Inchie: Friday 9th June 2023

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Another oddlimost day at Cell 72 in Woodthorpe Penitentiary… No, I mean flat 72 in Woodthorpe Court.
With the Guaranteed, assured, regular failings of

IT IS NOW $26m!
Plus, a guaranteed bonus & expense account

The proliferative lifestyle of this money-manipulating, smoke & mirrors man, appropriating financial growth,  number-crunching for Liberty-Global oligarch, shows how cunning and clever he is.
I believe there is some hocus-pocus in his getting in bed with not only buying out Virgin Media and destroying its previously good reputation; He is now involving Liberty-Global, on paper, deceptively, deftly, deliberately, maybe disingenuously, financial links with other internet companies in Europe and the UK..
① Acquiring 1,335 million shares in Vodafone Group PLC.
② BT’s, EE will provide wholesale mobile network services to Virgin Mobile for an undisclosed price. Ironically, parent company Virgin Media, owned by Liberty Global, is the biggest competitor to BT in the provision of broadband in the UK.
③ Switzerlands Sunrise Internet. ④ SUNRISE TV & Internet & Phone Services. Liberty Global & Telefonica have agreed to merge their British businesses in a $38 billion deal that will create a powerhouse. ⑥ All3Media: Liberty-Global a 50% ownership. ⑦ Platforma Canal+ (Poland) (17% ownership).
⑧ Telenet (Belgium) (58% ownership).
⑨ UPC Broadband. ⑩ Liberty acquired Germanys Unitymedia in November 2009 for $5.2 billion. ⑪ Global announced its acquisition of Cable & Wireless Communications. The $5.3 billion deal expanded Liberty Global’s presence into the Caribbean & greater Latin America. ⑫ They also owned a 49% stake in the majority state-owned Trinidadian telco, TSTT. ⑬
In May 2018, Liberty Global announced the sale of its operations in Germany, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic to Vodafone for €19 billion ($22.7 billion). The sale closed for $21.3 billion in July 2019. All of these operations, formerly named UPC (Unitymedia in Germany), were since rebranded to Vodafone. ⑭ In June 2015, Vodafone confirmed talks with Liberty Global focused on potential partnerships, but denied that a full merger was in the works. ⑮ Liberty Global invested in Guavus, a data analytics company, in September 2015. ⑯ Liberty Global announced a partnership with Amazon Prime Video. ⑰ VodafoneZiggo (50% ownership), ⑱ Vodafone Netherlands.

Oligarchs paradise!

Its respective legal names are Liberty Global Plc, Liberty Global B.V. and Liberty Global, Inc., with the first of these being publicly traded. It was formed in 2005 by the merger of the international arm of Liberty Media (in turn, a spin-off of American cable television group TCI) and UnitedGlobalCom (UGC). Liberty Global had an annual revenue of $11.5 billion in 2019, with operations in six countries and 20,600 employees. It has 10.8 million cable service subscribers, or 25.3 million revenue generation units (RGU), combining video, and internet.
All this, and they still can’t get a signal that’s anything like sustainable, to me in Nottingham?
And the face & cheek to put advertisements like this on the TV?
I had to write these detail – Pure Jealously, you see!

I didn’t get to bed until 06:00hrs. 23.5 hours after getting up, yesterday. Carer Chris woketh me around 08:30 hours. I didn’t move out of the £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, none-working recliner during the visit, and until about 11:00hrs on the second Carer call from Christopher.
Nodded off again until around about 11:00hrs.

Carer Kara called in for a minute, to check on how things went yesterday at the bank. She had to rush off, but it was a wonderful gesture to pop in to check on things. Restore one’s faith! Thank s to you, Carer Kara. ♥ Cheered me up that did.

For some reason, the flat seemed very lonely as I responded to the need for the . No doubt about it, that was still in charge of the innards.
But things did move quicker this morning. Seems I’ve acquired a habit of painfully passing to medium torpedos daily? Not so much bleeding today, either.

After the ‘passing’, I started suffering with and in unison.

Grossly unfortunate with the timing. I was ‘cleaning the rear end’. So lots of ‘bits’ of toilet paper scattered about all over the place. I waited until things started to die down jerks and shakes-wise, and stretched won to get at some that had gone behind the WC – and gave myself yet another damned on the seat leg. Same bleeding toe as I did yesterday as well. Naturally, I just laughed it off and cheerfully carried on collecting the bits of cheap toilet paper from the floor.
A really lucky water hauling session from the kitchen to the wet room to refill the W.C. tank; I reported to Nottingham City Homes maintenance 3 months ago. Apart from the toe, I could not understand why was so kind to me. Then it dawned on me, I think. I was fetching the water a good six hours later in the day than usual.

Were belatedly carried out.

I got on the computer to update yesterday’s blog, and… It had to happen, of course. or else whatever would I do with no Mr Fires and Liberty-Global oligarchs to hate?
Then it got maddening!
It was off for about ten minutes, then back on…
This time it was down for ages.

I took this photo while cursing,  swearing and waiting for the reset box to work again.
Twenty minutes or so later, it came back on.
I started to do some comment answers.
Two minutes, if that, the bloody thing died another death!.


The Carer arrived, Chris again, and he got the cataract drops in the eye, and medications given.

Aha, the Oligarchs allowed me an internet service again.
This time for fifteen minutes. But I sickeningly lost the work I was in the middle off when it...

I’d just about caught up with redoing the CorelDraw work lost, I’m not sure, 20 minutes or so…

Now I was getting pissed off and depressed, and sorry for myself. I was not coming back of its own accord this time.
So everything turned off without a chance to save it AGAIN!
Turned off the box, unplugged it gave it ten minutes and tried again… booted up the computer, but no go!

I can’t find the expletives I need to describe how I felt!

I gave up and got the meal started. Nowt special, a can of veg soup, the last of the Borscht, added some liquid smoke and the last of the leeks… well, leek. Got some spuds cubes in the oven to roast, and returned to find the internet signal back on. Oh, joy! Naturally tempered.

Car parking for Billum at The Manor Laboratories.

I missed this one, sorry. Took it earlier in the morning.

These were taken over a period of time of the wonderful moon out there.

Changing colours over the 15 minutes or so.

Made the meal, tons of it and took a photo of the tray.
The photo was not on the SD card on Saturday. Huh!
Just one of the many mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodaemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchie to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me! Cataract Kathie, Neuropathy Pete and Doreen Dementia are the main culprits. There are others, of course!


Inchie: Thursday 18th May 2023

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To be perfectly fair to plainly and obviously agraphia-suffering Poetaster Inchie’s barely readable, distinctly… nay, regularly failed efforts, they are hogwash. Often depraved, pathetic and or bafflingly banal. He can’t blame Dementia Doreen his earlier stuff was crap, too! I think he claims it is his ageing-humour – perhaps!
But today… It’s such a load of rubbish!.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Inchie would like to lie and say he spelt Whippersnapper
on the top graphic incorrectly on purpose to test you.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
At this time, 17:00hrs today, I am just starting this writing.
I’ll just mention that the up to now, have been much better. After Wednesday’s performance with them, I was genuinely worried. And now cheerfuller! Please don’t miss the piece on “How I had a ‘Pee’ in my Dressing Gown Pocket”
I Fank You!

I stirred at 04:40hrs (thinking it must be time for the 08:00 Carer to call anytime now) and got the night punch removed from . I often struggle to do this. But it went well this Thursday morning… Always a worry, that is; something going right for me. It’s so unnatural, aberrant and nervous-making! As I hauled my overweight-bellied body from the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner, the need for the arose. Realising how early it was, I decided to get the wash and shavings done after the ‘passing’.

The visit to the wetroom held more interest than usual:
was in full control. I sat sitting there trying to see to read the crossword clues (Wrong glasses on).
It seemed ages before the led-based torpedo was freed.. with more of a thud than a splash. No mess to clean up this time, at least! I whipped off the dressing gown and protection pants. Then wearing only , I went to get my teeth cleaned. But the new toothbrush had done what the old one did and disappeared! I was not too bothered because was playing up. So, I started to get shaved… This was interesting: The task went speedily or seemed to. Ten minutes and six cuts later, I’d got the job done.
This time it was the shaving foam I dropped as I was putting it away. How does everything I seem to drop bounce around and end up behind the WC bowl, hard to see and get at, to retrieve?
As I got the small picker-upperer and bent to get the can,,,
acci-whoop I point in the photo above to the area of the sink that I clouted my forehead against!.
I started sink-washing. Head down. When I got to the delicate area, I took extra care not to catch the tube inserted into Little Inchie… but I did. Hence, the started.
Was dried off with paper towelling.
The feet, yet again, looked okay, not as swollen.
Then olive-oiled the ears. Germoloided the rear-end
Savloned the area under the hanging stomach.
Tried to Phorpain Gel . But Biot was not worth the pain of trying to get to her, so left it; I’ll ask a Carer.

