Inchcock Today: A cold Tue 30th December 2014

Dream filled night again. Woke several times and the last time 0300hrs I made some notes of the dreams to aid my recording of the bits I could remember later.


Using me new glasses (spectacles) today, the reading ones don’t half pinch the bridge of me nose, when I move em or take em off its like taking off an Elastoplast!

0201Started the laptop and went to make a cup of char. Flipping cold again. Bravely opened the front door and took a photo quickly of the ice and frosted cars. This convinced me that going out to the laundry with two big bags of washing would not be a good idea today. I had enough problems getting about on the ice yesterday thank you.

Arthur Itis in the knees and ankles seemed in a good mood this morning, the rumbling grumbling innards and wind was back with a vengeance, the piles were sore, the angina was not bad at all at this stage and the ulcer was quiet too.

I returned to the laptop to start this Diary: first job to sort the notes of the dreams I’d made an hour or so earlier, but some of the things I’d written meant nothing to me?:

I was on Mansfield Road with two chaps and we sat on the pavement next to each other and were fishing on/in the road and talking?

At one time the corridors were there again with me running through them 0202searching for something or someone, dark shadowy tunnels…

Then I was on some steps leading up into the clouds that seemed to open for me to enter… in my pyjamas I think and struggling to carrying a gigantic wheel-clamped car wheel?

Someone was hitting me on the head in an old telephone box, while I was trying to change the points in a Railway signal box seemingly at the same time with Elvis singing Rock-a-hula-baby in the background?


Made another cuppa and did some blogging and facebooking. I got a bit carried away with making graphics and neary forgot to take me medications. Tsk! Better a tad late than never eh.

-3º C (26º F) this morning.

I continued for hours making graphics for Facebook and posted em.

Read a few chapters of me book. It is heavy going smetimes but I’m enthralled with how the writers are getting through the ‘Who was blamed and  how those who were actually responsible masterminded the cover-up’.


Then I forced myself to get ready to see how the pavements were and assess if I dare go out to get some bread. Tsk!

 When changing me clothes I found blood on my hands… dang, dang, dang-dang! Hehe… I’d cut me neck shaving. Fancy that I thought.

0204Gingerly I left the hovel – to be greeted with pigeons wanting their daily seeds and fed em quickly before anyone noticed me.

It was still risky walking underfoot just like yesterday.

Got to the bus-stop looked for me reading glasses to view the timetable thingy and realised I’d left them at home. Fancy that I said (Again).

As the bus was going through the top estate a car came out of a driveway into the road without stopping and as near as damn it collided with another car. I assume either his brakes had failed or  the car slid on the ice on the driveway? As the bus pulled up at a stop I had a birds eye view of the altercation that took place between the two drivers. I think it might have developed into fisticuffs but the bus pulled away and the windows were too dirty due to the weather for me to take a photo of it.

A few hundred yard up the road and a police car sped in their direction with its ‘Blue & Twos going, maybe things did develop angst-wise between them?.

0206I got off the bus in Arnold and went into Asda to try and get some of those mini-frankfurters that I found so tasty. After searching for a while, I asked an assistant who told they no onger stocked them as they only had them in for Christmas. “Oh,” said I, “I’ll come back in a year if I’m still alive then shall I?” “Yes” she said.

I noticed their Kiosk & Customer Service sign and laughed a little to myself after last weeks performance when I went to get help and customer service from them.

I got a ready made Potato Gratin meal I think the writing on the pack said microwavable, but without me reading spec’s? (It turned out later it was – phew!) and some Lemon Curd flavoured yoghurt.

Noticed two more shops on Front Street had closing down Sales on.

I went into Futlon Foods shop, but the queues were mighty long. Had a search for me blackcurrant lollies but they had none in stock so I meandered out and down the road to Iceland.

0205Much more luck there, although they didn’t have any of me Bread Thins in just like all the other shops I tried? Still I got some baking potatoes, french fries, Yorhshire teabags 50% free and on offer too, microwaveable pork sub-rolls and jam and cream doughnuts. By gosh I live well, I know I’ve said it before, but I reckon HRH would be jealous yer know. Oh, and I got a Shepherds for 89p too.

As I was walking back to the bus-stop a van turned left in to Front Street – the wrong way!. The crowds loved that and waved at him and shouted… he parked facing the wrong way naturally and I watched another verbal battle developing!

I pressed on and caught the bus back to Carrington.

When I got off the bus the sunlight was very strong, although it was not hot enough to melt any of the ice on the pavements.

0207St Johns church looked nice, and I took a picture of it from the other side of the road. Best I thought ’cause when I take one from the back or Church Drive I often catch someone letting their dog crap in the graveyard as they walk their pet through it, kids vandalising the gravestones, muggers lurking or druggies dealing.

I nearly went and did another ‘Whoopsiedangleplop’ on the ice, twisted me knee stopping myself and of course now Arthur Itis is annoyed about it and letting me now. Tsk!

0208Got in and put me fodder away.

Planned what to have for nosh tonight. 

Shepherds pie methinks, with bread and followed by yoghurt, a lolly and a doughnut – not healthy but…

Oh… I didn’t get any bread – bother!

I enjoyed my shepherds pie, french fries lollies and yoghurt.

No wonder I have rumbling innards!