Inchcock Today – Fri 19 Oct 2018: Sorry, it’s a long one, burrit wus a busy day! Plenty of Nottinghamian piccies, though!


Friday 19th October 2018

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 19 Hydref 2018

0005hrs: Woke, thought for a moment about the laundry needing to be done, passed-wind and fell back to sleep.

0025hrs: Stirred again, somniferously.

WD 166.3.85 The right eyelid was sticking closed again and had to be gently eased and prised into opening up.

I wiggled in the £300 second-hand recliner, to see if the rear-end repair procedure was hurting or bleeding. There was some itching, but this was to be expected. Good result, I could sense no discomfiture at all. Feeling good! My thanks and appreciation to the medics!

For once, and rare for me, I felt I’d like to stay laying there for a while, and let the grey-cells ponder to their heart’s content. But, the need for a wee-wee arrived. Oy Vay!

I disconnected my body, with its obesely potbellied short torso and fluid-filled legs and dangly arms from the now working recliner again, and off to the wet room. Sept19c

WD 166.3.85 I found a few of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles on the floor and three live ones.

I sprayed some of the Bug Killer around. Had a wash of the dandies, and went to check the other rooms for the infestationing weevils.

Sept24The spare room’s unwanted light and view-blocking new windows with the holes in the plastering from installation was inundated with all dead weevils the full length of the inner ledge.

WD 166.3.85 The kitchen had a lot of dead weevils that will need hoovering up later when the noise will not disturb any of my neighbours.

I got the Health Checks done, the sphygmomanometer working first time this morning.


The Sys, Dia and Pulse all up a bit again compared to yesterday’s AM checks.

Made a brew and took the medications. Then, back to the wet room and Porcelain Throne for evacuational duties. Which turned out to be almost enjoyable, pain-free, blood free and not as loose as it has been. Now I’m worried… I always am when something goes right for me… it’s unnatural. Hehe!

5Fri001Washing afterwards, I could not help but notice the bouncing flesh around my ample midriff. And to think that in January, I wanted to lose 10 pounds this year. Ah, well, only 18 to go!

Back in the kitchen to make another brew, and the moon was seeable for once. None of the usual mist was concealing it, so I took this photograph on the right.

Started the computer, only to find that the Liberty-global Virgin Media Internet was not allowing me access to anything.


Annoyed, I closed down the Firefox and tried to open Google, the same thing. Tried Firefox again, and hey-presto, it worked?

I found my scribbled reminder hanging on top of the computer screen, about going up to Gaynor’s flat to take some photographs, after 1030hrs this morning. Kind of her to let me, bless her cotton socks.

Updated this blog up to here, then went on to update yesterday’s post and get it sent off. All finished now. Onto the WordPress Reader section.

The TFZer Facebooking to add pictures and a read. Spent hours doing this, enjoyed it mind!

WD 166.3.85 Ablutions tended to, and I got the meat in the bag with the other things and went on a farcical absurd mystery trip on the elevator to go up one level to the 13th floor to drop of the pork at Roy’s place. Here’s how it went:

  • Got in the cage, pressed button 13…
  • The lift went down to the 6th floor, where a chap got in.
  • Then down to the 4th floor – there was nobody waiting to get on?
  • Then down to the Ground floor. The man alighted, and I pressed the 13th-floor button again…
  • The cage went up to the 14th floor – nobody was waiting to get on?
  • Then, at last, it went down to the 13th floor! Oy Vey!

WD 166.3.85 No one was in at Roy’s. Back to my own ramshackle flat on the 12th, to change my hearing aid batteries that had both died a sudden death.

WD 166.3.85 Out again and into the ghost-lift. Pressed for the 15th floor, and it stopped at the 14th floor, and there was no one waiting to get in. Doors closed and I arrived on the 15th floor. I will hand the pork to Cyndy and Eric, cause I know it will not be wasted with Eric liking pork a lot. There was no one in! Humph!

Back to my own Weevil infested flea-pit. One of the plastic mould tubes and got blocked with ear-wax and needed clearing, which I did. I had aimed to arrive at Gaynor’s flat for 1030hrs, but it was already gone that. On the way out, my next door neighbour came out to take her bag to the recycling. I took it with me for her as I was going that way.

WD 166.3.85 I got a bit confused then, and went down to the ground floor instead of up to the 15th! Still, I dropped off the recycling bag in the big bin, then back up once again to Gaynor’s apartment. I met Eric coming back in and handed him the pork steaks. Hopefully, I can get the food-ordering process right next time. Glad that the food was not wasted, though.