As I came out and got the fresh dressing gown on, the . The Asda order had arrived.
Dragged the bags and boxes into the kitchenette.
Immediately complained!
At least they had some cheapo cheesy curls and
Caramelised Cookies are in stock this week.
Already in pain, I then had to tackle the water fetching!

I went to the front room and got the buckets that I’d left in there,
Why I did, I don’t know?

Noticed some dabbled spots on the leg?
Arrived. Did the medications, and he applied some Phorpain on for me
Later in the day, , then did the same for me. Been a smidge easier since.
Took photos from the kitchen window.
Then the sky…
A bit glum; it was all day.

Blogging all day.
At noon, a delivery of night bags arrived. ordered them last week for me. Bless her Cotton Socks! Great help, that was!

Blogging, on and on…Mistake-ridden, of course.

Left & right lower legs have new papules & spots!

Grafting away at the blog, starting the Ode, and the knee itched. So, I had a decker at it
Oh, dearie me! Dabbed some aftershave on it…
That stopped it right enough! Hehe!

Cleaned it up, no pain with it.
Just little bloblets appearing.
Gave up on the computer.

“How I Had a ‘Pee’ in My Dressing Gown Pocket”
I got the Borscht soup left over from yesterday (made too much!) and added it to a can of chunky vegetable soup, adding more shredded beetroot, liquid salt and no-meat Oxo cubes.
Opened a can of the cheapo peas, and tipped the contents into the strainer, leaving it to drain before also adding these to the saucepan. (Think I overdid it again tonight?). Got some potato chunks in the oven, and went back to watch the ‘Heartbeat programme. When the first set of commercials came on, I went off to get the peas into the saucepan…

acci-whoop & combined simultaneously on the right arm, and I knocked the peas and colander into the sink. Which:
❶ Fell in the bleach and citric acid-filled bowl…
❷ Peas fell out into the sink, floor & shot all over…
❸ I managed to save some peas before they hit the water…
❹ Which splashed over onto the floor to join some of the peas.
❺ The dressing gown, & my feet were splattered.
❻ I clouted my elbow on the counter as rushed about cleaning.
❼ Got a handful of peas in the pan.
❽ Set off, bending down to clear up.

Stirred the soup, checked on the potatoes in the oven; they needed a good few minutes more and went back to the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner, to find that ‘Heartbeat was finished. Tsk!
Sneezed, and delved into the dressing gown pocket and found…

❾ One of the peas must have found its way into the pocket during the fiasco in the kitchen? Hahaha! Don’t know why I’m laughing. Off to get the meal made up at last.

Not too bad at all! – Taste-Rating: 7/10.
Went to get the pots washed, taking this shot of the sky
Eerie? But Pareidoliaiable all the same.
As I turned from the window…
I was so annoyed at myself! I’d left the hot tap running, and it was now cold water! Could have used the kettle and saucepan for hot water to wash the pots, but felt so depressed I didn’t.

I went back to the main room and restarted the computer. An Email that set my blood boiling had arrived, and at that moment started giving me some vicious stick. And he has not been a bother for months now, but he was back. He was probably giving , , , and support, in their combined effort to see me off. Not to mention,
, and the others.
The email was from…
I cannot cope with all this.
I need help!.
As with the banking problem.
As with the order on-line problems.
As with hearing & vision problems.
But I’ve got none.
I am now at a new low ebb!

A resignation, a realisation that things are only going to get worse, brought a sort of ‘Sod-it-ness’ into my mind.
After an initial , I descried the futility of living. Doreen will eventually take full control.
I cannot allow that. No, I will not!

But help is not forthcoming, not even an understanding of my inabilities, patheticness, worries; nor fears.

Nice night shots. about an hour between them.


Inchcock Today: Friday 25th November 2022

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Best as I could recall, it would have been about five o’clock when I went to put the kettle on to make a Welsh brew of Glenghetti tea.

This Ode writ to show yer the wee-wee rate today!

While doing the brewing,
A mug of tea ensuing,
The bladder continued bubbling…
Took one photo. and off for a peeing,
Washed, back to photographing,
Tea had done brewing…
Got out the milk & off for a wee-weeing!
Out of the wet room singing…
Forgot the tea, did the binning,.
Ah, the tea, which was now freezing,
Still, it didn’t matter to me.
It was not free-flowing…

I could be in the shit; you see! Hehe

Ouzzat! Back-Down to High-Normal!

And, I not long since when taking the shower shaving routine, that my right hanging-sack is swollen and so tender. Humph!
I presume from the effects of the urine infection or whatever it is. As the wee-wee rate was dropping. The swelling and pain started coming and still getting worse. Typical, I get an appointment, then find that I can’t get an Easy-Link bus; the poor devils are out of volunteers.
 It’ll be dodgy on the buses, but I’ve no choice. Finding it a lot harder to see things now, like traffic, walls, kerb, and bus stops, and have to manoeuvre around the 3-wheeler walker trolley. Do you know, I’m genuinely nervous about going out, not being able to see or hear.

About 45 wee-wees later, I’d stopped drinking before going to the doctor and got things ready to go. But if the Carer is any later I may miss the bus… “I may miss the bus!”! You may not believe the farce that took place… However, by way of a cheer, the had developed what a work of an art form is. I felt like it must be a label or something that could be pulled off? Off course, in my condition, there was no way I could reach it anyway – and should I have tried, my right onion bag would have likely burst as I swashed it, getting down to it. Not to mention the agony it would have given me. Hehehe! Believe me, it gave me plenty of chance for the odd Argh! Winching & cursing throughout the day and night!
Arrived, and I asked him if he could help me with getting the does on, Or to be more precise, fasten the velcro on them. TY was happy enough to do that for me. I waffled too much, and the lad forgot to give me the second Omeprazole table, my fault. Treats selected in, on my insistence, thanks. Took the waste bag with him as he left. I wandered of again there, sorry.
Now, it was now up to me to get to the bus on time. And I did too! My left side lips gave a slight curl upwards. Initially, I did, but the Swaggering blossomed.

I caught the 40 bus to go down Winchester Street, get off on Mansfield Road, and catch another bus into Carrington, where the Sherrington Park Medical thingamabob is.
acci-whoop When a lady got on who I’d not seen for ages, I started a chinwag with her. As she got to get off, I realised that we were on top of Mapperley Plains
 Activated, and I got off with her but could not catch her up. I was in a mental flap of sorts, concerned about being late for the appointment.
This kindest lady came to me and asked me if I was alright. I explained my big , and she asked if she could call a taxi for me. Bless Her!
And she did. A taxi arrived in about three minutes and put the trolley walker in the boot and me in the back, and we were soon arriving at the surgery. Phew! There was a decent wait to be seen. Which told me I’d got the timing wrong again. I was proven right later on when the Doctor mentioned how early I had arrived. Tsk!

I told doctor Vindla of wee-wees, how painful they were and only the off sprinkle coming out. Off t the treatment room And she had a look ot the bladder and Shot up the backside to have a feel around. I felt that one! Then something long and cold. I didn’t ask.

Two Meridian gals… I think Tina and Jodie came in as I was sat sitting at the computer, trying to resettle the giant-sacked ball whatsit between my legs. The legs also grew greatly today?
I fear that the photographs I took while out, fifteen of them, many never made it to the SD Card. A message something like ‘This photo cannot be viewed’ showed on the Lumix screen. Huh!

I got wrapped up well, remembered the Sample tube thingy, filled, of course. Hehe!     
I got to the public bus stop, and other tenants joined us there. And a bus arrived within minutes.
I got into the vehicle with no injuries, got sat down and off we went.
My mind was concerned at that time about what and how I was going to explain my symptoms to the Doctor. (I would have checked my notes written earlier… but they were in the living room back at the flat.
We arrived at the next stop, and a lady and gent got on. It’s been so long since I saw them since I don’t get out much, and I greeted them like family and launched into questioning them about how they were getting on. The lady said she was sorry, but they were getting off at the next bus stop. Then a sickening feeling filled my stomach, with a self-hating mode coming on when I realised where we were, going in the opposite direction. I’d got on the wrong bus!
I alighted with the pair, and not a full mode, but it soon became one when I realised the problem I was going to have to get to the surgery on time now.

I crossed the pelican lights to the other side, but none of the buses went to Carrington from there. (I wondered at that moment if this was a suitable name for EasyLink to use) But did not blame them; I more cursed my own luck and Dementia Doreen!
This very kind lady came to me (I supposed I must have looked worried?) and asked if I was alright. I briefly explained my cock-up, and asked if there was a taxi place nearby. Bless her. She got on her mobile and ordered a car from DG for me.
SherringtonThis arrived within three minutes and five more, and we were pulling up at the Sherrington Park Surgery. The sun came out as I paid my dues.

