Inchcock Today: A cold Tue 30th December 2014

Dream filled night again. Woke several times and the last time 0300hrs I made some notes of the dreams to aid my recording of the bits I could remember later.


Using me new glasses (spectacles) today, the reading ones don’t half pinch the bridge of me nose, when I move em or take em off its like taking off an Elastoplast!

0201Started the laptop and went to make a cup of char. Flipping cold again. Bravely opened the front door and took a photo quickly of the ice and frosted cars. This convinced me that going out to the laundry with two big bags of washing would not be a good idea today. I had enough problems getting about on the ice yesterday thank you.

Arthur Itis in the knees and ankles seemed in a good mood this morning, the rumbling grumbling innards and wind was back with a vengeance, the piles were sore, the angina was not bad at all at this stage and the ulcer was quiet too.

I returned to the laptop to start this Diary: first job to sort the notes of the dreams I’d made an hour or so earlier, but some of the things I’d written meant nothing to me?:

I was on Mansfield Road with two chaps and we sat on the pavement next to each other and were fishing on/in the road and talking?

At one time the corridors were there again with me running through them 0202searching for something or someone, dark shadowy tunnels…

Then I was on some steps leading up into the clouds that seemed to open for me to enter… in my pyjamas I think and struggling to carrying a gigantic wheel-clamped car wheel?

Someone was hitting me on the head in an old telephone box, while I was trying to change the points in a Railway signal box seemingly at the same time with Elvis singing Rock-a-hula-baby in the background?


Made another cuppa and did some blogging and facebooking. I got a bit carried away with making graphics and neary forgot to take me medications. Tsk! Better a tad late than never eh.

-3º C (26º F) this morning.

I continued for hours making graphics for Facebook and posted em.

Read a few chapters of me book. It is heavy going smetimes but I’m enthralled with how the writers are getting through the ‘Who was blamed and  how those who were actually responsible masterminded the cover-up’.


Then I forced myself to get ready to see how the pavements were and assess if I dare go out to get some bread. Tsk!

 When changing me clothes I found blood on my hands… dang, dang, dang-dang! Hehe… I’d cut me neck shaving. Fancy that I thought.

0204Gingerly I left the hovel – to be greeted with pigeons wanting their daily seeds and fed em quickly before anyone noticed me.

It was still risky walking underfoot just like yesterday.

Got to the bus-stop looked for me reading glasses to view the timetable thingy and realised I’d left them at home. Fancy that I said (Again).

As the bus was going through the top estate a car came out of a driveway into the road without stopping and as near as damn it collided with another car. I assume either his brakes had failed or  the car slid on the ice on the driveway? As the bus pulled up at a stop I had a birds eye view of the altercation that took place between the two drivers. I think it might have developed into fisticuffs but the bus pulled away and the windows were too dirty due to the weather for me to take a photo of it.

A few hundred yard up the road and a police car sped in their direction with its ‘Blue & Twos going, maybe things did develop angst-wise between them?.

0206I got off the bus in Arnold and went into Asda to try and get some of those mini-frankfurters that I found so tasty. After searching for a while, I asked an assistant who told they no onger stocked them as they only had them in for Christmas. “Oh,” said I, “I’ll come back in a year if I’m still alive then shall I?” “Yes” she said.

I noticed their Kiosk & Customer Service sign and laughed a little to myself after last weeks performance when I went to get help and customer service from them.

I got a ready made Potato Gratin meal I think the writing on the pack said microwavable, but without me reading spec’s? (It turned out later it was – phew!) and some Lemon Curd flavoured yoghurt.

Noticed two more shops on Front Street had closing down Sales on.

I went into Futlon Foods shop, but the queues were mighty long. Had a search for me blackcurrant lollies but they had none in stock so I meandered out and down the road to Iceland.

0205Much more luck there, although they didn’t have any of me Bread Thins in just like all the other shops I tried? Still I got some baking potatoes, french fries, Yorhshire teabags 50% free and on offer too, microwaveable pork sub-rolls and jam and cream doughnuts. By gosh I live well, I know I’ve said it before, but I reckon HRH would be jealous yer know. Oh, and I got a Shepherds for 89p too.

As I was walking back to the bus-stop a van turned left in to Front Street – the wrong way!. The crowds loved that and waved at him and shouted… he parked facing the wrong way naturally and I watched another verbal battle developing!

I pressed on and caught the bus back to Carrington.

When I got off the bus the sunlight was very strong, although it was not hot enough to melt any of the ice on the pavements.

0207St Johns church looked nice, and I took a picture of it from the other side of the road. Best I thought ’cause when I take one from the back or Church Drive I often catch someone letting their dog crap in the graveyard as they walk their pet through it, kids vandalising the gravestones, muggers lurking or druggies dealing.

I nearly went and did another ‘Whoopsiedangleplop’ on the ice, twisted me knee stopping myself and of course now Arthur Itis is annoyed about it and letting me now. Tsk!

0208Got in and put me fodder away.

Planned what to have for nosh tonight. 

Shepherds pie methinks, with bread and followed by yoghurt, a lolly and a doughnut – not healthy but…

Oh… I didn’t get any bread – bother!

I enjoyed my shepherds pie, french fries lollies and yoghurt.

No wonder I have rumbling innards!

Inchcock Today: Monday 29th December 2014

Monday 29th December 2014

Up at 0015hrs.


When I kept waking up before I actually got up – I recall telling myself several times to remember the dreams, but didn’t write anything down on me pad. So nothing at all is left of the dreams in my mind this morning.


Went down and made a cuppa then returned to get the laptop going to do me posts for ‘The League of Mental Men’ and start this diary.

01M02After a few hours when I was creating the Letter to LOMM post – the damned vacillating, fly-by-night, untrustworthy conning BT Internet went down again – lost the lot and had to redo it all.

May BT rot in hell and their top boss Chief executive Gavin Patterson who will be able to earn a maximum of £7m a year in the top job under a revamped pay policy at the telecoms company die a slow painful death with customers present and having a bloody good cheer and laugh! – Nothing personal like, just venting my frustration you see. I wouldn’t like to see the pompous silver-spoon fed chap die slowly over two days really… over five days perhaps! Bitter? Me? Gits!

Up and down resetting the hub repeatedly, closing internet down and opening, turning off and resetting the laptop for a second time seemed to get it back on. Grrrr!

01M02aMade another cuppa and created some very pretty tea stain patterns on the stair carpet and me dressing gown on me way back up em. My fingers were sticking a bit this morning, damnable Arthur Itis again.

