Inchcock Today – Wednesday 29th August 2018: Visitors today: Sister Jane and Pete. Hobbled to the Tropical Garden! Great Day!


Wednesday 29th August 2018

Czech: Středa 29 Srpna 2018

3Wed01 0110hrs: Woke with the PPs in a sanguineous state.

WDPAb I reached for the kitchen towel to use to stem and clean things and nearly grabbed a sheet with one of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles clinging to it, to clean me up with. Hehehe!

So, the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles are moving into the last unencroached-upon room in the apartment. Now, nowhere is safe from immigrants from the holes made during the installation of the new unwanted window frames! ♫ Dang, dang dang dang! ♫!

Aug18kI got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, after a battle to get the mechanism working, and took the kitchen roll to the sink. Where I banged it on the drainer to shake off the Weevil, but it stayed firmly attached. I had to flick it off with my fingernail – it fell into the sink, I poured neat bleach over it – then it walked out of the bleach and scampered down the drain-hole!

Duodenal Donald kicked off as I collated the nibbles for Sister Jane and Brother in law Pete when they visit later today.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.


Full house with the lower readings this morning, each and every one was below yesterday’s recorded figures. I think I must be fading? Haha!

WDPAb Humph! Anne Gyna was joining in with Duodenal Donald. I’m now in an irritable mood with myself. Tsk!

WDPAb I’m so glad I thought to put the mini-vacuum on charge last night. Flat as a pancake now. I imagine that by my putting the wrong charger in the socket, may have contributed to this scenario a tad. Klutz!

My EQ told me that things were not going to go well today. No specifics, just a guarantee of anything from Whoopsiedangleplops to disasters could be expected. (Anne Gyna and Duodenal Duncan playing up at the same time, is definitely a bad start). Now, the head is spinning, and Dizzy Dennis is starting to make himself known. Oh dear! Brewing Ailments, that’s all I need, already!

I made a start on finalising the Tuesday Inchcock and got it posted off. Then started this blog off.

An almost instant demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

WDPAb Out of chair, stubbed toe on the Ottoman then banged my arm on the door frame, and only just got there in time. But, the evacuation stopped half-way. Huh! Still, it gave me time to read a couple of pages of the book.

I’d hoped that this activity would have eased Duodenal Donald, but No! Made him worse if anything? Cleaned-up, and medicated the rear end. At least Dizzy Dennis has stopped interfering with me.

3Wed02The Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles had turned out while I was on the Throne.

WDPAb I got down on the floor with the camera to take a picture of the Bug Killer carton, and several of the damned things actually ran towards me!

WDPAb Getting myself back up again, started hippy Hilda off! I can’t win, can I?

3Wed03Washed and into the kitchen.

An Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle was on its back on top of a can of food.

I wasn’t sure if it was in distress or laughing away at me!

WDPAb I began to make a brew of the Earl Grey tea, and the tea-bag 3Wed04aripped open when I pulled the wrong end of the string attachment.

I thought I’d empty the contents onto a kitchen towel, to show us all, the ingredients they add to the tea, to give it its distinctive flavour. According to the box, it contains: Black tea, natural bergamot flavour – Cornflowers – Thé Nair and Bleuets, which I looked up, these are blueberries? Which are on my Cardiac Clinics list of forbidden foods! I don’t think just a diddy mug now and then will be detrimental.

I’ve been buying special treats for Sister Jane and Pete a while now. I gathered them together in readiness for their arrival.


Every item is a luxury. Hehe!

I must remember to add the freezer and fridge stuff just before they leave. (Glad to report that I remembered too! – Self-congratulatory Mode Adopted!)

I got up to here on creating this blog, and then went on Facebooking to add the photos to some albums.

Anne Gyna is easing off a bit. Duodenal Donald isn’t easing off. Shame!

4Thu10WDPAb Got the ablutions and medicationalisticals tended to. I kept stopping to annihilate the odd Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting Beetle. Well, the odd ones that weren’t too quick for me. Haha!

I had a bash at anticepticalisationing and moping the nooks and crannies in the kitchen. I stirred a right load of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles, under a cabinet, that is nowhere near any food? Bagged a few, but couldn’t get to the camera in time. By the time I’d been down and back up a few times, Hernia Henrietta and Hippy Hilda convinced me to stop doing the cleaning.

Made a small mug of tea.

Thought I’d go down to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents Porta-Kabin, to wait for them. They will be coming on the bus.

They are millionaires, mostly through funds being left them by relatives they didn’t know they’d had, and Pete’s fiddles at work and shoplifting, but they still don’t like to waste Aug18Lmoney on using one of their cars, when they can use their Free Bus Passes. Hehehe! Couldn’t resist it, Jane and Pete, sorry, the truth had to come out [Only joking]!

WDPAb Dang and botherations! They fooled me again! The intercom rang out, and it was them at the door.
They had cunningly came in their Rolls-Royce instead of the bus. Just as well really, or they 3Wed05awould not have carried their nibbles and treats home on the bus.

The best thing about their early arrival by an hour was, it gave us time to have a hobble in the park later, to the Tropical House. Which I enjoyed so much!

I formed a plan of action to surprise them as they got out of the elevator, in the lobby. I 3Wed06nipped out and hid around a corner, and placed the camera towards to the lift lobby… Hehehe!

Jane and Pete were totally unimpressed.

Greetings were swapped, and a marathon nattering session commenced.

Good innit!

3Wed07I was handed a Birthday card, that really was a well thought-out plan on their behalf.

It had attached to the front, my favourite Twinings Assam tea bags! Nice one Jane, I fank you!

They had slipped a few thousand pounds in £50’s in the card, to treat me. I didn’t know that Monopoly was made in a British version. Hahahaha! Only joking, sorry Jane. (I’ll be in trouble now! Oh dear, I do get carried away!)

3Wed08By the time had chinwagged about this and that and reminisced a bit – I asked if they fancied going to the Woodthorpe Grange Park Tropical House. I was delighted when they granted me permission to go with them. Harf, Harf!

We set off out and went around the back of the flats onto the Park.

Where Pete took the first photograph of our 3Wed09little outing.

Me, in front of the Woodthorpe Court block.

I took a photograph of Jane and Pete as we entered the trees on route to the Tropical House.

Jane looks a little startled and doubtful, I’ll get a telling off for putting this one on the blog, I think? Oh dearie me! And Pete putting on his tough James Bond look. Haha!

You can see, he still suffers from Xyrophobia. Go on, look it up, Haha!

Photographs of the most enjoyable hobble I’ve had in years:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed15We got back to the apartment, with me feeling ebullient, if a little weary, as the fatigue was setting in again. But the ailments apart from Duodenal Donald were noticeable by their absence.

Jane cheered me up by handing me my Birthday present.

Can you guess what it was? Hehehe!

A cuppa and natter. Then we bade our farewells and off home, they trotted.

So glad they came and cheered me up. Cheers to Jane and Pete.

3Wed16Tired as I felt after they had departed, hunger developed.

So I made a simple easy to make little nosh. Which despite its minimal size, went down well.

A taste Rating of 8.8/10.

How I felt at the moment, it proved to be just enough as well.

Contented I got washed, did the Health Checks, took the belated medications.

Then had a wee-wee.

3Wed18Settled to watch some of the Hetty Wainthroppe DVD. Tired as I felt, I think the excitement of the visit remained, and this prevented me from dropping off to sleep as I usually would have.

The regular plan in this situation was adopted. I put the TV on, assured that I would nod-off when the first commercial break came on. 

It worked a treat!

TTFN each.