Whoever the lady was To whoever the lady was who helped dave the appointment for me. ♥
I got inside, and when I logged in, the lady in reception pointed to the chairs. (Doctoresse at this surgery for Please take a seat) Which in many ways was such a comfort; because it meant I was not late.
With how the eyes were, there was no point in taking the crossword book (although I meant to, I just forgot to, Ahem!)
I looked through every leaflet on the walls, and there was no shortage, but there were only about four with print big enough to read.
I sat for about twenty minutes: Not easy sitt
ing, you know! When one of your man bits is three times the size of the other one, without trapping or sitting on it. Well, impossible, actually!

Dr Vindla came to me, smiling… that always scares me for some reason nowadays Hehe! The first thing she sails was, “You’re good and early today, Gerry. Let’s have you in…”

I’d got the appointment timing all mixed up again! Shouldn’t really be such a shock with my record, but so many in such a short space of time were worrying me a smidgeon.

I don’t suppose for one second that they bother my uninvited interloping brain resident, Dementia Doreen, do you think?
I’m surprised I don’t have a headache; I bet she’s in there amongst the confused brain cells, throwing a party. or maybe having a revelrous-celebratory knees-up with Alto-Ego?
I wonder how long it will be until my grip weakens so much that I will not care anymore? Jus
t a thought. Well, at the moment, anyhow. Back to the surgery… I strayed well off-topic again there; sorry.
I told the Doc all about my four sleepless nights and the mushrooming, three-time it’s usual size tender right bit in my men’s department. I can’t be certain, but I thought I detected a little wry-smile creep into her expression.
It was off into the examination room for me with her. She got me positioned and ready for her to delve into certain orifices. She said; I’m going to have a feel… (By gum, that took me back in time, Hahaha!) a feel of your Prostrate, which she did. I just lay there in bliss for a minute. Then, another delve into the rear quarters, I sensed a bit of squelching, and then Dr Lona said something, but I didn’t hear what she said clearly.

Back in her room, then spoke again. She has sent an email to the chemist, which I can fetch now, for some MacroBid antibiotics. Do I did. But not until Dr Vindla gave me an appointment with the Nurse – I nearly got excited then. Haha! It’s with Nurse Lisa. For 30th December at 10:30hrs. I wish I’d asked what it was for, not hearing her tell me earlier, but by now, no-doubt Doreen was back in action, making sure that any signs of contentment, peace, or understanding had no chance in hell of maturing. She’s good at that.

For some reason unknown to me why this is the moment that what I thought was a swollen and painful right testicle started to turn into a really swollen and agonising pain-giving testicle! No idea what caused this, but as the day went on, in the morning, typing this, it got worse. I really am in the shit now, and have to walk to the chemist and then catch two buses to get home!
A daunting challenge, that daunted me! Argh!
Got to the chemist, collected the prescription, and had to decide whether to walk into Sherwood or use the bus. Not an easy decision. (Well, none are for me nowadays)
I knew that on the bus, there would be no chance of avoiding injury to Spanish Onion Henry. (I christened him that as I give names to all my ailments) Well, he feels that size, you see, to me. Hehehe!
Knowing that I had to catch the bus from Sherwood. No way would Spanish

Onion Testicle Henry have coped with walking up the steep hill; I decided it would be easier to walk into Sherwood.
There was only one really near-bothersome that happened en route.
When I was passing some of the brand-new Escotters on the kerbside. (
Putting them in that spot must tempt the scallywags to use them on the road, surely?) I had the above thought (Oh, yes, I have thought every now & then, Why I recall having one in Made 1968). I had a few seconds scary . BY Gawd, SOSTH didn’t half sting for a bit. Good job, I didn’t go over. Anyway, I made a tag for him cause I see no signs of him getting any smaller.

Caught the bus in Sherwood back up to the flats and got inside, and must say, although I thought at the time, was painful, it was going to get a lot worse.

I dare not sit down at the computer at first for fear of inflaming SOSTH. So, I got the kitchen floor mopped. A pathetic effort, but it made me feel better for trying.

Then. Tina and Sam or Jodie from Meridian called. To tell me, Richard has spoken with them, and she has worked hard to get the NCC to allow some extra care time and arrange for the laundry to be done at no extra cost. She’s also trying to arrange for Richard – or another carer to go with me on Thursday to the Coppice hospital. That is a worry less; if it’s Richard, the hospital tells me it must be someone that can accurately answer questions about how I have changed in personality. Richard is the only one who can do that. I do appreciate them trying for me. ♥

After this, I honestly don’t know what occurred until the evening Carer arrived. It was not a good visit, a tension in the air as I recall.
I was not given the new double dose of Omeprazole. The Peptac server was left on the carer’s table. And the waste bags were not taken. But I still offered him a treat in thanks. It may have been me talking too much again.

Shortly after the Carer left, my body closed down after I’d taken my third wee-wee in an hour. I . Woke at about 03:30hrs and was soon back in the c1966, £300, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner again, after taking a wee-wee.
Great, only four awakenings all night to use the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket).
A record that!

Inchcock Today Monday 19th September 2016: INR blood test – Laundry – Shopping and Sweet Olive joy!

Monday 19th September 2016


Didn’t stir until 0630hrs this morning – fought with the £300 second-hand recliner and escaped for a WRHD session. The event went without any hiatus, but I did notice the water level in the WC was a few inches lower than normal?

Rushed around and got things ready for the walk to the Nottingham City Hospital for the INR Blood level check.

1mon02I was soon setting out and up the gravel hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down the path onto Mansfield Road.

The rain was so fresh and so thin that I didn’t actually notice it as I wobbled along.

Not until I stopped at the gate to take a photo of the waste bin.

1mon03The contents crammed in so much that stuff had been left on top and at the side of it.

Somebody had been having fun it seemed, judging by the empty alcohol bottles and inside: Half-eaten pies, cakes and pizzas.

They, must have been dining in the rain?

1mon04Left over the hill and started off down Edwards Lane to the traffic island.

Where I came across another roadside waste bin.

With an interloper showing interest in the debris on top of the bin as mentioned earlier.

He/she wasn’t too interested in my camera work, though.

The rain stopped for a while as went on over the road and carried on down Edwards Lane, 1mon081mon05then left along Valley Road, the ring road.

On to the Traffic Island, over the pelican lights and left up to Hucknall Road to the hospital grounds. Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered, nad made my way to the blood taking Hall.

Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered the grounds, and made my way through the maze of buildings and to the blood receiving hall. Took a ticket and settled to read my Keep Calm and Carry book, with the anecdotes and true stories from ordinary people of their experiences during the war.

I was summoned to go in and soon had the blood took. The nurse had a bit of bother stopping the bleeding, well, a bit more than usual, like.

1mon06As I departed, the rain came down a bit heavier.

When I got to the crossing on Valley Road, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me, as he belted by.

I pressed on as the rain got a little lighter.

Took a photographicalisation near the 1mon07next traffic island. From under the umbrella. I have to say, I’m well pleased with this brolly, nay bother from the wind with it at all. Mind you, it wasn’t very windy, come think of it.

Over the road, limped on and right up Edwards Lane.

The only bother I had on both the going and coming trips, was this part, going back up this hill, Anne Gyna let me know she was rather unhappy about this. Hehe!

I didn’t time myself on either journey, but I seemed to get back to the apartments in pronto-time.

As I went in, I noticed that both machines were free at the time. So I nipped up and got the washing ready. Where does it all come from, hehe! Back down and got it going. Back up again and got the laptop on to finalise yesterday’s and get it posted.

Back down and move the stuff into the dryer. Then up to the flat and got awfully carried away doing graphics and starting this diary off. Realised a couple of hours later I’d not collected the washing yet! 11b

Down and gathered the laundry and cleaned up the filter and counter surfaces. Someone had put the clothes on the draining board for me to retrieve. Oh, I do feel a clot!

2tue02I got the bags and bus-pass and made my way to the bus stop and off to Arnold to get some fresh veg. Had a nice chinwag with one or two on the bus.

Dropped off at the Sainsbury store in Arnold.

The bus shelter had been vandalised again. Fancy that! 

Gawd did I spend well today! Cream cake, cheeses, Danish Blue, Stilton, Marmite cheese, cheddar cubes, Aya potatoes, carrot, parsnip, turnip, leek, Wiejska, Higgidi onion & cheese quiche, Chicken drumsticks, Marmite rice cakes, Surimi, a jelly and cherry vine tomatoes! Over £30 worth altogether. Tsk, Huh and Humph!

Caught the bus back and had a chinwag with a lady tenant.

