Inchcock Today – Friday 6th July 2018


5Fri001Friday 6th July 2018

2018年7月6日金曜日 Japanese

Whoosie3W01 0215hrs:  Woke with an unwontedly sprightly outlook on life. Extracted my body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbed my toe and knocked the tray off of the Ottoman. Lost my unwontedly sprightly outlook on life!

Whoosie3W01 My stomach appeared even more bloated and misshaped this morning. But there is no increase in weight overall? The blotches had spread to the other side of the rib-cage. Those on the throat were more painful for some reason. Dried spots of blood that had come from the Fungal lesion on the PP’s. The old heart-op scar was almost glowing?

If the tummy grows any more,

Will I get through the flat door!

Any parts left, not feeling sore?

Then my outlook will be so poor!


Into the kitchen, a grim-looking view from the window. Dark, dank and sweaty. I had both windows open as far as they would go, but as for fresh air – oh, No!

The tummy is definitely blown up more, but gone all misshaped at the same time?

Had a drink of spring water to take the medications with. Strong stuff this Co-op still mineral water with line& lemon flavourings you know. The Trental tablet disintegrated the moment it got in contact with the drink!


5Fri002The sphygmomanometer worked the first time, resulting with in-range readings too!

Whoosie3W01 I felt a bit of a meshuggeneh when I changed the batteries in the machine. Taking the old ones out, and two of them shot out, one hitting me on the nose, both disappearing from sight.

It’s surprising how a tiny AA battery can sting when it clouts you on the nose. Hahaha!

After a search and seek mission, I found one of them in between the cooker and cabinet. The other one, I will try to locate again, later on. Huh!

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy evacuation, but not as bad as yesterdays. During this session, as I sat there, I thought I heard a rather loud (It must have been loud, I didn’t have my hearing aids in) susurration. Where it came from I don’t know.

The yonderly mind wanderings were absent without leave, up to now, today. I knew that I was to go and see Jenny and Frank, to pay for the day trip to Skegness trip in August. What I had planned to do was go shopping but decided not to, I have enough fodder to keep me going… Ah, I do need milk, though. I might walk up to Lidle – when again if I do, I’ll spend and buy stuff I don’t need. There was something else too, but I’m danged if I can remember what it was.

Whoosie3W01 Suddenly, I was wamblecropt! It only lasted for about two minutes. But I thought the innards were about to explode! Then it was all calm again, and this made me ponder. (It has been known before, me thinking I mean. October 1963 it was, I reckon. Hehe!) Is this a clue to the cause of, or linked to the blotches?

Got the computer on to update the Thursday post. Got it done and posted off.

Checked the emails, and Sister Jane said the blotches look like heat rash. Understandable that. As she puts it “Make sure you drink lots of tap water in case you’re dehydrated in this hot weather especially with being “sealed in”!!! Luv Jane. Bless her!

Made a start on this blog.

Tim from New Mexico commented: “It looks like a heat/sweat rash, but if the rash turns to blisters, then it could be shingles. Shingles are usually very painful. To treat heat/sweat rash, the Mayo Clinic suggests using Calamine lotion to soothe itching, and Anhydrous lanolin, which may help prevent duct blockage and stop new lesions from forming. If it gets worse, you may need to get a topical steroid from your doctor or pharmacist. If it itches, try not to scratch it.”

I felt honoured and grateful to get two dollops of help with a problem. Thanks, Jane and Tim. I’ll get to a chemist today and try to get the medications to rub on it. Well, where I can reach anyway. Hehehe!

Went on to the WordPress reader, then comments.

TFZer page on Facebook. Got some done, but time shot by, and I needed to get the ablutions done. All went well, even the medicationalisationing of the fungal lesion was done without too much of the usual excruciating agony. Haha!

I took the bags to the waste chute, and it was now operational.

Back and grubbled about making sure everything was done and nothing left on, like cooker, lights, etc.

Whoosie3W01 Made my way to the lift door. And realised I not taken the shopping list with me. Back to the apartment and collected it.

Whoosie3W01 Got to the cage door again, and I didn’t have my hearing aids in. Klutz! Back to the flat. Got them in and returned to the lift foyer once again.

Whoosie3W01 Even I found it hard to believe, but I had forgotten to take the Cash with me to pay Jenny with. Back to collect it. I’m wearing out the carpets here!

As if I ever thought this meshuggener would get anything right first… or even second try! Tsk!

Whoosie3W01 Got Jenny and Franks flat and… Foolishly, I handed over a ten-pound not to the lady instead of two, to pay the £18 cost! I felt such a twerp! I corrected my error and apologised. She was most understanding about my Whoopsiedangleplop.

