Inchcock Today – Thursday 30th August 2018: Not the most exciting of days. Tsk!


Thursday 30th August 2018

German: Donnerstag, 30 August 2018

0330hrs: It seemed like the brain had woken up before me, this morning. Semi-logical thoughts invaded the moment my mind was roused. I have to ring or email the Nottingham City Hospital re-appointment confirmation. Morrison delivery is coming. Got photographs to sort-out ready to use, got tons of pictures from Jane and Pete in the email box, of the Hobble to the Tropical House, which I enjoyed so much, yesterday. Why had Duodenal Donald suddenly stopped hassling me? Ah, I’d better make my way to the wet room and utilise the Porcelain Throne.

4Thu05Out of the £300 now in a decrepit state second-hand recliner and off to the ablution room. No stubbed toes, bangs or accifauxpas en-route either!

Wisenheimer-like Mode Adopted!

The freshly positioned yesterday, CritterKill box had done an excellent job with the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles.

The evacuation took a while to begin, and I read a page of the book before it commenced. But it was an enormous relief when it finally ended, cor blimey, it came and came. No bleeding though, so that was good.

4Thu03I cleaned up and went to take a picture from the spare room window, the only one I can currently open to see an unobscured view. This is facing North-West, I reckon.

I popped on the scales to find the weight had decreased a fair bit. (Alright, a tiny bit, then!) Another Smug-Mode adopted! (Then, when I wrote this and looked at the record I’d updated; I realised just what a thick schmuck I really am! Tsk!)


4Thu01Got the medications taken with a drink of orange juice.

I’ve got to say, I am well pleased with the ailments behaviour towards me this morning. Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Shaking Shaun, Arthur Itis, Earhole Eric and the Plates-of-Meat were all calm (Not before the storm, I hope? Hehe!) Only Dizzy Dennis was interested in giving me any grief occasionally.

I got the computer on and spent hours sorting out the photographs of the Hobble into the Park that Jane & Pete had emailed to me, and those I had taken. It took me ages to get them arranged and usable.

By which time, the Morrison Gentleman arrived with the groceries. This delivery had good and poor results. I’d ordered a bag of Mini Potato Waffles, Morrisons substituted it with Sweet Potato Lattices. I rejected these and handed them back to the driver deliveryman. Who was fine about it.


4Thu07aThey had sent a pack of garden peas that I did not think would be delivered this late in the season. A lot dearer by 50p, but a pleasant surprise. I shelled some into a saucepan and added demerara sugar, stirred them, and left them to soak until later.

I’d ordered some Baby Portabello mushrooms.

4Thu07Baby? They were massive! Tsk!

Only two-days life left on them, I’d better have some with one of the BBQ Pork ready meals I’m bought, at 3 for just £6. They are small portioned. So guilt can be assuaged, perhaps? Hahaha!

Also, and besides, as well as; They sent a Free block of Meadow brand of English Butter with Oil? I think Jenny might be the gal to make use of this. Perhaps in one of her curries? I must remember to take it up for her later. With no Social Hour at the moment, I’m not getting to see the gals very often. Boo!

4Thu08I got the fodder stored away, had a short-sharp-painful wee-wee, and got the kettle on.

I had a look at the balcony, the light and view-blocking balcony. To see how it is coming along. I noticed, using the zoom on the camera, but could not get a clear picture of them; dozens of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles milling around on the base.

Made a start again on updating this blog.

Then, began the task of updating the Hobble-in-the-Park with Jane and Pete, Wednesday diary. A mammoth task, just getting the photographs in order, let alone writing my own brand of chirography to tell the tale. Haha!

Went on TFZer Facebook, then started to create some funny graphics for them.

4Thu09I added some small potatoes to the peas and flavoured with a little pork gravy seasoning, and got them on the simmer. Heated the oven ready for the ready meal later.

Next, I went on CorelDraw, to finish off the graphics, and got them posted off to the TFZ site.

Adding some, of what I thought, were witty comments. I used a photo from yesterday’s hobble in the park as templates.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back to updating this blog.

Health Checks were done, and medications were taken.

Went on the WordPress reader section, next.

4Thu10Nosh served up.

The BBQ pork ready meal was only a tiny portioned one. So I did some small potatoes and the fresh garden peas, some mini vegetarian sausages and added them to the dish.

A 9.45/10 Flavour-Rating was well deserved!

Got the dishes soaking in the washing up bowl overnight.

4Thu12Settled to watch some of the Hetty Wainthroppe Investigates DVD episodes.

I’m so glad they were on DVD and not the TV. Because the nodding offs soon started, and the rewinding to catch up on what I’d missed, meant I watched two one-hour episodes in about three hours! Hehehe!

I gave up and got my head down properly.

Aug 27aWaking up an hour or so later, with a start. Little Inchies Lesion felt like it was sanguineous.

WDPac Off to the wet room, stubbing my toe en route. All for no reason, too. There was no bleeding at all from the lesion. Baffling!

But it cheered me up.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner, and I was soon back in the land of Nod again.


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 29th August 2018: Visitors today: Sister Jane and Pete. Hobbled to the Tropical Garden! Great Day!


Wednesday 29th August 2018

Czech: Středa 29 Srpna 2018

3Wed01 0110hrs: Woke with the PPs in a sanguineous state.

WDPAb I reached for the kitchen towel to use to stem and clean things and nearly grabbed a sheet with one of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles clinging to it, to clean me up with. Hehehe!

So, the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles are moving into the last unencroached-upon room in the apartment. Now, nowhere is safe from immigrants from the holes made during the installation of the new unwanted window frames! ♫ Dang, dang dang dang! ♫!

Aug18kI got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, after a battle to get the mechanism working, and took the kitchen roll to the sink. Where I banged it on the drainer to shake off the Weevil, but it stayed firmly attached. I had to flick it off with my fingernail – it fell into the sink, I poured neat bleach over it – then it walked out of the bleach and scampered down the drain-hole!

Duodenal Donald kicked off as I collated the nibbles for Sister Jane and Brother in law Pete when they visit later today.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.


Full house with the lower readings this morning, each and every one was below yesterday’s recorded figures. I think I must be fading? Haha!

WDPAb Humph! Anne Gyna was joining in with Duodenal Donald. I’m now in an irritable mood with myself. Tsk!

WDPAb I’m so glad I thought to put the mini-vacuum on charge last night. Flat as a pancake now. I imagine that by my putting the wrong charger in the socket, may have contributed to this scenario a tad. Klutz!

My EQ told me that things were not going to go well today. No specifics, just a guarantee of anything from Whoopsiedangleplops to disasters could be expected. (Anne Gyna and Duodenal Duncan playing up at the same time, is definitely a bad start). Now, the head is spinning, and Dizzy Dennis is starting to make himself known. Oh dear! Brewing Ailments, that’s all I need, already!

I made a start on finalising the Tuesday Inchcock and got it posted off. Then started this blog off.

An almost instant demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

WDPAb Out of chair, stubbed toe on the Ottoman then banged my arm on the door frame, and only just got there in time. But, the evacuation stopped half-way. Huh! Still, it gave me time to read a couple of pages of the book.

I’d hoped that this activity would have eased Duodenal Donald, but No! Made him worse if anything? Cleaned-up, and medicated the rear end. At least Dizzy Dennis has stopped interfering with me.

3Wed02The Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles had turned out while I was on the Throne.

WDPAb I got down on the floor with the camera to take a picture of the Bug Killer carton, and several of the damned things actually ran towards me!

WDPAb Getting myself back up again, started hippy Hilda off! I can’t win, can I?

3Wed03Washed and into the kitchen.

An Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle was on its back on top of a can of food.

I wasn’t sure if it was in distress or laughing away at me!

WDPAb I began to make a brew of the Earl Grey tea, and the tea-bag 3Wed04aripped open when I pulled the wrong end of the string attachment.

I thought I’d empty the contents onto a kitchen towel, to show us all, the ingredients they add to the tea, to give it its distinctive flavour. According to the box, it contains: Black tea, natural bergamot flavour – Cornflowers – Thé Nair and Bleuets, which I looked up, these are blueberries? Which are on my Cardiac Clinics list of forbidden foods! I don’t think just a diddy mug now and then will be detrimental.

I’ve been buying special treats for Sister Jane and Pete a while now. I gathered them together in readiness for their arrival.


Every item is a luxury. Hehe!

I must remember to add the freezer and fridge stuff just before they leave. (Glad to report that I remembered too! – Self-congratulatory Mode Adopted!)

I got up to here on creating this blog, and then went on Facebooking to add the photos to some albums.

Anne Gyna is easing off a bit. Duodenal Donald isn’t easing off. Shame!

