Inchcock Today: Sat 3rd Sept 2016 – Off to get some Nordic Bacon, it rained heavily. Tsk!


Saturday 3rd September 2016

Dydd Sadwrn 3 Medi, 2016

0455hrs: After laying awake and dreaming of sleep for several hours, I gave up and dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the St02porcelain for a WRWW and WRHD session.

Stepping on the scales en route did my confidence a bit of good. I’d lost very nearly a pound from yesterday!

I’m hoping that after the WRHD sitting, it might go down a bit more?

Dang my eyes, after the throne visitation, it was the same weight this time!?!?

A bit cold this morning.

St01I sorted next weeks medication pots etc. out and got the podded peas on the cook in the Crock-Pot.

Now, they’re at least six peas as I know of, lurking somewhere in the kitchen that I cannot locate for the life of me! One of them shot into the wall behind the cooker and disappeared down the back of it, the others I’ve not the least idea where they might have ended up?

Got the laptop on and finished the Friday post and sent it off.  Started this one and the graphicalisationing for future use. 

Well, well, fancy that Virgin Media internet went down! It hasn’t done this now for at least six days. Humph! After a while, it came back on of its own accord.

Had quick go on Facebook while it was working, got a bit done, but it went again.

So I got the ablutions done, and ready to go to Asda (Walmart) to get some Nordic Style Bacon if I can, and get back in time for the meeting with Lynda at 1400hrs.

To the bus stop outside, it looked a bit rain-worthy. Then it came as I got on the bus. No fellow tenants to talk to today.

01fAs we got into town the rain poured down.

Lots of Nottinghamians got caught wearing summer clothing.That did the trick.

The bright part of the trip out was the Pavement Cyclists were getting soaked. I liked that a lot! Hehehe!

01hI hobbled down Queen Street and crossed through the Nottingham Beach, on the way to the tram stop.

Taking this photographicalisation of the barren of people beach, eateries and amusement rides as I passed through and over to the platform and swiped my Pensioners Bus -Pass on the machine.

Caught the tram, it was rather surprisingly lacking in passengers, and it soon arrived outside the Asda store.

I avoided the beggar at the top of the steps and made me way down to the shop entrance.

I hobbled swiftly along to the Continental meats fridge and located the NordicStyle Bacon Blocks on sale. They only had three left on the shelf, and they had gone back up in price by 59p. This didn’t put me off and I purchased every pack. Then got some black bags and cheapo minced lamb for the hot-pot to go with the home-made Crock-Pot seasoned vegetables.

After paying for the stuff, I searched my bag for the new umbrella – but couldn’t find it? When I got home later (Very wet!), a search there was fruitless as well? Am I losing it, or is someone or more on the nick?

01iThe tram back into town was even less populously full of with folks?

Got off at  the Theatre Royal, and checked the time. I had 20 minutes before the L9 bus was due.

So, I had a nice walk around Trinity Square, being as the rain had eased off a lot.

Saw these rings and thought of the TFZ gals and took this photograph so the TFZ Angels could decide which they fancy best.

10bI think that Jilly from Australia will, like me, fancy the green ones mostest!

Then I realised when I got back to the bus stop – it was Saturday – only every two hours on a Saturday, so I had either another one hour to wait, or catch the number 40 bus, which is always busy and drops me off on Winchester Hill BGand I have to risk life and limb crossing the road there on the hill bend, then a decent walk in the rain, so as to get back to the flats.


I caught a 40 after only waiting for 15 minutes. Managed to get back in the now heavy rain to the flat

It soon filled up at the very next stop.

BR02To the flat for a WRWW and updated this diary.

Went to meet Linda at the Coffee Meeting. We both got confused, the more we looked into and investigated the British Gas farce!

She found in one statement come bill, they said they had installed a new machine on July 16th?

My head  was spinning, as she tried to sort it all out for me. Ended up, she kept the folder with all the letters and said she would sort out some quotes for other companies I might transfer to later. I’ve to meet her at 1100hrs in the Woodthorpe foyer on Monday. I thanked her and handed out the nibbles to all there.

Called in to see Olive and update her. She looked just fine today and after a good gossip and gooderer cuddle, I departed.

BGGot on with sorting the meal out.

Minced lamb stew and fresh minted garden peas.

I burnt the potatoes a bit, but they came out excellent, just how I love them. Crispy skin and very tasty!

I dabbed some Vegemite on them before eating. A 9.6/10 given.

Read the Nottingham book for a while, then settled down (In between WRWW visits of course) to watch TV, channel five all night was the plan. I got up to the second programme ‘Adolph & Eva’, second set of advertisements and drifted off, waking around 0200hrs…