I was welcomed by the delightful Gaynor, who was having her daughter visit and stay with her a while, which was sweet and heart-warming to see.

We had a natter between us, and Gaynor led me to her kitchen, (which puts mine to shame Hehe!), and set me up to take photographs from the window in there. I took this attempted panoramic shot first.


Straight ahead shot. Capturing the Woodthorpe Grange Park, and to the left, park of the kiddies play area and in the background left, Daybrook and Arnold hamlets. The builder’s scaffold for the hoists on the left too.


Then, to the right. Mapperley area. The aerial array of TV and mobile communication sticking up on the skyline in the distance. Both beautiful views, a bit like Gaynor, really. ♥

Then, the external hoist started to go up and down. The two chaps were a social pair, and Gaynor warned them of what I might do with doctoring the photographs, adding a young lady perhaps? Hehe! They did laugh! Here are the pictures I took, for ‘doctoring’ later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m looking forward to creating them tomorrow. Well, I do like making folks smile and laugh! Haha!

5Fri007A straight down picture lastly. Showing part of one of the builder’s compounds and the park.

The three of us had a chinwag for a while, I had to decline an offer of a cup of tea (Sob!), due to my going out. The bladder, you know!

I had to withdraw shortly after, to catch the 11:30hrs bus to town, to get another one to Bulwell. I thanked Gaynor for letting me use her facilities and sadly departed.

5Fri10Down and out of the building along Chestnut Walk to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin. Where a little nattering took place with the folks in there.

I caught the bus with Bill (William on Sundays) and enjoyed a lovely nattering session with him en route to town. I grabbed a 17 bus into Bulwell. These are photographs take en route.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri25Arrived in Bulwell and a had a long hobble around the place calling in many shops for a look around for bargains.

First, called in the cheapo shop and got three small packets of Scottish Shorties for a quid, and some bits for the nibble box.

Then, into the Farmfood shop. Came out with a 250g packet of Hills Shorties and a box of Ritz Chipsters.

Then to the Fulton Food Store, which was a bit disappointing for choice available. I got a pack of cooked ham pieces and nibbles.

To the B&M store next. But they had nowt of any interest to me.

WD 166.3.85 Finally, to the Poundland shop. Where I bought some more Sanex Bug Killer spray, some Doulton choc’s to use as Christmas Presents and bought a fly spray by accident thinking it was a bug-killer. Eizel!

The Mobility Scooter Group were lurking at the cafe the gang uses. None of them seemed disabled, much younger than me, all of them moved quicker than I can. Mostly overweight, had headphones on, using their mobiles, swearing a lot and not to be tangled with! Hehe! I moved on hastily. Talk about Hell’s Angels! Hehehe!


5Fri017Bulwell Market Place had more pickpockets and muggers… Sorry, I meant shoppers, in it than I have seen for a while.

Oddly enough, Bulwell had no Big Issue sellers, sleep sleepers or beggars at all! Too dangerous for them I suppose? Only joking here, folks!

Over the road to the River Lean, where the mallards were back in situ this time. Fed and had a talk with them. Hehe!


5Fri019aTo the station. The tram arrived at the same time as I did.

It was packed with passengers standing, not that the woman sat on the Disability and Age seat with her bag on the chair next to her, or the globlet of young guttersnipes youths in the same seats opposite her were interested in the old folks and one man on crutches who were all standing. But I was lucky enough to get a seat. But this uncaring nonchalant attitude from the youngsters makes me want to plotz!

5Fri20Into town, dropped off at the Theatre Royal.

The sun was out, but not warming we Nottinghamians up much.

There was a feeling of… er, erm… what’re the words I’m looking for? Precariousness, state of suspense, even vacillation perhaps, lingering in the aura. People’s countenances had the odd sneer, scowl or frown worn, but mainly a sort 5Fri21of vagueness, nihility?

I made my way across the pedestrian lights and over the crossing on Upper Parliament Street, to Queen Street and waited at the L9 bus stop shelter.

The bus was due at 5-minutes past the hour. Which was only ten minutes away.

WD 166.3.85 Fifteen minutes later, I noticed on the electronic timing board (Better late than never) that the L9 was delayed due to an accident in Daybrook, and the new arrival time was given as Twenty four minutes later! Humph!

5Fri22It was late in the day for me, and the fatigue was already beginning to fall on me. Tsk!

I took a photograph of where the gargoyles that have been removed on safety ground used to be located. On top of the old Elite building, and walked down the hill to catch the 40 bus. Which of course means a shorter but more uncomfortable journey, because of two things. This bus is always overfull, and there is a long walk at the other end, to get home.

