Inchcock Today: Th/Fri 25/26th December 2014

Thursday 25th December

Up at 0225hrs.


Dream involved chasing and being chased, always in cellars, corridors etc – gigantic shocks and fears?

Made cuppa and took medications.

Reg Meagan

Some of the Graphicalisation wot I dun for the TFZ page

Dorth Lyzzi Marie Started laptop made a cuppa, WC’d and worked on graphics for Facebook. I got carried away with pursuing an idea that came to me for the TFZers page on Facebook.

I started to create a graphic of each TFZ member (35) of a Rolls Royce and posted them when I’d got them all done. A kind of New Year present in the ether.

I put this message on each post:

I thought it might be a good idea to buy each member of our TFZ a new car for the new year.
Then I remembered I am in an impecunious financial position.
Undaunted by this, I decided to send a graphicalistion of the vehicles they will not be receiving in reality like for each person through the internet-ether on this our beloved TFZ site.
That was 11¾ hours ago.
I’ve now at last finished creating them and will start posting them in support of us all having a laugh.
Please note I ain’t sending cheap ones yer know – mostly Roll Royces… oh yes!
This one is for (Name of member)…
For some reason I thought the idea was good and fun.

JanetA Lynda TomSchDuring doing this all day long mission I received a text message from sister Jane, ‘Have a great day’ I replied and got stuck back into the graphicationalising.

Then  got a telephone call from Lynton in France. Very welcome and appreciated, thanks Lynton.

I did nowt else all day, as I was a little down for some reason.

A message from Tim cheered me up on Inchcock. Thanks Tim.

When I eventually got them all done and posted I was drained. But happy with the responses to the posts.

Got something some sandwiches to eat with a cuppa followed by a lemon yoghurt and an ice lolly,  by gum I know how to eat at Christmas!

Took my medications, tried to watch a DVD but could not keep me eyes open… Tsk!

Friday 26th December

0255hrs: I woke up WC’s and tried for ages to recall more than I could of the dreams again but could not grasp any more details other than war fear, oil tankers, running away and a grave with music?

0300hrs: Started laptop and went to make a cuppa then started this diary.


Remembered I’m going to see Sister Jane and Brother in law Pete later today, buses will be on Sunday time-table so I’ll walk to town and get one of the hourly buses to West Bridgford. Got their pressies and bits ready in a bag.

Did a bit of blogging and started this diary.


Not much traffic, but the cyclists on the pavement were ever present!

Forced missen to gerra a scrub-up spit and polish and set off on me walk into town.

As I passed the college the sky looked far less threatening than of late and the traffic seemed so light despite the ‘Sales’ on in town.

I noticed on the bus signs it told us that there was a special bus service on today with many services not running at all. I wondered if the 5’s and 7’s that I wanted to catch from town (When I get there) to West Bridgford would be running?

Even with not many people about there was four cyclist that passed me on the pavements as I hobbled to town.

As I approached the City Centre the cars seemed to come out of nowhere and joined the queues for the car parks.


Queuing Nottinghamians – a rare sight… other than at the benefits office of course!

Folks were queuing for the sales, the first lot on Mansfield Road had the manager of the electrical store taking them cups of drinks!

I noted that they had a massive flat TV on offer at only £999… £999… Blimey! I bought me first motorbike for less than that! And first car come to think of it.

When I got to the bus-stop for the West Bridgford buses there was one a number 6 just pulling off. Undaunted I walked over t the bus-shelter and read that only the number 6 was running today… every hour!

Ah well, I had a walk around the streets and as I did the crowds began descending for their bargains and shoplifting.

As I got back to the shelter, three klaxon sounding fire engines pulled up at the top of King Street – a few hundred yards from the bus stop – and blocked off the road off of the one I was on and the buses backed up waiting to get through. Soon they were allowed through and just one fire-engine stayed the other two left.

The number 6 bus came and I got on. Not the perfect route as it meant a decent walk from where I drop off of it to get to Sister Jane’s abode. And me feet were beginning to tingle a bit from me 40 minute walk into town.


I walked from the bus and arrived to be greeted as I pressed Jane’s door-bell with a repeated recorded “Yo ho ho!”

I was given a up of tea and we had a chin-wag of sorts (We’re all hard of hearing!)

I gave Jane her Gift vouchers for her favourite shop – and Pete his Build your own Retro Radio kit, glad to say they were both tickled with them.

They had a social event ot go to later so I left them early, about 1215hrs with a cheerio and Pete having looked at his bus-ap? and telling me there was a bus in eight minutes from the other end of the road as I departed. “Yo ho ho!” played me off…

Handy that ap I thought – within three minutes I was waiting at the bus stop – five minutes later no bus had arrived.

Fri04Ah-well I thought, I’ll walk back to town and take some photographs en-route. So I did… regrettably for me ankles feet and knees. Tsk!

As I walked across Trent Bridge I took a shot of the Nottingham Forest City ground that brought back some memories to me.

The worst being when I got arrested.

Fri03I noticed there were not many birds, other than seagulls about?

The chimney/flue at the Councils Eastcroft Incinerator Plant was giving out a bit of almost pure white smoke – perhaps they were taking the opportunity to clear/clear it out?

The scene brought some more memories back to mind – noe of them really welcome, school-days mostly. The lack of interest shown during my time at Trent Bridge Secondry modern School for Boys came from the teahers more than the pupils. No wonder I didn’t get an education worth talking about.

The only subject I got on with was English, and I was crap at that!

I’m waffling in again…

Fri05I walked through the Meadows area and came out near the new tram works by the Railway Station. I could not help to notice the buldings offices that had now been revealed when they pulled down the old shops to build the tram lines. They were to me about as ugly a set of buildings as I could imagine.

Why I don’t know, perhaps my being in pain, aching and depressed had something to do with it?

Fri07I walked though the shopping centre and out into the air again and was surprised how the crowds had grown from earlier.

By the time i got me camera out of course they had thinned out on the stretch where I was walking.

I plodded on though to town and got to the bus-stop for the Carringon buses. Ha! The queues for the buses were so long it was unreal!

They too had a lot of routes not working so I foolishly decided to walk on and not wait for a bus I might not get onto anyway.

Seemed like a good idea at the time despite me agonising knees and feet.

Fri08As I turned the corner into Milton Street I got out me camera to take a last photo of the crowds. Turned out fortuitous as I got a shot of the crowd (As is usual in Nottingham) totally disregarding the traffic lights and crossing against them – using phones etc, and then getting narked with the drivers when they pap their horns!

That reminds me, I wonder if Tesco will be having any fresh cream french-horns in to sell tomorrow? Mind you, I’m stiffening up now so don’t know if I’ll be able to get to Tesco in the morning… yes of course I will…? Mind you, I might catch a bus into town and not walk in the morning eh?

Oh me knees! Poor old twit!

More cyclists on the pavements again!

Got in and WC’d.

Started the laptop, made a cuppa and took me bread out of the freezer for later.

I can’t get rid of this feeling that I’ve forgotten something?