Inchcock Today – Friday 3rd August 2018: Mini-hobble, glasses collected, got some interesting photos and the plates-of-meat are now agony! Hehe!


Friday 3rd August 2018

Greek: Παρασκευή 3 Αυγούστου 2018

0450hrs: I woke, late in the morning for me, and had terrible dysania. The brain being determined for some reason, to toy over and permute the needs and fears of the day and its challenges. While seemingly determined, despite the signs of a wee-wee presenting itself, to remain there, bedraggled, half-in-half-out of the £300 second-hand recliner, without the slightest interest in getting up?

The lightness coming in through the unopenable filthy new balcony window and the decaying hole-ridden curtains was of no encouragement. The uhtceare was winning the inner battle over abandoning the chair or not.

After a long while pondering and fretting, without any discernable decisions being attained, I was forced to get my body-mass, (And there is more of it now, than ever before – See Weight – Oh dear!) upright without any ailments bothering me. Off to the wet room for a wee-wee.

I seemed to cheer-up a tad after that and went into the kitchen to take the medications and get the Health Checks done.

5Fri005aAs I put the light on, the reflection from the dirty cellophaned windows, with my own reflection bouncing back at me, then gave me the thought, to photograph it for posterity. Hehe!

I reckon the right window could have been accepted in the Tate, as a work of art!

Picasso would have been proud of it. Hehe!

I had to nip back to the Porcelain Throne, and the stomach innards rumbled suddenly, then activity ensued. I made it in time, though. Washed and returned to do the Health Checks again. Readings were mostly up this morning, including, I regret to say, the weight! So much for eating smaller low-calorie ready-made meals and getting exercise in! Humph!


5Fri001I found a letter in the hallway.

From the doctor’s surgery. Telling me to ring them after 1100hrs to make a 15-minute appointment with the nurse, for the annual CHD checks. Have nothing to drink other than water from 10.00 pm the previous evening.

Take medication as normal.

Take a Urine Sample with you.

The line: ‘Make an early morning appointment’ made me laugh out loud! Every time I request an appointment I ask for an early one. Just once, I got an early one; July 2015 it was. Humph!

5Fri002Still feeling a little lighter in spirits, I started to create this blog up to here.

Made a brew of Assam tea.

Then, finished off yesterday’s Inchcock Today and got it sent off to WordPress.

I pondered over the things that need doing today.

  • I have to ask someone to ring after 1100hrs to the doctors to make an appointment for the CDH tests. Or, call at the surgery and make it that way. With the weight increasing a little extra exercise might help?
  • I must get to the opticians to find out when the new glasses will be ready.

There was another thing I thought of as I was typing, but it seems to have escaped me. Klutz!

Time to get the ablutions done. All sorted. One bag of waste to the rubbish chute. I got the Morrison freebie Hi-energy drink in the carrier to treat the helpful lady at the glasses shop. Down 5Fri006and outside, fingers crossed I’d not forgot to take anything with me.

More materials being delivered to the New Extra Care block compound.

Took a photograph as I crossed over Chestnut Walk and up the gravel hill footpath up towards Woodthorpe Grange Park.


It was a grand morning out there this morning. The sun was going in occasionally, but mostly out and bright.

All of the waste bins in the park were overflowing.

The last one near the gate was the worst one.

5Fri006bOnto Mansfield Road and up the hill and down on my way to the Opticians.

I met and greeted a couple of people I knew on the walk to the Optometrist.

I introduce myself to the lady on the reception disk. They had a little bit of a palava finding my spectacles. But they did so in the end. I handed the energy drink to the lady, who seemed pleased and surprised.

A gentleman fitted my with the new spectacles and took the £272 for them. I thanked 5Fri007them and pressed on, wearing the new varifocals.

Unfortunately with the plates-of-meat already hurting me, on towards Carrington.

Near the Methodist Church, I spotted this pigeon on the pelican control lights. At the time, I’m sure I came up with a funny or witty comment to put on here when I posted it. But, the brains memory box let me down again! Humph!

5Fri008Over the hill and down towards the Sherrington Park Medical Practice.

Stopping, to take this shot of the garden with the beautiful flowers, and view of Mansfield Road.

WCplasterA Sadly, as I got underneath the trees sticking out over the pavement further along the road in this picture, I came across this 5Fri009sorrowful sight on the right. This chic, I assumed had been thrown out by a cuckoo. Or its mother, or else it was blown or fell out of the nest. Whichever, it saddened me to see it.

I entered the surgery and waited for an assistant to become free.

