Inchcock Today – Wednesday 4th July 2018


Wednesday 4th July 2018

Indonesian: Rabu 4 Juli 2018

 00445hrs: Woke, the flat stuffily warm, and me wringing in sweat. Panic-Mode was adopted when I thought I must have left the oven on again.

WDP02C The removal of my mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner was a painful, toe-stubbing, knee and elbow joint knocking extraction.

But on getting into the kitchen, the oven was all turned off.

WDP02C The views were non-existent, absent, from both sets of windows. Being limited by the new “Sweat-the-old-Codgers to death and cut off their air supply” cellophane coverings on the outside.


3Wed02I consulted the kindly Nottingham City Homes provided monitoring thingy for humidity and temperature.

Again the temperature was showing just over 30°c. I looked at the kitchen temperature (I can understand this one better, it is in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit), the kitchen read: 80°f – 23°c.

I tended to the Health Checks and medication taking.


3Wed04aI think the readings were a little more even this morning. I updated the Excel record.

WDP02C On my Realising after I’d taken the clip, that I’d set the number formatting wrongly on the Weight column. I changed it to 0.00, so the details will show on tomorrow’s, I hope.

Made a brew, and was pleased that the brain had not gone off of one of its usual meandering, fretting and wrongly judging and assessing things.

0545hrs: I started to sort the photographs out for use and storage and had to visit the Porcelain Throne.

I wish I could think of another (Without being rude) word for messy, gooey and sticky are not quite right, but this session was all three, again. I did have a ponderous few thoughts on the inaneness of life while I sat there. Worried over the doctor’s blood test difficulties and remembered I must get some more toilet paper.

Much cleaning and cleansing needed. On the bright side, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, stinging, yes! Hehe! Little Inchies fungal lesion had been leaking again, but, nothing unusual there.

I got up to here, then went to finish yesterday’s diary and get it posted off.

0925hrs: Got it sorted up to date (Here).

Went on Facebook to catch-up. WordPress perused good stuff on there again.

1035hrs: Went to make a mug of tea, then returned to start on some TFZer graphicalisationing.

1312hrs: Got the graphics done and posted to the TFZ site.

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3Wed29aGot the meal prepared and served up.

Excellent nosh, most worthy of a Taste-Rating of 8.8/10.

Did the washing up and nipped the wet room to utilise the porcelain Throne. Messy again.

 Did the Health Checks and took a Dia-limit capsule with the medications.

3Wed30It is sad not being able to look out of the windows.

Mind you, compared to the old one big window, even if I could look out at the vista now, it is a very sad imitation view. All the thick edges of the glass blocking out a lot of scenery and light.

Settled down to watch som TV.

I decided to try and watch a film, that was on late for me. Why I did this I don’t know, but I nodded off what must have been dozens of times for a minute of so, but would not turn of the TV? I woke for the last 20 seconds of the film, and the credits came up.