Inchcock Today Sunday 30th October 2016: Sir Duncan to the Rescue!


Sunday 30th October 2016

In Swahili: Jumapili Oktoba 30, 2016

Woken at 0330hrs, wrote a scribbled note on my pad about the dreams I’d been having. Unfortunately, when I rose at 0400hrs and disentangled myself from the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and made for the porcelain and a WRHD session, not a pleasant one, and returned, I could not make out much of my writing! And the memories had evaporated into the ether. Canal, boat sinking, Marie, Lyzzi, Sausages, sleeping bag and coffin were the only words I was sure of? I do hate it when this happens, Tsk!

Took the medications, made a strong mug of tea, dropping the milk as I put it back into the fridge. Made a right mess! As I cleared it all up, I realised that the ailments that attacked me so badly yesterday morning, well, all bar Duodenal Daniel, were friendly and calm. Naturally, an hour or so after thinking this, Anne Gyna kicked off! Humph!

Started this diary off and later I went for a WRWW and to make another 7sun02brew. While doing so, I thought I’d take a shot from the kitchen window. I put the selector on a different option for scenery and took this photograph.

No idea what else I must have done to the settings, but this one must go in my ‘Favourite Photo’s I’ve Taken’ album on Facebook.

How I got the arthritic fingers and camera in the shot beats me! Can’t wait to show it to Duncan later. In fact, I’ll try to get a photo of Duncan put on it now, using CorelDraw (If it lets me that is). Back in a bit.

Blimus, I had a hell of a job finding a photo of Duncan to use. This reminded me that PC World, have they got the things they saved from the old computer and charged me £100 to do it yet? Been a week now, but I must be patient, better I get any files back, and they are not infected with the Hackers virus.

Must take some more photographicalisations of Duncan today.

7sun047sun03Eventually, I got it done, though.

I vignetted the original file on Duncan’s photo, then applied an orange drop-shadow.

Mildly pleased with the outcome. (Smug mode adopted at this stage). But of course, no point in saving it, because CorelDraw will not let me view it to reload it.

I tried another doctorisation of the photograph then.

Hope he likes them, he might be able to use one or the other on his website do you think?

Is he a handsome brute; he is? Been retired a while now, and I bet he is not regretting it in the least.

Did some Facebooking, cause I won’t have time later when we start trying to sort out the computer. Plenty of lovely messages, it took me hours, but I enjoyed it.


Another message up on the screen.

Persevered with the CorelDraw graphicalisationing on a TFZer known as  Betty from Houston.

She is on a touring holiday at the moment and in Santa Fe.

It is her Birthday today, so I set about 7sun05creating a message for her.

Hope she has a fabulous day.

Got the ablutions done and went down to the lobby to meet Duncan when he arrives.

No sooner had I arrived there, and Duncan pulled up.

7sun06aDuncan was wearing his Robertson Tartan kilt, and I was so happy to see him approaching the foyer door, I nearly burst out with loud ‘Yahoo!’ 

Greetings and we went up to the flat, some of the female residents showing interest in Dunc’s kilt, or that area, as we passed them. Hehe!

A cup of tea was made between the chatting and my finding out how he was going and what he was getting up to, in general.

Dunc soon sorted out what needed attention and started with the printer, he soon had it working, and we did a test page. Smashing!

After many hours investigating ways to try to get CorelDraw to let me view the files on loading or viewing. Dunc got into Windows and changed some settings, but that didn’t work.

He then got on the web and searched methodically for advice tips etc. on various sites. He tried a couple, but they did not work either.

After hours of searching and frustration, Dunc got into the Control Panel and tried in there to get it solved.

A welcome break and another cuppa and I gave Dunc his pressies, and we talked about (Well, I interviewed him) things other than computer related. Glad to find he is still in an arrangement shall we say, with Diana, his recently adopted lady friend.

I’m glad to report that he has taken to retirement like a duck to water and is so happy! Great!

Back to the grindstone, trying to get Coreldraw to view graphics – what a mammoth and frustrating job this is turning out to be. I told him I’d tried the 7sun07advice I found on the Helpline page of CorelDraw, and this did not solve the problem (Obviously). We tried it again, lengthy procedure, we had to find the CorelDraw suite in Control Panel, click to Remove or Adjust, then after a few selections to choose from, including options for ‘Repair or Modify’ I chose Repair, we ran it. But it made no changes.

Duncan tried a few more things that I didn’t understand, a bit technical these were.

Still, no success and Duncan was getting frustrated and tired too now. Bless him and his efforts for me.

We tried the Control Panel thingy again, this time I chose the Modify option. I think I cried with joy… Success!

I could have kissed Duncan but thought better of it. He’s a big lad yer know, Hehe!

Over the moon, thanked Dunc’ the lad and then I had to ask him to watch over me again while I try once more to get the new Cash card to be accepted by Morrisons so I could order some fodder. He also read the small print on the bank’s letters out to me.

Then he patiently watched resisting laughing each time I made an error, and we soon had the card accepted by Morrisons.

What a mate I have!

Walked a weary Duncan back to his car, had a natter, thanked him again and off home, he went. A long drive ahead of him, and all to help me out. I felt humbled.

Back to the flat, and sorted out an order from Morrisons, to be delivered Wednesday 2nd November twixt 0730>0830hrs. Put this on the Google Diary straight away.

I was mentally shattered now, I bet Duncan is too. After all, that hassle and bother sorting me out. Got the meal going, nothing too complicated, I was too 7sun08drained to bother with anything fancy that needed proper cooking.