Made my way down to the ground floor and out into the road. To the glass recycling bin and deposited my cleaned empty sauce and beetroot jars in the recycling tub.

5Fri005aThe late coming out sun started to appear as I crossed the road.

A little way up the gravel hill path, I stopped under one of the trees and turned to take this photographicalisation. I thought later it came out wellish.

I pressed on up the hill, with Anne Gyna letting me know her animadversion of my hill climb. 5Fri006But, as soon a the ground levelled out, she (Anne Gyna) was okay again with me. There was no need to rush about, and I was in my safety zone and own limits as I meandered along through the park on the footpath.

30 yards or so away. I spotted this crow and took the first photograph in Auto mode. Then as it seemed to be settled, I selected the food button and crept a few feet nearer. I was setting the zoom, and MrCrow decided to launch himself off of the tree trunk. I clicked quickly and hoped for the best. He gave me a laughing-at-me-caw and clucking sound as he flew off. Hehe!

Another effort I’ve made this morning that didn’t come out too bad. Through luck though, not my skill. Humph, but still.

I limped on down and onto Mansfield Road 5Fri006aand over the hill into Sherwood. Narrowly avoiding being hit by this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.

Whoosie3W01 I walked down to the Boots Chemist and joined the queue at the dispensing end of the shop. My turn came up, and I explained all about new Shingle-like ailments and asked if they had any Anhydrous Lanolin for sale. I showed her a photo of the rash. The lady went to have a look on the shelves and returned a few minutes later. Then went and spoke with a dispensing woman, and returned again to me. She asked, what tablets I am on. Soon as I got to mentioning the Warfarin, she stopped me firmly. Saying: “There is no way we can advise or offer you any alternative medications. You must see your doctor straight away. (Which I knew I could not get an appointment with so quickly). She added; You might try a larger Boots branch or independent chemists, though.

Whoosie3W01 I thanked her and made my way to the Chemist near Hadyn Road. I explained all about new Shingle-like ailments, showed him the photo and asked if they had any Anhydrous Lanolin for sale.  No, then he asked what medications I was on. Again, when the Warfarin was mentioned, he said he could not give advice to anyone wanting medications, who are taking Warfarin. I pointed out the area around the throat to show him. He said he was sure it might be Shingles. I must make an appointment to see my doctor straight away! (Which I knew I could not get an appointment with so quickly). I thanked him and left.

5Fri007Over the road and back up the hill to the Lloyds Chemist at the top of the way.

This Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me, and few other pedestrians too.

Whoosie3W01 I joined the queue and waited patiently until a lady came to me. I showed her the photo of the rash and explained all about new Shingle-like ailments, and asked if they had any Anhydrous Lanolin for sale.  No, but was almost sure it was not shingles, but might be Varicella Zoster. I must see my Doctor straight away. I’m getting fed-up with this!

5Fri008Thanked her and went to catch a bus into Arnold, where a larger Boots store and a couple of independent ones are located.

Unfortunately, so is Asda (Walmart), The Market and the Fulton Foods Shop. A feeling that I about to be a silly-billy and spend too much came over me.

What a moyshe kapoyer I am!

5Fri009I caught the bus within a few minutes of getting to the bus stop, and twenty minutes later I was in Arnold, walking into the Market Stalls.

As you can see, this Market has died a terrible death. There was a fruit and veg stall, a second-hand one, and a cheap ladies products one left now, that’s all.

I looked it up later. It seems that: April this year – Council bids for a £1.25m fund to transform Arnold Market. Gedling Borough Council hopes the money will turn the area around, including making more of the space open to the public, improving facilities and increasing retail space. Does this make any sense to you?

Whoosie3W01 I plodded to the large Boots Chemist, and I explained all about new Shingle-like ailments, showed him the photo and asked if they had any Anhydrous Lanolin for sale.  Nope, then he asked what medications I was on. Again, when the Warfarin was mentioned, he said he could not give advice to anyone wanting medications, who are taking Warfarin. He thought it might be Shingles, but not the Varicella Zoster. I should make an appointment to see my Doctor ASAP.

I wandered down the road and called in the Fulton Food store. I came out with a packet of Bath Oliver biscuits. I’m almost sure I heard Jenny talking favourably about the other week perhaps these might be a nice Thank-You from me. And I got some of the Scottish Shorties that I am so fond off, at a bargain price too!

5Fri011Whoosie3W01 Out and over the road to the Asda Store. Where I slightly overdid the weight for carrying and spent just £10.18 in doing so. Got some cheese curls, BBQ rice cakes for a raffle prize at the social hour, a TV magazine, a mix of flavoured still water, another packet of the shorties, some potatoes, bread and a soft drink. I did forget to get the milk I went to buy in the first place, though. Feh!

