Inchcock Today: Sat 29th November 2014

Saturday 29th November 2014

Decent sleep but cannot remember the dreams, yet I seem to know I’d had them?

Up at 0455hrs.

Coughing and sneezing this morning.


Started laptop, put hot water heater on, went down and made a cuppa got medications, then returned upstairs, WC, the laptop would not let me onto the net!

Went down and restarted the BT box.

Still no connection.

Turned off laptop and restarted.

Still no connection.

Went down and turned the BT box off altogether then restarted it.

Still no connection.

Clicked on BT Broadband Help – but that said it could not be connected try again. So I did, three times, same message?

Turned off laptop and restarted it.

Still coughing and sneezing this morning.

Connection made – I have contact with the outside world again… but slowly.

I posted me Diary for yesterday on the Troll Free Zone.

Got to go to the bank this morning to try and sort out my new card.

Got missen and me things ready and started off on me walk into town – stopping off en route on Mansfield Road to pick up me prescriptions from the GP surgery. When I got there I realised it was a Saturday and they ere closed. (I’m quick like that yer know)

0602CarrtnMe starting point for the walk into town from Carrington.

I set off at a steady 1mph or so into town.

When I half way up the hill on Mansfield Road, I espied that on the bus lane all the way up there was the prettiest almost fractal-like spillages of


They do not show up on the photo on the left like I’d hoped, but they looked like works of art colourful that should have been in a gallery somewhere.

I pressed on down Mansfield Road ans noticed two shops wedged between students flats on he right hand side.

There are many retail outlets in the area that are in the same condition as these shops. So sad.

0607 tramI got in town and went to the bank first to get assistance on me three problems:

Changing my pin number – Memorable name ID and unblocking.

A young man sorted me with great aplomb. I thanked him and walked to catch a tram into Hucknall to Tesco now me card is working and get some nosh. Bread, yoghurt Curls and cooked bacon slices.

On the tram I took a photo because I could not believe there were so few people on it for a Saturday morning?

0604ExchangeDifferent story coming back though packed in like sardines we were.. like sardines!

Got back into Nottingham and had a wander through the city centre taking a few photographs for my many wonderful fans, supporters and fellow bloggers. (Hehe!)

I started in the Exchange shopping mall underneath the Council House.

They ere all offering a Black Friday Discount, but the prices were still high to my mind  a bit posh these shops fer me.

Anyway… What’s all this ‘Black Friday’ stuff then?

I’m sure I’ve never heard of it before? Does it mean Christmas Sales?

0605CCThen I limped down into the Slab Square.

The stalls were doing a roaring trade, but the Gypsy looking woman in the little Roast Chestnut box still had no prices on display I noticed?

Plenty of apprentice muggers… I mean children about today.

0606iceaEven the Ice-Rink had attracted some participants to have a go. Some were proficient (Well one anyway), some went on in sandal-like footwear others had blades on.

They even supplied supporting Penguins for the kids to use to help them keep their balance as they whirled around the ice. (See 0606icebphotographs).

They were playing loud jolly music over speakers and folk genuinely seemed to be having a good time without ipod/pads.

Nice to see.

I caught the bus back to Carrington, a very tired and leg weary lad.

As I got off the bus, the smell of cooked food from the chippy… bearing in mind it is nine days since I had a hot meal, proved too tempting and I weakened and went in an got roast potatoes and roast belly pork – rushed home (When I say rushed… I limped a little faster than usual) to keep em warm.

Jolly good too – I got in, WC’s made a cuppa and attacked the fodder.

Now I am belching, have stomach ache and am bloated! (Hehehe serves me right too!) 

Started laptop, and had to go through restarting again before it would allow me access to the internet.


Passing wind and belching a bit still.

Finished an Inchcocks True Tale of Woe about when I was working in security and posted it.

Tired now…

Further Guarding Escapades/Incidents – Alarming Tale in Derby

Derb01The Security control room called me at home, asking me to go to a large Derby electrical retailer, who’d been hit the night before and needed emergency cover.

Derb02I asked if I could use a company mobile but no. So I went in my Skoda Estelle.

I set off, finding the famous (and now defunct) Powerhouse store, on a retail park, right next to one of their competitors (Comet- also now defunkt). Good Britain innit?

The raiders had blasted their way through a breeze block wall, and exited the same way, with many thousands of pounds worth of TVs, videos, etc. The wall had been temporarily blocked up, but could not be properly secured until the Monday.

Derb03aI was given the door codes (no keys), and told to stay in the shop area at all times (where the damaged wall was and the kettle and WC was not), and not to stay in the kitchen area.

The staff departed about 1845hrs, and I took a look around to familiarise myself with the layout. Then made a flask of tea, and brought it along with my sandwiches, into the shop area, settling in a chair at the inquiry desk, facing about 60 TV screens all on showing the same channel, and surrounded by shelves of radios, toaster etc.

Around 1900hrs came a knocking at the back door!

It was the manageress who had forgotten to take some paperwork with her.