I did meat dumplings, and potato farls in the oven, with seasoned baked beans, and a packet of sweet potato crisps – the crisps were uneatable, though, Urgh!

Had the evening medications with it and a glass of tomato juice.

The plan from here on was to settle in the £300 second-hand recliner chair and watch some TV – this didn’t happen. I fell asleep within minutes of turning on the goggle-box…

Inchcock Today Saturday 29th October 2016: Computerisationing nearly all day long

I came across this Poem while searching for something else this morning. I thought it was so gentle, and unpretentious; I’d like to share it with you all. 


Saturday 29th October 2016

In Norwegian: Lørdag 29 Oktober 2016

Awake, wide awake, at 0400hrs, out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and to the wetroom porcelain for a painful and bloody WRHD session. Not a good start I thought?

Anne Gyna and Roger Reflux had both decided to give me some stabbing gip this morning. By the time I was out of the WC, a new pain had developed on the top left-hand side of the chest, never had this one before. Worra start eh? After the great health day yesterday too. Tsk!

Medications were taken, along with an extra painkiller and ulcer juice.

Got the washing collated and in the bag to go down to the laundry room. In the washer and back up to do some WordPressing. Half an hour later and down again to move the clobber into the dryer. Roger Reflux and Anne Gyna both going along with me. Back up the lift and on the computer again.

0545hrs, back down and collected the dried washing, cleaned the filter and up a final time and stored the things away.

Took some more anti-ulcer medicine and another pain-killer, only an extra 30g Codeine, don’t want to take any diamorphine, although I’ll see how it goes. Not had pain like this for a long time. Yesterday I woke up feeling free and so happy with the ailments all giving me a break, this morning they seem to be in an irritable Let’s-give-the-old-fart a bad- time mood. Even the toes were painful now? Hehehe! Still, Arthur Itis appears to be losing interest in my knees and ankles a bit. Why he wanted to attack my wrists, I don’t know, but I rubbed in some Phorpain gel that seemed to have done the trick within half an hour.

Many WRWWs again this morning, but that’s nothing new.

0700hrs: Cleaned the micro-fibre cloth and scolded the back on my hand: I was not surprised in the least. Collected the empty glass jars, pickled egg, ulcer medicine bottle and a pickled mushroom container. I thought it would be a good idea to have nip down and out of the lobby and a hobble down to the recycling bins with them, and try to take a photograph in the dark outside.

Got down into the reception area and decided it would be best if I go back up to the flat and collect the camera! So I did. What a Wally I am!

Up to number 72, got the camera and down again and out down to the end of Chestnut Walk to the recycling bins.



6sat06All done by 0730hrs. I enjoyed the little amble, nobody else about at all. Plenty of lights on at many flat windows mind.

Not windy or too cold either.

It had been raining earlier; I worked this out by seeing rain on the roads and bins you know. Hehehe

The toes were aching a bit, but Arthur Itis was still sociable with my knees and ankles bless him.

I can’t understand how the chest pains seemed to evanesce then return when I got back to the apartment? Any suggestions please doctors? Haha!

Started to update this diary and do some pathetic graphics, pathetic; due to my not being able to import certain formats of pictures. Tsk!

n-janetSeven and a half hours later, I’d managed to do eleven graphics for the TFZers site.

This photograph is of the first one done on the right.

There were so much more that I wanted to do, but the hassle of CorelDRAW not working properly was driving me mad.Even after

Even after I’d reloaded an old version in the foolish hopes that this might work. Lost a lot of time there too.

6sat08Opened Facebook and posted each one to the TFZers gallery. Then did some regular Facebooking.

Getting many messages I must ask Duncan about when he visits. They all confuse me a bit, especially the orange exclamation marks?

Must get the ablutions done soon.

6sat07Sorted the medication pots out for the week. Took tonight’s dose.

Got the dumplings in the oven.

Then got on with the ablutions, a good shave with only two cuts, Colgate Gelled the teggies that bled a bit, a great scrub under the shower Hehe!

And into the jammies and got the meal finished off! Well, that was the plan, but I’d forgotten to turn on the oven earlier. So I turned it on now and potted around as it warmed sufficiently, then put the cheesy buttered mashed potatoes and dumplings back in the oven. Tsk!

6sat09Finally, it was ready.

Crock-pot vegetables, cheesy mashed potatoes, tomatoes and the meat filled dumplings.

A bit of BBQ sauce (Overdid that, lost control of my squirt, Haha!) and a Cox’s apple and vanilla imitation cream dessert to follow.

The dumplings looked pale and insipid; that’s why I suppose they tasted tasteless? Shame. I ate it all, though, just hope the dumplings don’t aggravate the ulcer or reflux valve. Not complaining now, though, apart from the old Duo Denal ulcer the ailments were all calming down now.

Not the foggiest what meat was inside of them? But it didn’t taste bad, it’s just that it didn’t taste of anything much? As opposed to the cheese filled ones at least.

Looking forward to seeing Duncan tomorrow.

Washed up the things, and on settling to watch some gogglebox programmes, the nodding off started.


Inchcock Today Friday 28th October 2016: Inefficacious computer problem solving again today, Humph!


Friday 28th October 2016

In Welsh: Dydd Gwener 28 Hydref, 2016

Up and on the porcelain by 0405hrs, a bit of bleeding this morning (Haemorrhoids), but other ailment friends, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Henry Hernia, Duo Denal and Roger Reflux were all being beneficent, benevolent and amiable to me. Even Little Inchy was no bother today.

5fri02Got the Crock-Pot going with the vegetables. Onions, parsnips, carrots, garden peas and tomatoes. I hope to get some mushrooms later to add to this mix.