Biggest fret bothering me now is if I’ll be able to get to the bus stop safely to get into town (Where I hope the ice on the pavements will have been treated) to get me glasses from the opticians and bus to the hospital for me INR Warfarin level tests.


Cuppa and took me medications. Angina not bad at all, piles hurting but not bleeding, Arthritis hands and knees I must say are not good, ulcer no bother and the turmoil for me innards seems to be easing nicely.

Got myself abluted – struggled a bit with taking the socks off and clean ones on, always thinking about the ice that I’ve got to walk on later.

WC’d. Stomach rumbling a bit…

Set out very gingerly into the Arctic looking street and perambulated my worn knees and overweight body along with the bags down to the end of the street. As I turned right that bit of road and pavement was worse than the one I’d just come off of!

Felt a right fool creeping along nervously trying to avoid the worst of the ice – took me yonks to get to the cut-through to Mansfield Road, and that was a bit dodgy as well.

Even Mansfield Road’s pavements were still dangerous to walk on for an old twit like wot I am.

I got to the bus-stop and as one pulled up I suddenly realised it might not be 0930hrs yet for me to use me bus-pass? The kind driver told me and the lady behind me were a little early, but we can take a seat if we swipe our bus-passes as we get off the bus. That was nice of him. Thank you Sir!

So we did.

Swiped the bus-pass and got off and went into Tesco in Victoria Centre… my weakness for their fresh cream French Horns had taken me over again. Tsk! Of course I got a four cake box mix for the nurses at the Haematology department and told myself that was why I went into Tesco.

Hardly any snow in the City Centre.

01M02bThen popped into the cheapo shop and got 4 more Lion bars at 4 for a quid. (Another weakness but hey-ho!).

Then off to catch the Y36 bus to the Queens Medical Centre for my INR blood tests. Another good chappy driver, a rarity for that bus company, very smooth ride. Thank him too!

01M04When I got to the entrance of the hospital the ice again became a problem that needed careful thought and manoeuvring like. Not many people about.

I got in and took me ticket and joined the waiting queue.

Got me Operation Sea-Lion book out and read some of it.

As my number came closer to being called I thought I’d get me Anticoagulation form out and fill it in… but could I find it? I’d got me Opticians letter…

My number was called and I went in and told the nurse that I could not find me form but was sure I picked it up… A loud (probably the loudest I’ve ever heard) Tut, and I could see the look on her face meant she was not going to phone them up on the 4th floor for me – so I tended ‘I’ll go up the Anticoagulation and get a copy shall I?’ ‘You’d better!’

I gave them their nibbles and treats to make the bag lighter on me way up to get a copy of me record.

The lifts had massive queues so I walked up the stairs to the clinic (Painfully).

I think the lady on reception is getting used to my forgetting or losing me record card. She gave me a look of resignation along with her well perfected ‘Silly old sod’ stare and got me a copy straight away bless her.

I limped down back to the haematology and they took me blood and I was off back outside. In the hour and a half I was in the hospital, the snow had actually started to thaw… just a tad mind.

 Caught a bus back into town and made me way to the opticians. Got me googles fitted and walked up to the NHS Audiology Centre on the Ropewalk for me hearing-aid batteries – it was closed.

So I walked down to Specsavers (All this walking carrying me bags should be getting me fit… or something) where I got some for £2.99 a pack two years ago when the same thing happened and the NHS clinic was closed. They are now £4.99 a pack!

I thought it best if I got some bread in to freeze in case the weather stops me awandering like. I called at the Pound shop but they didn’t have any in, well they did but it only had one day left on its sell-by date.

01M05Then I walked through the slab suare on me way to Poundland to look for bread.

There’s a take-away stall I’d not noticed before next to the ice-rink. Busy it was too, and the chips customers were eating smelt and looked nice too. Having a will of steel like wot I have (Lie mode engaged) I was not tempted in the least to get any cause me GP told me not to eat em. 

01M06I got to the Poundland shop and they didn’t have any bread in at all.

As I came to the crossing near the Victoria centre mall again the pedestrians were not in the least bit interested in whatever the crossing lights were indicating. There’s been a few accidents if that’s the word on this corner in the past, I’ve seen two and the pedestrians were at fault each time, yet still they plod over the road using their mobile phones or ipods whatever against the lights. Tsk!

Luckily I only saw a few mobility scooters around today – perhaps the maniac drivers are still sozzled from Christmas?

I decided not to get any bread in town, but call at the Co-op in Carrington on the way back to the dump.

01M03As I turned the corner towards the bus-stop, I thought how nice it was that they had kept the old Victoria train station clock and tower when they built the shopping centre.

They are making many hanges to modernise it now – I hope the clock and tower don’t get pulled down.

Got the bus and dropped off on Mansfield road, the pavements were not as bad as earlier, but not good either yet. I called in the Co-op and they had no bread.

Carefully once more to obviate any accidents I took me time nervously manoeuvring over the ice and got to the flea-pit – WC’d.

As I emptied the bag I found the INR record sheet that I’d used as a page marker in me book! Well blow me down with a feather duster, fancy me doing that!

Tsk! Nothing from the mail-man.

Made me sandwiches ready for later and did a bit of facebooking.

Prayed for Frankie in America who has had massive surgery. A grand chap and battler.

Patti Bekert a friend of both me and Frankie is not too well herself and she’s had surgery recently, but she is supporting Frankie… two great cyber pals.

Tried to watch a DVD but could not concentrate.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 28th December 2014

Sunday 28th December

Awoke 0300hrs. Found writing on note pad, presumably about dreams… a lot of writing – unfortunately most of it was illegible although some odd bits I could relate to bits of memories of the dreams. Wrote these connections down to record later on this diary.


Started laptop ten went down and made a hot cuppa – colder this morning -2c. Peeped out of the window and the pavements and road looked awfully dangerous to me… have to decide if I go out today or not soon.

My knees and hands were letting me know they do not want using too much today. The bum was still sore from me ‘Whoopsidangleplomp’ yesterday, the piles and little Inch were bothersome. Bit disappointed with the Little Inch starting to flare up again though. On the plus side, the angina seemed okay, and the stomach turmoil was far less than of recent days.

The laptop was telling me there’s no internet connection – but it was working?

I started to assemble the memories of the dreams with the help of the notes I could read – I couldn’t remember making the notes?

I was in the police. Tending wounded (unrecognised by me) persons laying on the road/street. – then in heaven I think, still a policeman… a great queue of people of all sorts including as I recall Native American, Russians, Scotsmen, Welsh, Irish, Arabs, Traffic wardens, American Policemen, and Indians were in the queue and they all seemed very patient as they waited to talk to me? The line went on for miles and a lady was going up and down the line in a mini van giving them cakes, a pencil, a suicide pill and a can of drink to each one?

