Inchcock Today: Wednesday 24th December 2014

I woke at 0340hrs… WC’d and wrote down ASAP the memories I had of the dreams I’d had. Started the laptop then made a cup of tea, WC’d and got the dream memories on this diary:


I was on a train, I think everyone on the crowded train were wearing fancy dress, partying singing, laughing and snogging with each other… the seating was luxurious velvets leather grand…

It seems they were playing a guessing game to identify each others costumes or personality’s they portrayed, despite them all being obvious to me. A lot of them were Christmas or Dickens characters and whoever it was that was supposed to be the Dicken’s Ghost from the passed was the only one who would talk to me at first… not sure what we spoke about at this point… Later we were in a corridor that didn’t exist earlier and the ghost was asking me why I like microwave sausages?

At another point I was in a tiny room on my own that had an empty wardrobe that I was trying to get into to hide maybe? When I climbed out of the wardrobe I was on top of a skyscraper roof, with Nat King Cole singing ‘White Christmas’ as the snow began to cover him… later I managed to get him off the roof and into the train with the fancy dress party going full belt and everyone seemed intoxicated…

The ghost came up to me and laughed telling me more was to come and France would declare peace with Britain soon? But I must sign his walking stick first? The quill I had to use was too heavy for me to lift… the walking stick was exactly like mine but melted when I touched it… Santa appeared and spoke with the ghost asking him why Scrooge (meaning me) had been invited? The Ghost replied: “No it was 1-1 at half time and Dennis Law was offside!”…

I was lying on a butchers bench… chickens pecking at me, I was tied-up…

Tea bags were thrown over me and I was demanding milk to go with them?…

The ghost appeared again stopping the crowd from covering me and gave me my medications telling me I must take these before I land on Venus?…

Later a dinosaur had me in a tree… calling me Dadda?

That’s all I recall, but still a lot more than I can usually remember of my dreams?

The angina is still easier this morning, a lot easier. The niggling cough and sore throat linger on and the turmoil from within and wind remained but not so bad it seems. We’ll see how they go.

Took my medications with the by now cold cuppa. Urgh!

Went down and made a fresh mug of tea. The knees not too keen on my moving now. Huh!

When I made the graphic above for the dream memories Coreldraw9 packed up on me – too much memory used perhaps for the laptop to cope with – that reminds me, the computer shop bloke said he’s ring me about doing up a laptop for me me and he has not called… fancy that, me picking someone unreliable to deal with?

Wed02After a bit more (Well a lot more then) Facebooking and blogging I went downstairs and found a letter had been delivered. It was from the Boots Opticians informing me my spectacles were ready for collection and fitting. I wondered if they would be open today but thought surely they would, and on the letter they gave their opening times as Monday to Friday 0900hrs to 1730hrs.

I poddled back upstairs WC’d and cleansed my weary body, teggies shaved etc in readiness for a good walk I’d planned while doing meself up like. I’ll walk to Asda to see if I can get some of the cocktail-frankfurters, then catch the tram into town, collect me glasses and take some photographs at the same time in the City Centre.

Wed13I was listening to Smooth Radio when cleaning me feet and shaving (Not at the same time mind!) and they played Nat King Cole singing ‘Let there be love’ – fatal for me, I’ve had it in my head and even been singing it throughout the day and even now as type away. Funny how some singers and songs trigger you off innit?


A pleasant sky this morning – no birds about though, wonder what that’s indicative of?

I’d like to warn others that singing while shaving is likely to cause the odd cut or two to your chin and lip if yer not careful… Tsk! Good job they weren’t playing Good Golly Miss Molly, Rock-a-hula Baby or Waitin’ in School else I might have bled to death with me feet in a bowl of water!

I set off on me walk to Asda – I wasn’t too cold at all, and the wind seemed to have lessened a tad too. The usual cyclists on the pavements were present throughout me walk.

As I arrived at Asda, the angina started – Huh! Get rid of one ailment and another takes it place eh?


The packed Asda Car park

The place was cram-packed solid – the shelves looked extremely bare and folk were either waiting for trolley/baskets or using their prams and pushchairs – utter mayhem. And the shoppers were not happy so decided against taking a photo of them.


The sparse flea-market

I decided not to risk entering and walked on and out (taking a photo of the crammed car-park en route) to the Radford Road tram-stop and catch one to town. Remembering to swipe me bus-pass before I got on.