Spent hours failing to get the computer sorted, I’ve got two new messengers coming up from HP that need urgent attention, it says.

I dare not do anything else before Sir Duncan comes on Sunday to have a look at it for me, bless his cotton socks.

Attempted to get the graphics imported to CorelDraw X8, again, with an astoundingly persistent 100%  failure rate. Huh! I think I am guilty of dereistic thinking if I hold out any hopes that I can get the CorelDraw working again?

More hours on Facebooking, glad to say it’s allowing me to post without any dispute at the moment. Many comments received, most heartwarming that.

I’m spending so much time trying to sort the CorelDraw X8 out, I’m not getting around to other things. Such is my desire to be able to create again from scratch.

Had a good ablution session and got down for the half-past L9 bus.

5fri03Took a photograph of one of the many construction surveyors on the site, this chap was between the bus stop and the Community Shed.

You’ll have noticed I made a bit of a Whoopsiedangleplop of taking this effort? Hehe.

The mode selector had moved yer see.


whoopsI had intended to go to Arnold and Asda-Walmart to get the photographs printed from yesterday’s Social Hour – But, being as I got on the wrong bus again, I carried on into town. Nitwit!

5fri04No one to talk to on the bus.

Got off on Upper Parliament Street and took this photograph before walking up to the Aldi Store on Huntingdon Street.

There seems an absolutely amazing lack of people and traffic this afternoon?

Got in Aldi and got some of the seasoned small potatoes, and chestnut mushrooms at 55p, down from 99p.

Walked on, hobbling a bit now, because, where the chiropodist caught me toe twice with her electric trimmer was starting to sting a bit, onward to Tesco. Where I night add, I did not get any fresh cream horns at all whatsoever! (Mind you, they’d sold out) I found some Cheese & Potato Dumplings, though! Got a pack for tonight. Also got a pack of two Smoked Haddock fishcakes with cheese and leeks, I’ll have Crock-pot veg with these tonight methinks.

Had a hobble back to the bus stop. No one to talk to on this trip either.

Got in and a WRWW then turned the computer on, did a bit of Facebooking again, toyed at graphics but it was disappointing with not being able to import CDR and CPT files.

5fri04aA couple of hours later I called to see Olive. Now let’s be luculent about this, Olive may tell me off occasionally, but only when I deserve it.She told me off!

She told me off for taking her photographicalisation whilst her hair was not ‘Done’!

Back to tiny but loveable number 72.

5fri05Got the fishcakes in the oven, beetroot, fish sticks and beetroot on the plate ready.

Added the potato farls and dumplings into the oven with the cakes.

The smoked haddock fishcakes, in fact, everything tasted nice tonight.

Onto the computer to update this diary – and oh dear! Somehow I’d lost all I’d written and had to start again?

Much struggling to stay awake to watch the Goggle-box followed.

An odd day again.

Inchcock Today Thursday 27th October 2016: Some wonderful photographicalisationing today

Computer problems remain

Thursday 27th October 2016

In Zulu: ULwesine 27 October 2016

Up 0400hrs WRHD. Dreamt about boats, fast streams in hills, people in pyjamas flying above, old wooden Chloros bleach crates floating in the creek amidst shop mannequins?

WRHD session without any hiatus.

Took medications and made a brew. Computer turned on and set to trying to solve the mysteries of setting it up to work properly.

Many hours later, I gave up trying to solve the mysteries of setting the computer up to work properly. No success at all.

Did the WordPress diaries. Then graphicalisationing.

Decided to go to Hucknall today, bus to town, tram out to Tesco, all to see if they sell the potato dumplings that I bought the over week, and enjoyed so much, And now, I can’t remember where I got them from. Terribly sad innit? Also, to get some of their sliced sourdough bread to replace the uneatable one I bought from Asda-Walmart yesterday.

2tue09Popped to see Olive, but no answer.

Did the ablutions and readied the things for the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut.

Down to the meeting, and what a meeting it was, farcical, amusing, laughter filled and frustrated all at the same time sometimes.

4thr02The raffle turned out like it usually does. I donated three prizes, a box of chocolates, a large Oreo pack and an Antiperspirant spray.

No Bill Two or Toni today. So, Eddy, BJ and Bill One were with me at the table. Prize winners? BJ: 4, Bill: 3, Eddy: 3, and as normal, Inchcock 0. Hehe! Handed out the nibbles and had a natter here and there.

Representatives from Willmott Partnership Homes arrived, and someone gave a speech, but I couldn’t hear owt they were saying. I spontaneous round of applause rang out, I joined in but didn’t know why they were clapping? BJ explained they had donated some money to the Tenants Social Team. At this, they picked out the tenants they wanted in the photo with their team members, and I took a photograph of them. They selected (Rightly so I thought) the oldest residents there. Eddy (93) Bill (85) centre and May (90).

Obergruppenfurheress Jenny invited BJ to come to the Tenant’s Meal, and he’ll let me know next week. Nice that.

4thr03I made my way to the bus stop.

Opposite, were some workmen drilling one of the four holes (Something to do with the water supply) in the ground in readiness to start the upgrading of the buildings:

It’s gonna be mayhem when the building crews arrive with the machinery, vans, lorries, diggers, etc. And it is anticipated that up to sixty men will be working at any one time, where do the park their own cars?

Caught the L9 bus into town. Walked down Queen Street into the Slab Square.

4thr05Where the continental market was again open, so many stalls and busy for once.

Plenty of choices foodwise, not that I liked the look of some of the stalls with open food and all the ladybirds and pigeons flying around.

