tenant might have moved to live in the other lift to escape the heat in the flats? Hahaha!

4Thu05Outside I deposited the black bags and white recycling one near the bottle bank bin and the door.

The chute doors being replaced with new ones with a much-reduced size of entry scoop means we have to put only a little bit in each black bag now, or they will not go in the drawer.

4Thu06Can’t be helped I know. But it makes more hassle for us, just when we are in the middle of the upgrading mayhem, too.

I took a photo straight up from the front of Woodthorpe Court.

I imagine the place will look different when the Willmott Dixon lads and the subcontractors start work today.

Back up to the flat, and got the computer on. Morrison is delivery coming soon.

Made a start on this blog, up to here.

Botherations! Both Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald are giving me some grief now. Tsk!

Began to update Wednesday’s post. Got it posted off.

 No Morrison delivery yet, so I checked the time on the email.

WDP001B Shlimazel! I put the order in for next Thursday, the 12th, not today! I’m getting worse.

Duodenal Donald is easing off, but Anne Gyna is still botherational!

4Thu07Got the things together and set out on the walk to the surgery in Carrington.

Sunny day again, but there was a bit of a breeze with it.

I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Area, Telling-Inchcock-Off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents Portakabin. Jenny was busy setting the needs for the Social Hour. A quick natter, I handed a raffle prize and some nibbles to the lady, bless her she will make sure there are handed out for me.

I got a decent pace on, for me and was soon coming into Carrington and the Sherrington Park Medical Practice.

Got in and a new lady receptionist was struggling to find my appointment, she said something to the other lady who replied: “Oh, it’s Mr. Chambers… just book him in!”.

I did a crossword and a bit before I call beckoned over by Nurse Nichole. Again she was swamped, but she took the time for a few words of chattering about nothing with me. X. Handed her a treat and left some nibbles for the reception staff on the way out.

4Thu08As I left the surgery, I felt a bit of discomfort on the right side rib area. It was definitely not Anne Gyna, entirely different sort of agony. Hehe!

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over as she passed by.

I went to the Chemist to ask him when the prescriptions will be ready next. He said Friday 20th July. I made a note of this.

Then I went to the Lidl store to get some things that were not going to be delivered by Morrisons due to me cock-up with the ordering. Humph!

£20 lighter, I left with two bags of shopping, which I was struggling to carry.

Caught a bus back to Sherwood and had a walk around. Got some pod peas from the Co-op, and had a look for saucepans and lids in the second-hand shops. I didn’t find any.

4Thu09Got to the bus stop where Doreen and Roy were sat waiting for the bus. We had a good laugh.

Many Nottingham Pavement Cyclists about today.

I called in the hut, but only a few folks were left in there. I handed out an ice-cream cone or Orange sucker to the Wardenesses, thought it might cheer them up.

Back to the apartment and put the fodder away.

I stripped-off, the heat is worse now than earlier in the flat.

WDP001B This is when I saw what caused the pains in my right rib area.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do shingles look like this?

Got this updated to here, then went on WordPress Reader section.

4Thu13aaWDP001B 1500hrs. I just noticed some marks, blotches whatever they are, coming on the right side of the ribs as well now.

I can’t see the back. Hehe!

I think they are going to join up. The new ones are redder and only spots, not yet turned into blotches.

Went to get the Health Checks done.

The top of the back is itching and stinging now? Oh dearie me.

Spent hours on Facebook getting caught up on it.

Got the simple nosh in the saucepan. Baked beans with sliced tomatoes, Hoisin sauce, and extra tomato juice, mini sausages added and two small cobs to have with them.

Jenny reminded me about the payment for the Skegness trip. Apologised to her, as I had taken the cash with me this morning and was going give it to her. But her twinkling eyes put me off. Hehe! I’m to take it to her flat in the morning, 0900hrs.

4Thu21Served up the meal.

Taste-Rating of 8.2/10 given, very nice.

Did the last Health Checks. And it dawned on me, that the stomach has swelled so much over the past few weeks, now the blotches have arrived, people are telling me I’m putting on weight etc.

But, unless the scales have broken and got stuck, I have not actually gained any weight?

Weariness came at the usual time, but it was so severe, I’d nodded off before 2000hrs.

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 5th July 2018: New ailment discovered! The Creeping Blotches. Oy Vey!

  1. It looks like a heat/sweat rash, but if the rash turns to blisters, then it could be shingles. Shingles are usually very painful. To treat heat/sweat rash, the Mayo Clinic suggests using Calamine lotion to soothe itching, and Anhydrous lanolin, which may help prevent duct blockage and stop new lesions from forming. If it gets worse, you may need to get topical steroid from a doctor or pharmacist. If it itches, try not to scratch it. Decent looking dinner.

    • Thanks Tim.
      I shall get to the chemist in Sherwood later. (0555hrs at the moment)
      I have some Daktacort ointment that I use on the fungal lesion. Miconazole nitrate and hydrocortisone, I’ll ask if this might be used. But better to get some of what you suggest and try that. If I can reach the areas on my back with it. I’ll ask if they come in a spray form, I think, Tim.
      Sister Jane suggested it might be heat rash.
      I appreciate the help with it.
      The blown up stomach, but no increase in weight? I’ll mention that to the chemist too.
      That nosh was grand, Sir.
      The macro on the Sony camera was disappointing. You were dead right about that too. The little beetle would not stay still! Hehehe!

  2. If that rash that’s welling up is shingles you should see the doctor about it. Shingles comes up around nerves (very painful), you could give people chickenpox (because that’s what shingles really is) & it tends to mean that your immune system is compromised. Something serious is going on for your immune system to be like that. Get checked out. <3

    • Thank you, Corin, I will do my petal.
      Going to call in on Monday and demand to be seen. Unless they have all cleared up by then.
      X ♥

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