WCplasterA The lady waiting behind me seemed a little uptight as she waited, so I told her to go ahead in front of me, as I was in no rush. All I got for my bother was a tut and a semi-sneer? But I didn’t mind on this occasion. The poor gal did look to be in an agitated frame of mind, something was worrying her.

The receptionist struggled to find my details on the computer. However, she did sort it out all on her own. She gave me an appointment for Monday 20th August at 0830hrs. Apparently, she was another new receptionist,  as this was only the second time I’d got an early appointment for over a year now. Hehe!

Out into the sunshine and hobbled (The feet were so painful) down into Carrington and nipped into the paper shop and got some pens. Then out and to the Lidl store. Where I got some lemon & lime spring water, seasoned potato slices, Cumberland mini-sausages, Scarlet tomatoes and a loaf of bread. Paid in the self-serve area without any problems.

Went to the bus stop, and realised it was not good timing today. If I caught a but back into Sherwood, it would mean I’d either have a 40-minute wait for an L9 bus back up the hill to the flats, or I could walk into Sherwood and catch the L9? After some consideration. I decided walking back to Sherwood was the best option, as that walk up the incredibly steep up Winchester Hill would take more out of me, and set off Anne Gyna. See? I can make and take decisions sometimes! Hehe!

5Fri011So, I hobbled back along Mansfield Road on the other side of the road.

Near the chip shop, the communal waste bins didn’t-half-stink!

Being Nottinghamians that use this facility, it was mostly wine, beer, and spirit bottles, that mingled with the rotting take-away waste.

5Fri011aAbout a third of the way, I was making decent progress.

When this mother and toddler passed by me. The little one kept looking back at me and smiling, but with a puzzled look on her face, bless her.

I failed to understand why, but she had such a cute smile. Haha!

5Fri012WCplasterA As I got to the Haydn Road/Mansfield Road traffic light junction, a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist, wearing an Asda (Walmart) reflective jacket nearly hit me. Tsk!

The plates-of-meat agony was really even worse now.

I still had time to spare as I approached the bus stop.

5Fri013The Sherwood Discount (As was) shop, has still not been reopened by any new retailer yet. I suppose that seeing so many other closed retail units nearby would put anyone off!

I went into the Wilko store but didn’t buy anything.

I could see a new piece of official Nottinghamian Street Art near the al fresco 5Fri014seats of the cafe.

Definitely a teapot design this one. Further down the road, there was cup-cake fashioned one.

Back up limpingly to the bus stop.

I was joined by a lady and her other half from the flats. Gave them a nibble and we had a chinwag.

When we arrived back on Chestnut Walk, it was utter mayhem. So much traffic that was delivering to Willmott Dixon or trying to find somewhere to park or unload.

Jenny’s Frank caught we three up, and we made our way to the flats and into the lift.

We had a right good mix-up with the floor buttons pressed willy-nilly. Hahaha!

I said my farewells as each got off at their floor.

5Fri015Got in the flat, took the medications with an extra Codeine Phosphate to help counter the grief the feet were giving me. But, I thought, perhaps the extra exercise would help me with the weight problem. Got on the scale, but it hadn’t. Sob!

Then I got the appointments recorded in the calendar. Had a wee-wee, washed-up and got the fodder stored away.

Not been a bad day really. Apart from the plates-of-meat.

The new spectacles are working fine. The reading one with the larger lenses is easier to use when on the computer, than the old prescription ones were.

Perhaps just a little loose fitting, but they do not fall down the nose. So using them for so many hours at a time, this might prove beneficial?

Got the oven warming ready for the potatoes and beef pastie later.

I got on to update this post. Did the last Health Checks earlier than usual, had another wee-wee and got the meal cooking proper.

5Fri016All this hobbling is bothering the feet, and yet not halting the ever-increasing weight problem I have now?

I nodded off while the fodder was cooking. Only for a minute or so, but during that time I seemed to have several distinctly different dreams. With varying themes, too.

I’m glad I wrote them down now.

From travelling on a train in a goods wagon and being chased, being beheaded while in a dentist chair while having a shave, and finally back in the much-repeated underground cave, with bits of my body dropping off, as I searched for my hearing aids?

5Fri35Time to serve up the nosh.

A beef pastie, tomatoes, gherkins, savoury seasoned sliced potatoes, mushrooms, mini-sausages and meat sticks.

Some ingredients of this nosh were brilliant, others not so good. Overall, a Taste Rating of only 5/10 could be given. The pastie and tomatoes let it down. Hehe!

Settled to watch, Animal Police, The Dog Whisperer and then Hetty Wainthrope Investigates on the TV.

They had afew nod-offs in between, and I missed the ending of Hetty Waintrope. Grr! Hehe!