Then I was back at the scene on the road tending the injured… then in a courtroom being prosecuted for failing to save the life of one of the injured.

Then I was in a brick cell picking at the mortar with a toothbrush?

Suddenly I was in a bed with a weird beast over it spitting lightning or flames at me face? Or that might have been in another dream? I found a graphic later on Google that suited this to perfection and used it as the header.

I’m sure there was much more in the nightmare but this is all I can recall a the moment.

Sun01Took my medications then did a bit of Facebooking.

WC’d. Unfortunately found out the ‘Woopsidangleplump’ I had yesterday started my pile a-bleeding. Cleaned up the mess.

Went down to make another cuppa and a pot of porridge for brekkers.

Sun02I bravely popped out of the front door to take a photo of the weather, there had been no more snow falling but the ice looked like it was set in and not going to defrost for a good while to me.

Trod gently on it and it was very solid and slippery!

Oh dear!

Sun03Took me brekkers up with me to the laptop and tucked into me porridge. then back on the internet.

Severe weather warning for today on the BBC site.

I copied the photo then added me on it and put it on here for a laugh. (Well laugh then!)

Now the rumbling stomach has joined in with the aching legs and back to keep me company. 

Got me things ready for the morning – took a peep outside and the pavements are still well iced up… oh dear.

The only thing I did for rest of the day apart from praying a thaw might come in time for me morning outings was read me book and internetting… in between falling asleep.

Took me evening medications. (Missed me midday ones reading… Tsk!)

Inchcock Today: Saturday 27th December 2014

Saturday 27th December 2016

I must have woken up twenty times for no apparent reason last night, although  felt bitterly cold each time, but soon nodded off again each time until 0430hrs when I did me springing awake routine once more. Somehow I managed to get some dreams in, although recalling any details of them is impossible. Just being chased was the theme of some of them I think.

I arose with trepidation about how the knees and feet stood up to yesterday’s forced march (All right enforced hobble). Getting up took a little more effort and pain than usual but once up I was pleased with the lack of agony that the knees gave me last night – stiffness and mild pain only from the knees, the feet weren’t so forgiving though and let me know it. All in all nowhere as bad as I anticipated they may be.

Even the angina was giving  me a break this morning and the fingers seemed fine. So no complaints in those departments up to now.


My first view out from the upstairs window


To the right of front door


To the left of my front door


The dreaded snow… hope I don’t slip on it if it turns to ice. Hehe.


Middle of the road snow



I remembered it was today the bins were to be emptied so carefully tackled the stairs – and shock! Out of the window the houses were covered with snow! Although in hte photograph I took through the window, it being so dark and me not a good photographer shows none of the snow at all?

I started the laptop. Fingers crossed… mind you they do that of their own accord nowadays.

So down I crept and half way down the stairs an urgent request for the use of the WC was sent to my brain from my innards… just in time I got there.

While in the bathroom I remembered to turn on the water heater.

Down again and put the kettle on then out to move the bins ready for the cheerful content nice Waste Management gentlemen to empty.

I had the camera in my dressing gown pocket so took some photographs from up and down the street. I didn’t take one of the spewed up take away meal and broken lager bottle as this might having given the impression that the neighbourhood was of a low quality nature like.

I scooped it up and put in a black bag and binned it.

Blooming cold now, I returned to the flea-pit and made me cuppa strong tea, back up and took me medications.

Started this diary and thought about if I could manage to get about in the snow, not being to steady on me feet in good weather like.

I wanted to get out and feed the mallard ducks, also to go to Asda to see if they had any of those cocktail frankfurters in stock?

Can’t decide if it’s worth the risk to go out or not – no good not using the legs after yesterday or they might stiffen and be more painful than if I had not gone out… if you see what I mean?

I did a bit of blogging and Facebooking.

 Phone rang and it was Big John (Bill) asking if I still wanted to go with him to Papplewick Pumping Station even in the bad weather? Boink!… I’m forgotten about going… I apologised and said yes, he said he’s pick me up in an hour.

Sat06I hobbled around as quickly as me legs would let me – WC, shave teggies, over-wash and got downstairs ASAP and was ready in 45 min’s.

Took a photo of the street now it was lighter while waiting.

35 minutes later John arrived, he’s had a job clearing his car of snow and ice. And we set off for Papplewick Pumping Station’s ‘In Steam Day’ – not expecting many folks there today in this weather.

Had to take in steady but we got there, with difficulty beause it is out in the sticks like. The volunteers at the station car park even asked us if the car was front or rear wheel drive and after BJ told them front wheel, they dug the snow away from the front wheels in case we had difficulty getting out later. Really nice folk, all lovers and fans of steam.

Sat07I’d taken some fish food, but was informed that the low temperatures meant no feeding the fish. But a lone duck, part mallard-part something else black welcomed the earthworm pellets and gobbled them up for me.

I was fascinated by a tree near the pond and the areas where they had cut away the branches some time in Sat09the past. The remaining stumps looked odd, but no one knew what it was or why.I took a photo from the bottom of the original chimney used. Or rather BJ did for me, because I couldn’t get me head leant back high enough without severe pain – Tsk! (Poor old bugger I know!)

We then went into the steaming room and as usual I was gob-smacked at how Sat07athey managed in 1856 to build such a thing, the intricate works and get them to run so smoothly, amazing and still they run on and on with loving care from the volunteers like naturally.

Just to think, this station supplied all the water for Nottinghamian’s then!

Sat07bWe spent a while talking to the folk, then walked through and down into the boiler room!

My favourite area to visit this is. The smells from the coal and boilers always remind me of my Dad’s railway days and the folk who work there are always friendly and ready for a chat to tell me of their passed workings with steam.

Sat10We moved out over the back where the staff park there cars and along to the Blacksmith’s forge to the left of the picture on the right.

I loved watching him making some rings and shoes that he would sell later to raise funds for the pumping station at £10 each.

We went in the cafe for a cuppa and bacon cob each, BJ would not let me pay and treated me bless him, that’s me first Christmas present this year.

Sat11By now, despite the weather there was many visitors on site but not too many that the workers could not find time for a chin-wag. And the Blacksmith was selling quiet a few items he’d made today.

A chap showed me an old Rolls Royce generator that used to supply power to the Reservoir underground and was now up for sale. 415 volts – 139 amps. Not that I was any the wiser about the Sat12details, but the history is what counts on these things I think.

