Inchcock Today – Sunday 5th August 2018: The Whoopsiedangleplops continue. Hehe!


Sunday 5th August 2018

Azerbaijani: Bazar 5 Avqust 2018

0530hrs: Woke up very late for me. The brain seemed to be operating straight away, for I decided I would get out first thing and get some photographs of around the flats taken, along with doing some hobbling too. (Weight worries!)

7Sun01The only hassle I was having seemed to be the hurting feet and toes. Got out of the £300 antiquated, shuddering recliner, and limped to the Porcelain Throne. The session was a good one; if a little-liquified.

The fingers where I scolded them last night, were not so inflamed or painful now. Rinsed the overnight soaked flannels out, and had a look for any of the mini-beetles.

7Sun02I only found one of the Iron-Clad biting mini beetles. I thought if I caught beast and pressed down with the back of my fingernail against the flooring, was a good idea.

Whoosie3W001a: But I forgot about the scold under the nail. The agony when pressed down on him, was justice; I suppose for my killing it. Hehe!

7Sun03I had a shave and wash got some clothes on. Camera and put the foyer entry swipe in my pocket and took a black bag and recycling sack along with some glass jars down with me as I went out.

I put my jars in the recycling bin with the alcohol empties already in there.

I was surprised to see an empty bottle of Absinth. It said on the label, ‘Product of the Czech Republic,’ 70% Alc. A bit strong that isn’t it?

7Sun4I manipulated my way through the cages, fences, barriers and out onto the roadway.

Getting into the centre of Chestnut Walk, the sky seemed to look different whichever way I looked. With unique cloud formations.

7Sun05But to the East, over the Winwood Heights array, there was bubbling clouds that looked so beautiful.

Sometimes, nature makes you think. This was such an occasion. Cirrocumulus cloud they are called, I think.

7Sun07I wandered across the road to take this photographicalisation of the corner of the Woodthorpe Court block.

It was nice and calm this morning, a gentle warmish breeze and only a couple of humans seen.

One a dog walker with his Alsatian or maybe a better description would be an Alsatian taking his owner for a walk. The dog did not bark, but he seemed to be growling and pulling at the chain all the time. Mind you, I think that the man was doing this too! Haha!

The other tellurian I saw, was walking along Chestnut Drive in the middle of the road, doing a John Wayne walk impersonation. Spitting on the floor a few times. He gave me a snide, contemptuous glare as he passed me. So unpleasant a sneer on his face, I made sure he had left and was well away before I moved out from under the trees.

7Sun07aI walked around and behind the building into the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

The grass was still in urgent need of some precipitation, to help it recover its greenery.

I had not got my hearing aids in, and the quietness was blissful!

The brain wandered off on its own path again, but this time with more pleasant topics being considered. Nature and the certainty that mankind will destroy itself. Blithely, I hoped not before I’ve kicked the bucket. But you never know – I pondered on how fast things had changed in my lifetime.

I’d seen electricity replacing gas lighting, the death of local cinemas, shops and Bingo halls. The Death Penalty removed. Drugs take hold on youth. Crooked politicians arrive and survive. I’d lived in poverty. The birth of the NHS, and expect to see its death shortly. The average sentence for murder go down, and more and more offenders reoffending after being released, to mug, rob, interfere with children and kill again. The UK owned vehicle manufacturing die, along with the coal mines, China/porcelain and textile trades decimated. Shoplifting, bullying and muggings get more rampant. Immigration flourish and politeness and manners disintegrate. Just a thought.

There have been a few consistent uniformities: The Members of Parliaments increasing nepotism and argentocracy. The steady but guaranteed decline in morals, honesty, rectitude, decency, chastity, justice and ethics. Perhaps the worst decline rates have been in; Civility and respect. And, look at the cost of football attending nowadays! The mind waffled on and even I lost interest in its musings at this stage. Hehehe!

I made my way back up to the apartment, feeling a little mellow, but not depressed at all, now.

0635hrs: I got the Health Checks done, and medications were taken.


7Sun09Despite my lack of physical activities yesterday, the weight had dipped a smidge?

The readings looked okay to me.

I think the Sys going up a scintilla is a good thing, perhaps, maybe. Hehe!

7Sun10Then I set about doing up the next week medication dosage pots.

And, without dropping any tablets or capsules. Smug Mode Adopted!

Off for a short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

7Sun11Put everything away, and decided to have bacon and tomatoes for my nosh today.

Off for another short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

Washed up and returned to the kitchen. Where I opened a tin of toms (without cutting myself! – Double Smug Mode Adopted) and put them in a saucepan.

Whoosie3W001a: As I reached into the top cupboard to get the sea salt out to put it in the pan with the tomatoes…

I knocked over the flipping jar of lemongrass stalks.

The route it took as it fell out of the cupboard, was almost musical as it hit different surfaces en route to landing on my left foot middle-toe!

The countertop, then the porcelain basin, then the radiator, next to the bottom cupboard wood, then the toe, and finally a pleasant roulette ball-like sound as it rolled onto the floor.

I was surprised by the pain, it was almost like an electric shock at first.

Also, the bruising it left was multi-coloured? Red under the nail and purplish on the toe joint?

Applying some of the antiseptic cream on the pinkie, was as much bother as the lemongrasses journey and injury caused.

What a Schlump!

I got down to put the cream on, but getting back up, was not an easy nor pain-free task! Haha!

I got on the computer and began to update yesterdays blog.

Made a start on this diary.

Then, I went on TFZer Facebooking. By gum, that took some time. Hours and hours, I got carried away methinks.

Did the Health Checks and tablets were taken.

7Sun38Better get the meal on the cook now. Not that it will take much cooking of course. Bacon and sausage in the oven, tomatoes in the saucepan.

Gave this simple nosh a Taste-rating of 8.5/10.

Got the pots washed up, and the energy drained away, and lethargy, inactivity and slothfulness took command of my body and mind.

I nodded off. Sister Jane rang, glad to hear her, although the phone was very tinny sounding and much of the conversation I had to guess at. She had a few medical problems, I must get up to see her again. But he is out a lot, and planning when to go is difficult to catch her in and available. I’ll send her an email in the morning and ask her when I can call.

Although I didn’t get to sleep properly for hours and hours and hour… a long time; I had so many repeat five-minute nodding offs, in between my watching the most wretched programmes on the goggle-box.