Not too impressed with this.

4thr064thr07As I got to the Tram Stop, ambulances fire engines and police cars arrived and seemed to be driving all over the place?

I’ve not the foggiest what had occurred or happened, mind.

The Nottingham shoplifters seemed unconcerned.

The tram was cram-packed, and I was lucky to get a seat. Squashed between a rather large lady and a chap in a wheelchair.

Arriving at Hucknall terminus, I wobbled out across the Park &Ride car park, up the road and across to the Tesco store and started searching, without any success, for the Polish potato dumplings. I did get two Sourdough sliced loaves, and some Irish Farls, though. I can now report, that this store also has cream cakes that automatically jump into one’s shopping basket!

4thr09On the walk to the tram station, I noticed this sign on the left, outside a pet superstore.

Caught the tram back to town.

This time it was not crowded at all, in fact, when it started off from Hucknall, it had only three passengers on it!

4thr08I got the crossword book out and spent the journey going through the puzzles I’d not finished and managed rather surprisingly, to get two of them completed.

By the time the tram arrived in the City Centre, it was once again cram-packed, and it was a bit of a job to get through the students and shoplifters to get off of it at the Royal Centre stop.

4thr10As I walked towards the L9 bus stop, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was a gnat’s breath away from hitting me! Swine!

He then shot though some pedestrians, as they crossed the road over the tram lines, weaving in between them at great speed. A chap with a beard gave him some verbals.

Note that the Nottinghamians were dressed warmly today.

4thr11As I walked around a bit to kill some time before the bus was due, I observed the buses manoeuvring around Queen and King Street.

It amazes me how the drivers get their buses through at all sometimes.

If there is ever a fire around here, it will cause havoc with the bus service?

Caught the L9. And Bill from the flats got on at the next stop. We had out usual absurdly comical to others, chinwag. Neither of us knowing for sure what the other one was saying. Hehehe!

4thr12Back in the flat, medications were taken then slippers on, WRWW, and got the dinner cooking. A lamb chop, last of the seasoned hot-pot vegetables, potato farls, small potatoes, Yorkshire puddings with extra gravy, a banana and a cream cake.  (Ther one that jumped into my basket at the shop and was reduced from 99p to 59p) Oh, and some sourdough bread slices.

Read some of the Clarkson book. (I must get a reading lamp, mind you, I still need a high computer chair too).

Watched some TV, all of it in episodes of a few minutes, before I gave up and drifted off in no time.

Inchcock Today Wednesday 26th October 2016: Busy Day – Three women in the flat at the same time at one stage?


Wednesday 26th October 2016

In Hungarian: Szerda 26 október 2016

Woke up with a start again at 0600hrs – by gum, I must have been tired, Nine hours sleep in one go! Struggled to get out of the creaking rattling £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain in time.

I’d had a dream about me walking around with a plastic life-size representation of a young lady in a bikini who spoke with me and adored me, but other people around could not see or hear her? I think we were advertising some eatery?

Took the medications and washed up the plate and utensils from last night.

Got the computer on and finished yesterday’s diary off then started this one after doing the graphics.

Dawned on me, I had a busy day ahead. The cleaning ladies were due this morning, the Chiropodist lady as well. And I wanted to get to Asda – Walmart in Arnold to get the photographs from the Papplewick visit printed so I cold hand them out.

Did some Facebooking.

Must get the ablutions done early in case the girls come sooner than usual. Want to get to visit Olive as well.

Ablutionisationing session tended to.

Letters arrived from the bank and Queens Medical Haematology Department: The INR Warfarin level had risen considerably, new dosages. I checked on the Gmail and found one from the surgery, they had made my next appointment for Monday. The last one from the Clinic.

3wed02The regular Hygiene ladies arrived and set about pretending to clean up. (Only joking here of course)

I took some photographs of the gals, but Gita was not too keen and ducked on me! Hehehe!

While they were grafting, Chiropodist Susan arrived on her first visit to me.

I’ve never had three lasses in the flat before – but I liked it! Hehe! The girls finished off, I gave them some nibbles, paid them, (I had to, they had seen the £30 on the bookcase and grabbed it after confirming it was for them) and bade them a fond farewell.

Susan set up her mobile foot stand and started to clip the toenails. She was concerned about the middle toenail on the right foot; For some reason, it is smaller and much thicker than the others and growing outwards she said. Susan then gave it extra attention with the electric file. Adding, that other than the actual toes, the feet were in good condition for a 70-year-old. She filed a bit of hard skin and rubbed some oil into them. I paid the £30, thanked her and off she went.

The funds are getting low now, £60 gone this morning, but I have some cash left to go get the photographs developed and get some fodder in.

I got the Crock-Pot going with the vegetables. Onions, parsnips, carrots and tomatoes, seasoned with some lamb gravy granules, so it goes with the lamb hot-pot I’ve got in the fridge for later.

Cleared up and got ready for a bus-ride to Arnold. Called to see Olive; she told off in no uncertain terms about calling at her mealtime. I apologised and gave her a two-lire bottle of Lemon & Lime flavoured spring water. I thought it a good idea in the event of any more water stoppages). Suitably and beautifully chastised, I left.

To the bus-stop, and a good chinwag with some other tenants en route. The toes were stinging a bit, but this soon disseminated entirely.

3wed03Got to the Asda-Walmart in Arnold, Photographic counter, and got on the machine to sort the piccies out.

Did some shopping while the photos were being done.