He then took me to show off his other working Rolls Royce made generator water pump that he had assembled himself. Again the details he was telling me baffled me, but seeing this working on the day fascinated me. Nice chap, obviously in love with steam power as are all the volunteers there.

Sat13Time was getting on so we made our way to the exit and had a little natter with the staff on the door.

One lady was wearing a Happy Christmas hat that I thought was wonderful, and she was cheery in her nature too – a veritable Mother Christmas bless her.

We departed and with a little difficulty BJ got the car out onto the lane, and it was a hair-raising ride in parts onto the main road.

BJ said the outside temp gauge on his dashboard read -1.5c!

As we approached the traffic island where we turn right into Nottingham, the result of a nasty accident in the opposite lane became evident. A car had left the road and gone into the ditch and the recovery had stopped all traffic from moving.

Sat14BJ dropped me off outside the flea-pit and I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated the lift and had enjoyed myself.

As I walked to the house the inevitable happened, I  slipped on the ice – whoops-a-daisy. I’ve now got a very sore bottom/butt to add to the pain from the knees and legs… and the angina has started playing up… Ah-well. Always seems the same dunnit? I’d spent a couple of hours walking in the snow and ice, up and don snow covered steps (Carefully) at the station then slip over about eight foot from me front door. Hehe… Sods law!

Got in and WC’d.

Started the laptop, put the kettle on, got into my jammies and sat down (Uncomfortably I might add) to update this diary.

Took me medications and did some blogging and Facebooking again.

At least the bruised bum took me mind of me arthritis – one must look on the bright side… Did I say that?


Inchcock Today: Th/Fri 25/26th December 2014

Thursday 25th December

Up at 0225hrs.


Dream involved chasing and being chased, always in cellars, corridors etc – gigantic shocks and fears?

Made cuppa and took medications.

Reg Meagan

Some of the Graphicalisation wot I dun for the TFZ page

Dorth Lyzzi Marie Started laptop made a cuppa, WC’d and worked on graphics for Facebook. I got carried away with pursuing an idea that came to me for the TFZers page on Facebook.

I started to create a graphic of each TFZ member (35) of a Rolls Royce and posted them when I’d got them all done. A kind of New Year present in the ether.

I put this message on each post:

I thought it might be a good idea to buy each member of our TFZ a new car for the new year.
Then I remembered I am in an impecunious financial position.
Undaunted by this, I decided to send a graphicalistion of the vehicles they will not be receiving in reality like for each person through the internet-ether on this our beloved TFZ site.
That was 11¾ hours ago.
I’ve now at last finished creating them and will start posting them in support of us all having a laugh.
Please note I ain’t sending cheap ones yer know – mostly Roll Royces… oh yes!
This one is for (Name of member)…
For some reason I thought the idea was good and fun.

JanetA Lynda TomSchDuring doing this all day long mission I received a text message from sister Jane, ‘Have a great day’ I replied and got stuck back into the graphicationalising.

Then  got a telephone call from Lynton in France. Very welcome and appreciated, thanks Lynton.

I did nowt else all day, as I was a little down for some reason.

A message from Tim cheered me up on Inchcock. Thanks Tim.

When I eventually got them all done and posted I was drained. But happy with the responses to the posts.

Got something some sandwiches to eat with a cuppa followed by a lemon yoghurt and an ice lolly,  by gum I know how to eat at Christmas!

Took my medications, tried to watch a DVD but could not keep me eyes open… Tsk!

Friday 26th December

0255hrs: I woke up WC’s and tried for ages to recall more than I could of the dreams again but could not grasp any more details other than war fear, oil tankers, running away and a grave with music?

0300hrs: Started laptop and went to make a cuppa then started this diary.


Remembered I’m going to see Sister Jane and Brother in law Pete later today, buses will be on Sunday time-table so I’ll walk to town and get one of the hourly buses to West Bridgford. Got their pressies and bits ready in a bag.

Did a bit of blogging and started this diary.


Not much traffic, but the cyclists on the pavement were ever present!

Forced missen to gerra a scrub-up spit and polish and set off on me walk into town.

As I passed the college the sky looked far less threatening than of late and the traffic seemed so light despite the ‘Sales’ on in town.

I noticed on the bus signs it told us that there was a special bus service on today with many services not running at all. I wondered if the 5’s and 7’s that I wanted to catch from town (When I get there) to West Bridgford would be running?

Even with not many people about there was four cyclist that passed me on the pavements as I hobbled to town.

As I approached the City Centre the cars seemed to come out of nowhere and joined the queues for the car parks.


Queuing Nottinghamians – a rare sight… other than at the benefits office of course!

Folks were queuing for the sales, the first lot on Mansfield Road had the manager of the electrical store taking them cups of drinks!

I noted that they had a massive flat TV on offer at only £999… £999… Blimey! I bought me first motorbike for less than that! And first car come to think of it.

When I got to the bus-stop for the West Bridgford buses there was one a number 6 just pulling off. Undaunted I walked over t the bus-shelter and read that only the number 6 was running today… every hour!

Ah well, I had a walk around the streets and as I did the crowds began descending for their bargains and shoplifting.

As I got back to the shelter, three klaxon sounding fire engines pulled up at the top of King Street – a few hundred yards from the bus stop – and blocked off the road off of the one I was on and the buses backed up waiting to get through. Soon they were allowed through and just one fire-engine stayed the other two left.

The number 6 bus came and I got on. Not the perfect route as it meant a decent walk from where I drop off of it to get to Sister Jane’s abode. And me feet were beginning to tingle a bit from me 40 minute walk into town.


I walked from the bus and arrived to be greeted as I pressed Jane’s door-bell with a repeated recorded “Yo ho ho!”

I was given a up of tea and we had a chin-wag of sorts (We’re all hard of hearing!)

I gave Jane her Gift vouchers for her favourite shop – and Pete his Build your own Retro Radio kit, glad to say they were both tickled with them.

They had a social event ot go to later so I left them early, about 1215hrs with a cheerio and Pete having looked at his bus-ap? and telling me there was a bus in eight minutes from the other end of the road as I departed. “Yo ho ho!” played me off…

Handy that ap I thought – within three minutes I was waiting at the bus stop – five minutes later no bus had arrived.

Fri04Ah-well I thought, I’ll walk back to town and take some photographs en-route. So I did… regrettably for me ankles feet and knees. Tsk!

As I walked across Trent Bridge I took a shot of the Nottingham Forest City ground that brought back some memories to me.

The worst being when I got arrested.

Fri03I noticed there were not many birds, other than seagulls about?

