Inchcock Today: Thursday 11th December 2014


Thursday 11th December

Decent sleep for once last night, I can’t even recall any of the dream/s  I had last night, but just know I’d had them.

Woke reluctantly at 0322hrs.


Started laptop.

Made a cuppa.  Started to update this Diary.

Then took me morning medications a little early, but I think I might have missed yesterday mornings so took today’s while I thought about it.

Did some facebooking and checked emails and blog.

My knees were really bad when I got up or down and I decided today would be a day in and no going out. (Changed mind later… huh decisions decisions… not my forte making them)

I worked on a satirical post for the Inchcock blog for hours and hours – not really happy with it but I might post it later after more titivating of it.

Posted it around 0930hrs – I just don’t know how it came from mu puddled brain. Someone said it was very deep on Facebook. Oh dear… hope it goes down well.

I ended up titling it ‘Inchcock’s Message for the future – from one of his dreams!’

Well must go for a bit now, and get missen cleaned and polished ready for me walk into Nottingham’s different area to get some fresh photo’s for this Diary.

1035hrs: Back in a bit – I hope.

1123hrs: I’m back!

04th011135hrs: I set off on me walk well wrapped up (me, not the walk like) against the cold bitter wind. Remembering that rain had been forecast on Radio Nottingham when I was cutting missen shaving earlier, I increased me speed to about 1 ¼mph. (Hehehe, don’t know what I’m laughing at?)


Asda Customer Service Desk – huh!          Customer Service my….

I took a route through what is called Forest Fields that used to be a posh area to live in when I were a lad. I decided to take photo’s of the shops there now en route to and back from Asda.

It looked a little like rain as I passed Park and Ride Tram site.

But it kept off thank you kindly.

I got in Asda and approached the lady on the Asda Help Desk… Help Desk did I say?


An interesting selection of Polish, Lithuanian and Romanian food here

I told her that I have home delivery sometimes.

I explained to her that I had lost me card and had got a new one and tried to change my log on details for the new card – but when it proceeded the last four numbers of the old card kept coming up with no option to change it so the old incorrect four digits kept preventing me from logging on.


Polish and English food advertised

Could she advise me on what to do to get on please?

I should have know I was not going to get any help then as the puzzled look and frown on her face said it all.


Halal Food store – wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables on sale here

“I’ll just phone my supervisor ‘cause I don’t know owt about computers…” She rang her supervisor who apparently told her to tell me to change the four digits on the website when asked to because that is what she told me.

Now I was not in the mood for telling her everything again and it was obvious she was not going to get the message that the site was not allowing me to change the numbers, so I thanked her for her help and started my shopping. (Slightly miffed I might add)


Specialist Immigration advice, Visa applications, work permits, Leave to enter/remain and Aslam advertised here

I had a wander around and again bought stuff I didn’t really need: Warburton Thins, a two serving ready meal of Cottage Pie (Hope to tackle that later tonight), a cream cake (French horn) some Raspberry ripple mousse, potatoes, apples, some egg flans, and two multipacks of Asda Cheese Curls.


The Old Roxy cinema building that’s now the Jameah Fatimiah Mosque

 As soon as i had to climb the steps out of onto the road I regretted getting so much… for two reasons: First I had to lug the stuff all the way home, second I felt I should not have given them my custom the way they had treated me over my query about me card. Tsk!

I’ve put all the photographs on the right wot I took going and coming back from the shop, I won’t name Asda in protest at their shoddy treatment/service they gave me… Cobblebother! I just did do didn’t I!


The Karimia Institute Masjid and Education Centre, used to be a dentists

 Anyway as you can guess from the shops Forest Fields area is very much a multicultural one and unfortunately has a high crime figure.

But they have some very interesting shops on almost every corner of the old terraced blocks.


Medina Bazaar – some lovely looking ladies clothes on display, and a Sale on too!

Of course there are many closed down and some converted to housing, as in any large town I imagine.

The one that stood out to me was an Asian Ladies clothes shop that had some, what I thought amazing   dresses on show in the window.

Not that I know anything about ladies dresses just that I like some and not others. These had intricate bit of extra designs on them, really pretty.


The Screaming Carrot Vegetarian Bakery

The Mosque there was in a converted old Cinema that I used to visit sometimes as a young whipper-snapper many years ago. (Well a few years ago he lied)

When I had (limping by now-knees and feet) got into the Sherwood Rise area en route back to Carrington, the rain came – and stopped seconds later? Never known that before?


No idea what this place is – can anyone help?

Still, not complaining!

I cut through to Hucknall Road and went over the Pelican lights to where Lidl’s car park was, and s few pigeons came down at me feet and looked up at me – cooing (That’s the pigeons cooing not me like).

I’d got some seed with me so gave it to them. I wondered if they are getting wiser these birds? Do they recognise me or me bag and walking stick… no I didn’t take me walking stick because I knew I’d be struggling to carry bags back anyway?

