Inchcock Today: Sunday 30th November 2014

Sunday 30th November 2014


Bestest tea-bags fer me!

I forced myself to raise-up and into imitation life at 0530hrs.

Made a mug of Thompsopn’s Punjana Tea – gorgeous!


Got the things ready for me visit to Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete.

Wash and brush-up taking place (A mammoth task!).

Oh dear me… blood coming from ‘Little Inchy!’ Applied the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream and crossed me fingers!


A thriving community?

I set off on me walk into town to catch the West Bridgford bus.

Pete rang as I was taking a photograph of another part of Mansfield Road about half a mile from the City Centre to confirm I’m to meet him at the Co-op on Central Avenue in West Bridgford.


Hey-ho, Hey-ho it’s off to town I go…

Caught the bus and met Pete, nice to see him looking so good. We had a natter and walked to his palace… house.

Jane was having a bit of bother with her tummy again, I gave them some nibbles and pain gel and tablets.

The cats (Apart from Fooey who slept through me visit) ignored me professionally as cats do.

We had a good chinwag, and arranged to meet Pete on Wednesday in the city centre, where he is going to do a bit of skating on the ice-rink. I’d have a go as well… but I don’t want to embarrass him like. (Ahem!) That is if it all goes okay tomorrow with me INR level tests.


Sister Jane – poorly, but still looking good!

Took a photo of Sister Jane, after asking her to wear a straw hat that I am fond of seeing her in. She reluctantly agreed bless her.

I bidded them farewell and caught a bus into town.

Walked into Victoria Centre (Very busy today), and called at a shop selling cheapo Lion bars at 4 for a quid and purchased some to add to the nibbles for the haematology nurses tomorrow.

As I was on my way out of the centre I saw my first shoplifters of the season being unwillingly being arrested and removed by the Police Ossifers.


Why did I take this? No idea!

 When I got to the Carrington bus-stop, opposite I noticed Corel Bookmakers next to Cope’s Jewellers – and for some reason took a photo of them – I’m blowed if I can remember why now?

No doubt something deep, witty, creative, satirical and /or brilliant caused me to do this… but what?

 Caught the bus to Carrington and dropped off at the Co-operative Society shop next to the Pancho Chip shop – and I felt sure I could taste the roast pork slices I bought there the other day?


Getting murky early today!

It was beginning to get a little murky early as I walked along the road and turned into Muggers Alley on my way back to the hovel.

Got in WC’d and made some sandwiches and a cuppa.

Got the laptop working and Coreldraw9 opened quickly, the Chrome opened without any problems too!

The angina playing up a tad.

Updated and finished this Diary as the eyelids became heavy…

9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 30th November 2014

  1. I think you need to tie a tourniquet around Little Inchy to stop that bleeding! Or you’re gonna have to start wearing “ladies’ days” supplies. And not even the ladies like wearing those! 🙁 Great photos! I’m glad you avoided the kangaroo burger stand today.

    • Thanks Rachel.
      No burgers of that sort fer me gal!
      I’ve started using the Betamethasone corisoid cream again now its leaking one more, but I’ve only a few days supply left.
      Not too bad at all this morning though, only a few spots.

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