The chimney/flue at the Councils Eastcroft Incinerator Plant was giving out a bit of almost pure white smoke – perhaps they were taking the opportunity to clear/clear it out?

The scene brought some more memories back to mind – noe of them really welcome, school-days mostly. The lack of interest shown during my time at Trent Bridge Secondry modern School for Boys came from the teahers more than the pupils. No wonder I didn’t get an education worth talking about.

The only subject I got on with was English, and I was crap at that!

I’m waffling in again…

Fri05I walked through the Meadows area and came out near the new tram works by the Railway Station. I could not help to notice the buldings offices that had now been revealed when they pulled down the old shops to build the tram lines. They were to me about as ugly a set of buildings as I could imagine.

Why I don’t know, perhaps my being in pain, aching and depressed had something to do with it?

Fri07I walked though the shopping centre and out into the air again and was surprised how the crowds had grown from earlier.

By the time i got me camera out of course they had thinned out on the stretch where I was walking.

I plodded on though to town and got to the bus-stop for the Carringon buses. Ha! The queues for the buses were so long it was unreal!

They too had a lot of routes not working so I foolishly decided to walk on and not wait for a bus I might not get onto anyway.

Seemed like a good idea at the time despite me agonising knees and feet.

Fri08As I turned the corner into Milton Street I got out me camera to take a last photo of the crowds. Turned out fortuitous as I got a shot of the crowd (As is usual in Nottingham) totally disregarding the traffic lights and crossing against them – using phones etc, and then getting narked with the drivers when they pap their horns!

That reminds me, I wonder if Tesco will be having any fresh cream french-horns in to sell tomorrow? Mind you, I’m stiffening up now so don’t know if I’ll be able to get to Tesco in the morning… yes of course I will…? Mind you, I might catch a bus into town and not walk in the morning eh?

Oh me knees! Poor old twit!

More cyclists on the pavements again!

Got in and WC’d.

Started the laptop, made a cuppa and took me bread out of the freezer for later.

I can’t get rid of this feeling that I’ve forgotten something?


Inchcock Today: Wednesday 24th December 2014

I woke at 0340hrs… WC’d and wrote down ASAP the memories I had of the dreams I’d had. Started the laptop then made a cup of tea, WC’d and got the dream memories on this diary:


I was on a train, I think everyone on the crowded train were wearing fancy dress, partying singing, laughing and snogging with each other… the seating was luxurious velvets leather grand…

It seems they were playing a guessing game to identify each others costumes or personality’s they portrayed, despite them all being obvious to me. A lot of them were Christmas or Dickens characters and whoever it was that was supposed to be the Dicken’s Ghost from the passed was the only one who would talk to me at first… not sure what we spoke about at this point… Later we were in a corridor that didn’t exist earlier and the ghost was asking me why I like microwave sausages?

At another point I was in a tiny room on my own that had an empty wardrobe that I was trying to get into to hide maybe? When I climbed out of the wardrobe I was on top of a skyscraper roof, with Nat King Cole singing ‘White Christmas’ as the snow began to cover him… later I managed to get him off the roof and into the train with the fancy dress party going full belt and everyone seemed intoxicated…

The ghost came up to me and laughed telling me more was to come and France would declare peace with Britain soon? But I must sign his walking stick first? The quill I had to use was too heavy for me to lift… the walking stick was exactly like mine but melted when I touched it… Santa appeared and spoke with the ghost asking him why Scrooge (meaning me) had been invited? The Ghost replied: “No it was 1-1 at half time and Dennis Law was offside!”…

I was lying on a butchers bench… chickens pecking at me, I was tied-up…

Tea bags were thrown over me and I was demanding milk to go with them?…

The ghost appeared again stopping the crowd from covering me and gave me my medications telling me I must take these before I land on Venus?…

Later a dinosaur had me in a tree… calling me Dadda?

That’s all I recall, but still a lot more than I can usually remember of my dreams?

The angina is still easier this morning, a lot easier. The niggling cough and sore throat linger on and the turmoil from within and wind remained but not so bad it seems. We’ll see how they go.

Took my medications with the by now cold cuppa. Urgh!

Went down and made a fresh mug of tea. The knees not too keen on my moving now. Huh!

When I made the graphic above for the dream memories Coreldraw9 packed up on me – too much memory used perhaps for the laptop to cope with – that reminds me, the computer shop bloke said he’s ring me about doing up a laptop for me me and he has not called… fancy that, me picking someone unreliable to deal with?

Wed02After a bit more (Well a lot more then) Facebooking and blogging I went downstairs and found a letter had been delivered. It was from the Boots Opticians informing me my spectacles were ready for collection and fitting. I wondered if they would be open today but thought surely they would, and on the letter they gave their opening times as Monday to Friday 0900hrs to 1730hrs.

I poddled back upstairs WC’d and cleansed my weary body, teggies shaved etc in readiness for a good walk I’d planned while doing meself up like. I’ll walk to Asda to see if I can get some of the cocktail-frankfurters, then catch the tram into town, collect me glasses and take some photographs at the same time in the City Centre.

Wed13I was listening to Smooth Radio when cleaning me feet and shaving (Not at the same time mind!) and they played Nat King Cole singing ‘Let there be love’ – fatal for me, I’ve had it in my head and even been singing it throughout the day and even now as type away. Funny how some singers and songs trigger you off innit?


A pleasant sky this morning – no birds about though, wonder what that’s indicative of?

I’d like to warn others that singing while shaving is likely to cause the odd cut or two to your chin and lip if yer not careful… Tsk! Good job they weren’t playing Good Golly Miss Molly, Rock-a-hula Baby or Waitin’ in School else I might have bled to death with me feet in a bowl of water!

I set off on me walk to Asda – I wasn’t too cold at all, and the wind seemed to have lessened a tad too. The usual cyclists on the pavements were present throughout me walk.

As I arrived at Asda, the angina started – Huh! Get rid of one ailment and another takes it place eh?


The packed Asda Car park

The place was cram-packed solid – the shelves looked extremely bare and folk were either waiting for trolley/baskets or using their prams and pushchairs – utter mayhem. And the shoppers were not happy so decided against taking a photo of them.


The sparse flea-market

I decided not to risk entering and walked on and out (taking a photo of the crammed car-park en route) to the Radford Road tram-stop and catch one to town. Remembering to swipe me bus-pass before I got on.

Itook a photo of the Flea-market behind the tram-stop. Very sparse!

I could be see the tram about 400 yards away – it could not get passed the traffic jam where the Asda entrance was with care stuck half in and out! It took about ten minutes to get to the stop, but it was free running after that cause the route took it off Radford Road a few yards beyond the bus-stop.