2tue03Called in to see Olive. She was in fine form again, still telling me off for things. She did not want one of the cream horns. Very kindly Olive rang the Chiropodist that was advertising home visits to see if she could fit me in. Olive said she charges the same as the Foot First who I was not very pleased with on my last visit on Saturday. But of course, a home call to tend to me is a distinct advantage. The woman is to call Olive back later, and I am to call at Olive’s tomorrow at either 0900hrs or after 1600hrs to find out if she can take me on. The nails will need clipping again in four to five weeks. She’s so good to me, bless her cotton socks X

I returned to the flat after giving Olive a kiss and cuddle in thanks. Well, I like it!

2tue01aBack on the laptop to update things and do some more work on graphicalisationing for a few hours. The time shot by, and soon it was time to get the meal ready.

I popped on the scales as I went into the spare room to get me jammies ready – flipping things are playing up again! Hehehe!

1mon09Balsamic Onion  and Cheese Quiche, red and yellow tomatoes, beetroot, gherkins, pickled egg, extra blue cheese slices on the top & cheddar cheese cubes… I believe there might have been two fresh cream horns and a pot of mandarins in jelly lurking in the vicinity too?

So tasty it was. I’d planned to eat half of it and save the other half to have cold tomorrow, but it was too nice not to eat all of it!

Phoned Sister Jane and told her about me trying the very first quiche of my life.

Soon started nodding off when I got the telly on, and it was not long before I was in the land of nod.

Inchcock Today Saturday 17th September 2016:

Saturday 17th September 2016


I stirred around 0229hrs, and in need of an urgent WRWW, operated the £300 second-hand recliner chair and was nearly shaken out of the thing as it shuddered and shook. No recollections of any dream details.

To the kitchen and took the medications with water, then got the washing things ready to go down to the laundry room.

0238hrs: Down with the bags and got the things into the washer number two. Back up to the apartment for a WRHD session, bloody and painful this time.

Went back up again and got the laptop going. Took the photograph above from the kitchen window.

0335hrs: Down and moved the things into the dryer. Did a bit of graphicationalisationing and it was soon time

Once again, back up to the flat. Must remember today by 1230hrs I have to catch the L9 bus to get to the Feet First Chiropodist. Gives me time to have an amble around before the 1400hrs appointment. Hope it doesn’t take too long, then I can catch the last L9 bus back to the flat at 1505hrs. Made sure the Pensioners Free Bus pass was in my jacket pocket.

sat02Did I did some more of the graphicationalisationing and started this update. The time went so quickly, and it was soon time to go down again to collect the clothes.

I must say the colour coded socks made life easier.

Cleaned the filter out and wiped down the machines that I’d used.

Back up in the lift yet again to number 72 and another WRHD, oh dear.

Put away the washing and made up a bag with the accoutrements needed for the next visit. Accoutrements, I wonder if that’s the right word? I’ll look it up, hang on, please. Ah, it says “gear, outfit, tackle, paraphernalia, rigging” so I think that’s right. I meant, the soap capsules and powder, fabric softener and the inwash freshener crystals?

Made another cuppa and got on with the diaries and graphic making.

Did some WordPress viewing. Got carried away with the new funny-ode page and got it finished and posted off at last. I hope it gets received well because it took me weeks to get it right. Every time I planned to get some more done, a new appointment would arrive from the hospital clinic or doctors.


There are only four of them there buses on a Saturday, and I have to catch the 1130hrs one, to ensure I get to the clinic in time for the appointment.

Still, it’s better than Sundays, there none then. Hehe!

I hope to get it all done in time to catch the last bus back to the apartment from town at 1505hrs.

Did my ablutions, lemon soap, citrus body spray were used this morning. Applied the creams lotions and potions. Hehe!

All finished, I got my myself looking half decent and set out, calling at Olive’s on the way, but she was not available. Bet she’s having a lie-in, and I don’t blame her either.

At the bus stop, I was joined by Frank and two other tenants and we enjoyed an excellent blether about everything and nothing. The bus was well late arriving, and the driver seemed a bit tense. As we pulled up at the next stop near the Winchester Court flats, Frank realised he’s left his bag a the bus stop behind. Well, when he told the driver and asked him to wait while he retrieved it, the bloke went bonkers, told Frank to stay on the bus, and he drove around back to the bus stop so Frank could get his bag – cursing and mumbling about his being 12 minutes behind schedule already! Poor old Frank, I felt so sorry for him. I got some of the other passengers laughing about it and telling them it could have been any one of us. This did not help the drivers mood! Hehe!

sat06In town, I got off on Queen Street and fought my way dangerously through the crowds down through the City Centre and onto Exchange Walk.

What I had not realised was, with the bus being so late, when I arrived at the Bank it was closed! It was a bit scary making my hobbling on my way to the bank. Crowds or what! Phew!

sat04 sat05

So I made my way stutteringly, due to having to stop very often to prevent someone walking into me, back up to Clumber Street to get to the Victoria Centre Market to get a belt and me cashew nuts. I decided to bar myself from the City Centre on Saturdays in future, far too risky for anyone dodgy on their feet!

Got a belt £6.99 and the dark chocolate covered cashew nut, 200grm for £3.38. Had a hobble around and got shoulder charged by a bloke who I thought ought to be playing American football or Rugby. Recovered and a couple asked if I was okay, which I was, cause I didn’t go over, although it was close. Packed solid with shoppers and shoplifters it was today.

I took a longer, but less populated route out and to the Chiropodists in plenty of time for my appointment. This visit was reminiscent of my going to the sat09Dentist – with Japanese trained concentration camp guards in place of the usual staff! Humph!

A woman shouted at me, calling out my name and getting all upset because I didn’t hear her her the first time.

She marched me to the treatment room and barked: “You take off your shoes and socks, put feet into the bowl, and wait for me, yes?”

I was so scared, I wasn’t going to argue with her, I meekly replied “Yes”.

I took this photograph of a new sign that had appeared on the wall, I was going to take another one of the new price lists. Thought I heard the Obergruppenfurher woman returning, being a little nervous, I put away the camera.

She did my feet in about three minutes, and told me, well, commanded me: “You put on shoes and socks, meet me in reception, yes?” More a threat than a question!

I was inwardly a jibbering wreck after I paid them, re-booked and left the place, out into the crowds again to make me way to the L9 bus stop.

sat07 sat08Wearily, I got through the crowds.

Got to bus stop and awaited the arrival of the last L9 bus. It arrived on time and I was soon on the way back to the apartment.

I called in to see Olive first, she was a bit better today and as radiant as ever. A jolly good gossip and laugh. She recommended that I stop going to the Feet First place and said she’d phone a home visit chiropodist and find out how much they charge, and if they could add me to their list. Wonderfully caring is Olive, and she is excellent on the phone. She will call them next week for me.

A kiss and  cuddle, and I was on my way back to number 72. Where an overdue call for a WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session, was performed first thing. I put some pain gel on the arm and shoulder where the bloke barged into me, cream on the slightly bloodied rear end, and took an extra painkiller with the medications.

sat10Got the meal prepared in no time. Beef slices, a tiny tin of garden peas, pickled eggs and beetroot.

A banana and lemon curd yoghourt to follow.

I enjoyed this meal and am rather pleased with how I am managing to resist eating bread with my meals so often nowadays.

It had been a good day healthwise today, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Duo Denal all been kind to me. Hernia Harry, got a bit bothersome after the Man-Ape shopper had tackled me in Victoria Centre, though. Hey-ho!

I’ll ask olive tomorrow if she wouldn’t mind rubbing some Phorpain gel over my shoulder back for me.

Chose some TV to watch, Pie in the Sky, and then a film. Fell asleep several time during Pie in the Sky, got to the start of the film, first set of adverts and off I went, until 0400hrs when I stirred in desperate need of a WRWW.

TTFN folks.

Inchcock Today Mon 5th Sept 2016: Dedicated Whoopsiedangleplop Avoidance Day – Failed Tsk! Hehe!


I have made today, this pledge to myself. We’ll see?

Monday 5th Sept 2016


Oh, got that wrong – 8oz down! Hurrah!

0455hrs: Moved and the tender piles forced me to get up. The cushion with a hole was not giving me any relief from the pain. I’ll have to mention it to the nurse tomorrow. To the WRHD session, much bleeding and tenderness from this read end. Humph! No signs of any dizziness, though, so that’s good.

Popped onto the scales, I’d sooner not talk about this if you don’t mind. Oh, yes I will, I’ve just checked my weight list, It’s down, down I say! Alright, it’s only 8oz, but better than the other way? Hehe!

I’m determined to avoid any Whoopsidangleplops today – if I can, I’m getting fed-up with having them!