4Thu10WDPAb Got the ablutions and medicationalisticals tended to. I kept stopping to annihilate the odd Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting Beetle. Well, the odd ones that weren’t too quick for me. Haha!

I had a bash at anticepticalisationing and moping the nooks and crannies in the kitchen. I stirred a right load of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles, under a cabinet, that is nowhere near any food? Bagged a few, but couldn’t get to the camera in time. By the time I’d been down and back up a few times, Hernia Henrietta and Hippy Hilda convinced me to stop doing the cleaning.

Made a small mug of tea.

Thought I’d go down to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents Porta-Kabin, to wait for them. They will be coming on the bus.

They are millionaires, mostly through funds being left them by relatives they didn’t know they’d had, and Pete’s fiddles at work and shoplifting, but they still don’t like to waste Aug18Lmoney on using one of their cars, when they can use their Free Bus Passes. Hehehe! Couldn’t resist it, Jane and Pete, sorry, the truth had to come out [Only joking]!

WDPAb Dang and botherations! They fooled me again! The intercom rang out, and it was them at the door.
They had cunningly came in their Rolls-Royce instead of the bus. Just as well really, or they 3Wed05awould not have carried their nibbles and treats home on the bus.

The best thing about their early arrival by an hour was, it gave us time to have a hobble in the park later, to the Tropical House. Which I enjoyed so much!

I formed a plan of action to surprise them as they got out of the elevator, in the lobby. I 3Wed06nipped out and hid around a corner, and placed the camera towards to the lift lobby… Hehehe!

Jane and Pete were totally unimpressed.

Greetings were swapped, and a marathon nattering session commenced.

Good innit!

3Wed07I was handed a Birthday card, that really was a well thought-out plan on their behalf.

It had attached to the front, my favourite Twinings Assam tea bags! Nice one Jane, I fank you!

They had slipped a few thousand pounds in £50’s in the card, to treat me. I didn’t know that Monopoly was made in a British version. Hahahaha! Only joking, sorry Jane. (I’ll be in trouble now! Oh dear, I do get carried away!)

3Wed08By the time had chinwagged about this and that and reminisced a bit – I asked if they fancied going to the Woodthorpe Grange Park Tropical House. I was delighted when they granted me permission to go with them. Harf, Harf!

We set off out and went around the back of the flats onto the Park.

Where Pete took the first photograph of our 3Wed09little outing.

Me, in front of the Woodthorpe Court block.

I took a photograph of Jane and Pete as we entered the trees on route to the Tropical House.

Jane looks a little startled and doubtful, I’ll get a telling off for putting this one on the blog, I think? Oh dearie me! And Pete putting on his tough James Bond look. Haha!

You can see, he still suffers from Xyrophobia. Go on, look it up, Haha!

Photographs of the most enjoyable hobble I’ve had in years:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed15We got back to the apartment, with me feeling ebullient, if a little weary, as the fatigue was setting in again. But the ailments apart from Duodenal Donald were noticeable by their absence.

Jane cheered me up by handing me my Birthday present.

Can you guess what it was? Hehehe!

A cuppa and natter. Then we bade our farewells and off home, they trotted.

So glad they came and cheered me up. Cheers to Jane and Pete.

3Wed16Tired as I felt after they had departed, hunger developed.

So I made a simple easy to make little nosh. Which despite its minimal size, went down well.

A taste Rating of 8.8/10.

How I felt at the moment, it proved to be just enough as well.

Contented I got washed, did the Health Checks, took the belated medications.

Then had a wee-wee.

3Wed18Settled to watch some of the Hetty Wainthroppe DVD. Tired as I felt, I think the excitement of the visit remained, and this prevented me from dropping off to sleep as I usually would have.

The regular plan in this situation was adopted. I put the TV on, assured that I would nod-off when the first commercial break came on. 

It worked a treat!

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th August 2018: Awfully Busy Day, Grumph!


Tuesday 28th August 2018

Hebrew: 2018  יום שלישי

0110hrs: My mornings expergefaction was so different from yesterday; when I woke with so many worries and concerns. For some unknown reason, I was light-hearted and almost content. Fair enough: I had been dreaming of a particular young lady, and I was a young man, and we were both involved in pleasurable activities and laughing away, as we did all those years ago… Aah! (with an inward satisfaction blended with a horrible awareness that I am now beyond these activities – Sob!)

The brain engaged with reality once again and quodlibetificated with itself for a while.

Then, suddenly an ‘Up and At ‘Em’ mode was engaged! By 0130hrs I’d collated the laundry and was down getting it into the machine in the lobby! Set the quick button and back to the flat.

Where the Porcelain Throne as utilised. A different evacuation today, allowing me to read a chapter and a half of the ‘Catastrophy’ book about the First World War. While keeping an eye out for any Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles in the wet room. Of which I saw none at all.

Carried out the Health Checks.


2Tue09The sphygmomanometer operated first try. All of the readings were slightly lower today.

Apart from the weight of course? Tsk!

I wished I could have figured out why this should be so, but the hurdle was so beyond my woefully inadequate, and incompetent mathematically-challenged, under-educated capabilities. (I couldn’t. Hehehe!)

Made a brew and swallowed the morning medications.

Rinsed, dried and put away the cutlery and plastic plate that I’d left soaking in the washing-up bowl in the sink overnight.

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee.

1Mon22This visit, I saw a little ganglet of the Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles, that appeared to be doing a War Dance around a Critter Kill carton?

Are they wising up to the sticky bait? Warning others not to go near it?

It was back to the short-sharp-painful wee-weeing again now. Grumph!

Whoopsie O1A This inspired me to have a look around in the other room for any further signs of the little rascals. Plenty in there, then I returned to the wet room, thinking I might catch a few with my surprise return and counter attack… I did!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue06Down to move the laundry from washer to the dryer.

There was a clean filter awaiting me, as I got the clothing into the drum. Thank you whoever cleaned it out after use.

Started the dryer going, then cleaned the drum and casing of the washer.

2Tue07bSprayed freshener around.

I nipped outside to take this, hopefully, ‘moody’ photo of Woodthorpe Court, from just outside the foyer entrance.

To the lift and up to the 12th floor.

Had another short-sharp-painful wee-wee. Only one beetle/weevil seen, a big one, mind. He or she had managed to get up into the wash basin. I interrupted its swim, and despatched it to the WC and flushed.

I got the Monday diary completed and posted off. Then made up some nibbles for the medical staff at the INR blood Test, and a few in case anyone was helpful to me at the Clinic afterwards. (As if!) Hehehe!

Made a start on this blog.

2Tue080320hrs: Time to retrieve the washing.

Someone had the same idea as me, to get their laundry done early, and had placed their washing in a machine.

 I got the togs out and folded up. Not a lot done today, I forgot to collect up the bath towel, dressing gown and tea towels when I got the stuff ready. Klutz!

I thought I’d got another odd sock when emptying the drum, luckily I found that I had dropped one taking out the clobber from the dryer, and it had craftily hidden behind the green laundry bag, and I found the abscondicated hosiery when I moved the bag. They are a cunning army of little things, these sly cotton socks. But you know that, don’t you? Haha!

I got a surprise as I left the laundry room. I saw an elderly lady sat in the foyer outside the door, wearing her slippers, pyjamas and dressing gown. She moved to the call panel… I let her in, but having no hearing aids in it was hard to make out what she was saying, bless her.

I assumed she had got her washing in the washer, and decided to go out in the fresh air, just like I do, and she forgot she’d not got her entry swipe with her. (I did it once, I did feel a fool!)

So I kept the conversation light, did not question her and I tried to make out things were normal. (In case she was feeling embarrassed. She seemed and sounded like a lovely lady. I’d never seen her before. We rode up in the lift. She chatted to me happy enough. She alighted on the second floor. I felt so glad I was fortunate enough to be there to help.

2Tue08a Whoopsie O1A I got in the apartment and put the gear away. Went in the spare room with the small towel and spotted these Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles!

Arghh! They had got into the old crock pot that was on top of a bag of stuff to go to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

An Advanced Attack Division, or a Specialised Infantry Group, I suspect! Or, maybe the dead and wounded from a battle between Spare Room Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles and Wet Room Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles? Hehehe! Oh, no, they are all alive!

Whoopsie O1A I took the pot and stood it in the sink, got the kettle boiling… back to the sink, put the sink-plug in and tipped them out, poured bleach on them. Then when the water had boiled, I went to drain the water over the creatures. To my amazement, only about half of the flipping things were still there when I got to the sink with the kettle. No signs of those that had escaped? With bleach on them too! And they ran away? Incomprehensible!