I had to feed em quick while no one was looking because it is banned feeding the birds around here nowadays without risking a £60 on the sot fine. Tsk! I am a fool doing it really)

I got into the flea-pit. Well tired out after me walk to Asda – buying too much again and the slog home with two heavy bags (Well, heavy fer me like)



The clever pigeons?

Managed to get me frozen stuff into the fridge – hope me gigantic Shepherds fits into the microwave and the microwave works – sometime it do, sometimes it don’t?

Put me cake in the fridge for later and WC’d again… Mmmm! Risked making a good strong cuppa anyway.

Started latop internet came on but it was oh so slow again. Damnations to BT!

Udated this diary again and downloaded… or should that be uploaded the photographs and resized them.

The laptop mouse is playing up a bit… what next I ask… What next?

Took medications with another cuppa and Facebooked and then blog read for a while… oh, just went to move and me knees didn’t want me to! Ooh!

Inchcock’s Message for the future – from one of his dreams!

I actually dreamt of writing this post last night – so I wrote down bits I could remember and embellished it a tad. Really odd occurrence, even fer me! 

Message for the future

The extemporaneousness with which I formulated these thoughts is plain to see.

And as such I believe they may well be of value in later years to psychiatrists’, ‎Clinical neurophysiologists, Psychologists, Psychoanalysts and maybe even Holistic and alternative medicine doctors. Not to mention the inmates of asylums so they understand the philosophical implications of why mankind ended. 


Asylum Inmates

It is not that I am an anti-environmentalist or anything like that like.

It’s just that I do not have a xenodochium to accommodate unnecessary textual extravaganza in my slightly discombobulated brain at this moment.

A certain disinterestedness comes to the fore whenever the subject of environmentalism rears its inconsequential non-germane head.

How can anyone with the slightest of EQ not realise that the future will soon be the present in terms of the end of mankind?

Even the children of the affluent wealthy nepotistic nihilistic Politicians, despite their having laid plans to ensure their own and families survive any apocalypse by cunning planning and manipulation of parapsychologists for guidance and the availability of any resources that they feel they require will not subsist the man-made denouement of our species.

I believe these words of wisdom I write here will become pseudepigraphous to any future breed of mankind, should any develop in the future and ask than anyone who can think of a way to preserve them to guide any new species in the future, in an effort to warn them of how philoprogenitiveness , fraudulent powerful social divisions between those who have and intended to keep and those who never got because of this, self-eliminated mankind, and above all greed.

I’ll take a few moments to analyse the causes and symptomatology of this condition… illness, this state of pending.


Philoprogenitiveness – Rife amongst the proletariat since Adam ate the apple!


Philoprogenitiveness – It was all Adam’s fault!

Philoprogenitiveness: Throughout the planet this has been a driving force and substitute for wealth within the under-privileged and pauperised classes of mankind. And this only made things far worse in the long run. But such elements of humankind were not able or willing to accept this due to their feeble-mindedness and injudiciousness, so rife amongst the proletariat and essential for keeping the manipulative crème de la crème, aristocracy, and preponderant gentry in control and power that caused the undemonstrativeness and ineffectuality of the lower-classes within the so called leading edge avant-garde nations, who were so enamoured and fascinated with their TV sets, mobile phones, take-away meals, avoiding work, mugging the elderly, DVDs, benefit fiddling, betting shops, pop music, football matches, drugs and sex that they failed to see how they were being controlled by the politicians and yet they seemed happy as long as their Housing subsidy, and child care allowance was not taken from them? If they could afford a drink and the odd snort they seemed content and didn’t worry about things like food and working. Thus, they really were manipulated and manoeuvred into a belief that they were well off by the clever untrustworthy expense fiddling politicians.

The Ebola disease did not end mankind’s reign on earth.

This was started in the UK by the Big Issue seller’s revolt of 2015, when they went on strike refusing to sell the people any Big Issue magazines. (Not that that changed anything from normal other than it was the Big Issue sellers refusing to sell them as opposed to the public refusing to buy the Big Issue magazines!)

The environmentalist’s were concerned and encouraged the Government to import more Big Issue sellers into the country to replace those on strike.


President Milibandski

This was agreed by President Milibandski.

They brought in so many that Lithuania, Poland and many other countries were so low on population their Nuclear power stations began to decay with the scientists having gone to the UK to sell Big Issues this caused catastrophe after catastrophe and the whole world was covered with nuclear fall-out when they exploded.

As the proletariats died off, the  crème de la crème, aristocracy, and preponderant gentry in control made there way to their nuclear fallout shelters – only to find massed Big Issue sellers muggers and shoplifters awaiting them, and they tore the politicians to pieces – their frustration and anger knew no bounds.

Unfortunately they could not gain access to the shelters because they didn’t ask for the door codes before enjoying their massacre of the rich.



The mob made their way to the nuclear arms storage depot at Upper Denture and along with the also doomed soldiers, they raided the storage armoury and detonated the stock-pile of missiles and bombs.

Enough power to split open earth’s crust.

Thus… the end!

You might wonder how I can write this post what with the world being ended – so do I?