Inchcock Today Saturday 29th October 2016: Computerisationing nearly all day long

I came across this Poem while searching for something else this morning. I thought it was so gentle, and unpretentious; I’d like to share it with you all. 


Saturday 29th October 2016

In Norwegian: Lørdag 29 Oktober 2016

Awake, wide awake, at 0400hrs, out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and to the wetroom porcelain for a painful and bloody WRHD session. Not a good start I thought?

Anne Gyna and Roger Reflux had both decided to give me some stabbing gip this morning. By the time I was out of the WC, a new pain had developed on the top left-hand side of the chest, never had this one before. Worra start eh? After the great health day yesterday too. Tsk!

Medications were taken, along with an extra painkiller and ulcer juice.

Got the washing collated and in the bag to go down to the laundry room. In the washer and back up to do some WordPressing. Half an hour later and down again to move the clobber into the dryer. Roger Reflux and Anne Gyna both going along with me. Back up the lift and on the computer again.

0545hrs, back down and collected the dried washing, cleaned the filter and up a final time and stored the things away.

Took some more anti-ulcer medicine and another pain-killer, only an extra 30g Codeine, don’t want to take any diamorphine, although I’ll see how it goes. Not had pain like this for a long time. Yesterday I woke up feeling free and so happy with the ailments all giving me a break, this morning they seem to be in an irritable Let’s-give-the-old-fart a bad- time mood. Even the toes were painful now? Hehehe! Still, Arthur Itis appears to be losing interest in my knees and ankles a bit. Why he wanted to attack my wrists, I don’t know, but I rubbed in some Phorpain gel that seemed to have done the trick within half an hour.

Many WRWWs again this morning, but that’s nothing new.

0700hrs: Cleaned the micro-fibre cloth and scolded the back on my hand: I was not surprised in the least. Collected the empty glass jars, pickled egg, ulcer medicine bottle and a pickled mushroom container. I thought it would be a good idea to have nip down and out of the lobby and a hobble down to the recycling bins with them, and try to take a photograph in the dark outside.

Got down into the reception area and decided it would be best if I go back up to the flat and collect the camera! So I did. What a Wally I am!

Up to number 72, got the camera and down again and out down to the end of Chestnut Walk to the recycling bins.



6sat06All done by 0730hrs. I enjoyed the little amble, nobody else about at all. Plenty of lights on at many flat windows mind.

Not windy or too cold either.

It had been raining earlier; I worked this out by seeing rain on the roads and bins you know. Hehehe

The toes were aching a bit, but Arthur Itis was still sociable with my knees and ankles bless him.

I can’t understand how the chest pains seemed to evanesce then return when I got back to the apartment? Any suggestions please doctors? Haha!

Started to update this diary and do some pathetic graphics, pathetic; due to my not being able to import certain formats of pictures. Tsk!

n-janetSeven and a half hours later, I’d managed to do eleven graphics for the TFZers site.

This photograph is of the first one done on the right.

There were so much more that I wanted to do, but the hassle of CorelDRAW not working properly was driving me mad.Even after

Even after I’d reloaded an old version in the foolish hopes that this might work. Lost a lot of time there too.

6sat08Opened Facebook and posted each one to the TFZers gallery. Then did some regular Facebooking.

Getting many messages I must ask Duncan about when he visits. They all confuse me a bit, especially the orange exclamation marks?

Must get the ablutions done soon.

6sat07Sorted the medication pots out for the week. Took tonight’s dose.

Got the dumplings in the oven.

Then got on with the ablutions, a good shave with only two cuts, Colgate Gelled the teggies that bled a bit, a great scrub under the shower Hehe!

And into the jammies and got the meal finished off! Well, that was the plan, but I’d forgotten to turn on the oven earlier. So I turned it on now and potted around as it warmed sufficiently, then put the cheesy buttered mashed potatoes and dumplings back in the oven. Tsk!

6sat09Finally, it was ready.

Crock-pot vegetables, cheesy mashed potatoes, tomatoes and the meat filled dumplings.

A bit of BBQ sauce (Overdid that, lost control of my squirt, Haha!) and a Cox’s apple and vanilla imitation cream dessert to follow.

The dumplings looked pale and insipid; that’s why I suppose they tasted tasteless? Shame. I ate it all, though, just hope the dumplings don’t aggravate the ulcer or reflux valve. Not complaining now, though, apart from the old Duo Denal ulcer the ailments were all calming down now.

Not the foggiest what meat was inside of them? But it didn’t taste bad, it’s just that it didn’t taste of anything much? As opposed to the cheese filled ones at least.

Looking forward to seeing Duncan tomorrow.

Washed up the things, and on settling to watch some gogglebox programmes, the nodding off started.


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