I got on with creating this post.

Went on TFZer Facebooking.

0725hrs: One heck of a sudden loud clattering noise, made me jump. I assumed someone had thrown something down the waste chute on a floor above. I bet some poor soul still in bed got woken up by that one. A little early too. The general rule is not to use the chutes until 0800hrs. Although, forgetting the time is not unknown amongst we elderly pensioners. (Forgetting the day, month and year, along with where we live and bus numbers too! Hehehe!)

Went to get the ablutions done. All completed I started the medicationalisationing of Little Inchies Lesion (Nasty and teeth gritting!) and Harold’s Haemorrhoids (Just stung a nanoscopic bit).

My cerebricity began to return to action, and a driblet of determination manufactured itself and lingered ready for use. Even a scintilla of common sense lingered trying to get into the synapse. Typically, it failed, but the very fact that it attempted, I found stunningly unexpected.

I made up three bags of rubbish and took them to the waste chute on the way out.

Whoopsie O1A The caretaker was hoovering the foyer, as I called in the laundry room to see if I had left the Bates Hotel Towel in there, as I could not find it up in the flat. No luck!

2Tue10As I limped along Chestnut Walk, now renamed by many of us Old Residents as Death Hobble Alley, along the middle of the roadway, of course, as the footpath has been blocked off now; I had odd, however humourous thoughts come temporarily into my newly discovered semi-operational, but scary brain mode.

I hope enough of the tenants survive the hassle, plant-traffic and live long enough to tell the newcomers in the brand new Extra-Care unit, what life was like here before the work started; when we were all far less bonkers. And had balconies that offered us a great, enjoyable unbeatable, natural view with no windows to open and clean. Happy Days! Hahaha!

Took my time, I’d made an early start, and waddled down Winchester Street. Taking in the wonderful nature of the trees and greenery as I got down to the bottom of the hill.

2Tue11Whoopsie O1A Turned left along Hood Street, and right up Marshall Street. The sounds of naughty-blue language from raised annoyed voices could be heard coming from one of the terrace houses as I passed by.

Thick smoke was coming out of the broken glass in another window. I assumed its the new tobacco-free things, or perhaps weed that caused it.

This reminded me of home when I was, but an ankle-snapper and dear Mummy was living with us. I seemed to be doing a lot of reminiscing today?

A distinctly different piece of Nottinghamian Street Art was noticed.

I avoided the broken glass on the pavement and got onto Mansfield Road. Up the hill, I did a bit of window shopping.

More foul language from four kids at a bus stop.

A spilt tray of whatever takeaway food it was initially, lay part crushed with a footprint impressed on it, near the library.  Kebab and chips perhaps? I couldn’t be sure. A queue at the bus shelter, prevented me taking a picture of it.

2Tue12Over the hill and down to the surgery, with plenty of time to spare.

The receptionist I don’t think I’d seen before. At least, I didn’t get any sideways looks from her as I explained why I was there. She checked on her computer and indicated for me to take a chair.

I settled in one and got the crossword book out.

Whoopsie O1A After ten minutes or so, someone came with a ganglet of nipperoonies. The kids set about trying to destroy the ‘Little One’s Kitchen.’ Supplied by the surgery to keep them amused. The noise ended my interest in the crossword book, I couldn’t concentrate.

I noticed the sign about the Flu Jabs and booking them with the receptionist. So I went to the Lady did so. She asked for my details and opened my file.

Whoopsie O1A Then she wished me a happy birthday. Caught by surprise, I thanked her.

The appointment for the Flu injection was made for… wait for it… 0930hrs on 16th October. Hehehe!.

Whoopsie O1A Sat down again, as I did so, both hearing aids sounded the warning about low batteries. So I changed them. Much to the interest and curiosity of some of the other patients sat nearby.

Nurse Ann came right to me to fetch me to go with her to her treatment room. I was indeed honoured!

No telling offs or snide remarks at all. I handed the nibbles. She’d soon taken the blood and wished me well as I left.

I put some nibbles for the receptionists on their desk and left to catch a but to the City Hospital.

Calling in the Lidl near the bus stop. Got some of the BBQ roasting spray, Butter beans in tomato sauce and brown thins (All on offer price). Cherry tomatoes and vegetarian mini sausages as well. Exited the shop after going through the self-serve rigmarole without any problems. Egotistic Mode Adopted!

Straight to the City Hospital in no time, it seemed.

Whoopsie O1A I’d got the right day this time, too. All they did was take me in a prepare me for some x-rays or whatever, wheeled me in, took them, a lot of them too. I was in and out of the place, in about fifteen minutes.



Caught a bus to go into Sherwood and dropped off to catch an L9 bus up the hill back home.

This naughty Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was a danger to the pedestrians as he weaved his way through them. The Fershtinkiner!

I hobbled on to the Sherwood bus shelter. The feet were getting more and more painful and stinging something awful now.

2Tue12bThree people were waiting there at the stop. One lady from Winchester Court. I’d spoken with her a few times in the past. She was wearing her white bonnet, and very pretty it was.

The three us had a natter as the bus was so late arriving, we thought we all might not get back up the hill to the apartments.

It arrived though, being late meant nothing to us, we were just glad to catch it. Hehe!

I aided the lady from the bus, and we chinwagged for a minute or two before I left her outside the lobby of her block.

I pressed on and got to the lift, with two other people. We managed a laugh between us on the way up.

Got in and had a short-sharp-painful wee-wee, before checking on the letter in the box.

The Nottingham City Homes mail informed me that a meeting was to take place, on 11th September 2018. It was about the plans for the for the Communal rooms within the New Extra Care block being built. We can have our say on what we think the rooms would be best used for. I thought about asking for a Bungee Jump and Squash Court. Hahaha!

I did the Health Checks and took the medications. Wrote the dates above in the Google calendar.

Then started to update this diary.

Whoopsie O1A Most annoyingly, WordPress kept jumping to American English, from UK English. Each time I changed it back, it lost the memory of what I’d done and had to be replaced again. Grrr!

After over two-and-a-half hours of frustration, the fatigue arrived, and I had to stop working on the computer because I was making so many mistakes, it was getting ridiculous.

Got some triple cooked chips in the heated oven, and the (Patti Berket) seasoned recipe beans in the saucepan. I’ll add the Frikadellens ten minutes before the chips should be cooked. Fingers crossed.

2Tue12aDidn’t go too badly.

Flavour Rating of 5.5/10. Somehow, apart from the beans which were grand, things seemed to be a little off, to me?

I ate most of it.

Got the pots in the bowl to soak and had a wee-wee.

2Tue12bHealth Checks and medications tended to.

Took a photo from the spare room window of a neighbours ‘new’ kitchen windows.

Head down to watch some TV programmes.

After a couple of hours nodding off and waking, I gave up and think I drifted off within a few minutes. Nice!

Inchcock Today – Monday 27th August 2018: I got out for a mini photographicalisational hobble at last!


Monday 27th August 2018

Bulgarian: Понеделник, 27 август 2018 г.

0250hrs: My early expergefaction found my head was full of saturninity. I felt sombre, melancholic, gloomy, foreboding, chagrined and fearful. And cursed with an unnaturally doleful outlook on life.

0310hrs: After spending a while, with my body parts partly hanging off of the £300 second-hand recliner; in self-recrimination and going into a critical-analysing mode, I gave up. There was no way the brain wanted to cooperate with my desperate search for the reasons for this sad condition I found myself in. I untangled my heavier than its ever been body from the recliner.

I rose and stood up semi-perpendicular, caught my balance and took a couple of steps towards the kitchen to do the Health Checks. But got diverted by the sudden arrival of a need for the Porcelain Throne, so off to the wet-room.

1Mon06The evacuation was another messy, although less so than yesterday, one.

Then I needed a short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

As for the Ironclad black biting evil boll weevil mini-beetles, I could see only three of them. I wondered if they were on a tea-break? Haha!

Cleaned up, and went into the spare room to check for the weevil-beetles.

Many more had been caught in the Killer Bug trap, and the made-up carton one.

So, I weighed myself while I was in there; shocks (the weight indicated) like this can kill an old-timer like me you know! Hehehe!

I suppose this means another nervous Inchcock lecture from Sister Jane when she and Pete call to visit me on Wednesday. (I’m a bag of nervures at the very thought of it! Hahaha!)

Had a short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

In the kitchen, the box had only tempted a few of the Ironclad black biting evil boll weevil mini-beetles to commit Hari-Kari. I must order some more of the traps.

Had another short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

Finally, I got around to doing the Health checks. Then got the graph of the results done.


1Mon04Got the weeks medication pots made-up.

