Inchcock Today – Monday 27th August 2018: I got out for a mini photographicalisational hobble at last!


Monday 27th August 2018

Bulgarian: Понеделник, 27 август 2018 г.

0250hrs: My early expergefaction found my head was full of saturninity. I felt sombre, melancholic, gloomy, foreboding, chagrined and fearful. And cursed with an unnaturally doleful outlook on life.

0310hrs: After spending a while, with my body parts partly hanging off of the £300 second-hand recliner; in self-recrimination and going into a critical-analysing mode, I gave up. There was no way the brain wanted to cooperate with my desperate search for the reasons for this sad condition I found myself in. I untangled my heavier than its ever been body from the recliner.

I rose and stood up semi-perpendicular, caught my balance and took a couple of steps towards the kitchen to do the Health Checks. But got diverted by the sudden arrival of a need for the Porcelain Throne, so off to the wet-room.

1Mon06The evacuation was another messy, although less so than yesterday, one.

Then I needed a short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

As for the Ironclad black biting evil boll weevil mini-beetles, I could see only three of them. I wondered if they were on a tea-break? Haha!

Cleaned up, and went into the spare room to check for the weevil-beetles.

Many more had been caught in the Killer Bug trap, and the made-up carton one.

So, I weighed myself while I was in there; shocks (the weight indicated) like this can kill an old-timer like me you know! Hehehe!

I suppose this means another nervous Inchcock lecture from Sister Jane when she and Pete call to visit me on Wednesday. (I’m a bag of nervures at the very thought of it! Hahaha!)

Had a short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

In the kitchen, the box had only tempted a few of the Ironclad black biting evil boll weevil mini-beetles to commit Hari-Kari. I must order some more of the traps.

Had another short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

Finally, I got around to doing the Health checks. Then got the graph of the results done.


1Mon04Got the weeks medication pots made-up.

Got the computer on, and sent some photographs of the Evil boll weevil ironclad biting beetles, to the Company I got the bug killer cards from, CritterKill.

I hope to get some free traps from them.

Took another short-sharp-painful wee-wee.

Got the job of finalising the Sunday post completed and sent it off to WordPress. Visited the WordPress Reader next. Then replied to comments and made some.

Took another short-sharp-painful wee-wee. (Getting a tad worrying, all this urinationalisationing is! Hehe!)

1Mon05Got the kettle on.

WDPBL Nipped off for yet another wee-wee, not a short-sharp and painful effort this time. It was long and painful! Humph!

Popped into the spare room to take a photo through the only window that allows me to, of the morning view of the flats and gloomily ominous sky.

WDPBL As I stretched to get back from the window, stepping over a box of the PP’s, I felt the pain, and I realised that sadly, the PP’s I was wearing had become suddenly ensanguined. Flipping Harold’s Haemorrhoids in trouble!

I removed them and wrapped them up in the yellow bag, then into the NHS disposing bag. Its getting fuller all the time. Tsk! I hope I can carry it when I go to the surgery on Tuesday. Oh, that’s tomorrow!

I made a start on this blog as far as up to here. Then decided I needed to get the medicationalisationing done, and got the ablutions tended to at the same time.

I spotted a couple of Ironclad black biting evil boll weevil mini-beetles on the kitchen floor.

1Mon07 I adopted ‘Attack-Mode’ immediately. I prospective manoeuvre with meritorious results. I soon regretted this decision!

 I got down on the knees (Which Arthur Itis was not happy about!), and used kitchen towels to courageously grab, crush and store both of the rock hard-shelled Evil boll weevil ironclad biting beetles wrapped up in.

WDPBL I struggled to get back up, of course, and banged my already bruised right arm on the edge of the countertop, in the process. It stung a bit a bit, I can tell yer! What a Shmo!

I was about to adopt a ‘Smug Mode’, as I threw the towel into the sink, both of the beetles ran out of the towelling and scurried down the 1Mon07bplug hole at a high rate of knots. Apparently unharmed?

Into the wetroom with the gear needed for the ablutionisationing session, stripped off and found the bruise was looking like the inside of a volcano, what the heck! Hehe!

Worra start to the day, Tsk!

1Mon07cI’ll show this to the nurse in the morning at the blood test. Something to give her a laugh.

I took the black bags to the waste chute and returned to Emergency Ward 10 (the apartment) to collect the hearing aids, then out and down in the lift.

Didn’t see a soul on the way out.