Closed! Well fancy that!

The tram was packed too, but I got the last spare seat I think. As we passed the Arboretum I was pleased to see a family feeding the mallards.

I dropped off in the slab-square and made my way up Friar Lane to the Boot’s opticians shop – that was closed!

They will be open next Monday though. Tsk again!


CPO with a pigtail – not a good shot though Tsk!

So I plooded down to the festivities in the Slab-square and had a limp around… camera in my pocket ready for anything interesting. As I left the tram platform two CPOs (Community Protection Officers) passed my and I suprised to see one of them with long blonde hair tied up at the back with black tape. I got out me camera as quick as I could but by the time I was ready they had  moved out of focus for me – but the two lads sat on the seemed to think they were the subjects for my photographs. Hey-ho!


By-gum the cooked eats smelt wonderful!

The aroma from one of the food stalls was overpowering and delicious. It took me a while waiting to get a break in the shoplifters… I mean shoppers to get a shot of the cooked meats being served-up in cobs and sandwiches… Mmmm!

I forced myself to hobbled on away from temptation, through the other stalls en route to my bus-stop to catch one home.


Really cute Yorkies

I noticed a couple with two Yorkie dogs that they had done up with Santa coats and thought thay had done a good job on them.

I had to take the picture quickly before they merged with the crowds and didn’t made a very good job of it I’m afraid, in fact I made a mess of it, all blurred.

Still, the thought was there.


Naughty little parker!

I walked up Clinton Street taking care not to get knocked over by the rushing mob of shoppers coming the other way.

I managed to get towards the bus stop and heard a lot of car and what turned out bus horns blowing… I turned to investigate and there was a Lexus 4×4 car parked near the traffic lights on double yellow lines holding up the buses as they were stuck in between the lights.

He was not a popular chappy at all!

By the time I’d got me camera out the lights had changed and the buses cleared – seconds later he had picked up his passenger and moved off – only to be waved down my an ossifer of the law a hundred yards or so further on along the road.

The walkover out of Victoria centre across the road, is where I often take photos from of the traffic.

Wed03I caught the bus, again very full back to Carrington and hobbled with now aching knees and feet back to the flea-pit.

As I turned towards my street I noticed how the sky had changed from how it looked when I left the dump. Now more threatening perhaps, but still beautiful to me like.

Got in WCd and started laptop, made a cuppa and spilt it going upstairs.

Swore and went down and made another.

Updated this Diary of Woe.

Inchcock and the Security Night Noc Ob Rep Assignment

Inchcock’s Security Industry True Tales of Woe

The Night Noc Ob & Rep Assignment

Noc01 The Night Noc Ob & Rep Assignment? You may ask?

That is how the manager described the duties to me when telling me what assignment I was on the following night.

Night Binocular Observation and Report is what he meant.

There were two of us were to be based in a field, opposite a Garden Centre just outside of Nottingham.

The criminal elements had hit it three times in a week.

We were given a quick run-down on how to operate the night Binoculars, and sent as soon as it got dark, to the field opposite the entrance to the Garden centre.

We parked the van behind some trees in the field, and settled down in the ditch at the roadside to carry out our Night Noc Ob & Rep Assignment. We were to observe the main gates and site for any signs of intrusion. In the event of any such occurrence, we were to summon the police, and try to bar the escape routes of the raiders until the police arrived, if safe to do so.

It was very windy, and after about two hours or so, the rain belted down. We discussed whether we should get into the van, but decided against it, as if anything happened and we missed it, we would really get it in the neck.

Trevor, the chap on duty with me was a big confident lad, and this gave me some confidence that we would prevail if anything kicked off.

But there were no signs of any intrusion at the premises all night,

All had been quiet.

About 0330hrs, Trev said he’d go to the van and get our nosh and flasks. I gave him the keys, and awaited his return.

When he did return, not carrying any fodder, he leant down to my head level and whispered: “Fuck me, the some bastard’s nicked the bleedin’ van!”

Oh dear!…

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 23rd Decembers 2014


Up on the WC at 0215hrs.

Back to kip, trying and failng to remember the dream I was having before the bladder woke me.

0320hrs WC.

Tried to get back to kip… failed.

Gorrup 0440hrs.

WC’d, started laptop, made a cuppa then took me medications.

Rather annoyingly as I was going downstairs I had a great idea for a post – by the Tue01time I was back up at the laptop it had faded into the ether. Tsk!

I took a photo from the upstairs window of the morning sky – touch of red in it and it foretold me of rain later.

I hope to make up for forgetting to go to the bank to update me insurances yesterday by going today. I realise that facing the rampant crowds will not be easy, but it’s got to be done. I’ll try to get some photographs of the Nottingham shoplifters… I mean shoppers on me walk.

Coughing, sore throat, bad back, arthritis, angina, duodenal ulcer, depression nor me lack of mobility is going to stop me going for a good walk today!

Blimey, did I just say that?

Medicated, scrubbed missen up, applied me creams and pain-gels did me teggies, shaved and had another sh… visit on the porcelain and was ready for the off.

Not too cold, windy mind and a little on the dark side still.

En route the horns were a-sounding from motorists stuck in the traffic jam into town and many frayed tempers methinks?

Cyclist on the pavement on me one mile walk into town this morning? Five! But they don’t bother me… oh no…

I nipped into Tesco to see if I could get another pack of the delicious Polish cocktail frankfurters, I searched and searched but could not find where I got them from Tue02yesterday. Hey-ho!

Walked along to the market to have a ponder – on the way I had a dizzy-spell and stood at the top of the escalator for a while. In about ten minutes my focus came okay again. I noticed that in that time the ‘Boost’ fruit drink cabin thing on the lower floor of the mall had no customers at all, and there were three staff on duty. Tue03Sad news for the owner that.

In the market the handbag and ladies accessories stall was doing no better than the fruit stand below. They had a marvellous selection on bags on show and I took a photograph of it for the girls on the Troll Free Zone site as I know some of them like their handbags, and they can click on the photo to see what’s on offer in Nottingham. Probably the same Korean, Chinese and Lithuanian manufactured choices as in America Canada and Australia?


Onward on me walk then to the Nottingham Arboretum.

At the end of the mall on the walk-over I took another photograph of the traffic and shoplifters… I mean Nottingham pedestrians vying with each other to get there first. Still not noon yet, the traffic increased greatly after then.

