Inchcock Today Monday 19th September 2016: INR blood test – Laundry – Shopping and Sweet Olive joy!

Monday 19th September 2016


Didn’t stir until 0630hrs this morning – fought with the £300 second-hand recliner and escaped for a WRHD session. The event went without any hiatus, but I did notice the water level in the WC was a few inches lower than normal?

Rushed around and got things ready for the walk to the Nottingham City Hospital for the INR Blood level check.

1mon02I was soon setting out and up the gravel hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down the path onto Mansfield Road.

The rain was so fresh and so thin that I didn’t actually notice it as I wobbled along.

Not until I stopped at the gate to take a photo of the waste bin.

1mon03The contents crammed in so much that stuff had been left on top and at the side of it.

Somebody had been having fun it seemed, judging by the empty alcohol bottles and inside: Half-eaten pies, cakes and pizzas.

They, must have been dining in the rain?

1mon04Left over the hill and started off down Edwards Lane to the traffic island.

Where I came across another roadside waste bin.

With an interloper showing interest in the debris on top of the bin as mentioned earlier.

He/she wasn’t too interested in my camera work, though.

The rain stopped for a while as went on over the road and carried on down Edwards Lane, 1mon081mon05then left along Valley Road, the ring road.

On to the Traffic Island, over the pelican lights and left up to Hucknall Road to the hospital grounds. Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered, nad made my way to the blood taking Hall.

Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered the grounds, and made my way through the maze of buildings and to the blood receiving hall. Took a ticket and settled to read my Keep Calm and Carry book, with the anecdotes and true stories from ordinary people of their experiences during the war.

I was summoned to go in and soon had the blood took. The nurse had a bit of bother stopping the bleeding, well, a bit more than usual, like.

1mon06As I departed, the rain came down a bit heavier.

When I got to the crossing on Valley Road, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me, as he belted by.

I pressed on as the rain got a little lighter.

Took a photographicalisation near the 1mon07next traffic island. From under the umbrella. I have to say, I’m well pleased with this brolly, nay bother from the wind with it at all. Mind you, it wasn’t very windy, come think of it.

Over the road, limped on and right up Edwards Lane.

The only bother I had on both the going and coming trips, was this part, going back up this hill, Anne Gyna let me know she was rather unhappy about this. Hehe!

I didn’t time myself on either journey, but I seemed to get back to the apartments in pronto-time.

As I went in, I noticed that both machines were free at the time. So I nipped up and got the washing ready. Where does it all come from, hehe! Back down and got it going. Back up again and got the laptop on to finalise yesterday’s and get it posted.

Back down and move the stuff into the dryer. Then up to the flat and got awfully carried away doing graphics and starting this diary off. Realised a couple of hours later I’d not collected the washing yet! 11b

Down and gathered the laundry and cleaned up the filter and counter surfaces. Someone had put the clothes on the draining board for me to retrieve. Oh, I do feel a clot!

2tue02I got the bags and bus-pass and made my way to the bus stop and off to Arnold to get some fresh veg. Had a nice chinwag with one or two on the bus.

Dropped off at the Sainsbury store in Arnold.

The bus shelter had been vandalised again. Fancy that! 

Gawd did I spend well today! Cream cake, cheeses, Danish Blue, Stilton, Marmite cheese, cheddar cubes, Aya potatoes, carrot, parsnip, turnip, leek, Wiejska, Higgidi onion & cheese quiche, Chicken drumsticks, Marmite rice cakes, Surimi, a jelly and cherry vine tomatoes! Over £30 worth altogether. Tsk, Huh and Humph!

Caught the bus back and had a chinwag with a lady tenant.

2tue03Called in to see Olive. She was in fine form again, still telling me off for things. She did not want one of the cream horns. Very kindly Olive rang the Chiropodist that was advertising home visits to see if she could fit me in. Olive said she charges the same as the Foot First who I was not very pleased with on my last visit on Saturday. But of course, a home call to tend to me is a distinct advantage. The woman is to call Olive back later, and I am to call at Olive’s tomorrow at either 0900hrs or after 1600hrs to find out if she can take me on. The nails will need clipping again in four to five weeks. She’s so good to me, bless her cotton socks X

I returned to the flat after giving Olive a kiss and cuddle in thanks. Well, I like it!

2tue01aBack on the laptop to update things and do some more work on graphicalisationing for a few hours. The time shot by, and soon it was time to get the meal ready.

I popped on the scales as I went into the spare room to get me jammies ready – flipping things are playing up again! Hehehe!

1mon09Balsamic Onion  and Cheese Quiche, red and yellow tomatoes, beetroot, gherkins, pickled egg, extra blue cheese slices on the top & cheddar cheese cubes… I believe there might have been two fresh cream horns and a pot of mandarins in jelly lurking in the vicinity too?

So tasty it was. I’d planned to eat half of it and save the other half to have cold tomorrow, but it was too nice not to eat all of it!

Phoned Sister Jane and told her about me trying the very first quiche of my life.

Soon started nodding off when I got the telly on, and it was not long before I was in the land of nod.

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  1. I bet that bird was a he. Usually with avians the females are more dully colored to blend in while sitting on the nest, where males are brightly colored to attract female attention (which also makes them an easier target for predators). Across species males tend to take the greatest risks on their quest for nookie. LOL

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