Got the computer on, and sent some photographs of the Evil boll weevil ironclad biting beetles, to the Company I got the bug killer cards from, CritterKill.

I hope to get some free traps from them.

Took another short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

Got the job of finalising the Sunday post completed and sent it off to WordPress. Visited the WordPress Reader next. Then replied to comments and made some.

Took another short-sharp-painful wee-wee. (Getting a tad worrying, all this urinationalisationing is! Hehe!)

1Mon05Got the kettle on.

WDPBL Nipped off for yet another wee-wee, not a short-sharp and painful effort this time. It was long and painful! Humph!

Popped into the spare room to take a photo through the only window that allows me to, of the morning view of the flats and gloomily ominous sky.

WDPBL As I stretched to get back from the window, stepping over a box of the PP’s, I felt the pain, and I realised that sadly, the PP’s I was wearing had become suddenly ensanguined. Flipping Harold’s Haemorrhoids in trouble!

I removed them and wrapped them up in the yellow bag, then into the NHS disposing bag. Its getting fuller all the time. Tsk! I hope I can carry it when I go to the surgery on Tuesday. Oh, that’s tomorrow!

I made a start on this blog as far as up to here. Then decided I needed to get the medicationalisationing done, and got the ablutions tended to at the same time.

I spotted a couple of Ironclad black biting evil boll weevil mini-beetles on the kitchen floor.

1Mon07 I adopted ‘Attack-Mode’ immediately. I prospective manoeuvre with meritorious results. I soon regretted this decision!

 I got down on the knees (Which Arthur Itis was not happy about!), and used kitchen towels to courageously grab, crush and store both of the rock hard-shelled Evil boll weevil ironclad biting beetles wrapped up in.

WDPBL I struggled to get back up, of course, and banged my already bruised right arm on the edge of the countertop, in the process. It stung a bit a bit, I can tell yer! What a Shmo!

I was about to adopt a ‘Smug Mode’, as I threw the towel into the sink, both of the beetles ran out of the towelling and scurried down the 1Mon07bplug hole at a high rate of knots. Apparently unharmed?

Into the wetroom with the gear needed for the ablutionisationing session, stripped off and found the bruise was looking like the inside of a volcano, what the heck! Hehe!

Worra start to the day, Tsk!

1Mon07cI’ll show this to the nurse in the morning at the blood test. Something to give her a laugh.

I took the black bags to the waste chute and returned to Emergency Ward 10 (the apartment) to collect the hearing aids, then out and down in the lift.

Didn’t see a soul on the way out.

1Mon08Dropped some books I’d read on the ‘Help Yourself’ coffee table in the foyer.

Across the road and up the gravel footpath. Anne Gyna was increasing her hassle as I climbed up, as is to be expected.

So sorry, to see that the Tree Copse is losing another tree, it looks like it is dying off. Sob! The site appears to be thinner each time I pass by. I just hope it’s not vandals that are breaking the branches off.

1Mon09Up to the top and left down the beautiful tree-lined footpath.

Being a Bank Holiday (Spit, I hate them!), there were few Nottinghamiams about this morning. Just a few dogs were taking their owners for a walk to play ball, and keep them happy. I did stop for a few minutes to watch some of them.

No Pavement Cyclist either! Yehaa!

1Mon12The new Gym had plenty of people showing off.

I say plenty; usually, there are four or five one can see through the glass at this time day.

Today I counted eight at least.

They don’t like it when I look in at the, you know.


I think the heavy rain yesterday had helped the Street Furniture to better health.

The Teapot looked really bright and smelt a little like petrichor.

A few of the shops were open, about 30% of them I’d guess. But there were very few citizens of this once fair City about to supply them with any trade.

1Mon10Further down the hill, the decorative Cup-Cake’ display was also in good shape, and smelt the same as the Tea Pot did, beautiful!

The Co-op store was open and trading.

Taking this photo, I realised a bus was on Mansfield Road, the only one I noticed during my little hobble around the block.

Apart from Anne Gyna’s botherations, I was feeling good, and ambled down and left up Winchester Street hill on my way back up to the apartments. As expected, Anne Gyna made it an effort for me to keep going.

1Mon13But it was not a long walk, and I took my time, my stopping half-way up the incline, to make this photo showing a gardens flowers in the front, and at the back left, Woodthorpe Court, on the right Winchester Court.

It really was a pleasant morning hobble, apart from getting up the hill back.


1Mon14Arriving back with no workers, traffic, plant etc. was a delight in itself!

Again, not a soul in sight as I limped along the traffic and danger-free Chestnut Walk.

Anne Gyna eased off a lot, now I was back on a flat bit to walk on.

Just beyond the Nottingham City Homes, 1Mon14aWinwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to wait for the bus to arrive shed; a new digging plot. What I said in fun, about the cemetery being built on what was the verge last week, now looked more like 1Mon15a paddling pool under construction.

And somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, porta-cabin. I could manage a paddling pool. Haha!

As I got towards the foyer of Woodthorpe Court, this vehicle was parked in the Emergency Vehicles Only bay.

1Mon16Trying to make a judgement, cause as far as I could see, there was nowhere else for her/him to park? Fingers crossed there is no real fire.

I crossed over the road and through the mechanical metal maze and into the foyer.

No one had taken any of the books I’d left earlier.

Very strange that. They usually go so quickly?

Made my way up to the flat, and had a short-sharp -wee-wee, without seeing anyone again! So, no chinwags for me today. Tsk!


It was only a short hobble, but one I needed after not leaving the flat for two days. Took my time and did relish it.

Computer out of sleep-mode, and got on with updating this blog again.

Got the oven warming ready for the Frikadellens, to have with a bean-stew/soup later. But decided to have vegetarian sausage instead.

Went on the TFZer Facebook.

1Mon21Vegetarian sausage, mixed bean stew (Canned), wholemeal thins, medications and a sliced apple was served up for my nosh. I added just a splash of Balsamic vinegar to the beans.

Super tasty! Flavour rating of 8.9/10 given.

I cannot identify the vegetarian sausages, for they came from the freezer in a clear bag, with ’20 minutes – oven’ written on a bit of paper 1Mon22inside.

I went for another wee-wee, and many of the Ironclad black biting evil boll weevil mini-beetles, seemed to be doing a choreographed war-dance around the Critterkill box? Hahaha!

The usual fatigue arrived, and I got Health Checks done, and settled onto the creaking £300 second-hand recliner, to watch some TV. I was overjoyed to see that Channel 31 on Freeview, was showing some A-Team episodes back-to-back.

WDPBL My joy, turned to disappointment when I could not avoid dropping off at every commercial break that came on. The duration of these nod-offs varied from a couple of minutes to ten minutes. Eventually, realising my wish to watch this poorly scripted, bizarrely over-acted episodes (But I like me), Over the four episodes shown, I must have seen a total of around 15 minutes-worth. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 26th August 2018: Odd day, odd ailments and odd thoughts. So, nothing odd there then, Hehe!


Sunday 26th August 2018

Greek: Κυριακή 26 Αυγούστου 2018

0320hrs: Woke up, and pondered over a dream I’d been having, in which I was young and amorous. (Oh, yes!) But the memories faded faster than I could muse over them. By, gum it was an entertaining nightmare, even if I cannot recall specific details, a feeling of joy contentment and satisfaction lingered. And I savoured it for a short time. Hehe!

Getting out of the £300 rickety second-hand recliner proved a little more troublesome than it has of late.

WCplasterA I felt the dried blood crack and leak out from Little Inchies Fungal Lesion as I moved. Straight to the wet room to check things out, cleaning and medicating was needed. Not a good start to the day. However, I could not see a single Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevil in the room. Wash and new PP’s adorned. As I bent down to clean up a spot of blood I’d missed, Anne Gyna kicked off with a venom and has stayed with me ever since. (as of writing, 0545hrs) Then into the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

I noticed the Darjeeling tea bags that Jenny had treated me to, bless her, but made a brew 6Sat24of Assam, this and English Breakfast teabags are suitable for the morning. I shall indulge myself to another Darjeeling this afternoon.

WCplasterA Again, that should not have been Darjeeling, but Pfunda Earl Grey tea. Schlemiel!

No sooner had I filled the small China mug, I had to hasten to the Porcelain Throne.

WCplasterA Oh, heck! What a messy evacuation again. From sitting down to completion took about five-seconds, most unsatisfying. Splattering and mess making. I initiated a cleaning-up operation. I only spotted a few of the Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevils, but they have this magic ability to run in different directions at speed and disappearing. I wish they would gay shlafen for good!