Tue05I plodded on through town to the bank before I forgot about going like. I took this photo just before I entered the bank, slowly the crowds were getting thicker on the ground. Seconds after taking this photograph a bloke walked into me shoulder nearly knocking me over and muttering in a loud voice I heard clearly “F&,/ing photograpers!” I wished him a Happy Christmas back too as he sped to wherever it was he was going!

I entered the bank and waited patiently for an adviser. One got up and as he came towards me a bloke who’d just come in the place approached him and got served like. Tsk! I thought. No bother I wasn’t in a hurry. Eventually the advisor came to me.

I didn’t like him instantly, he had that ‘Jobsworth-sneer’ on his mush and an arrogant tone in his voice – ‘This could get interesting I thought’ and it did.

It really isn’t my nature to get involved unpleasantly with anyone, but this turd was too tempting a challenge even for me…

Inchcock: “Good morning”

Turd: “Can I help you?”

Inchcock: “I don’t know can you?”

Turd: “I’m sorry?”

Inchcock: “So was I when you served the chap in the donkey-jacket who came in well after I did leaving me stood here waiting!

Turd: “I didn’t see you Sir!”

Inchcock: “That’s alright cocker, you’ve got bad eyesight I’m deaf… no prejudice from me pal!”

The now flummoxed looking Turd repeated himself: “Can I help you Sir?”

Inchcock: “I want to see an advisor about my home insurance…

The Turd cut in: “We have sold out insurance commitments to the Royal (Some name I can’t remember now) company you will have to contact them now!” (A sneer began to develop on his thin pale face)

I slightly raising my voice to enable other customers to hear me clearly: “Now that is a shame mush (Touch of the Tony Hancock’s there I thought – quite proud of that?) because the competent advisor who sat there (I pointed to one of the desks) three weeks ago told me to come back and she would help me by phoning them for me as part of the banks customer service ethics (I again pointed, this time to poster on the wall about the banks ethics policy) by phoning them for me!

Turd: “I’ll get an advisor to help you, take a seat!”

Inchcock: “Shame you didn’t say that in the first place Pike!” Gawd as was going strong now!

Turd: “Pike?”

Inchcock: “Can’t you remember Dad’s Army son?

The Turd walked away his face now red.

I was truly amazed at my responses and attitude to him. Hey-ho!

The advisor called me over and I got the impression he wanted to say something about the turd but dare not. The smile on his face was reward enough for me. He was helpful and patient and got me sorted out in no time.

I was pleased, almost proud of myself as I left the bank – but should I have been?

Tue06I walked through town and up passed the Theatre Royal and the tram stops, down passed the college building and weariness appeared to affect me, the coughing and sore throat seemed to come on together and my knees and feet really started to ache – but I didn’t mind because my victory over the bank turd was still fresh in my warped mind. Hehehe

As I passed an old building I thought how decorative it had been finished off with peoples heads in cement or stone above each of the windows. I’ll have to look up who designed it.

Maybe it was Watson Fothergill?

Arboretum Visit Report

I pressed on down the hill and up to the Nottingham Arboretum gate that I left via on yesterdays visit to the mallards and pigeons, and entered.

Tue07I realised just how much walking I’d done, and decided I could manage a walk home as well after my visit to the Arboretum was over. (What a pillock”)

Straight to the pond, where the mallards were taking a shower in the pond-centre fountain.

Tue08I watched then from a distance for a while, then approached to feed them the seeds and meal-worm pellets. I do love their quacking, I’ve become quite adept at copying their quacking yer now.

I walked up the hill (Another damned hill, getting tired now!) to cut over and come out near the cemetery.

I took a photo of the famous Chinese Bell surrounded by old Cannons!

The structure called “The Chinese Bell”, calls for a word of explanation, for it is a curious conglomeration of ideas and objects.

(1.) Richard Birkin, Esq, had efficiently served his fourth year of office as Mayor, and it was desired to record the event with approval.

(2.) ‘The Notts Regiment of Foot’ had deserved well of their town and county, which had sent it so many good soldiers that it ought to be recorded.

(3.) In the Crimean War of 1854-6 some cannon guns were taken at Sebastopol, and two of them were sent to Nottingham and mounted, and a heap of balls added.

(4.) During the war with China (1857) a bell, believed to consist of steel and silver, was “taken from a large and handsome Temple near to the east gate at Canton, when that city was captured. This bell, which stood in the principal part of the Temple and was struck during religious ceremonies to call the attention of the joss or god, or to announce his presence, was removed by the army, and brought to Nottingham, and here it was mounted and a canopy placed over it. The result being that guns partly Russian are mounted as firing from a Chinese Temple into the four quarters of the earth; while the bell has never been used”.

Tue09As I walked on upwards to the exit I passed a statue that I had forgotten all about. The inscription had been redone: “Feargus O’Connor Esq. MP. This Statue was erected by his Admirers 1859.”

Feargus O’Connor was a Chartist leader, and became a Nottingham MP in 1847. Born around 1796, he studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and became a lawyer. He inherited an estate in Cork, and during Irish agitation for reform in the early 1830’s, he emerged as an advocate of Irish rights and democratic political reform. He became MP for Cork in 1832 but lost his seat in 1835. He turned his attention to English radicalism and toured the country campaigning for political reform. He was described as “a superb orator, powerful, defiant, humorous”. (What would I give to be described as such?). In 1840 he was arrested and imprisoned in York Castle for 15 months. As his behaviour, apparently became increasingly irrational, he was declared insane in 1852, and was sent to an asylum in Chiswick, where he died in 1855. It was reported that 40,000 people attended his funeral.

Tue10Interesting that.

As I reached the highest point with a view of the grounds, I took a last photograph of the Arboretum grounds.

You’ll no doubt see the massed Nottingham people who appreciate and visit the Arboretum so regularly in the photograph.

‘He is on the centre path just to left of the second tree from the right in the photo.’

It took about half an hour to walk from there to the Continental shop in Carrington, where I purchased a packet of Silesian sausages.

Located just before the Lidl fiddlers store, where I thought about popping in to get some bread, but the queues down the store from the tills put me off.

So I limped back to the flea-pit and hastened to the WC.

I put away me Silesian sauages, and spooted on the nearly empty packet of delicious Polish cocktail frankfurters that I’d bought them at Asda. No wonder I failed to find any at Tesco is it? What a plonker!

Then I got the laptop on and updated this waffling tosh.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Monday 22nd December 2015

Monday 22nd December


Woke up at 0350hrs to the tune of me stomach grinding and a-churning and utilised the toilet yet again, as I had throughout the night.


It’s like a maelstrom in my innards again. Oh deary me, but not so bad later in the day.