To the kitchen, to find I’d left the flipping tap running all night – A good start, Damnations! Took the medications with tomato juice and made a cuppa, laptop on.

Did some graphicalisationing for this post, finished off Monday’s and started this one off.

I couldn’t remember what time I had to meet Linda (The fuel poverty lady) today, so I looked back on Thursday’s diary and found it was 1100hrs, in the foyer.

Did some graphicalisationing for the TFZ site for a few hours. I’m starting a new series titled ‘You never know who’s watching – do you?’ Putting the TFZer gal with a famous bloke, with another TFZer sneaked into the graphic watching them?

It took me three and a half hours and I’ve only got four done, so it’ll take a while to get them all done. Hehehe!

Oh, must get missen ready for the meeting with Linda now. TTFN.

1355hrs: Down to the foyer, and felt so horrible about myself when I later found out it should have been 1100hrs, and, about me getting it wrong! I must try to apologise to Linda. Idiot!

Up to the flat and got the things needed, back down and caught the last L9 bus into town.

I went into the Wilko store to see if they had any of those what I now know, are called Protection Stamps, (That Olive informed me of) for blotting out names on letters etc. to save me using the shredder each time. Asked a lady on the Customer Service counter, but no luck, she suggested I try W H Smiths in Victoria Centre.

So I departed and climbed the stairs up and over the road into the Centre and 0001called in the Market to get some nuts. Took a photo of interest as I was over the roadway. In the distance, I spied the flashing blue lights of an emergency vehicle and zoomed in with the camera to investigate. Note the cyclist just about to pass the car?

He pulled out without looking in front of the bus, which had to swerve to avoid hitting him. Naughty!

Onward into the top floor of the centre and to the nut stall in the vegetable place. I overspent a bit here… Chocolate and yoghourt covered cashews and some yoghourt covered hazelnuts. Then got some pod peas and yellow mini tomatoes.

Hobbled along to W H Smiths, but they had never heard of anything like a thing called a Protection Stamp.

Carried on and down into Tesco to spend a bit more. Tomato Juice and salt and vinegar rice cakes.

01iThen out into the busy streets and over into Trinity Square, where I spotted some stuff in the used jewellery shop window, that I thought might appeal to the TFZer ladies, so I took a photograph.

Pearls and diamonds!

I wish I could buy some and take them to the gals.

Then I popped into the Little Waitrose store to spend even more.

Got a yellow pepper, Marmite Rice Cakes, cheese twists and an onion.

01fWalked down through the City Centre on my way to try the stationery store on Exchange Walk for the Protection Stamp.

The folk were clearing and packing up the Nottingham Beach rides and sand.

Looking at the mayhem, I nearly walked into a Community Policeman near the council house steps – but I don’t think he was aware of this, as he stared at the workmen with a smile on his face?

Down the alleyway to the Ryman stationery shop. A very kind lady who I asked about the Protection thingy, went and fetched me one and returned with it, a smile on her face and wished me good luck. I think I might have looked a bit pale and poorly to her? Bless her.

I proceeded, after realising the funds were now getting low, to the bank to get some cash. I had ten minutes before the 40 bus was due to leave, but there were no people at the bank counter, so I entered and got served immediately. Then, the dreaded Whoopsidangleplop – I could not find me bank card!

I was flapping and panicking a bit now, so angry with myself again. I hoped I’d used it when ordering Morrisons online and left it near the laptop? The girl sorted getting me some cash. Humph!

To the bus stop and while I waited, did another search of my pockets – and found the bank card! Oh, the relief! Still felt a right plonker, though!

10bCaught the number 40 back to near the flat. As the bus pulled off, there were four people all looking at their phones at the same time, and I thought this scene if I got a photograph of them, would be of use for a humorous graphic. But the bus stopped to let them cross before I got the camera out. Ass we moved on, another lady on her own was on her phone, so that had to do for me idea for a funny shot. but I couldn’t think of anything to write on it.

When I dropped off the bus on Winchester Hill and I managed to get across the road safely, a chap who got off at the same time as I did, shot past me at a good rate of knots. Further on he had to stop for traffic to cross the narrow road onto Chestnut Walk to the flats. We started a conversation and nattered away. He lived in the other block of flats, Winchester Court. on the first floor. He told he was 85 and had seen here for four years. We both agreed how nice it was. He departed briskly into his block and I thought, I’m not doing very well… he is 86 and he left me for standing with his athletic walking rate? Hehe!

I called in to see Olive, but she was not available. (Sob!)

I got in and just missed a phone call – I hope it wasn’t Linda I’d missed. Very embarrassed about getting the time of our meeting wrong. Shame mode adopted!

In the flat, a quick WRWW, then I got the food away and started the meal preparations. Took the medications while I thought of it.

BR02As the darkness began to fall, I noticed the wonderful red/orange glow from the sun’s decline from the kitchen window.

I took this photograhicalisation of it, but it came out nothing like as vivid as the eye saw it.

The choice of repast was again decided by the  use-by dates on the BGafood in stock. Minced lamb and potato ready meal. Colcannon potatoes, yellow tomatoes, beetroot and marmite rice cake, followed by the last of the short dated honey yoghourts.


I think I’ve been getting up too early the last few mornings – I was struggling to stay awake to watch the goggle-box, yet sleep would not come?

So, the planned avoidance of any Whoopsiedanglplops was a failure today!

I’m just happy that card was found!

TTFN all!

Inchcock Today Tue 30 Aug 2016: No celerity today!

Tuesday 30th August 2016


Woke and rose at 0425hrs: Realised I was not wearing the alarm wristlet and panicked, trying to think of where I’d left it was no use, I was in such a pickle and state last night… weary drained and in pain.

As I fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, the pains from yesterday were still lingering around my bloated body-mass. The boil was still tender, the Anne Gyna letting me know she was there, the knees were hassled by Arthur Itis. However, the hernia was far less of a bother. Still feeling weary, overdid it yesterday I reckon.

The only thing on my mind was, where is the Alarm Wristlet. I tried to recall logically; I was on the laptop when BJ phoned to ask me to go to Papplewick… so I searched the desktop, no red and white alarm wristlet found.

Into the wetroom and searched all over, nothing found.

To the laundry bag, felt in the sleeves of the two tops to see if I’d taken them off forgetting about the wristlet. Nothing found.

All coats on the hallway pegs, inside the shoes, on the floor, Nothing found.

Kitchen, checked the bins drawers, cupboards food storage areas, Nothing found!

Front room; Took the covers off both chairs, got the torch and looked under both of them, cabinet, all drawers checked, rubbish bin checked. Nothing found.

In a state now. I shall have to throw myself on Deana’s mercy and pay for a new one then.

Took the medications, and had a stand-up wash and shave, it was still too early to make a noise using the shower.

A quick check around in case the alarm might be somewhere visible, nothing found.

0730hrs: Got the laptop on ready to do yesterday’s diary and… there, right next to the left-hand side of the laptop was the Wristlet Alarm! It was turned inside out, and the red and white parts were hidden under the black elastic. I probably turned it inside out in a rush to get it off when BJ rang me yesterday.

Now, this might sound like an excuse for my failure to see it, especially as this was the first area I looked in? It is.

But the joy of finding it after only three and a half hours of searching for it was incredible!

Much Facebooking and graphicationalisationing followed.Rang Deana

1115hrs: Rang Deana to see what time she would be calling, then I could work out finding time to get to the shop for some fresh vegetables hopefully before the buses stopped at 15oohrs. Deana was busy covering for holidays at another complex on Sneinton or St Ann’s I think she said. Told me to call and see her in the morning at the Winwood Community Shed early.

I’ve got a Morrisons delivery coming twixt 0900>1000hrs, the wonderful cleaners arriving twixt 1000>1100hrs, and I need to get to town for a new doorbell battery somehow. I’ll try to get to see Deana EASP, although I don’t think the talk will take too long. I’ve got to pay this second-meter bill now I reckon. But would like it, if when the bill is settled, she can help me sort out a new supplier for the electricity. I’d like to know why they kept lying to Deana telling her often, that the mystery meter account had been closed then make it into my main one?

Deana is up to the neck in work normally, but even more so now, poor gal.

Did some light ablutionisationing and got ready to go to the shops, thought I’d call to see how Olive was on the way out. She told me not to pay the British Gas bill and to cancel the arrangements they have already made without me being aware of until it was all done. And tell Deana I was not going to pay. She (Olive) was in goodish form today, bless her. She told me where the Aldi store was on Woodborough Road that I could use by catching the L8 free bus.

A peck on the cheek and quick pleasurable cuddle and I off I poddled.

Caught the L8 and got off up the hill a stop too early, Humph! (I can’t take myself anywhere Hehe!) Plodded up and right down Woodborough Road to the Aldi shop.