I got: Sourdough Bread (A terrible decision it turned out to be uneatable when I got home and tried to cut it, Tsk!), carrots, peas, Cox’s apples, Min beef pie and some raffle prizes for the Tenants Social Hour tomorrow.

Back to collect and pay the £2.50 for the photographs. Then, there being a decent while before the next L9 bus was due, I had a walk along Front Street, calling into the Fulton Food Store to get some sterilised milk.

Wandered into the Barnado’s charity shop. Unfortunately, they had some Jeremy Clarkson books on sale.

3wed04 dscn0010

I bought the two of them. Now, this man I do not like in the least, but his writing I do find so enjoyable. The sarcasm he used is good and well done. Clichéd of course, but he does sometimes find an original thought.

So, now I have four of his books, I’ve read one, and at the time I laughed out loud. Very politically incorrect and unacceptable nowadays of course. Whether I survive long enough to get to read them is another question. (Hehehe!) Another £4 spent.

3wed05To the bus stop and caught the L9. Had a chinwag with a lady on the way.

To the porcelain as soon as I got in the flat. The odd bit of blood noticed.

I met Roy going into the flats, he was outside having a puff again and gave him the photographs I’d taken the other morning in the laundry room and had just had developed.

Got the food going, veg already in the crock-pot of course, I put some potatoes I’d got at Asda in the saucepan and the lamb hotpot in the oven.

Onto the computer and tried Facebooking and it let me work okay again!


Andy, posing in his runabout Hehe!

I got a video message from Andy in Canada. IT took me a while trying to find out how the thing worked, and on the video of me, only the top of my head showed.

I couldn’t sort out how to change it, so had to stand up so Andy could get the benefit of seeing my youthful, handsome good looks. (Joke)

Despite his having problems, he told me a good joke, and I asked him if it would be okay to put it in my diary. He said alright, so here it is (Cleaned up a bit, Haha!) Hope I can remember it, I wrote it own, but can’t find where now, (Humph!):

3wed08A man went into a bar and approached a woman saying to her:

“High there, I wondered if you’d be willing for me to consult with you about life?”

She answered, squeezing his lower region appendage in a vice-like grip: “Well yes, of course, I’ll screw you in the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you like or don’t like being screwed! You’ll be totally drained and a broken man by the time I finish with you! I’ll take everything you have to offer! Any extra’s will be at my discretion, and if you don’t like it, too bad!”

“Oh,” says the man, “You’re a lawyer too?”

Well, I liked it.

3wed07The dinner had overcooked a bit with my forgetting all about it when I got excited with Andy messengering me. I remain a clot of the highest order!

Got it served in the dish and had a vanilla dessert with it.

The Crock-Pot vegetables went well with the prepared lamb hotpot tonight. Really enjoyed it.

3wed06As I took the things to be washed up, the sky looked beautiful. More colourful than of late.

By the time I’d washed the things up, the sky had changed to a dark grey as the sun disappeared.

Got settled to read the book, but the light was not strong enough for me to read quickly. So, that’s a new, or second-hand computer chair and a lamp of some sort to go over me £300 second-hand recliner chair so I can read at night betterer! Hehe!

Put the gogglebox on, and for once, did not start nodding off every time the adverts came on. Reckon I managed to around 2200hrs, before going off altogether into the land of nod.

Inchcock Today Tuesday 25th October 2016: Photographicalisationing once again, after a moody shot


Last night’s Sun goes down and with it, my hopes of ever getting the new computer running correctly?

Tuesday 25th October 2016

In Malay: Selasa 25 Oktober 2016

Up and into the porcelain room by 0310hrs. WRHD, no bleeding, no pain and this was a good start to the day. Took the morning medications.

Remembered to do the laundry early. Got the coins, accoutrements and sprayed into the bag. Down to the laundry room and got the washer going on short cycle.

Up to the flat and tried to get the CorelDraw application changed to read and display CDR format on the files. Failed.

2tue02Down again to move the clothes into the dryer.

For some reason, the clothes were very wet, much more soaked than usual when I took them out?

Maybe I had overfilled the washer?

Up the lift back to number 72, made a cuppa. WRWW and tried again to get the CorelDRAW X8 reinstalled with options changed. Failed.

Started to update the diaries and overshot the time to go and gather the washing. Popped down to collect and clean the place a bit.

6sat01Wiped the surfaces, sprayed the freshener around and took the gear out of the dryer and folded them into the bag. As I was doing this, Roy from the 11th floor arrived to do his washing.

We had a god chinwag and a laugh, put the world to rights and a little mutual moan.

I went back up with my washing and returned down later to give him a photo I’d taken of him on the bus months ago and take the shot above right.

WRWW and had a bash to see if Facebook would allow me to use it. Amazing, apart from freezing twice and telling me that Google Chrome had run out of memory, please restart (Tsk!) it was okay, so I got caught up and enjoyed doing it. Just hope things stay this way for a bit longer.

Got ready, ablutions, etc. and got out to the bus stop for a ride into town and got some of the Surimi prawns from Waitrose and some Sour Dough bread from Tesco. And, if possible to get a moody photograph.

2tue04In town, I made my way to Tesco.

Battling limping through the maddening crowds and over the crossing, narrowly avoiding a Pavement Cyclist as he rode over Upper Parliament Street scooting in between and around the unconcerned pedestrians.

Through Victoria Centre (Mall) and got some stuff from Tesco. The most important being the Sour Dough Bread, I’ve actually taken to the taste of this now. Two loaves, one for the freezer. A TV paper, a jar of mushrooms in vinegar, Longlife milk, bacon rashers, cheddar cheese, seafood sticks, an individual beef pie and do you know, it might be hard to believe I understand this, well, it is hard to accept, but a box of two Fresh Cream French Horns fell into the shopping basket on the way around!