The feet were stinging now. But the real ailments were kind to me. Even the blotches were less itchy and painful.

Got to the bus stop, and had only ten minutes to wait for the next L9 bus home. I got the crossword book out.

When the bus arrived in Sherwood, several of the flat’s tenants got on. Welsh William, Pete, Ray, and Roy among them. I put away the crossword book, in anticipation of a good laugh and chinwagging session.

5Fri012But no-one spoke to me. Tsk!

They all shot off up the road in front of me when we all got off the bus. Hehe!

When I arrived at the flats, Welsh William and Pete were still waiting for the lift to come.

I got a few insults and a cheerio off of them. Hahaha!

Into the apartment and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the fodder and nibbles for the social put away.

Updated this blog.


Health Checks.

Got the nosh sorted. A chipless and potato-free affair it was.

Decent rating of 8.8/10 given for the Flavour Rating score.

Did the last Health checks and medication taking was done.

6Sat07Watched the match, Brazil v Belgium. A fantastic result.

The goalie kept them in the match. Amazing!

The saddest part of the day; is that France got through as well.

Tempered somewhat, with Uruguay’s wrestlers going out of the competition.

I fear that France might go further. Charles De Gaulle, Oswald Mosley, François Hollande and Napoleon Bonaparte would be proud of them.

As for England, I am so impressed and full of praise for them getting this far, and of course, winning a penalty shoot-out too!

The mind indeed went on the rampage, worrying and fretting wise.

  • The blood test, will they book me in early or late?
  • Will they book me in for a Thursday and block my Social Hour again this week?
  • Are the blotches, heat-rash, varicella or shingles?
  • Will I remember to get some spectacles to replace the pair I’ve broken?
  • Will the strangulation operation date clash with my day out in Skegness?
  • Might I snuff-it in the airless heat of the flat?
  • Will the fungal lesion bleed, or bladder leak and ruin my day out at Skegness?
  • Why am I looking so much fatter with the blown up stomach, when my weight has gone down?
  • Will I remember to fetch the new prescriptions?
  • Can I cut back on the chips?
  • Can I cut back on the nocturnal nibbles?
  • Will I get carried away with this blog and miss the Englan match?
  • Can I remember to get some milk tomorrow?
  • I must remember to get the laundry done soon, but will I?

On and on relentlessly, the concerns, lack of self-confidence, fear of humiliations and nervous lack of self-loathing mingle with my desire for social contact… Luckily, I was shaken out of this when I went for another short-sharp-wee-wee and stubbed my big right toe on the porcelain. Poor old platitudinous, me! Hehe!

Recherché, elegant, refined or sophisticated I will never be. But is it too late to do summat for others, spread a smile or laugh? I think not!

Well late again before I nodded off.

TTFN each. As my Auntie Nelly and Uncle Tom used to say to me: It’s never worth more than two cooks on a Wednesday, if you hold your mistletoe with your left hand on Christmas Day morning and smile at folk! (Bless her!)

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 6th July 2018

  1. I see those chemists are not very a helpful bunch when “you just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in”! Being on Warfarin makes it easy to be even less helpful about commenting on the condition your condition is in.

    If you do have shingles, it’s often treated with Acyclovir, an antiviral drug. You have to get a prescription for Acyclovir in the USA, so I assume it’s the same in the UK. It looks like you have no choice but to make a doctor appointment, since you can’t “just drop in to see what condition your condition is in”. I looked up to see if Acyclovir can be taken with Warfarin. The sources I found said there are no known interactions between the two, but they always say that doesn’t mean the two won’t mix.

    I would guess the bloating is from water retention from the heat. You probably need to drink more fluids and keep the path clear to the toilet.

    I see the condition your condition was in didn’t prevent you from getting a lot of good street photos, having you regular whoopsiedangleplops, and preparing a great looking dinner (do you know the song ‘Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In’ by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition?).

    Go Red Devils! Herman and Mr. Bowie are very happy with the outcome of that match.

    • Well, you worked that out well for me, Tim. Thanks.
      Going to the doctors in the morning, to demand some help.
      Very wise with the keeping the pathways open. Haha!
      I think whatever it is, is improving.
      Cheers Sir.

    • Haha!
      Knowing it might annoy them at the surgery, I’m going to memorise some of the words (Might have to write them down) and sing it to them when I get in.
      I’ll you know what occurs in response.
      Catchy easy tune.

  2. Please phone the surgery and tell them you need to see a Dr urgently. It doesn’t matter if it is a different Dr to usual. Oh, it’s the weekend… As it’s nearly Sunday I would go to A&E at the hospital. If shingles isn’t treated quickly it can get much worse. Please do that, I’m worried about you.

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