Got some leeks, sunflower oil, porridge pots, cheese topped cobs, vine tomatoes, red pepper, 3 bananas, cheese twists and the thing I went for, some fresh pod garden peas. The lady at the checkout was so different to many of the till operators and did not rush me through too fast, bless her.


Split the stuff into two bags, and walked slowly back to the flats, well, it was downhill nearly all the way. Made a slight detour into the woods to look for wildlife to photograph. I didn’t see any, just as well, I’d forgotten to take the camera with me.

Good job olive told me about this shop, it’ll come in handy knowing I can use the L8 bus up the hill, and get some gentle exercise walking back down after buying my fodder, in good weather anyway.

Got back in the flat, WRWW and WWHD tended to, put the nosh away and back for another WRWW?

Got the kettle on and weariness overcame me. I put on ‘Diehard with a Vengeance’ DVD, and nodded off for so many minutes here and there, I gave up with it. Tried watching the TV and the same thing happened.

Got reading the war book and that seemed to do the trick… nodded off after two chapters and hearing a noise from somewhere, I know not where… next thing it was 0500hrs when I woke, having missed the evening medications again! Humph, clot and 11b !

Inchcock Today Fri 26th Aug 16: Not a Good Day at all, apart from Olive looking good!


Friday 26th August 2016

0405hrs: Gae up trying to sleep and struggled out of the not-working-again £300 second-hand recliner chair and to off for a WRHD. Not a pleasant experience this morning.

01aTook the medications with some orange juice, and got the things ready for the laundry room visitation. During which the first Whoopsiedangleplop of the day took place.

I was reaching into the cupboard and had a little dizzy spell, and caught the stack of storage bins and over they went!

What a mess!

I believe I might have said something like “Oh, dear me, fancy that!”

Clean it up as I muttered some obscenities.

0425hrs: Down to the washing room and got the machine going. The place was in a bit of a state. Back to the flat.

010505hrs: Down to the laundry room and got the clothes into the… wait for it… New Drying Machine! At last, after waiting for about nine weeks, we now have two dryers again. I was surprised to see it was a similar model to the one that conked out, and they could not get the spare part to mend it cause it was so aged? The drum appeared a lot larger on this one. Got it going and returned to the apartment again.

An hour to wait so I got the vegetables prepped and in the Crock-Pot. Fresh garden peas, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, turnips and parsnips. I added tomato puree, salt, vegetable seasoning and then added some Oregano – Whoopsiedangleplop number two here: The lid came off the Oregano pot, and the contents all went in me vegetable stew!and 

I said something like (Not really, though, it was something a little more vitriolic) “Oh dearie me, I seem to be having an error-ridden morning, ah-well!”

01b0605hrs: This was quickly followed by Whoopsiedangleplop number three. I started to clean and clear properly, where the bins had fallen earlier and clouted my head on the draining board as I bent down.

0615hrs: Checked the Crock-Pot, tried to get out as much of the Oregano as I could, and went down with some cleaning stuff to the laundry room to collect the washing. Titivated around and cleaned the soap in slots and trays and filters that had not been cleaned. Felt quite proud of myself at this point.

0625hrs: Back once more up to 72, opened the door, and boy did that Oregano pong! Stunk the place out.

01cI opened the window in the kitchen to let the aroma out.

Took a photo while hanging out of the window.

Can you spot something out of order in the picture on the left?

Naughty person. Hehe!

Put the clothes away, one pair of trousers had shrunk that much, I put it with the other stuff in the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop bag. I’ll take the bag down today, it’s nearly full now, mostly with things that have shrunk… alright then, things that no longer fit due to me increased flobby-body mass. Tsk! This encouraged me to get on the scales that were nearby… but that is a horror story you can do without. Ahem!

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on and set about finishing the Thursday post and starting this one.

Tried some Facebooking. Not too good, sticking a bit, but I got some done.

Did my ablutions, and called to see Olive on my way out. She was in good from considering, and this cheered me up no end.

Went to see if I could contact Deana bout the British Gas cock-up. She was not in today.

01hCaught the L8 bus into Sherwood and went to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop and unloaded the bag of clothing.

A lot of emergency vehicles running about Sherwood today.

Nipped in the shop and got some mushrooms to add to the Crock-Pot… the over Origami’d Crock-Pot. Got two cheese cobs as well.

01iCaught the bus back up to the flats and had a good chinwag with some other tenants en route.

2Aug16aThe view from the kitchen window was very nice.

Not going to last long, though, I’m afraid.

Forecast heavy storms for tomorrow.Got in to find two letters in the box from British Gas!

Got in the apartment, to find two letters in the box from British Gas!

They had closed the proper account and made the …67 one, a new report adding £253 to the total making me in debt now for £375.38.

Confused now, I went on the internet to email Deana, and found she had sent me a copy of BG’s last email sent to her yesterday!

You can find this here: Updated British Gas record It’s a long detailed one. This addition is at the end of the post.

She will not be available to see me until next Tuesday to discuss the outcome and what tactics to adopt. Just my luck – holidays again! Tsk!

Put the fodder away, took the late medications and added the mushrooms to the Crock-Pot.

Updated this post and went on Facebook. Still sticking a bit, telling me I had not finished commenting when I had?

The food in the Crock-pot had to be sorted, to get rid of some of the juices. I added a tin of beef to it after draining and added a bit more black bean sauce, to weaken the Origami taste. NO! I  mean the Oregano taste. Hope it is eatable as a stew with the cobs when I get it sorted. Tsk!

Well, I have to say that it came out as the most horrible tasting meal of the year! A failure of epic proportions, even after my assiduous day long efforts!

10Within minutes of foolishly finishing eating this monstrous so-called edible creation, the stomach was rumbling, bodily winds were escaping from all extremities, and I felt that along with the dissatisfaction and worry of the unfair British Gas charging me affair, these should have been sufficient to ensure my suicide.

But, being a coward, I decided against any such intentions and put the goggle-box on, fell asleep and dreamed of me being pursued in tunnels by just about everyone.

Around 0200hrs, I sprang awake and struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and went to the door of the flat… why I did this I had no idea? Feeling rather foolish, I wandered between the door and the recliner chair a few time hoping the reason for me waking and going to the door might return to me. It didn’t, so feeling uncomfortable with my state of sanity, I climbed back into the recliner and spent an hour or so wondering what I might have been intending to do in going to the door?

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016: Busy day, ups and downs – Olive a bit better!


Tuesday 23rd August

Stirred around 0525hrs; Struggled urgently out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRWW and WRHD session. A bit painful and bloodied during and afterwards, Tsk! I cleaned myself up and started fretting way again. Hoping Olive would be alright with her visit to the Queens Medical Centre for her blood change? Will Deana have any good news from British Gas about the bill? (Not a lot of hope, more a prayer really!), then got some new pains stabbing at me under the left arm ribcage. Humph!

Made a drink and took the medications. Washed the pots in between several WRWWs.

Laptop on, some nice emails of support received. Finished the Monday post, then started this one going. Cross fingered I tried out Facebooking.

01bWent well for a while.

Spilled some of the contents of the pan of minted garden peas on the kitchen floor… used the new spinning mop to rectify the ensuing mess.

Popped over to see Olive, but she’d already gone out.

0910hr: Returned and did the 01cablutions, then to the Community Hut to see Deana.

All locked up, so, back to the foyer and a chinwag with some tenants, then out to the bus stop and we caught the L9 into town.

Had a nice conversation with a lady tenant on the way. She even helped me with the crossword bless her.

01dIn town, I walked down and through the Nottingham beach.

Glad to report this was being used a lot more today – the rides and food stalls (As opposed to the beach which was free!) were not being used much at all.

I arrived at the Tram Stop on South Parade opposite the slab square. Swiped my bus-pass and waited amongst the obviously experienced 01epassengers, who were already juggling with each other to gain the optimum position to scramble onto the tram, in the hopes of finding a seat free and knocking the likes of me out of the way.

Which they did with great aplomb when the tram did arrive.

Luckily for me, I only had to stand for 01habout four stops, before we arrived at the Asda Store.

By the time I’d trudged down the winding steps to the store’s car park, I had needed a rest, so stood opposite a big black SUV with a well-built swarthy youth was sat in the driver’s seat.

As a genuinely disabled lady arrived in, to park parallel next to him, for some reason he hit the gas and belted backwards running into the woman’s car with the rear of his, and shot off at great speed. The poor lady was a bit nervous and upset. I went to her to see she was okay. I was joined with seconds by several other shoppers who had seen the incident, on lady had taken the index number, and tended to the woman.

Into the store to search for one of the Nordic Bacon blocks with seasoning like I got the other week from there, they had just two packs left, so I bought them both.

Got some fresh garden peas, and apples too.

