Inchcock Today: Monday 22nd December 2015

Monday 22nd December


Woke up at 0350hrs to the tune of me stomach grinding and a-churning and utilised the toilet yet again, as I had throughout the night.


It’s like a maelstrom in my innards again. Oh deary me, but not so bad later in the day.

I’m supposed to go to the launderette today as there are no INR checks at the hospital due to the holidays.

I’ll see how things develop and if they settle down stomach-wise later.

Went down and made a cuppa and took me tablets. Arthur Itis and angina both a lot easier this morning.


Started this diary and did some graphicalisationing (Say that when you’ve had a few drinks?) for later.

I think the stomach is settling a tad after me last mammoth session on the porcelain blocked the drainage pipes perhaps?

I decided to get missen ablated and to chance going to the launderette later.

Getting the laundry ready in the two bags I banged me head on the falling off wardrobe door corner and I think I said ‘Flipping ‘eck!’

I just hope this doesn’t harm me chances of becoming a male model. (Silly mode adopted, I must be feeling better)

0103I even remembered everything needed to do the laundry this morning… and to collect my prescriptions from the chemist that is handily located next door to the launderette.

Very windy today (both the weather and me rear end).

Big John was already there when I arrived and we had a chin-wag with Big Bertha and she made us a cup of tea too!

He offered to run me to Asda afterwards so I cold get me nosh in bless him.

I remembered to fetch me prescriptions from the chemist next door… and to take some nibbles for the staff.

Doing well today memory-wise and was getting a bit worried about it. Which proved a valid worry, because at the end of the day I’d forgotten to call at the bank re their reminder that me house insurance payments were due. Tsk! Must call tomorrow at all costs.

0104Got the washing sorted and dried and Big John ran me to Asda (In his car like). Where we split up and arranged to meet back at the tills in 20 minutes.

We both arrived at the same time luckily.

As we left the store the police had just finished dealing with some our numerous shoplifters… not in Nottingham surely?… hard to believe I know. (Hehe) I noticed that they were all female officers and CPO’s – good for them I thought!

BJ dropped me off at home and lifted the heavy stuff into the dump for me, he shot off sharpish as he had a lot of things to sort for the coming holidays.

He’s going to call me later, but up to now he is going to the Papplewick Pumping Station at 1100hrs on Saturday and will take me with him. I’m looking forward to that and thanked him kindly.

0105I dropped the washing bags upstairs and made sure I’d got me bus-pass with me and set off on a walk to the Nottingham Arboretum in the high gusty winds. It was not cold with them though.

I arrived at the gate and entered the Arboretum drive with not a sole in sight. A bit concerning given that the place is a muggers paradise so I kept what few wits I have left about me on Defcon 2 alert.

0106As I reached the end of the main drive tunnel into the Arboretum proper, still nobody about.

When I came out of the other end the place was teeming with grey squirrels and I managed to photo one of them near the base of a tree.

Not the best of photographs I know, 0107but then again I’m not one of the best photographers. And I’ve noticed that grey squirrels tend to ignore you when you ask them to stay still for a few seconds so you can take their photograph!

Down the hill towards the pond I waddled. Planning to veer left originally to take a photo of the old Galleon gun ships cannons, but I got distracted (I do that a lot I’ve noticed).

I saw my first person in the Arboretum. A chap sat on a bench with gigantic headphones on (That chap that was, not the bench with the headphones on like) happily listening to his music and shaking his head and legs to the tune, I think he was anyway.

0108All the way down to the bottom I went without seeing anyone else and arrived at the Pond and me beloved mallards and pigeons unknowingly awaiting their treat from me of meal-worm pellets and birdseed.

There were not so many of them as there were in Bulwell or Arno Hill Park but it didn’t take them long to polish em off bless their cotton socks. Oh, and no Turbo-powered paddling mallard here either.

0109As I walked towards the exit gates, I noticed some flowers struggling through the barren shrubbery and felt compelled to try and take decent photo of them – as they reminded me that nature can be so determined and powerful as these flowers forced their way into life and survival.

No idea what they were called, but they got me appreciation anyway.

As did my finding and making use of the Gentlemen’s room there.

I hobbled (The feet and knees were getting a bit painful now Tsk) into the City Centre and Tesco’s where I some bread and polish cooked sausages to freeze and last me over the holidays just in case I do get laid up like, or bad weather arrives.

I also got some Fresh Cream French Horns as a treat fer me as I feeling poorly… okay then: ’cause I like so much and am greedy!

 I went and joined the rather long queue at the bus-stop to catch one home. (A bus home that is, not a bus-stop)

A single decker bus arrived, and we were crammed in like sardines again… unfortunately… after a few minutes I felt the ‘phlop’ of a very minute escapage of wind from my rear end.

I did my best to appear nonchalant and kept staring out of the bus windows trying to whistle for an added innocent appearance…

Some of the comments passed between the passengers were a tad cruel. Hehe!

I was pleased to get off the bus and walk home in the fresh air.

I tried one of the cooked sausages that I’d bought – they were delicious. So later it’s a sandwich, sausages and cooked beetroot followed by two fresh cream French horns for me!

I hope… tummy permitting.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 21st December 2014

07Sun01Sunday 21st December

Lying here thinking of the dreams I’d had… I kept finding myself in empty rooms, shops, buildings or cellars?

0245hrs, WC’d then started laptop went to make a cuppa then returned to start this Diary.

The laptop’s Word programme froze one twice before I got it going properly.

Thank you again Mr Bill Gates.

Too early to take mediations yet, must remember to do so later.

The rumbling and a-grumbling from me innards is stewing nicely at the moment… daren’t move to far from the porcelain!


Did some Facebooking.

I was looking at the painting that Patti (Bekert) did got me that cheered me up no end and decided I had to do something to thank her for being there for me when I really did need her encouragement. So I made up a heartfelt poem of thanks and made a graphic of her and posted it on facebook.

Oh dear… I just had an involuntary slow leakage of wind from me back-end… I thought it was never going to stop!

But it did… then the short plup and sprurtsch ones started again, non-stop.

Feeling a bit low now.

Pattie later commented on the ode wot I dun saying kind words about it. She deserves all the praise she gets and more.

I really dare not go out today.

Oh dear…

A cuppa and an egg and sausage muffin and taking me medications I thought might settle the stomach… it didn’t.

Felt awful for the rest of the day. Not really painful but more your uncomfortable with nervous visits to the porcelain rampant.

At least the angina and arthritis were not too bad, and I only had one dizzy-spell up to now anyway.

The haemorrhoids’ bled to their hearts content.

The toilet paper stocks dwindled.

The eyes ran.

The stomach’s grumbles and rumbles continued… on and on…

Still yer don’t like to complain do yer. (Much)

I really enjoyed such a long time Facebooking, but feeling a bit guilty about not getting out on a walk due to the demands of the toileting requirements.

Talking of which…