WCplasterA Once more, Anne Gyna stabbed away as I struggled to get back upright after chasing but not catching any of the pesky beetles/weevils. Tsk!


7Sun02Finally, I got the Health Checks done. The Sys, Dia, Pulse, and temperature were all up a little on yesterday morning’s results.

Not that this is a bad thing (I think anyway).

The amazing thing was the weight had gone down, and I didn’t get out of the flat yesterday for any hobbling either? All tsoris now! Tsk!

7Sun03When I went into the spare room to weigh myself, there was plenty of the damned hyper-active (Not those dead on the Killer Pad, though) Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevils on the window ledge.

I bagged a few extra in a kitchen towel, squeezed them and wrapped them in a plastic bag and deposited them in the waste bin.

7Sun07aThe hands and Arthur Itis were in agreement to allow me to perform functions with my digits this morning.

So I then made up another Critter Kill box and left in on the ledge.

Already, more of the Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevils were out and about. One of them mounted the cardboard for a sniff around within seconds of my depositing the box on the shelf/ledge. Hehe!

I still can’t understand why so many more of these creepy-crawlies live in the spare room and wet room, where there is no food, and there are so many fewer of them in the kitchen?

WCplasterA Gerrin’ a bit frequent ain’t they? Oy Vey!

7Sun11I stripped off for a quick rinse to rid myself of any of the sticky-stuff and freshen-up a bit.

See the picture on the left? I think this happened before once, just before the blotches came on.

Alien Crop Circles, chest-hair is gone? How, when, why, who…? Nocturnal visitors? Poltergeist? Was it the Ironclad black biting mini beetle/weevils? Self-inflicted during the dream? Had I made a mug of tea or bleach and rested it on my chest in my sleep or while somnambulating, burning off the skin pigment and hairs? Just asking like. Hehehe!

7Sun10Some precipitation this morning. The temperature in the flat was 22°c – 71 °f. But it felt a lot colder.

The plastic sheeting on the unwanted, new, blocking out the light and view windows, was being blown about a bit harshly by the wind.

The humidity is very high at 59. Does this mean heavy rain will follow? I’ll look it up.


Looks like we are in for a fair bit of rain today. Must take the brolly with me if I do get to go out for a hobble.

On the computer to begin this diary up to here, then went to finish yesterday’s and got it posted off to the WordPress.

Went on the WordPress Reader. Then on Facebooking on the TFZ site.

Brother in Law Pete rang. He and Jane were going to visit on Tuesday. But I have two medical appointments this day. After refitting me into their affluent, almost Royal-Like schedule, Gala Shows, Theatre, Football Matches, Dinner parties, etc. I was changed to the Wednesday. Hehehe!

7Sun38Got the nosh served up.

Minced beef, carrots, leeks, potatoes, cheese, onion and lightly seasoned with tomato puree, oregano and onion salt. Instant gravy, Bisto.

It didn’t look very appetising but was alright flavour-wise. Gave it a Taste-Rating of 7/10.

WCplasterA Mate BJ rang just as I’d settled into the £300 second-hand recliner and took my first bite. Ah, well.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, messy and Anne Gyna giving me some stick now.

On to CorelDraw to finish a TFZer graphic to post.


Fatigue came earlier than ever.

I cannot say for sure what happened for the next few hours. Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun and Blank Periods Peter seemed to take over. This was a bit worrying…. not at the time, but afterwards. Anne Gyna seemed to have settled in permanently too.

Once I seemed to sort of come-round so as to speak, the brain started off with its meanderings, and it took me ages to get to nod off. Tsk!


Inchcock Today – Saturday 25th August 2018:


Saturday 25th August 2018

Norwegian: Lørdag 2 August 2018

0255hrs: Stirred into life, as an entirely different person and mood again. Nervous, fearful, anxious, timidity, insecurity, dubiousness, and scepticism reigned and ruled this cold, wet Saturday morning. So much so, I lay there in the £300 second-hand creaking recliner for half-an-hour or so, musing on life.

My acuity was noticeable by its absence, and no decisions, plans or hopes were raised.

7Sun07aWhoopsie O1AA Moments after moving my blubbery body mass, both Duodenal Donald and Harold’s Haemorrhoids kicked off. This prompted me to continue with my expergefaction, and get to the kitchen to take the medications. I imbibed an extra pain-killer and Omeprazole capsule with the usual morning selection, to help counter Donald and Harold’s interest in me.

Who needs breakfast Hehehe!


No sooner had I got the Health Checks finished, a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. In the wet room on the Throne, I observed a few of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles/weevils scattered around, mostly near a crack at the bottom of the door where there is a tiny gap?

7Sun05I decided to check the spare room window ledge.

The Killer Bug thingie had caught many more creatures overnight. I watched the insects for a while.

They seemed to be coming in, then rushing back through a tiny gap in the new window sealing when the light went on? But, who 7Sun07knows?

I went on the scales while I was in there.

I know I still had my socks and protection pants on, but crikey! 6lb increase from yesterday! Can’t be, surely? Had something gone wrong with the scales or what? I’m aware I didn’t get a hobble in on Friday, Oh dearie me!

My confidence was lowered even more, now.

Made a mug of tea and got the computer on. Created an extra graphic on CorelDraw to use 7Sun10as a page top later on.

Started this diary going.

I fear, especially with it being the weekend, that the Liberty Global-Virgin Media will go down a few times again today, the flashing centre light is a sign of this.

Of course, when I took the photo, it went back to being constant. Tsk!

Went to make a mug of tea for the one I let go cold. The wind was a-blowing, and it was cold in the flat. Made the brew and I put on the dressing gown.

Whoopsie O1AA Discovered that the Electoral Register email address, sent me to a Worcestershire Site, that naturally did not recognise my two passwords as given me by the Nottingham City Council. So I could not answer them on email, with confirmation. Grumph!

I went to yesterdays blog to update it.

Then I made a blog about Bank Holiday Weekends and my abhorrence, loathing and hatred of them, in a rhyme of sorts. A load of tosh for a bit of fun.

Went on the WordPress reader, being weekend, there was not much there.

Popped on Facebook, as I felt the innards brewing up for another visit to the Porcelain Throne.

CorelDraw utilised to create some graphics tops for later use. Did the Health Checks and medications.

Blooming heck, look at the time. Got the Health Checks done.

6Sat18aGot the nosh prepared.

Not feeling so good now. Unbelievable how early the fatigue came on today.

I was pretty useless for doing anything requiring concentration now.

But still, I cleaned the plate of every scrap of food! Hehe!

aaa01 Well, no, sorry, that’s a fib. I did throw away some of the tomatoes, due to their lousy tasteless flavour and chewability of softened shoe leather.

At least the washing up was easy this time. Haha!

I settled to watch some TV and quickly found myself off into the land of Nod.

Woke up to the sound of the door chimes on both bells.

Whoopsie O1AA I’m afraid, as I tried to get free from the £300 wobbly second-hand recliner, I knocked over the water bottle when the rachitic joints suddenly stiffened. Getting myself back up from the floor where I’d gone down to for retrieving the bottle and by the time I got to answer the door, whoever called had long gone.

6Sat24♥ Jenny had left me two boxes of Prfunda Earl Grey tea bags outside the door!

Bless her cotton-socks! ♥

I’ve never tried this tea before and will do in the morning when the taste-buds are clear, and the bladder emptied.

Thank You, Jenny! X

Took the last medications of the day, and settled to watch some Hetty Wainthroppe Investigates episodes on the DVD.

I got as far as the start of the second one on the disc, and the Strobe Fire Alarm that Nottingham City Homes had installed, had activated!

Whoopsie O1AA What an absolute burlesque-like farce ensued! I had to get out of the recliner first, which I did, knocking the remote control and nasal spray onto the floor as I got up. Trod on the nasal spray, causing the cap to shoot off and it sprayed up my leg and foot… determined to check if it was a real fire alarm or not, I continued to make my way to the door to listen for any activation outside, and trod on the remote control! Botherations! I hope it still works later; there was a cracking noise when I walked on it that I heard, and I wasn’t wearing the hearing aids… Oh dear! 

Looked through the spy-hole in the door, could see nothing untoward, so checked for heat on the door handle, none felt. So I opened the door to have a listen. No alarm sounding outside. I could not verify anything from the windows like I used to be able to, to see if any fire engines were on site. The new unwanted windows prevent it now, with the dirty-great ledge sticking out blocking my view downwards. I tried to look out through the gap in the balcony like on Thursday, but the hole had been filled in, so, no luck there either.

I tried the remote control, and it still worked, but a plasticy sound emanates when I press any button. Then cleaned the leg and foot, I was surprised at how the nasal spray stung on the flesh?

