Inchcock Today: Saturday 27th December 2014

Saturday 27th December 2016

I must have woken up twenty times for no apparent reason last night, although  felt bitterly cold each time, but soon nodded off again each time until 0430hrs when I did me springing awake routine once more. Somehow I managed to get some dreams in, although recalling any details of them is impossible. Just being chased was the theme of some of them I think.

I arose with trepidation about how the knees and feet stood up to yesterday’s forced march (All right enforced hobble). Getting up took a little more effort and pain than usual but once up I was pleased with the lack of agony that the knees gave me last night – stiffness and mild pain only from the knees, the feet weren’t so forgiving though and let me know it. All in all nowhere as bad as I anticipated they may be.

Even the angina was giving  me a break this morning and the fingers seemed fine. So no complaints in those departments up to now.


My first view out from the upstairs window


To the right of front door


To the left of my front door


The dreaded snow… hope I don’t slip on it if it turns to ice. Hehe.


Middle of the road snow



I remembered it was today the bins were to be emptied so carefully tackled the stairs – and shock! Out of the window the houses were covered with snow! Although in hte photograph I took through the window, it being so dark and me not a good photographer shows none of the snow at all?

I started the laptop. Fingers crossed… mind you they do that of their own accord nowadays.

So down I crept and half way down the stairs an urgent request for the use of the WC was sent to my brain from my innards… just in time I got there.

While in the bathroom I remembered to turn on the water heater.

Down again and put the kettle on then out to move the bins ready for the cheerful content nice Waste Management gentlemen to empty.

I had the camera in my dressing gown pocket so took some photographs from up and down the street. I didn’t take one of the spewed up take away meal and broken lager bottle as this might having given the impression that the neighbourhood was of a low quality nature like.

I scooped it up and put in a black bag and binned it.

Blooming cold now, I returned to the flea-pit and made me cuppa strong tea, back up and took me medications.

Started this diary and thought about if I could manage to get about in the snow, not being to steady on me feet in good weather like.

I wanted to get out and feed the mallard ducks, also to go to Asda to see if they had any of those cocktail frankfurters in stock?

Can’t decide if it’s worth the risk to go out or not – no good not using the legs after yesterday or they might stiffen and be more painful than if I had not gone out… if you see what I mean?

I did a bit of blogging and Facebooking.

 Phone rang and it was Big John (Bill) asking if I still wanted to go with him to Papplewick Pumping Station even in the bad weather? Boink!… I’m forgotten about going… I apologised and said yes, he said he’s pick me up in an hour.

Sat06I hobbled around as quickly as me legs would let me – WC, shave teggies, over-wash and got downstairs ASAP and was ready in 45 min’s.

Took a photo of the street now it was lighter while waiting.

35 minutes later John arrived, he’s had a job clearing his car of snow and ice. And we set off for Papplewick Pumping Station’s ‘In Steam Day’ – not expecting many folks there today in this weather.

Had to take in steady but we got there, with difficulty beause it is out in the sticks like. The volunteers at the station car park even asked us if the car was front or rear wheel drive and after BJ told them front wheel, they dug the snow away from the front wheels in case we had difficulty getting out later. Really nice folk, all lovers and fans of steam.

Sat07I’d taken some fish food, but was informed that the low temperatures meant no feeding the fish. But a lone duck, part mallard-part something else black welcomed the earthworm pellets and gobbled them up for me.

I was fascinated by a tree near the pond and the areas where they had cut away the branches some time in Sat09the past. The remaining stumps looked odd, but no one knew what it was or why.I took a photo from the bottom of the original chimney used. Or rather BJ did for me, because I couldn’t get me head leant back high enough without severe pain – Tsk! (Poor old bugger I know!)

We then went into the steaming room and as usual I was gob-smacked at how Sat07athey managed in 1856 to build such a thing, the intricate works and get them to run so smoothly, amazing and still they run on and on with loving care from the volunteers like naturally.

Just to think, this station supplied all the water for Nottinghamian’s then!

Sat07bWe spent a while talking to the folk, then walked through and down into the boiler room!

My favourite area to visit this is. The smells from the coal and boilers always remind me of my Dad’s railway days and the folk who work there are always friendly and ready for a chat to tell me of their passed workings with steam.

Sat10We moved out over the back where the staff park there cars and along to the Blacksmith’s forge to the left of the picture on the right.

I loved watching him making some rings and shoes that he would sell later to raise funds for the pumping station at £10 each.

We went in the cafe for a cuppa and bacon cob each, BJ would not let me pay and treated me bless him, that’s me first Christmas present this year.

Sat11By now, despite the weather there was many visitors on site but not too many that the workers could not find time for a chin-wag. And the Blacksmith was selling quiet a few items he’d made today.

A chap showed me an old Rolls Royce generator that used to supply power to the Reservoir underground and was now up for sale. 415 volts – 139 amps. Not that I was any the wiser about the Sat12details, but the history is what counts on these things I think.

He then took me to show off his other working Rolls Royce made generator water pump that he had assembled himself. Again the details he was telling me baffled me, but seeing this working on the day fascinated me. Nice chap, obviously in love with steam power as are all the volunteers there.

Sat13Time was getting on so we made our way to the exit and had a little natter with the staff on the door.

One lady was wearing a Happy Christmas hat that I thought was wonderful, and she was cheery in her nature too – a veritable Mother Christmas bless her.

We departed and with a little difficulty BJ got the car out onto the lane, and it was a hair-raising ride in parts onto the main road.

BJ said the outside temp gauge on his dashboard read -1.5c!

As we approached the traffic island where we turn right into Nottingham, the result of a nasty accident in the opposite lane became evident. A car had left the road and gone into the ditch and the recovery had stopped all traffic from moving.

Sat14BJ dropped me off outside the flea-pit and I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated the lift and had enjoyed myself.

As I walked to the house the inevitable happened, I  slipped on the ice – whoops-a-daisy. I’ve now got a very sore bottom/butt to add to the pain from the knees and legs… and the angina has started playing up… Ah-well. Always seems the same dunnit? I’d spent a couple of hours walking in the snow and ice, up and don snow covered steps (Carefully) at the station then slip over about eight foot from me front door. Hehe… Sods law!

Got in and WC’d.

Started the laptop, put the kettle on, got into my jammies and sat down (Uncomfortably I might add) to update this diary.

Took me medications and did some blogging and Facebooking again.

At least the bruised bum took me mind of me arthritis – one must look on the bright side… Did I say that?