She went into the back office to collect them, then returned to the shop to ask me to release her, during which she said; “You can change the channels if you want to, the remotes are in that draw” Pointing to a draw in the desk where I had been sitting.

Off she went, and I delved into the remote controls, there were about a hundred or so in the draw.

After managing to get about 15 of the TV’s on different channels, loud alarms began ringing from one of the shelving units. I eventually located the source of the alarm on the radio display shelves, and realised that a code was needed to deactivate/silence the horrible grating noises.

Without the code, all I could do was press ‘silence’, and after about three minutes the klaxon’s bells and sirens would start again!


Our Officer in the Control Room, name of Bob was ever alert as usual…

Having no contact numbers for the firm’s staff, I rang our Control Room, asking them to try and contact the Manageress, and get the required codes for me to use.

It was well gone midnight when they rang back with a 4 digit code, by which time I was on the verge of insanity with the hours of the noise and pressing the silence button every three minutes!

I put the code in – after which the noise started again, and did not stop again until the arrival of the staff at 0730hrs in the morning!

A good job no one broke in that night, because I was so disorientated with the hours of noise, I would have been no use at all.

The Manageress explained that she had given the wrong code, and laughed about it.


I had to sit in the car for ages until I felt clear headed enough to drive.

When I got home, control rang asking me to go back to the same store again that Sunday night, for 16 hours shift, 1600hrs to 0800hrs!

On arrival at the store, I made sure I was given the correct codes for all of the alarms in the store (Better late than never).

I was sat there, about 2300hrs, watching dozens of channels on the TVs, when I heard a thudding noise, although it sounded a bit distant, I thought I’d better investigate.

I opened the back (side) door, and gingerly peered out up and down the alleyway, although I could see nothing untoward, the thudding noise was clearly coming from nearby, and it suddenly stopped, and I heard voices shouting. I boldly marched (actually, I crept up) up the alleyway to the parade of shop fronts, to see two vehicles and a several scrotes loading stuff from Comet into one of their vans.

I called the emergency services, and tried to get a good description of the vans and crooks for the police.

Derb04I informed my control, knowing that there would be a few keen, alert security officers just eager to come and give me some back-up…

Within minutes the police squad cars flew into the car park, and the offenders scattered – unfortunately two of them towards where I was peeping put from the alleyway.

I retreated in through the back door, as I tried to close it behind me. There was pressure from the other side trying to force it open as I tried to close it!

A managed to hold them off for a minute or so and verbally advised them to go forth and multiply…. they burst in through the door knocking me over.

Turns out it was the police, who saw the yobs running into the alleyway, then saw the door being closed as they entered the alleyway, and assumed it must have been the crooks going in through the door.

Well that seemed to have been the general consensus of why the police Alsatian had bitten me leg.

Inchcock Today: Friday 28th November 2014 – Incorporating The Dream!

Friday 28th November 2014

I didn’t get to sleep until 0300hrs – this time myself to blame!

I’d been Facebooking last night and when I came to closing down, I had a try at getting the laptop to allow me to watch dvds off the net – and blimey.. . it let me.

Unfortunately I’d tried to open an original 1959 ‘The Invisible Man’ TV episode to watch and I was hooked and spent the next 4 hours watching them. Tsk!

I forced myself away when I kept nodding off while watching at about 0310hrs.

Didn’t stir until 0715hrs – and tried again to watch em, but the laptop was back in ‘Frustrate Inchcock mode’ and wouldn’t let me.

I recalled some of the dreams I’d had and wrote the bits I remembered down to record here:

I was a jailer of some sort I think and I had Stalin, Hitler and Genghis Khan held in the same prison cell, they were each complaining that the others got better food than they did?

At one stage they were arguing amongst themselves whilst playing Tiddlywinks.

I’d delivered to their cells, microwave sausages and beans for Stalin. I can’t recall what I gave to Hitler, and lemon curd coated seaweed with mothballs for Khan?

Later in the dream I had to call for help in controlling them and Gary Hoadley arrived smilingly and killed them all by tearing off their heads and then asking “Anyone for football?”

I think we became traffic wardens… with Gaz using a Star Trek Phaser like thing to discourage the drivers from arguing, and after he’d used it to stun them, he gave them Green Shield Stamps?


What a Dream!

I’ve never remembered so much of a dream before… thanks Gaz!


I went down and made a cuppa and took me medications.


Returned to the laptop to update this diary.

It was still dark outside at 0810hrs.

I have to say, the ‘Little Inch’ angina and arthritis aren’t too bad at the moment, but the rear end is tender and painful.


Worked on another ode to loneliness, keeping it light. 

Worked on another ode to loneliness, keeping it light. Not happy with it and scrapped it.

Managed to get to watch dvd (The Invisible man) from Youtube but from nowhere else?

Did loads on Facebook and a post for me Inchcock site – but nowt else, didn’t even go out of the flea-pit.

Worked on another ode to loneliness, keeping it light. Not happy with it and scrapped it.

Managed to get to watch dvd (The Invisible man) from Youtube but from nowhere else?

Did loads on Facebook and a post for me Inchcock site – but nowt else, didn’t even go out of the flea-pit.