Got settled down again to watch Hetty on the DVD. I soon had to give up, the nodding-offs grew too frequent. Turned everything off, and lay there wanting to sleep, now I could not. The mind was off on ones its renown (To me) wandering session, fretting over everything, fearing a lot of things and almost searching for something else to fret over. Tsk!  What a plonka!

Evening all!

Bank Holiday Weekend – Inchcock doesn’t like em!

Worrisit abarght Bank Holidays that upset the Old Git?

Days without any buses to get him anywhere,

Spends too much time sat in his computer chair,

Days stuck communicating with the blogosphere,


Tormenting his haemorrhoids in his recliner chair,

Global-Virgin will fail again, but this is not rare!

He thinks back to 1962, when he had an affair,

He eats, no one to talk to, he gets chubbier,

Ever increasing weight, makes him feel even barmier!


His neighbour residents go off but to where?

To visit friends and families, kids or maybe an heir?

They go to  the Bahamas, New York or Guinea-Bissau, 

He can’t afford a holiday away, that’s not fair!


Leaving the sad repugnant Gerry, lonely and in despair,

No buses, can’t get to see his Sister Jane to eat one any donair,

Then pass wind and get thrown out, with Janes usual flair.


Wondering why he is short, fat and has no hair,

No social skills, not distinguished or debonair,

His body and mind in a state of disrepair.


Feeling down, he sometimes gets out of the chair,

In search of biscuits, cheese curls or a chocolate eclair,

If his breasts get any bigger, he’ll need a brassiere!

How will he cope this weekend?

Will his depression ever mend?

I fear he may do something that might hyperextend…

His sanity, health and his stomach may well distend!

When will his eating ever end?

No, hang on, he might yet kick this depressing trend…

Red Dwarf’s on TV later – but he’ll never stay awake to the end!


The reason for this pathetic rhyme not making much sense, and the gammaticalerrors, are put down to Inchcock’s lack of education, his being stupid, his losing the battle against the Pestering Ironclad black biting mini-beetles/weevils and their being no buses for him to use.




Inchcock Today – Fri Aug 24th Aug 2018: Smug Mode Adopted, Fire Alarm, Ironclad black biting beetles attack persists. Harold’s Haemorrhoid hassle continues, Tsk!


Friday 24th August 2018

Africaans: Vrydag 24 Augustus 2018

5Fri005a0350hrs: Woke feeling confused and positively cold this Friday morning.

With rare nowadays, indications of movements having taken place, from the lower limited-use area. Which of course had started the Fungal Lesion bleeding. This was accompanied by some pretty nasty stinging aggravations from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

As I lay there waiting for the grey-cells to activate sufficiently enough for the bodily movements to be enabled. The need for the use of the Porcelain Throne forced me to struggle out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, and thanks to piles, make a painful visit to the wet room. In a rush, I did not take the camera with me as I usually would have to record the damned Ironclad black biting min-beetles/weevils. But there were only around five of the little buggers to be seen while I carried out my evacuation. Again, a swift, soft affair. Which meant, no time for the reading of the book this merry morning on the throne.

Daktacort2Had a cleanup and a medicationalistical ointmenting session with Little Inchies Fungal Lesion (Pain-Level 8.5/10, nasty!) and Harold’s Haemorrhoids (Pain-Level 3/10), and got the ensanguined areas treated with the Daktacort Miconazole cream. Anusoling the pesky and irritated at the moment, haemorrhoids.

I limped into the kitchen, with the aim of giving the brain time to come together, by making a mug of lovely strong tea.

WDPBL02a I had the door open, but no hearing aids in yet of course – but still I heard the Fire-Alarm kick-off. I poddled to the door and had a peek through the spy hole, no signs of any smoke out there. Even during this slightly alarming period (Alarming? Did you like that? Hehe!), I wondered how the heck I heard the alarm with no aids in my tab-holes?

5Fri001bWhat I would have done in the past, was go to the kitchen window and take a picture of the fire brigade arriving. But of course, now with the new windows and the sticking out ledge, it is impossible to do this. So I went into the front room and took a photo through the locked balcony door glass. Luckily the outer pod was in the process of being erected and had holes and gaps in it; so I could take a lousy photograph with the engines etc. seen through an opening that will soon be filled in, blocking out view and light altogether of any sight of the ground below for the time being. Until I am able to use the multi-windows that will need cleaning covered balcony when it is completed, by unlocking sliding the door back, opening one of the windows, and leaning out to take a picture – of course by the time I get all that done, the fire brigade will have left. Unless it was an actual fire, of course. I tangled that wording up a bit, didn’t I? Haha!

5Fri001WDPBL02a I continued on my mission to get a mug of tea. Finding in the kitchen, a few Ironclad black biting min-beetles/weevils.

See the Ironclad in the old washing-up bowl in the photo? Near to it was something that looked like a bit of brown/orange fluff. When I went to remove whatever it was, it sort of blew-up when I touched it and a thick liquid poured out?

Lie01a Of course, I planned to show the shadow of my hands holding the camera in it, to make it more interesting!

The brigade vehicles had gone, I then got on with doing the Health Checks and taking the medications.


By gum, the Sys, Dia, Pulse, and Temperature were all down. I would have expected the little bit of excitement with the fire alarm would have sent them the other way, up? Just goes to show you what I actually don’t know, doesn’t it? These results leave me all ferblunjit. Hahaha!

I made a start on this post, before finishing yesterday’s off. So much seemed to have happened in a short time, I thought I might forget something to record.

5Fri002Selecting the photographs from the camera card, I found this one. Another unintended mystery picture was taken! Klutz! Thanks to the ailment, Shaking Shaun.

But it fascinated me. Where, hoe when this morning could I have shot this view?

I deployed my Sherlock Homes investigative cap and spent ages trying to find out what I’d 5Fri006inadvertently snapped. Eventually, by using my superior investigative… no, I’ve used that word already, erm… er… inquisitorial qualities, in no time at all, (well, nearly an hour, Tsk!) I’d worked out what the photograph was of!

Extreme Smug Mode Adopted! Head sways, a superior twisted-lip smile appears on my mush!

5Fri009I recalled (eventually) as I went through what had happened earlier, putting down the camera when I was searching to the Ironclad black biting min-beetles/weevils, on the draining board. I must have caught the shoot button as I did so.

The view is of underneath the row of plate supporters in the draining tray!

Could I use this mystery photo as a template for a Sci-Fi graphic in a Space Station? Haha!

5Fri006aWhile in the kitchen, I  got the potatoes in the crockpot on a low setting. Added some sea salt and malt vinegar to flavour them up.

Made a brew of English Breakfast tea in the small Denby China mug.

Realised I had not actually taken the medications earlier, so I did. Meshugener!

5Fri006bThe sunshine came out.

The kitchen window (right-hand side as you look at this photo), is developing very well into a work of art. Multi-coloured splashes and spillages of various whatever they are. Haha!

WDPBL02a There were many of the Ironclad black biting min-beetles/weevils in the space between the cellophane covering and the glass in the 5Fri009awindows. Whether they were trying to get in or out, I don’t know.

Seeing these repellent beetles/weevils, reminded me to check the bait traps.

I went into the spare room and had a look on the window ledge sheet. There were a lot of caught Ironclads and dozens of little tiny, baby beetles I assumed, all over the painted wood.

5Fri010Off to monitor the wet room battlefield box.

Not so many in that one, but as I put the light on, dozens of the nuisances that were on the floor, scurried down the shower drain?

I felt a bit guilty about seeing the bodies.

Despite the sunshine, it still felt a bit nippy in the apartment. Brrr!

07:25hrs. Then, I started on finalising the Thursday post. Best laid plans, eh?

WDPBL02a Damned Global-Virgin Media internet went down once again!

Liberty Glob

Aug18N4Can’t turn it off, or I’ll lose everything I’ve done recently. Repeated signs were telling me that Saving Failed with WordPress. But it doesn’t bother me!

0755hrs: Back on again. Tried to get the Thursday diary finished.

Started on the templates.

1600hrs: Got hem finished. Phew!

5Fri011I put some extra sharp cheddar on top of the Cumberland Pie nosh. It turned out just grand.

Flavour Rating: 902/10.

The weather was okay, a bit of wind and rain occasionally.

I took some photographicalisation through the balcony windows at the front.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I fell asleep and rewoke repeatedly to so many programmes tonight: Heartbeat, The Interceptors, then I gave up, turned off the TV. 