I met BJ in the shop, he was looking good and in fine form.

When I came out, a policeman was talking to the lady, I asked her how she felt, she’d recovered well from the shock. I informed the officer of the description of the geezer driving the car, and that he did not have a disabled card on show in his window.

I walked to the front of the store (More hobbled really) to avoid the steps back up, and caught a tram into town. The weather had turned sweltering, and the masses on the tram were joined by another ten or so sweating, irritable parents with their sweating grumpy kids.

I was lucky I reckon, to get off the bus uninjured!

But lucky, that an L9 bus was due out just as I arrived at the stop.

Even the L9 bus was crowded by the time we’d gone two bus stops further on. When we arrived at the flats, I had a job to get free with the lady next to me decided not to get up, but just twisted her healthily and plump legs around to leave me about four inches twixt her ample knees and the luggage rack tp squeeze through.

Battered and bruised I escaped into the daylight. Hehehe!

Up to the twelfth floor and called at Olive’s, too early, though, she wasn’t back yet.

To the flat and a WRWW, kettle on and took the late midday medications. Realised I’d not finished cleaning the Crock-Pot porcelain dish, so I did.

No email from Deana about the British Gas situation yet, so I walked down to the community hut, no one in. Back to number 72 and made another cuppa and got the laptop on to update this.

01fThe day had turned out a hot one; indeed, the wind dropped, yet as I took a photographicalisation of the gravel footpath outside that led up to the Woodthorpe Grange Park next to my favourite copse, no sign of human life was espied!

Perhaps they were at the Nottingham Beach by now?

Checked the emails to see if Deana had any news, nowt in the inbox yet.

Then disaster! The laptop screen went blue with a complicated message telling me I had a virus and was to ring a given number immediately! This was not from McAfee and looked like a con-job – but the laptop would not let me escape or close or do anything – the warning remained on screen!

Force closed the laptop – waited and rebooted and the when I restarted the Warning Screen, and Google opened immediately again! Panicking now, I force closed again and left it for half an hour and tried again – the whole system was slow, but it seems whatever it was causing me the hassle had gone.


Went to see Olive at her flat. She looked terribly tired yet was in good spirits, bless her brave, beautiful soul. I found out she was to go back in later, what she thought was pain from her hips, was something to do with her backbone, and they were to investigate. The blood transfusions should make her feel a bit better in 4-5 days.

She told me some stories from the War years and her childhood that fascinated me. I made a fuss and took my leave as soon as I saw her eyelids drooping, gave her a big kiss and cuddle and departed, feeling better in myself knowing she’d come through okay.

Back to number 72. Checked the emails and found one from Deana with a copy of the last email she’s sent to British Gas;

I received an email from Grace Winearls regarding a complaint I made on behalf of Mr Timothy Gerald Chambers 72 Woodthorpe court, Chestnut Walk , Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 4DZ stating that she couldn’t speak to me has they had no permission from the account holder and if I wanted to call when the account holder is with me then you could add me to the account , every time I call British Gas Mr Timothy Chambers always gives permission for me to speak on his behalf and I’m sure if you checked the account you would see that I have spoken to your customer service team on numerous occasions for Mr Chambers , Mr Chambers is very hard of hearing and struggles hearing what is being said and what he is being asked hence why I do the phone calls for him , I have further reasons to now make another complaint  I AGAIN made a phone call to customer service on the 10th August 2016 and spoke to Ricmondo. Mr Chambers has again had another letter asking for £250.32 for account number 08467, Mr Chambers pays direct debit £58 a month for account number 0695 and has done since 14/12/15 . After being on hold by Ricmondo on and off for 55 minutes I was told that Mr Chambers would receive no further letters demanding money or sending in the debit agencies until someone had been to look at the meter I asked for a letter stating this for Mr Chambers peace of mind and a letter to tell Mr Chambers when the inspection of the meter would take place I was told yes to both neither have happened, and again Mr Chambers has received a letter asking him for £250.32  , I rang British gas yesterday and spoke to a man on customer service I asked to be put through to the complaint department he told me he couldn’t and I had to speak to him I explained I was fed up having a three way conversation with customer service and whoever they were supposed to be speaking to  and I wanted to speak to someone in the complaints department , I was put on hold for 10 minutes has I now time all calls made to British gas he came back and said that there wasn’t a complaints department, I asked why it states on the bill  if you’re not happy with anything contact the customer complaints team , I find the customer service team very unhelpful every person I have spoken to have been unable to resolve this problem , Mr Chambers has also been on the trust pilot website and stated his problems British Gas wrote on his review they would contact him he has yet to hear from them . how much longer is this going to go on ? what more can myself or Mr Chambers do to get British Gas to resolve this problem ? I will send a copy of this letter to the complaints review service has I feel this matter has not been dealt with in an efficient way Mr Chambers and myself have been constantly fobbed off with this issue.

Yours sincerely

Deana Walker – Independent Living Coordinator

Then later, I got an email from BG about this fictitious account!


How can I have two different numbered accounts and only have one meter?

I am getting pissed off with this now, the worry of their threat to send an actioned warrant team and Debt Recovery Agents is not fair, not surprising my ulcer is starting up again! Humph! Thye tell me I might lose my credit rating, and they might send a team to remove the non-existent meter and replace it with a ‘Card Prepayment one’ and they can legally force entry to do so, too?

I am confused, worried and frustrated now, more than ever. I’ll mention the idea of us talking to Nottingham MP Christopher Leslie, perhaps?

MC01Got the nosh on.

Rather overdid it a tad I think with the amount, but, feeling so depressed, I just wasn’t bothered at the time.

Thank heavens that Olive was getting through the day, cheered me up a bit.

Put the gogglebox on and sat like Little Lord Pontelroy with the tray on my knee.

Couldn’t concentrate on the TV, and sleep avoided me like the plague!

An Updated Message for British Gas – From Inchcock – Updated again… and again…


Why do they tell me so many different Lies?

I am getting on a bit and moved into a Nottingham City Homes high-rise aided-flats.
I set-up a direct debit to pay British Gas and almost a year later received a demand from them for another account number that had my name and correct address on it.
BR07Being partially deaf, I asked Deana, the warden, who contacted BG, and almost two hours later, they told her that this account would be closed on 7th June 2016.
On the 7th of July 2016, another letter arrived asking if I had forgotten to pay this bill?
BR06 Julie, the another warden rang them to try and sort this out, but it took so long, her going home time arrived. Seems I may have to pay to have the second (Non-existent) meter removed/disconnected?
Four days later, I managed to get Deana to ring again. Eventually, again, they informed her that the account would be closed.
I now wait nervously for the next ‘Reminder’.
Well well well… The following Saturday (today)
Oh, Marvelous! French Owned British Gas, who last week told Warden Deana the Electricity Bill would be scrapped for the second time, have sent me a Red Letter Bill with threats now!
Losing me credit rating – demanding the £250+ I don’t owe them!
So frustrated, I did a post about them and put it on Facebook, LinkedIn and on WordPress too!
So annoyed with them for lying to my warden twice now! Grrr!
So, another demand arrives, and my aided-flat warden rang them again for me.
Warden Deana told me once again, the account is to be closed and I have nothing to worry about. (Humph!)
Now, a few days later today, I get another demand for this non-existent meter with my name on it, once again for the £250.32.
“Call us about the money you owe” is the headline on it!
The replacement ticker the angina and sticking reflux valve are not happy with this extra unwarranted hassle from British Gas, especially after Deana rang them for I think the fourth time – now I have to bother her again for a fifth time. After being told on every occasion the account would be closed.
My health is suffering over this, and enough is enough! I will be seeking legal advice as recommended by the medical staff. When and if I ever feel up to it!
All I want is peace and a hassle-free existence.
Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit, I understand, but my patience is getting thin. I hope I don’t snuff it before this is sorted.
Where can I get some help on this, can anyone help?

Thursday 28 July 2016:
BR04Warden Deana Walker rang British Gas again (Over an hour) for me.
This time, a different story emerged: It appears the two tariffs are on the same meter now? They intend to merge the two – thus making my bill twice as much?
This after being told three times by British Gas that they had closed this fictional extra account!
Deana asked them to send someone out to sort and assess the situation.
So, now I await Deana to have a look and then the BG representative getting in touch to arrange a visit…
1220hrs: Ah, Deana is here now talking to British gas as she looks at the meter… She gave the all the details yet again to a different representative who told her the account in question was definitely closed 28th June 2016. This the same account that they are going to merge with my proper account???
She was then put onto someone else and explained it all again to this one. She waited patiently for the return to the phone, of the lady she had been speaking to this time… 
1240hrs: Still waiting. 1253hrs: Still waiting… 1258hrs… (Missed her dinner break now!) 1259hrs The Lady (Leigh) returned said Checked on company database, what Abdul told her earlier was incorrect, the account they were still sending out bills for no longer exists!
Nice that!
I await further developments with an uncomfortable feeling of dread in my old mechanical heart.