I’m supposed to go to the launderette today as there are no INR checks at the hospital due to the holidays.

I’ll see how things develop and if they settle down stomach-wise later.

Went down and made a cuppa and took me tablets. Arthur Itis and angina both a lot easier this morning.


Started this diary and did some graphicalisationing (Say that when you’ve had a few drinks?) for later.

I think the stomach is settling a tad after me last mammoth session on the porcelain blocked the drainage pipes perhaps?

I decided to get missen ablated and to chance going to the launderette later.

Getting the laundry ready in the two bags I banged me head on the falling off wardrobe door corner and I think I said ‘Flipping ‘eck!’

I just hope this doesn’t harm me chances of becoming a male model. (Silly mode adopted, I must be feeling better)

0103I even remembered everything needed to do the laundry this morning… and to collect my prescriptions from the chemist that is handily located next door to the launderette.

Very windy today (both the weather and me rear end).

Big John was already there when I arrived and we had a chin-wag with Big Bertha and she made us a cup of tea too!

He offered to run me to Asda afterwards so I cold get me nosh in bless him.

I remembered to fetch me prescriptions from the chemist next door… and to take some nibbles for the staff.

Doing well today memory-wise and was getting a bit worried about it. Which proved a valid worry, because at the end of the day I’d forgotten to call at the bank re their reminder that me house insurance payments were due. Tsk! Must call tomorrow at all costs.

0104Got the washing sorted and dried and Big John ran me to Asda (In his car like). Where we split up and arranged to meet back at the tills in 20 minutes.

We both arrived at the same time luckily.

As we left the store the police had just finished dealing with some our numerous shoplifters… not in Nottingham surely?… hard to believe I know. (Hehe) I noticed that they were all female officers and CPO’s – good for them I thought!

BJ dropped me off at home and lifted the heavy stuff into the dump for me, he shot off sharpish as he had a lot of things to sort for the coming holidays.

He’s going to call me later, but up to now he is going to the Papplewick Pumping Station at 1100hrs on Saturday and will take me with him. I’m looking forward to that and thanked him kindly.

0105I dropped the washing bags upstairs and made sure I’d got me bus-pass with me and set off on a walk to the Nottingham Arboretum in the high gusty winds. It was not cold with them though.

I arrived at the gate and entered the Arboretum drive with not a sole in sight. A bit concerning given that the place is a muggers paradise so I kept what few wits I have left about me on Defcon 2 alert.

0106As I reached the end of the main drive tunnel into the Arboretum proper, still nobody about.

When I came out of the other end the place was teeming with grey squirrels and I managed to photo one of them near the base of a tree.

Not the best of photographs I know, 0107but then again I’m not one of the best photographers. And I’ve noticed that grey squirrels tend to ignore you when you ask them to stay still for a few seconds so you can take their photograph!

Down the hill towards the pond I waddled. Planning to veer left originally to take a photo of the old Galleon gun ships cannons, but I got distracted (I do that a lot I’ve noticed).

I saw my first person in the Arboretum. A chap sat on a bench with gigantic headphones on (That chap that was, not the bench with the headphones on like) happily listening to his music and shaking his head and legs to the tune, I think he was anyway.

0108All the way down to the bottom I went without seeing anyone else and arrived at the Pond and me beloved mallards and pigeons unknowingly awaiting their treat from me of meal-worm pellets and birdseed.

There were not so many of them as there were in Bulwell or Arno Hill Park but it didn’t take them long to polish em off bless their cotton socks. Oh, and no Turbo-powered paddling mallard here either.

0109As I walked towards the exit gates, I noticed some flowers struggling through the barren shrubbery and felt compelled to try and take decent photo of them – as they reminded me that nature can be so determined and powerful as these flowers forced their way into life and survival.

No idea what they were called, but they got me appreciation anyway.

As did my finding and making use of the Gentlemen’s room there.

I hobbled (The feet and knees were getting a bit painful now Tsk) into the City Centre and Tesco’s where I some bread and polish cooked sausages to freeze and last me over the holidays just in case I do get laid up like, or bad weather arrives.

I also got some Fresh Cream French Horns as a treat fer me as I feeling poorly… okay then: ’cause I like so much and am greedy!

 I went and joined the rather long queue at the bus-stop to catch one home. (A bus home that is, not a bus-stop)

A single decker bus arrived, and we were crammed in like sardines again… unfortunately… after a few minutes I felt the ‘phlop’ of a very minute escapage of wind from my rear end.

I did my best to appear nonchalant and kept staring out of the bus windows trying to whistle for an added innocent appearance…

Some of the comments passed between the passengers were a tad cruel. Hehe!

I was pleased to get off the bus and walk home in the fresh air.

I tried one of the cooked sausages that I’d bought – they were delicious. So later it’s a sandwich, sausages and cooked beetroot followed by two fresh cream French horns for me!

I hope… tummy permitting.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 21st December 2014

07Sun01Sunday 21st December

Lying here thinking of the dreams I’d had… I kept finding myself in empty rooms, shops, buildings or cellars?

0245hrs, WC’d then started laptop went to make a cuppa then returned to start this Diary.

The laptop’s Word programme froze one twice before I got it going properly.

Thank you again Mr Bill Gates.

Too early to take mediations yet, must remember to do so later.

The rumbling and a-grumbling from me innards is stewing nicely at the moment… daren’t move to far from the porcelain!


Did some Facebooking.

I was looking at the painting that Patti (Bekert) did got me that cheered me up no end and decided I had to do something to thank her for being there for me when I really did need her encouragement. So I made up a heartfelt poem of thanks and made a graphic of her and posted it on facebook.

Oh dear… I just had an involuntary slow leakage of wind from me back-end… I thought it was never going to stop!

But it did… then the short plup and sprurtsch ones started again, non-stop.

Feeling a bit low now.

Pattie later commented on the ode wot I dun saying kind words about it. She deserves all the praise she gets and more.

I really dare not go out today.

Oh dear…

A cuppa and an egg and sausage muffin and taking me medications I thought might settle the stomach… it didn’t.

Felt awful for the rest of the day. Not really painful but more your uncomfortable with nervous visits to the porcelain rampant.

At least the angina and arthritis were not too bad, and I only had one dizzy-spell up to now anyway.

The haemorrhoids’ bled to their hearts content.

The toilet paper stocks dwindled.

The eyes ran.

The stomach’s grumbles and rumbles continued… on and on…

Still yer don’t like to complain do yer. (Much)

I really enjoyed such a long time Facebooking, but feeling a bit guilty about not getting out on a walk due to the demands of the toileting requirements.

Talking of which…