I lay planning on how to arrange Brexit, solve the immigration worries with a ‘Compassion injection’, invent a pair of spectacles with the inbuilt camera and hearing aids, and the obliteration of pavement cyclists with kindness. Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Thur 23rd August 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops, Street Art, Great chinwags, Pavement Cyclists and the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles/weevils came out to play. Humph!


Thursday 23rd August 2018

Somalia: Khamiis 23-Kii Agoosto 2018

02:50hrs: My expergefaction was a slow one this morning, but still again a different person was dwelling and manipulating the grey-cell’s-box. The ailments were all being sensitive, physically I felt grand. (Apart from the real perception of warmth and wetness from the Fungal Lesion, that was bleeding again, Humph!) But the mind’s attitude was bitter and twisted. I sensed aberrant thoughts with no apparent cause for them. The brain was racing, full of jealousies, hatred for my limitations and situation… It was not a welcome sensation.

As I lay trying to gather together a means of freeing myself of the unwanted worries and aggressiveness, a bit of help arrived, that thankfully changed my attitude back to its usual confused, worried, harmless and none-aggressive pathetically gutless hestitationalistic mode.

WDP001c I went to press the control button to lower the £300 second-hand past-its-best recliner; I knocked over a bottle of spring water; the telephone charger, TV remote control, and a pen. The pen is still missing. (Found it later, when I trod on it!) Had a painful cleaning up session.

I got the Health Checks done first.


4Thu001a Took the medications and changed the batteries in the hearing aids.

I remembered not to take Dia-Limit, St Peters Wort, and vitamin D+ as I had been instructed. (Smug Mode Adopted, Hehe!)

Made a small mug of Assam tea and got on the computer to finish off yesterdays diary. (That doesn’t mean I stood on the computer. [Hehe!])

Getting the blog finished and posted off to WordPress, I decided to stop and get the ablutions done, being as the Morrison order is being delivered twixt 06:00 and 07:00 hrs. 

WDP001c While washing, I espied that I had accrued some brand new unexplained bruises. I was mystified as to what had caused them, I can’t recall banging myself last night? I must remember to put the details on to the Warfarin record.


4Thu03WDP001c Ten minutes or so later, many (minimum 20) Ironclad black biting mini-beetles/weevils came out to play. Humph! A strategic battle, this one I think, they did not launch their attack en-mass. Instead, they came from many seeming different entry points? This made me check all of the other rooms (both of them – it’s not  a big apartment. Haha!)

I only saw one or two in the kitchen and spare room and two in the hallway.

4Thu06While in the spare room, I took this picture on the left, at the end of Chestnut Walk and the tenants hired garages. I thought it came out a little eerie and artistical for me?

The rain was falling, big spots of droplets were on the window, but not many of them.

Back to the wet room and killed a few more of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles/weevils. I got around to medicating and cleansing Little Inchies lesion.

Made a start on this diary.

The intercom rang out, the Morrison delivery. He rang back a few minutes later, saying the door had not opened?


I bought less foodstuff this week. Too overloaded with food at the moment.

WDP001c I wondered why I had ordered the lemon slices? Had I a plan in mind, or did I make another faux pa in ordering?

I went onto the WordPress reader and then the TFZer Facebook. For longer than I had time for as well, Naughty Gerry!

4Thu08Sorted the black bags for taking to the chute.

WDP001c Found some of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles/weevils had been lurking in the waste bin. I got them out and tipped them in the bowl that had washing up liquid and bleach in it from earlier. They just swam out and down to the sink then into the plug hole before I could grab them?

4Thu09Got down hastily and out onto Chestnut Walk. Cyndy and another lady were in the lobby, and we had a laugh and mini-chinwag.

I noticed that even more car spaces had been dug up on the back verge.

With the risk so high for us old uns with having to use the road to walk in, due to the blocking of the footpaths, and hassle of the upgrading work; I wondered if they were making a graveyard for us? That’s kind of em. Hehehe!

I got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents hut. Chat with 4Thu10OBergruppenfurheress Julie, and out to the bus stop for some decent nattering sessions with other residents.

I saw the delightful Geordie gal walking towards us with a rather largish plant machinery vehicle coming up behind her.

You’ve got to be brave to live in these flats! Haha!

I got on the City Bound bus, a gal from Winchester Court got on and sat next to me, and we had a giggle and laugh en route.

4Thu11When we got on Kenrick Road on the way, the sky turned dark very quickly.

It continued to be like this for the rest of the morning, on and off.

I got in town, and straight to the hearing centre. The lady who greeted me… well I say greeted; She half looked at and listened to me while using her mobile phone. She was apparently an 4Thu12expert receptionist. Her semi-sneer and silent tut-tuts were of supreme quality. I got the batteries and was out of there as quickly as my short little legs would allow me to.

Then had a nice steady walk around town taking photographs of some hopefully, interest for the TFZers on my way.

Passing the old Co-op Theatre, I noted that the 4Thu13graffiti along the wall had been replaced with some new design. 

Not bad, I thought.

To the end on to Goosegate, Hockley.

It was a barren place, almost devoid of Nottinghamian customers for the businesses that were still open and trading to tempt in.

4Thu13aaWDP001c I called in the Caterers supply shop on Fletcher Gate. Hoping they would perhaps sell some effective beetle killer or similar. But no!

Up and over the hill and right down Low Pavement.

I didn’t have to struggle through any crowds on that street either. Lots of closed down retailers 4Thu14again.

Near St Peter’s Church, more Nottinghamian Street Art was found.

They can be a right uncouth and violent lot, mankind, can’t they?

4Thu15I limped along Wheeler Gate.

With its line of sixteen taxis waiting for trade in the form of customers.

As the sky once again darkened, I noticed how the old Pearl Insurance building almost shone against the clouds.

So, I whipped out the camera and took this shot. And adopted the Smug Mode when it came out nicely. Hehe!

4Thu16WDP001c Nearer to South Parade and the slab square with its Nottingham Beach, to take some photographs, even I was surprised at how dangerous this Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was riding. The uncaring Schmuck!

He rode quickly from behind between the man and woman with the pram and shot up Friar Lane, the nonce again onto the pavement. Grrr!

I walked along South Parade, close to Exchange Walk. I noticed things that got me thinking, like:


For some reason, this was the first time I’d seen the new public telephones installed. A very American style I thought? Of course, I’ve never been to America. Very smart looking.

The alcoholic and the beggar decorating the Council House steps.

The overweight chap, just coming out of the Wetherspoon pub and swaying about in his hired mobility scooter for free.

A shop that many years ago, my beloved girlfriend worked.

I was daydreaming and deep in thought so much, I nearly walked into one of the telephones. I am a Schmaltzy!

WDP001c I wandered around the back of the Council House and on to Long Row. Where more Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists were riding intimidatingly close to the pedestrians, possibly without even realising it. So many, I gave up snapping them, just took these two.


4Thu20Moved down to the Slab Square and the beach.

As you can see, not many folks about still.

There was a young girl in the air-balloon on the water ride. Naturally, I would not take a photo of her, well, I daren’t nowadays. But she was laughing and throwing herself around so much, it made me smile. No need for iPods to make kids happy is there?

4Thu21As I made my way up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop, I thought I’d take a photograph of the display of Candy Floss in buckets – its the one I walked into last week and knocked over.

Coy Mode Adopted! Hehe!

Plenty of time before the bus was due in, so I ambled slowly up the hill, looking in the Reds True Barbeque eatery, a little like Oliver Twist might have, I imagine, nose to the window with the nose twitching.


Boy, the smells coming from that place were… making me more than peckish, rather ravenous would be a better description. The menu combined with the aroma… I’ll have to put eating there on my bucket list… when I make one. Humph!

4Thu22After forcing myself to resist and desist, I hobbled a few yards up the hill, to find this piece of Nottinghamian Street Art.

Very off-putting indeed.

I plodded to the bus stop, and a bloke from the flats was sat there.

I greeted him with, “Hello there, how are you going?” I was ignored totally. Maybe he didn’t hear me? When the bus arrived, I informed him that it was coming and stood back to allow him to get on. Still no communication from the lad. Ah, well!

4Thu23Back at the flats, I stood for ages having a natter with Cyndy, Ethel Bill (William on Sundays) and Frank. Then made my way towards the apartments. Noticing that a second graveyard was being built on Chestnut Walk. Hehehe!

Further down the road, I was overtaken by Pete on his way home, and he didn’t speak to me either?

4Thu24I made my way around the plant machine.

It was lifting the side sections of the replacement windows over from the road to the hoists so the lads could make use of them.

I got in the foyer and Mo, and another lady was sat there. We had a good long nattering session. I’ve enjoyed a few today, they always cheer me up. I asked her she’d used the new bag she bought at Skeggy last Monday yet.