Itook a photo of the Flea-market behind the tram-stop. Very sparse!

I could be see the tram about 400 yards away – it could not get passed the traffic jam where the Asda entrance was with care stuck half in and out! It took about ten minutes to get to the stop, but it was free running after that cause the route took it off Radford Road a few yards beyond the bus-stop.


Closed! Well fancy that!

The tram was packed too, but I got the last spare seat I think. As we passed the Arboretum I was pleased to see a family feeding the mallards.

I dropped off in the slab-square and made my way up Friar Lane to the Boot’s opticians shop – that was closed!

They will be open next Monday though. Tsk again!


CPO with a pigtail – not a good shot though Tsk!

So I plooded down to the festivities in the Slab-square and had a limp around… camera in my pocket ready for anything interesting. As I left the tram platform two CPOs (Community Protection Officers) passed my and I suprised to see one of them with long blonde hair tied up at the back with black tape. I got out me camera as quick as I could but by the time I was ready they had  moved out of focus for me – but the two lads sat on the seemed to think they were the subjects for my photographs. Hey-ho!


By-gum the cooked eats smelt wonderful!

The aroma from one of the food stalls was overpowering and delicious. It took me a while waiting to get a break in the shoplifters… I mean shoppers to get a shot of the cooked meats being served-up in cobs and sandwiches… Mmmm!

I forced myself to hobbled on away from temptation, through the other stalls en route to my bus-stop to catch one home.


Really cute Yorkies

I noticed a couple with two Yorkie dogs that they had done up with Santa coats and thought thay had done a good job on them.

I had to take the picture quickly before they merged with the crowds and didn’t made a very good job of it I’m afraid, in fact I made a mess of it, all blurred.

Still, the thought was there.


Naughty little parker!

I walked up Clinton Street taking care not to get knocked over by the rushing mob of shoppers coming the other way.

I managed to get towards the bus stop and heard a lot of car and what turned out bus horns blowing… I turned to investigate and there was a Lexus 4×4 car parked near the traffic lights on double yellow lines holding up the buses as they were stuck in between the lights.

He was not a popular chappy at all!

By the time I’d got me camera out the lights had changed and the buses cleared – seconds later he had picked up his passenger and moved off – only to be waved down my an ossifer of the law a hundred yards or so further on along the road.

The walkover out of Victoria centre across the road, is where I often take photos from of the traffic.

Wed03I caught the bus, again very full back to Carrington and hobbled with now aching knees and feet back to the flea-pit.

As I turned towards my street I noticed how the sky had changed from how it looked when I left the dump. Now more threatening perhaps, but still beautiful to me like.

Got in WCd and started laptop, made a cuppa and spilt it going upstairs.

Swore and went down and made another.

Updated this Diary of Woe.

Inchcock and the Security Night Noc Ob Rep Assignment

Inchcock’s Security Industry True Tales of Woe

The Night Noc Ob & Rep Assignment

Noc01 The Night Noc Ob & Rep Assignment? You may ask?

That is how the manager described the duties to me when telling me what assignment I was on the following night.

Night Binocular Observation and Report is what he meant.

There were two of us were to be based in a field, opposite a Garden Centre just outside of Nottingham.

The criminal elements had hit it three times in a week.

We were given a quick run-down on how to operate the night Binoculars, and sent as soon as it got dark, to the field opposite the entrance to the Garden centre.

We parked the van behind some trees in the field, and settled down in the ditch at the roadside to carry out our Night Noc Ob & Rep Assignment. We were to observe the main gates and site for any signs of intrusion. In the event of any such occurrence, we were to summon the police, and try to bar the escape routes of the raiders until the police arrived, if safe to do so.

It was very windy, and after about two hours or so, the rain belted down. We discussed whether we should get into the van, but decided against it, as if anything happened and we missed it, we would really get it in the neck.

Trevor, the chap on duty with me was a big confident lad, and this gave me some confidence that we would prevail if anything kicked off.

But there were no signs of any intrusion at the premises all night,

All had been quiet.

About 0330hrs, Trev said he’d go to the van and get our nosh and flasks. I gave him the keys, and awaited his return.

When he did return, not carrying any fodder, he leant down to my head level and whispered: “Fuck me, the some bastard’s nicked the bleedin’ van!”

Oh dear!…