2tue05Paid the ankle-snapper on the till, and made my way put and through some more crowds of Homo-Sapiens.

Arrived at the Waitrose store, but they had none of the Surami fish in stock for me, but never mind, I was feeling a tad guilty about keeping the Fresh Cream French Horn cakes that unexpectedly fell into my bag anyway. Ahem!

2tue06As the sun shone towards me, I took a photograph that I thought might be a moody one.

On Milton Street.

It didn’t turn out too bad do you think?.

I struggled up the hill into Trinity Square and checked the price of the American Jewellery Set I’d photographed the other day and put onto the TFZ site asking if any of the members could guess the value in US Dollars.

2tue07AS I turned at the top into the Square proper like, this chappie was puffing on one of the new electronic cigarettes, they don’t half give out some vapour, don’t they?

What next will they blame on E-Vapers. Global Warming?

If you look up both photographs, you’ll see a bloke in the distance smoking one as well. I had a nosey in one of the many Vapour shops in the area. It seems there are many different kinds or types of alternatives on offer. 2tue11Blooming fantastic for them I reckon. They even have electronic cigars and pipes too! I assume that the black box one is one that is charging up? They seem to have been taken too in Nottingham, and why not if they taste alright. The flavours are amazing in choice. Here’s just some of them on sale:


Ribena, Lime & Lemon, Blackcurrant, Apple, Coffee, Banana, etc. they even have one here in tobacco flavour?

2tue08As I approached the bus stop on Queen Street, I got another shot in that might be considered a moody one?

Or maybe not, though.

Had a lovely chat with a lady at the bus stop, and we carried on on the bus for the whole journey, until she got off of course. Not only did I enjoy listening to her, but it helped to keep me from nodding off. Hehehe!

2tue09Took a photograph of the Community Hut/Shed from the bus as we passed it by. It won’t be there much longer, they tell me that is the first thing to get rebuilt in the modernisation procedure over the next three years.

Got in, WRWW, shoes off, kettle on, medications took, food stored away, and started the computer going. Waiting for it to boot up I nipped to see Olive, but she was not in, today must be her Scrabble day.

Got in, WRWW, shoes off, kettle on, medications took, food stored away, and started the computer going. Waiting for it to boot up I nipped to see Olive, but she was not in, today must be her Scrabble day.

CorelDraw and Windows took most of the next two hours up, without any progress being made. Still, I can’t view graphics before they load, and a lot of organising still needs to be done with the desktop, the printer I can’t get connected, and messages still appear now and then that can’t understand.

Decided to update this and get the photographs sorted, another two hours were gone.

Got the beef pie and potatoes in the oven cooking away, then I tried Facebooking again, fingers crossed. All going good, some lovely comments again.

Into the nightwear. Took the evening medications.

Went to check on the fodder – Humph! I’d not put the oven on!

2tue13Got the oven going then did a bit more Facebooking while it warmed up, 

I am a silly old fool!

Beetroot, egg, garden peas, seasoned potatoes, mushrooms and a beef pie I punctured and poured delicious gravy into and then over the potatoes.

A tasty meal, although I made a right mess of the tray, my jammies and chin with the spilt gravy!

Cleaned the cooking pots and settled in the more than ever shaking £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. Continual nodding-off sessions until 2100hrs when the film was starting, and into a deep dream-filled sleep; Didn’t even get beyond the introduction bit of the movie.

Inchcock Today Monday 24th October 2016


Monday 24th October 2016

In Bengali সোমবার 24th অক্টোবর 2016

Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and on the porcelain by 0300hrs. No bleeding whatsoever.

Took the medications, made a cuppa, then filled a bucket, the saucepans, kettle, and bowl with water; in readiness for the water supply being cut off today twixt 0930hrs > 1730hrs. I must remember to remind Olive later.

I spent three hours or so, in between nipping off for the occasional WRWW, looking at the problems on the computer, but too scared to do anything about them in case I make it worse!

Got an incredible offer of help with the computer setting up from Duncan in Birmingham, he’s coming up to see me next Sunday. All being well, bless his cotton socks.

I tried to get the art packages to work again, humph!

WordPress was letting me get on with things, though, updated and got the Sunday post done, then started this one. With no CorelDraw X8 to use, it is depressing.

Sent an email to Sister Jane yesterday, cause she has a copy of the CorelDraw codes and details I need to get it back on. Hope she can find them.

Rang Jane but she could not remember me asking her to save the digits for me. The only reason I was confident that I did so, was BJ recalled being here at the time I asked her. Down in the dumps again now.

Had a good ablutionising session, then topped up the water in the bowls.

Off to remind Olive about the water being cut-off, but she beat me to it and reminded me first! A gem that woman is, precious and radiant with it as well! A chinwag and cuddle and off I went back to the flat.

Got the hearing aids in and wrapped up warmly with my brolly and collapsable walking stick in my bag. Then off to the bus stop, and listened to one of the tenants giving it some verbal about her refusing to have the upgrade and telling the rest of us about the mess they got in at the Sneinton blocks of flats when they had theirs done. Oh dear! And the ones there took a year; ours is forecast to take three years.

Dropped off the bus and went into the Boots store to get the nasal spray and St Peters Wort tablets, gave the lady a tenner without thinking and she had to tell me they came to £16.98! Blimus I thought. Had to watch what I spent after that, cause I’m still waiting for the replacement card from the bank.

Onwards to Tesco and got a Sour Dough sliced loaf.