While we were chatting, I remembered that I had a couple of photographs that I’d had printed for Mo. I nipped up and collected them and took them down for her.

Then up to the flat in the lift together, said our farewells and on up to my floor.

I realised when I got in, that I’d been to town and bought absolutely nothing, not even any food! The hearing aid batteries were free. Proud of Myself Mode Adopted!

WDP001c Got a letter from British Gas telling me about the price hack for next year starting next month?

Started to update this blog. Taken me ages with all the photos to sort out, and now it is already beyond my head-down time with lots of things to do yet.

WDP001c Stopped to do the Health Checks and medications, too late now to do the midday ones. Putz!

Got the potatoes in the oven, and turned off the computer. I can finish it in the morning. I hope!


The Nordic Style bacon with herbs, tasted oh, so great!

This was a nosh worthy of a Flavour Rating of 9.5/10. It would have been even higher, but the tomatoes were pretty tasteless.

Very late for me, I got the head down.

5Fri019I settled to watch an episode of the Heartbeat on TV.

This shop used in the programme always reminds me of a Co-op store I worked at in about 1963ish. The mind drifted back to those days when the first set of adverts came on. Amazingly I stayed awake for the entire show!

But being too late, plans for my watching the Interceptors were altered, when I drifted off to sleep.

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 22nd August 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops continue, but only minor ones


Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Italian: Mercoledì 22 Agosto 2018

03:45hrs: Yet again, I stirred in such a different mood. In an oppugnant frame of mind, and a contradictorily, contrasting state of health compared with the previous morning. No self-pity, gruffness or searching for faults. Ailments… what are they? Hehe!

It genuinely was as if I’d awoken with a different person inside of me had taken charge. A mock semi-positivity reigned. This felt good. But, this is happening more often nowadays, and I know things will change. I just tried to enjoy this new found hard to appreciate certainty while it lasted. (Which was not for long, TSk!)

WDPBL As I moved to manipulate my short stubby but wobbly body free from the £300 second-hand recliner, I felt the obviously ensanguined state of the PP’s crack, as the dried blood was broken, and a new flowing started. So much for the new positive me!

WDPBL I could not find my slippers anywhere in the room.

WDPBL I made my way to the wet room for remedial cleaning and medicating activities to be performed. A repulsive, unpleasant task. (It hurt a bit too. Humph!)

Cleaned up, changed the PPs and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


3Wed04aMade a brew, then took the medications.

The Health Check readings looked to be okay to me, I thought.

The uncertainty of everything I do, the realisation that my memory is still doing its own thing, and the fretting and self-criticising began again.

I had to go to the Porcelain Throne in some haste. The passage took about three-seconds at the most. How disappointing! Hehe!

I could only see five of the Ironclad tough black biting mini-beetles in there this morning. Two in the sink, one on the floor and two half way up the shower curtain.

Cleaned up again and back to the front room and put the computer on.

3Wed01I noticed that the Nottingham City Homes supplied monitor was showing a high humidity level.

Well, within the green range, but the highest it has ever been since I got it.

Does this mean rain is due? Or the opposite? I keep saying I’ll look this up, I’ll try to remember later.

I made a start on doing this blog.

Went to make another brew of tea. WAiting for the kettle to brew, I thought I’d nip into the spare room to have a search for the escaped slippers. Klutz!

No footwear located, but I did find about eighty of the Ironclad tough black biting mini-beetles on and around the window ledge! The Bug Killer cardboard had caught a good few of them. As I started to try to squash the other beetles around, I found that several of them ran up onto my hand in attack mode!

WDPBL For some reason, many of the few that I actually got to squash, turned to dust when I did so? Others just walked away after I’d pressed down hard on them with the back of my fingernail. The rest abscondicated. Tsk!


What did I do with those slippers?

06:00hrs: I got this far on this page, and then made a start on finalising yesterdays post. Finished it and posted it off. Read comments and went on the WordPress Reader.

3Wed06Went on the Email checking.

The one on the left here was from the Surgery. It claims to be giving me my INR results.

But it does not do so. I have no idea what my INR level is.

They do give me the dosages for Warfarin for next week, though. Considering how high the daily doses are given, I assume that the level must be low again?

In this email was a link to the results of 3Wed07Patient Satisfaction for the Sherrington Park Medical Practice.

I snipped it from the screen and added some red arrows to indicate how I rated them.

After last weeks farcical five visits, and them telling me they would make me early appointments from here on – I find they give me a 10:20hrs one for my next blood test!

Another day lost. With my tiring so quickly and early in the day, it is difficult to get things done. It is not helping my health really. I have mentioned this to them, but…

I could do with getting a hobble in today. So I’ll get the ablutions done now, and try to stay awake later on to do the TFZer Facebooking done.

Ablutionisational activities undertaken. No shower, too early to disturb the neighbours with the noise it makes.

I tried to take a couple of decent shots of the part erected, not liked, unwanted, thick-framed light and view-blocking balcony that was done yesterday. That will mean more window cleaning for me, just what I need!


Two black bags made up and deposited in the waste chute. Made up a white sack of recyclable stuff and took it down with the cleaned empty tomato sauce jar, on the way out.

7Sun4As I got outside through the maze and placed the white bag near the doorway and the jar in with the Irish Whiskey, various Scotches, Bacardi 151, Sunset Rum, Champagne, Gin, Spirytus Rektyfikowany, Absinthe, and Cognac empties in the recycle bin.

Gawd, I’m jealous that so many tenants can afford financially and healthwise to drink such delightful memories to me. Hehe!

3Wed09I didn’t take any photographs other than this one as I hobbled along Chestnut Walk.

Everytime we go out, we face the chalenge of avoiding being hit my vehicles, falling down holes, tripping over iron boards covering trenches and

Because I got into blatherskite type chinwags with Welsh William and two other blokes. The galimatias didn’t seem to bother any of us. Hehe!

Caught the L9 bus into Arnold and went into the Asda (Walmart) store and did some spending at a leisurely pace.

3Wed10Along with the things actually neede, like the bread, apples and spring water.

I treated myself to a Lamb Moussaka ready-made meal. Got some cream Cakes for the Oberstgruppenführeress Wardens. Bless em!

I had a pleasant but pleasant walk around, it’s a big shop.

I paid the lad on the checkout, and made my way to the bench and sorted out the bags into a more capable way to carry weight distribution.

3Wed12aAs I was limping out, I spotted the photograph Print machine.

Ah, I thought, I’ll get the photos of the Tennants I took when we got back from Skeggy on Saturday printed, then I can hand them out to the gals in the pictures.

I recalled the mess I made of using this machine last time. So I assumed as calm a state of mind as I could. And, wallah! I got it right! Self-righteous Smug mode Adopted! Hehehe!

Out to the bus stop, and waited for the L9 to arrive. 

3Wed11I was fighting against falling asleep all the way back. I did nod off a few times, though.

When we got to the Sherwood Stop, a ganglet of my fellow residents got on the bus. Rita, Sheila, Welsh William, Pete, and Wally.

When we got back to the flats bus stop, Pete was kind enough to make sure I was awake. Hehe!

I had a few words in passing with those getting on the bus. Then made my way into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed. 

Dropped off cream cakes, and carried on out and back to the apartment.

3Wed12In the wet room for a wee-wee.

On the scales, happy to report I had lost at least half-a-pound since this morning.

WDPBL It seems the Ironclad tough black biting mini-beetles, have a new ally in their mission to take joint control and be masters of the flat. There they were in the bowl, joined by several flies or gnats whichever. I thought this might have been the Mother-Beetle, she was so large.

Put the bits away and got the oven on, and the minced lamb with gravy and seasoning cooking. Sliced and added the potatoes later.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the computer on and updated this diary to here.

Went on to update the Facebook pages.

3Wed04aGot the minced lamb from pan to oven tray, fingers crossed.

WDPBL I think I must have missed off a seasoning or flavouring in the lamb, but of course, I can’t remember what I put in last time I cooked it, sad really.

Taste Rating: 7.2/10.

WDPBL Put the telly on and ate this meal watching a film. ‘The Return of the Pink Panther’, the old ones are the best ones! During a commercial break, I went into the kitchen to get a drink and saw that I had foolishly returned the tray to the oven when I took out the lamb and had left the heat on!

3Wed05WDPBL Then managed to burn my finger, catching it on a shelf rail the as I took out the tray.

I think at the time, it only made me jump. Any actual pain must have been masked by my unbelievable tiredness?

I struggled through the Pink Panther with more noddings-off than usual, then missed the ending as my dropping off to sleep turned into a permanent condition. Well, it lasted for hours until I woke up five hours later.