Inchcock Today: Sunday 21st December 2014

07Sun01Sunday 21st December

Lying here thinking of the dreams I’d had… I kept finding myself in empty rooms, shops, buildings or cellars?

0245hrs, WC’d then started laptop went to make a cuppa then returned to start this Diary.

The laptop’s Word programme froze one twice before I got it going properly.

Thank you again Mr Bill Gates.

Too early to take mediations yet, must remember to do so later.

The rumbling and a-grumbling from me innards is stewing nicely at the moment… daren’t move to far from the porcelain!


Did some Facebooking.

I was looking at the painting that Patti (Bekert) did got me that cheered me up no end and decided I had to do something to thank her for being there for me when I really did need her encouragement. So I made up a heartfelt poem of thanks and made a graphic of her and posted it on facebook.

Oh dear… I just had an involuntary slow leakage of wind from me back-end… I thought it was never going to stop!

But it did… then the short plup and sprurtsch ones started again, non-stop.

Feeling a bit low now.

Pattie later commented on the ode wot I dun saying kind words about it. She deserves all the praise she gets and more.

I really dare not go out today.

Oh dear…

A cuppa and an egg and sausage muffin and taking me medications I thought might settle the stomach… it didn’t.

Felt awful for the rest of the day. Not really painful but more your uncomfortable with nervous visits to the porcelain rampant.

At least the angina and arthritis were not too bad, and I only had one dizzy-spell up to now anyway.

The haemorrhoids’ bled to their hearts content.

The toilet paper stocks dwindled.

The eyes ran.

The stomach’s grumbles and rumbles continued… on and on…

Still yer don’t like to complain do yer. (Much)

I really enjoyed such a long time Facebooking, but feeling a bit guilty about not getting out on a walk due to the demands of the toileting requirements.

Talking of which…

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 21st December 2014

    • Gawd bless yer Sir. I’ve just attended another mammoth not pleasant session on the porcelain and I do believe it might be abating a tad. Crossed fingers.
      I’m going to risk going to the launderette today (I think) then see how I feel afterwards about having a walk out with me little Sony camera. Cheers Tim.

  1. Oh poor you, how horrid; I really sympathise, having been chained to the bloody throne myself on all too many occasions. Hope your internal economy goes into the black soonest! Hugs, Ali xx

    • Thanks very much gal. Already an improvement this morning I’m glad to say. No idea what caused it though. Still feeling drained but I got out to do the laundry, got to Asda then Bill dropped me off at the hovel and I went for a walk to the Arboretum, then Tesco and forgot all about having to call at the banl to sort me insurance out Tsk!.
      So tired when I got back.
      TTFN petal.

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