1mon03Out and through Trinity Square, on the way this lady got a bit annoyed as the ignorant Nottingham Pavement Cyclist skirted around her a bit close like.

1mon03aSpotted this American Jewellery Set on sale in a shop window, and thought of the TFZ Glitz loving gals. When I took the photo I missed off the price; it had it showing in American dollars? So I might ask the gals if they would like to have a guess how much it was.

Made my way to the bus stop and caught a bus into Carrington.,

Where I called in the Lidl store and watching the spending, got some bits. Goats cheese twists, cheap vanilla desserts and a BBQ Chicken Half reduced due to its short date.

Called in the chemists to confirm when the next load of medications would be ready. Next Monday 31st October.

Then on to the Sherringham Surgery for me blood tests. Soon done, thanks them gave them their nibbles and started the hobble to Sherwood. Where I hoped to be on time tp catch the 40 minutes beyond the hour L9 bus up the hill to the apartments.

1mon05Nearly there, the sky darkened suddenly. The wind got up, and it felt a bit cold.

The local populace disappeared indoors it seemed in this photographicalisation. Up to the top of the hill and the L9 bus stop. Where I noted on the timetable, that the L9 I thought would arrive at 40 minutes past the hour, had been and gone at 20 past the hour. The next one was not due for nearly two hours now. Hey-ho, I limped on over the hill and walked through the park back home, making sure I walked through my favourite Tree Copse en route.

1mon06As I got over the hill and started down towards the Woodthorpe Grange Park gates, another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was making his way up the hill towards me.

When he got to me, he said:

“I thought it was illegal for you to do that, and needed someone’s permission before you took a photograph of them Grandad!” More a statement than a question like.

I replied, “If you were not doing an illegal act in cycling on the pavement I wouldn’t have took the photograph mate!”

I think the frustrations with the computer and printer over the last few days had made me brave for a minute. Hehehe!

As soon as I turned the corner after watching the dogs walking their owners for a bit, mind you, there were a few of them out in the wind: I 1mon07noticed how thinned out the copse had become.

A sad time of year in some ways. But it still looked beautiful to me in there.

A bit sad, though, I collected some empty lager cans, empty fag packets and bottle of wine and took them to the bin.

1mon08While checking around to see if any other unwanted items had been left behind, I came across this… er… whatever it is, photographed on the left here?

Back inside number 72, I got the slippers on, took the midday medications, and had a WRHD session.

Computer turned on, fumbled around for over three hours and managed to find the codes needed for the CorelDraw X8 Download! No idea how I got to this stage, but, Hurrah!

Of course, there had to be something wrong with it didn’t there? It is not displaying the cdr graphics before importing or opening. I’ll ask Duncan if he can assist next Sunday. Hey-ho, maybe Facebook will let me work again too?

I did some setting up of the CorelDraw X8 desktop, and this took so long. By the time I’d lost steam and was rather tired. Poor old thing, I know. Hehe!

Not up to cooking proper tonight, so, going to have some sausages and tinned tomatoes with the Sour Dough bread. A vanilla dessert and an apple too.

I hope and pray things will work on Facebook in the morning, looking forward to catching up, the CorelDraw.

Got the quick nosh done, picked out some Gogglebox programmes to fall asleep watching.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 23rd October 2016: Flipping frustrating day


The Sun goes down, captured from the kitchen window, even this failed to cheer me up in the least. Depressed again! Huh, Tsk and Humph!

Sunday 23rd October 2016

Norwegian: Søndag 23 Oktober 2016

Suddenly wide awake at 0400hrs, with creaking knees, I dismounted the creaking unstable £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Gave the wetroom a good spraying of Lemon scented fresh-air spray afterwards.

Took the medications with orange juice and made a mug of strong tea. Then mused and fretted over the computer problems. Started it and I’d got an email telling me my Microsoft Account had been frozen? I do need help here. I’ll ask around if I see anyone to ask them if they know of someone who computer savvy, and doesn’t charge a lot to come and sort me out.

I’m getting more and more confused with it all.

23-10aTried Gimp online, telling me it can’t load files?

Now the damned computer is not letting me load any photographs into anything other than Gmail and WordPress?!?!?


Tried downloading Inkscape, but that would not let me open or upload anything, so I removed the programme?

No point in me downloading Gimp to try that yet then is there? Have I been hacked again? I’m at a loss here. Lost all heart.

Scared to go on Facebook at the moment, it acts so oddly?

Ablutions all completed and visited Olive. She was radiant and rubbed some pain-gel in for me.

Off up the hill to Mapperley Aldi store with my bag. Returned withp1130020 potatoes, tomatoes, bread and three bananas.

Feeling frustrated still.

The fodder was not bad.

Baked cheesy potatoes, chestnuts, ham sandwiches, strong cheese minis and potato dumplings with Marmite.

Tried watching the goggle-box, but could not concentrate and felt too peed off to do anything else other than dozens of dropping off sessions – waking, changing over to another channel to find something else to drop off to sleep watching again.

Inchcock Today: Saturday 22nd October 2016: Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s Show visited


Saturday 21st October 2016

In Finnish: Lauantai 21 lo kak uu 2016

0400hrs: The wobbly £300 second-hand recliner shudderingly let me out and allowed me to go for a WWHD session, not a good one, blood bled! Hehehe!

Made a cuppa and took the medications. Remembered that BJ and Dave would be calling for me later to take me out to the Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s Show, so got on with doing this and then some more sorting with the new computer.