As I waited for this bus, Paul from the flats joined me. He’s had to buy a new shopping trolley. He told me one of his wheels on his old shopper came loose. More worryingly for him, he had his booze in the thing! Hehe! He pressed on a bit, and then the other wheel came off altogether. So, he had to buy another.

The bus soon got cram packed, and we had to sit on the side-saddle seats. Although on this route, it is not a bad thing, cause we are nearer the door to get out. The stop we need is on a steep grade, and we usually get sent flying forward as we approach the door. We chatted as best we could as we travelled. The bus was very noisy, or rather the passengers who were crammed together were, noisy, so I had difficulty in picking out what Paul (I think that’s his name) was saying to me.

A second lady with a pram got on, and asked us to move and stand-up at the back so she can get her pram and ankle-snapper in. Luckily for us, the lady already on with her pushchair and nipperoony, moved to one side to allow the newcomer in.

5Fri22aWe alighted the bus, with some difficulty. Crossed the road with some difficulty, we have to cross the road on a sharp bend, and that hill is a busy one traffic-wise).

I was pleased to get back to the flats. As we both hobbled along, I must say Paul had soon mastered his new two-wheeled beer trolly.

As we got to the end of the middle block new build for the Extra Care unit, I heard my name being called out, but I had no idea where from. Paul did though, he pointed out two of the Willmott-Dixon lads up on the roof of the construction which was doing the calling.

5Fri23I stopped and took this photograph.

It was Plonk-Brewer and Plant Perambulator Paulius on the left, and Ian-Incharge on the right.

I was well-pleased with how this one came out, considering I had to zoom-in so much. Another one to be doctored when I get the chance and time that is.

Got in and did the traditional wee-wee. Put away the purchases and did the Health Checks. Medications, I forgot about. Klutz!

I was well shattered and was in with a chance of falling asleep stood-up, so strong was fatigue. No chance of getting this blog updated, too weary!

Incidentally, it took me over 7 hours to get it done in the morning! Oy Vay!

5Fri24I made  bigger dinner than usual tonight.

But, I gobbled it all up!

Cheesy mashed potatoes, tomatoes, ham off-cuts and garden peas!

Perhaps it was becuase I was tired, or had had a great day, I don’t know. But I loved this nosh and gave it a Flovour Rating of 9.45/10!

Sleep came, I know not when. But it was flipping quick! Hehehe!

9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Fri 19 Oct 2018: Sorry, it’s a long one, burrit wus a busy day! Plenty of Nottinghamian piccies, though!

  1. Hi Mr. Inchcock. I’m very happy to hear how well this has gone for you. I’m also happy to read about your having such a great day. Take care.

    • Well, hello there, Sir!
      Jolly nice to hear from you. Kind of yer.
      I hope you and Barb are doing alright?
      Have you managed to retire properly yet? Hehe!
      The flipping interent has gone down three times since midnight, so I’ll rush and get this posted off.
      Cheers again, have a great day! TTFN

  2. Lots of great photos from your lighting shaped walk. I really like the photo of the mobility scooters from Hell. Maybe you should get a hell bent mobility scooter and terrorize the pavement cyclists with it. Great looking meal.

    • Thanks, Tim.
      Hahaha! You’ve got my grey-cells going now, Tim! Maybe I could get a turbo-charged scooter? With a lasso attached, perhaps with an electrical current running through it? A hand-grenade holder for any Pavement Cyclist in the distance, a Lee-Enfield 303, (the only weapon I was trained to use) with dummy bullets of course in the mag, at hand, maybe a taser, too? A mini-stop-strip? A long truncheon with barbed-wire superglued on it? Oh, dear… I’m getting carried away now. See what you’ve done? Haha!
      Cheers Sir.

      • I have an old British Enfield in .308. You could put together a James Bond style scooter with all kinds of gadgets. You would need the tailpipe that sprays oil on the road to slowdown the pavement cyclist approaching from behind, and rubber bullet machine guns on the front to pelt pavement cyclists that cut too close in front of you.

      • I read the other day about Hunters using the 308 and 303 for deer and elk hunting?
        What a wonderful dream, Tim! Fitting out a scooter like that. Hehe! IF only! TTFN

      • .308 is a very common caliber for hunting, but .308 Enfields are not as common as .303 Enfields. It used to be .303 ammo was hard to get, but it looks like all the ammo manufacturers are making .303 at reasonable prices these days.

      • Very hard to get over here nowadays (Ammo), Tim. I’ll look into a Zapper, (Tazer) and get it modified so I can use the scooter battery for extra power and range against the PAvement Cyclist maybe?

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