Inchcock – Thursday 18th October 2018: My rear-end much easier now – Social Hour enjoyed. Freda Fatigue arrived mega-early today.


Thursday 18th October 2018

French: Jeudi 18 Octobre 2018

2355hrs: Yesterday tea-time, I must have nodded-off into the land of Nod. Cause I woke up with entirely eaten and it looked like I’d licked clean the meal plate on the dinner tray on the other chair, some six hours later, when I woke up.

As the brain joined in with me, there were no meandering or going off on its own tangents this morning – the concentration was on the state of my rear end after yesterdays procedure. Through gritted teeth with the pain (Not Harolds Haemorrhoids, it was Hippy Hilda playing up this time), I freed my cumbersome flobby-body from the £300 second-hand working again recliner, and off to the wet room, remembering to take the notes given me yesterday, on how to remove the er… erm… ‘Covering’ from the rear end. I was pleased with myself for thinking to take the notes with me. I stripped down and assumed the stance as advised. Got into position and consulted the leaflet… Huh!

WPA02a Had to stop and return to the main room to collect the reading spectacles. Klutz! I returned and consulted the written information. A piece of cake, a blurge! As instructed I washed things after the removal, with the tube of whatever was in it they gave me. Then super-dried the area and applied the Anusol. I’ve never had less pain from that area, for years! I felt I could dance and do the high-kick! But wouldn’t risk it with Hippy Hilda being a nuisance and playing me up. Now, there I was, swanking in a Smug Mode Class 1+!

Deerhat2aThis state was soon tested, for the call to use the Porcelain Throne arrived moments later. But, it was nothing to worry about, not that I was concerned at all of course. Lie Mode Adopted. The evacuation was painless, and there were only the tiniest few specks of blood.

WPA02a Getting up from the Porcelain Throne seemed to annoy Hippy Hilda a bit, mind. So I dowsed the hip and lower back with some of the pain-gel and rubbed it in well. Then, off to the kitchen and took the morning medications with some spring water. Then did the Health Checks. It took me three tries to get the sphygmomanometer to work.




Went to make a mug of tea, and hung myself… wait for it… out of the window Hehe! , to take this photograph.

You can see how far the new unwanted view and light blocking window ledge sticks out in the photo. Making it impossible to take a picture of below and be able to view the camera at the same time. I can’t look down to watch for any dangers either, or if the Fire Brigade are on site in the event an activation?

4Thu001aThe Sys and Dia were still high, but down on the earlier ones. So, that was good!

It felt so cold now in the flat. Although the meter-thingy indicated the opposite temperature-wise. What does the high humidity mean? Rain coming?

0200hrs: Computer on to update and finalise the Wednesday Diary. With my being incapacitated by fatigue yesterday, so not being able to do any updating then, I knew this would be along job, with all the photographs, blank spots etc. I didn’t get it finished until 0625hrs!

4Thu03Off for a wee-wee, collecting these dead evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles in the wet-room, about twenty more in the spare room and eight in the kitchen.

Had a spray around with the Sanmex Bug Killer spray, the spent a few minutes coughing and spluttering. Tsk!


On with the ablutions next job.

WPA02a As indicated my bloodied face towel in this picture, I made a bit of a hash of shaving and acquired a few nicks along the way.

Probably because I was trying to rush in case the Iceland delivery arrived early. It never has before, but you never know.

4Thu06WPA02a The cloud formations looked rather appealing, and I took a photograph of them. I never found out what the spot was lower right in the picture. I thought it was something on the lens perhaps, but after wiping with a lens cloth, it was still there?

I used the blow duster, and it seems to have gone now?

4Thu06aDelivery from Iceland arrived.

There was no way of checking if I had made errors or they had. The receipt only lists the product and quantity, no prices. Oh, and Unavailable items. Which were Warburtons 400g Danish White and Twixt 6pk. I cannot remember ordering any Danish bread. Also, they sent and charged me for a Warburton’s Toastie loaf? I believed I had only ordered the Ciabatta bread, which also came. The giant pack, 1Kg of smoked back bacon, will last me a good while before it goes off. Hehe! I assume it was all my errors though, I regularly get the orders wrong.

I went on the TFZ Facebook Internet dead slow!


Morrison order for next Thursday completed.

4Thu07aOff with the bag to the Winwood Social Meeting. I dropped off a bag of recyclable stuff and put it in the industrial bin that was ready for collection. I know I put it in the right one, cause the caretaker pointed with his mobile to the correct container to use, as he muttered “Bruraberer!” or something like that to me. Hehe!

I plodded on to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

Not so many in attendance today. Many, including Jenny and BJ that I knew, were on holiday. Cyndy was running things. Gaynor, I got to see about visiting her flat to take some photographs from a different perspective. She told me top, floor flat number 87, I can go in the morning, but not before 1030hrs. The gal is the opposite of me, late to bed and a late riser. Nice of her to let me visit. She had her daughter visit, and we all had a little natter, which I enjoyed. Handed out the nibbles and had a good few chinwags.

I have to say, I was a bit nervous about sitting down on the haemorrhoids, and stood up throughout. Coward! Haha! True!

4Thu07Back to the flat, up the lift with a friendly lady from the 6th floor, we had a talk on the way. 

I wish we all could wear nametags, then I might remember peoples names!

Got in and put the bag away, made a brew and did the Health Checks.

WPA02a Twas then it dawned, I’d made another cock-up with the fodder order. I had a part-used tub of Lurpak butter and a full one delivered today, and I’ve gone and put a pack of Anchor butter on next Thursday’s Morrison order – What a Nebech! So I went on the site to remove the butter from the order. I’ve changed it now.

4Thu24Got the meal of sorts prepared. Ciabatta ham sarnies, tomatoes and chips.

Took the medications while eating the wonderfully enjoyable nosh.

WPA02a Fatigue came very early today, likely the wearing off, the final end of the anaesthetic’s pleasing after-effects, I suppose. Shame, Hehe!

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  1. Thanks, Tim.
    The ciabatta bread was a first time try for me, cause I could not get any sourdough.
    I liked it, and the Danish butter on it. Hehe!
    Cheers, Sir.

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