Searching for the code number for Serif, I came across an old Paint CD and loaded it onto the machine. Took a while, and when I tried to use it, I found it very confusing and made a right mess of the first effort. I just pray that the PC people can retrieve the code number for CorelDraw so I can try to get it back on the system, lost without it, no proper graphicalisationing now. Humph! Depressed!

Carried on with the diaries for a few hours.

6sat02Tried to get the printer working again, but told I had to download two more apps and register, so I did, it took an hour or more. Epson Photo Print, E-Web Print and recorded again, had to restart each time!


Still not working, but it will let me copy from the scanner?

The blue question mark has a yellow exclamation mark on it still, so I opened it.

Had to download two more things in the hope that I could get the printer going. Then I had to download a thing that should connect the printer with Google Chrome?

Still not working, but it will still let me copy from the scanner?

Then I got an email from Epsom: Gmail couldn’t verify that actually sent this message (and not a spammer).

6sat05To complete your HP ePrint Mobile account registration, enter the PIN code below in Preferences window of HP ePrint Mobile. PIN Code: XXXX

So, I went through the performance again and supposedly got it connected, at least in the end it told me I had!

But it didn’t work!

6sat07So, I fiddled about and managed to find the elusive email address after several email requests and loss of a large slice of my sanity.

Followed the instructions again and what do you think happened after this 6sat08effort?

After much more helpline usage on the computer, through HP and Epson, I did manage to find the page.

Where several more options were required to be entered.

By now, what little power was left in the old brain was tiring and draining away.

I really thought after yet another restart, this would be it, surely?

6sat09No. Silly me!

I’ve already registered with this division as requested early on yesterday morning when I first started in my failed attempt to get the printer working.

I may have to get a printer that I can connect with a USB cable, I was under the impression this had one, but no.

Still, no printer available that works!

Exhausted, weary, worn out, spent and failed, foiled, thwarted and frustrated – I gave up. Made a cuppa, considered suicide and went for a wee-wee. Hehe!

6sat10Then I got this email on the right?

No idea what the app was???

No more time to spend on this, I can do no more anyway.


I got ready the things for the trip out with BJ and David and had a shave and shower.

p1130003Went down to wait for BJ and David in the Foyer at 1220hrs. BJ rang at 1235hrs to say he’s on his way. Went to the end of Chestnut Walk and met them. Both in good spirits, I joined them in the car, and we were off on the way to Papplewick.

There was a tiny rainbow I photographed. But it’s hard to see.

We arrived at Papplewick, and I was told my Membership Dues needed paying.

p1130005 p1130006

Along the drive with some old cars parked up to be shown off. Then further up where the passes were being checked by imitation German policemen and soldiers looked impressive.

p1130007 p1130008

This Ford car had its engine bonnet open and on display. Amazing! At the end of the path were these old motorbikes, I hope Kev Collins sees these.

p1130009 p1130010

In the working boiler house, there were some stalls selling old stuff, toys, games, puzzles, books, models, magazines, etc. I was not tempted to get anything of course, due to my having to pay my dues and not having my new debit card yet, I only have £11 left in my coffers. (Ah-well).

One of the best sights of the day was near an area where they have an artist dressed in period clothing who sings the old songs for an hour or so. I enjoyed listening ti him last year, so I made a note of the starting times for later.

This photograph above is all the more interesting to me because it was taken well before the artist was due to start. They had left some tunes playing through a sound system. Two ladies started dancing to the music, and people of all sorts joined in. I felt a bit sorry for myself then, cause I’d have loved to have danced along with them, but Arthur Itis forbids me dancing nowadays. Sad!

p1130011 p1130012

p1130014Everyone, enjoying themselves so much it seemed, and all took the time to have a natter.

The miniature railway was doing good business.


BJ photo I took later, just after the rain. The step in the boiler house behind were where I got stuck when sheltering with many others from the mini storm.

Unfortunately, just as the mock battle was about to start, it poured down and the wind got strong. That didn’t stop them, though, although it stopped me. Hehe!

I found a semi-sheltered spot with so many others, top of the steps into the Engine House for ten minutes or so while the downpour persisted.

Then when it  came to me getting down again, I felt a right clot as two ladies had to assist me to get down again.

Thanked them, and with a red face, I limped away.

p1130017 p1130018

David and BJ near the steps of the boiler house. The original National Fire Sevice Tea Wagon behind was supplied in 1941 by the Canadian Red Cross Society, I hope Pat Melsted Cabot reads and see this photo.


Another rainbow appeared, this time a little larger.

The trees were looking absolutely wonderful.

For a while I forgot about the computer problems, but as soon as BJ suggested going home, and my knees ankles and feet agreed, Huh!, the thought of them returned.

I need help here with the computer and printer, badly. Facebook still not letting me do owt, CorelDraw unobtainable until and if I get the code retrieved, all sorts of warnings and emails about things I just don’t understand, all the gloom returned again!p1130004

Seeing this ode on the window of one of the lorries made me stop and think a bit.

If I have to give up on the computer and live without it, I’ll miss the TFZers a lot.

Maybe it is meant to be, my losing these things?

But compared to all that so many men have had to go through in the wars? 

It’s nothing.  But I’ll no doubt continue begging for help anyway.

p1130019We were soon back in Sherwood, with BJ dropping me off at the flats then taking David home.

Farewells and I got into the flat and a WRHD session, shoes off, dinner prepared.

The worst one I’ve ever done methinks. But the potato pancakes, apple and lemon yoghourt were okay. It was just everything else that I got wrong. Being so tired, this didn’t seem to bother me much, I remembered the medications, though.

Getting to sleep was no problem for a change.