1Mon08Dropped some books I’d read on the ‘Help Yourself’ coffee table in the foyer.

Across the road and up the gravel footpath. Anne Gyna was increasing her hassle as I climbed up, as is to be expected.

So sorry, to see that the Tree Copse is losing another tree, it looks like it is dying off. Sob! The site appears to be thinner each time I pass by. I just hope it’s not vandals that are breaking the branches off.

1Mon09Up to the top and left down the beautiful tree-lined footpath.

Being a Bank Holiday (Spit, I hate them!), there were few Nottinghamiams about this morning. Just a few dogs were taking their owners for a walk to play ball, and keep them happy. I did stop for a few minutes to watch some of them.

No Pavement Cyclist either! Yehaa!

1Mon12The new Gym had plenty of people showing off.

I say plenty; usually, there are four or five one can see through the glass at this time day.

Today I counted eight at least.

They don’t like it when I look in at the, you know.


I think the heavy rain yesterday had helped the Street Furniture to better health.

The Teapot looked really bright and smelt a little like petrichor.

A few of the shops were open, about 30% of them I’d guess. But there were very few citizens of this once fair City about to supply them with any trade.

1Mon10Further down the hill, the decorative Cup-Cake’ display was also in good shape, and smelt the same as the Tea Pot did, beautiful!

The Co-op store was open and trading.

Taking this photo, I realised a bus was on Mansfield Road, the only one I noticed during my little hobble around the block.

Apart from Anne Gyna’s botherations, I was feeling good, and ambled down and left up Winchester Street hill on my way back up to the apartments. As expected, Anne Gyna made it an effort for me to keep going.

1Mon13But it was not a long walk, and I took my time, my stopping half-way up the incline, to make this photo showing a gardens flowers in the front, and at the back left, Woodthorpe Court, on the right Winchester Court.

It really was a pleasant morning hobble, apart from getting up the hill back.


1Mon14Arriving back with no workers, traffic, plant etc. was a delight in itself!

Again, not a soul in sight as I limped along the traffic and danger-free Chestnut Walk.

Anne Gyna eased off a lot, now I was back on a flat bit to walk on.

Just beyond the Nottingham City Homes, 1Mon14aWinwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to wait for the bus to arrive shed; a new digging plot. What I said in fun, about the cemetery being built on what was the verge last week, now looked more like 1Mon15a paddling pool under construction.

And somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, porta-cabin. I could manage a paddling pool. Haha!

As I got towards the foyer of Woodthorpe Court, this vehicle was parked in the Emergency Vehicles Only bay.

1Mon16Trying to make a judgement, cause as far as I could see, there was nowhere else for her/him to park? Fingers crossed there is no real fire.

I crossed over the road and through the mechanical metal maze and into the foyer.

No one had taken any of the books I’d left earlier.

Very strange that. They usually go so quickly?

Made my way up to the flat, and had a short-sharp -wee-wee, without seeing anyone again! So, no chinwags for me today. Tsk!


It was only a short hobble, but one I needed after not leaving the flat for two days. Took my time and did relish it.

Computer out of sleep-mode, and got on with updating this blog again.

Got the oven warming ready for the Frikadellens, to have with a bean-stew/soup later. But decided to have vegetarian sausage instead.

Went on the TFZer Facebook.

1Mon21Vegetarian sausage, mixed bean stew (Canned), wholemeal thins, medications and a sliced apple was served up for my nosh. I added just a splash of Balsamic vinegar to the beans.

Super tasty! Flavour rating of 8.9/10 given.

I cannot identify the vegetarian sausages, for they came from the freezer in a clear bag, with ’20 minutes – oven’ written on a bit of paper 1Mon22inside.

I went for another wee-wee, and many of the Ironclad black biting evil boll weevil mini-beetles, seemed to be doing a choreographed war-dance around the Critterkill box? Hahaha!

The usual fatigue arrived, and I got Health Checks done, and settled onto the creaking £300 second-hand recliner, to watch some TV. I was overjoyed to see that Channel 31 on Freeview, was showing some A-Team episodes back-to-back.

WDPBL My joy, turned to disappointment when I could not avoid dropping off at every commercial break that came on. The duration of these nod-offs varied from a couple of minutes to ten minutes. Eventually, realising my wish to watch this poorly scripted, bizarrely over-acted episodes (But I like me), Over the four episodes shown, I must have seen a total of around 15 minutes-worth. Tsk!