Thursday 4th August:
BR05British Gas with another Red Demand for payment to the meter they told Warden Dean Walker a few days ago (For the third time!) had been Cancelled!
The ladies must have seen how this affected me, and they ran Deana and asked her to call and see me once again Sort out this horrendous situation.
This time, French-owned British Gas threatened me that they would get a legal entry warrant and replace the non-existent meter with a payment meter, I’d lose my Credit Rating, and they will pass on my details to Credit Collection Agency!British Gas with another Red Demand for payment to the meter they told Warden Dean Walker a few days ago (For the fourth time!) had been Cancelled!
Warden Deana arrived a bit later, and took the paperwork, saying she is going to contact them by email this time, so she has a record, and off she went, too.
Heard nothing back from her yet.
Terribly worried now!
Warden Deana came to see me. She has sent an email to British Gas, awaiting a reply.

Wednesday 10 August: Warden Deana emailed the reply to me from BG.
From: Customer Complaints
Date: 9 August 2016 12:38:24 BST
To: Dean Walker
Subject: Your reply from British Gas (18953202) (KMM43902975V30033L0KM)

Dear Ms Walker
Thank you for the enquiry you sent regarding Mr Chamber’s account, I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you.

Unfortunately, I am unable to help for the time being, as you are currently not named on the account, and as such I am unable to disclose or change any information regarding the account.
This is due to the Data Protection Act.
If you would like to be named on the account, please call us on 0800 048 0202* when you are with the account holder, so we can get permission to either speak to yourself or add your name to the account.
Alternatively, you can send in a signed power of attorney letter from the account holder, with the account number and details, authorising you to be added to the account. This can be posted, or attached to an email. Our mailing address is: British Gas, PO Box 227, Rotherham, S98 1PD.

BR03Once you have been added to the account, or we have verbal permission from the account holder to discuss the account with yourself, we will be able to disclose any information you require.
I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please contact us should you need any help in the future and thank you for contacting British Gas. 
Kind regards Grace Winearls – Looking after your world

Deana came to the flat at 0955hrs and rang BG and got her name on record as my representative and added her name to the account. (Which account, the actual one or the fictional one, we were not sure)
She ran the BG Complaints number, and tried to get put through to them, but had to make do with the Billing section.
She explained the situation yet again to this BG agent, and was put through to another agent and explained everything to him as well. To complained to each person she spoke to, and asked them why she could not get through to the complaints department?
She was put on hold. (Half an hour on the phone up to here)
Someone spoke to her and decided to put her through to someone else again.
She was put on hold.
She explained everything again to this agent.
She was put on hold.
She asked for written confirmation that the account had actually been close like he has been verbally told on four occasions now, but the demands continue?
She was put on hold.
Mr Ricmondo came on the line.
We were told it had been cancelled (Again!).
She was asked to give the meter readings from the one meter I have. (Which of course is not the meter in question (…67), but the meter I am paying by direct debit (…95). Bewildered we both were!
Deana complained again, about not being able to talk to their Complaints Department directly!
Her phone battery was now down to one bar. She complained about being kept waiting on hold so often.
She was put on hold.
Ricmondo returned eventually.
1) It seems an engineer will contact Deana to make an appointment to disconnect the non-existent meter and take the readings?
2) No further demands would be received. (Oh yes, very confident about this we were!)
Deana spent 53 minutes in total on hold – the poor woman had lost the will to live!

Wednesday 10th August 2016:
British gas, who told Deana five times at least now that the account had been closed, sent me an email request to supply them with a meter reading again, for the supposedly closed mystery meter!?!?
It gets more convoluted and worrying as time goes by!

Wednesday 17th August 2016:
Despite having been told by Deana not to contact me, but her as she is my sole representative and her contact details being given to BG, they called me on the phone knowing my hearing difficulties. The polite gentleman, whose accent, I found extremely hard to comprehend, wanted to talk to me about the non-existent meter.
I informed him of the arrangement for Deana Walker to be contacted as my agent. Then had to give him her contact details for the eighth time at least.
Still, no more Red Letter threats and demands again… yet.

19th August 2016:
BR09Got a phone call from BG again.

I told them to contact Warden Deana. Later in the day.

BR02Well, fancy that, yet another threatening payment demand arrived! “We will pass your details to a debt collection agency!” “…for a warrant to enter your property and fit a pay as you go meter” 
Again I receive it on a Friday so I can worry and fret over the weekend before I can get to talk to Deana.
The stomach ulcer has started playing up now, along with the Angina.

The dizzy spells are back too!


01gMonday 22nd August 2016 – 0835hrs:

Hobbled to the Community Hut at the flats and luckily, Deana was in, she called British Gas and asked if she could be put through to the complaints department, this time, she was told they didn’t have a complaints department?

She explained the situation yet again and I had to confirm my authorising her to speak for me.

She was put on hold for fifteen minutes: She was put-on-hold again and eventually ran out of time and had to ring off after 20 minutes! She will try again later and let me know what occurs.

24th August 2016:

Two emails and another demand, for payment of the mystery meter.

24Aug0124Aug02BR05 Cannot contact Deana to tell her about these.

Having been told they have closed this …67 account numbers, on at least five times, on the following Friday…

I get this copy of an email received sent from British Gas to Deana.

Friday 26th August:

I get these letters from British Gas (As quoted in the email copy).


So, desperate to try and understand if I am being conned or not here now.

Sent an email to Doctor Lynton with a copy of the email, and updated this post, in a desperate effort to get some guidance.

Oh dearie me! Then the email from Deana:

Dear Ms Walker

As you’ll remember, you’ve recently been in touch and asked us to look into an important issue.

My name is Lee Jordan. I’ll be personally handling your complaint and will ensure that it is resolved to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

I’ve tried to contact you on 26th August 2016 but this hasn’t been possible. I’m sorry for any concern that has been caused in regards to the bills that have been produced for Mr Timothy Chambers’ accounts. I’ve had a good look into this for you.

Usually, a property will only have one supply number (known as the MPAN). Due to Mr Chambers having an Economy 10 meter, he has two supply numbers and these are 1100005542430 and 1100005542440.

Account reference 850055308467 is for MPAN 1100005542430.

Account reference 851004170695 is for MPAN 1100005542440.

Mr Chambers’ meter has 5 rates which log the electricity that is being used at different times of the day. The accounts were set up so that two of these rates were being billed on account number 850055308467 and the other three were being billed on account number 851004170695.

Mr Chambers was receiving bills for account number 850055308467 as we only had a Direct Debit set up on 851004170695.

So, why didn’t they tell me when I set it all up?

In order to simplify things, we have now put all five of the readings onto account number 850055308467. This means all future bills for this account will include the total amount of electricity that has been recorded on the meter. A new Direct Debit has been set up for this account. This is now the main account.

No further charges will be applied on account number 851004170695. Because of this, the Direct Debit for this account has been cancelled. Upon closing this account, there was a credit of £76.23 on it. This has been transferred over to the new main account 850055308467.

Mr Chambers has used on average £100 per month of electricity since the account opened in June 2015 and his current balance is £375.30. In order to cover the cost of what is being used and to also clear the current balance, his Direct Debit has been set to £134 per month going forward.

Can they do this without my permission?

Please be assured that there is no longer any overdue balance to pay as his full current balance of £375.30 is included in this Direct Debit payment scheme.

A new statement is on the way to him showing the current balance of £375.30 on his new main account 850055308467. He’ll notice that all five of the readings are together on this statement and the future statements will continue with all the readings together. This statement details the unit rates that are being charged for each rate.

A statement for account number 851004170695 has also been produced. He’ll notice that the balance on this account is zero. As mentioned above, no further charges will be applied to this account.

Mr Chambers may benefit from moving to a supplier that has a specific Economy 10 tariff if he is heating his home during the times that are allocated as the cheap rates. Any supplier with Economy 10 tariffs would be able to give him further advice regarding this.


If you feel I haven’t answered all your questions, or you‘re not satisfied your complaint has been completely resolved, please feel free to contact me on the details above. I’d be more than happy to help you further.

If you’re happy with what’s been done you don’t need to do anything and I’ll make the arrangements to close the complaint down for you on 10th September 2016.

Saturday 17 August 2016:

These arrive in the post: now four letters in two days?


Seems they have done it anyway. Cancelled the old original one, added the mystery one and what was left, on the original one together… This is doing my health no good at all. The Angina and Duodenal Ulcer are both giving me hassle again now, trying to understand why they have lied to me and Deana so often and changed their messages to us?

Do I have any comeback?