Inchcock Today: Thursday 6th Novembers 2014


Thursday 6th Novembers 2014

I woke at 0110hrs but managed to get back to kip again!

0240hrs WC. Inchy bleeding a mite. Haemorrhoids no bleeding.

Managed to nod off again – amazing.

0420hrs Up and downstairs.

Started the laptop which went through a process of checking a drive for stability it said. Oh dear, it took ages.

While this was going on I took out some bags to the bin and found someone had been dumping their rubbish in me bin again! Tsk!

0402All the parked cars had a thick layer of frost over them. By gum it was cold.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

The laptop loaded (Eventually) and Chrome was working.

0403I was working on the laptop with a thick jumper, wooly-hat and dressing gown on! Brrr! -1ºC = 30.20ºF I think?

I could hear the sounds of emergency vehicle sirens in the locality come through clearly.

There I was with Danny Soz on facebook putting the world to rights, and the warm wet 0404sensation returned to me lower regions.

Went up and cleaned the little ‘Inch’ and decided as to took a while to stop it again, to go to the clinic and asked for some more Betamethasone corticosteroid cream and check if I can use it twice a day instead of once a day in future.

0405I remembered that I had to do me pots of medications (colour coded yer know… I not daft… well…) I made em up, only making one mistake, I put me evening Simvastins in the midday pots so had to take em out and replace em in the right pots. Tsk!

Made sure I’d got some bandages just in case little ‘Inch’ kicked off again and 0406kitchen towels handy like.

Got missen ready and caught bus to City hospital clinic – too cold fer long walks today.

After getting there I was seen in about 15 minutes so no complaints there. They gave me some more cream but saud to only use it once a day. Of 0407course the little ‘Inch’ decided to stop bleeding when they examined him. Tsk!

I went and caught a bus into town, and took some photographs I thought might be of interest.

Not so cold now, so I decided to take a walk down the canal and take some 0408photo’s, then I changed me mind.

Poddled to Broad Marsh Shopping Centre and the 99p shop.

Got some bits then to the pound shop and got some microwavable sausage cobs for tonight and some bird seed (For the birds like, not me).

0409Ambled into the City Centre taking some more piccies on the way.

Called in a public convenience (20p entrance fee) and checked on the little ‘Inch’; no more blood.

I sneaked some bird seed to the pigeons, hope I wasn’t caught on camera?

Caught the bus back into Sherwood and dropped off the bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

Then called in the Computer shop to see how he was going in preparing the laptop for me and the man said call back Monday – I told him Monday was me hospital day and asked if he would be open Tuesday, he said yes, so I’ll call in Tuesday then.

0409aWalked back to Carrington, and noticed the old chap outside of his backstreet garage and saw the 1947 Hillman Snipe 18hp and asked him if I could take a photo of it for my cyber friends and he agreed.

Got back to the flea-pit.


Laptop started.

Made a cuppa and put me things away (well I say put them away…) then to the WC.

Updated this tosh and went on Facebook and blog reading for a bit.

I can’t get rid of this thought that I’ve forgotten something – really annoying that is… erm… perhaps I’ve… no… erm…

Ah well.