Inchcock Today Monday 10th October 2016 Laundry done early, Bus Pass used and odd dream


Monday 10th October 2016

Stirred around 0255hrs: Odd dreams again. In a big queue getting pushed back each time I got near to the front? Thought I ought to get up now to do the laundry while machines should be free… Fell asleep again.

0405hrs: Up and out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair, to the loo for a  WRWW, got the stuff ready for the laundry room, coins and powder, etc.

Got dressed and down and got the washing in the machine going in the laundry room.

Back up to the flat and into the Wetroom for a WRHD session. Again like yesterday, the blood flowed freely. I must keep an eye on this situation. A little discomforting. Got the kettle on, made a strong brew, took the medications and laptop on.

1mon02Down again on the lift, through the foyer and to the laundry room. The door on the right in this photograph here on the right like. I fink?

Moved the washing into the dryer.

Back up to the flat once more, another WRWW and back on the laptop starting an Ode for WordPress. Calling it “I’ve a feeling something is going to happen today?”

Calling it “I’ve a feeling something is going to happen today?” Although humour based, it is true in parts. Hehehe!

The hour soon passed, and I nipped down again to collect the clean clothes. Some naughty person had been down and used both washers at the same time! Tsk, unfair! Got the togs into the bag, cleaned the filter out, wiped the surfaces and sprayed some air freshener around.

Back up once more, and another WRWW session tended to.

Finished the Ode and got it posted, then updated this load of tosh. Did some more graphic creating for a while.

A quick bash on Facebook.

Then got the ablutionisationing done, and got ready to go out and get some fodder in, as I’m not ordering owt to be delivered this week… I get too much stuff in yer know! Hehe!

Set off down to the foyer, out and deposited the glass jars in the recycling 1mon03thingamabob. Called in the Community Shed and gave Deana and Julie some nibbles. To the bus stop, many tenants waiting for the bus, but not in a talkative mood today.

The sky at the back of the flats was photographable again this morning.

It was a bit nippy out there, mind you, it was in the apartment too.

Caught the L9 bus (I do love my Free Pensioners Bus Pass!), and was soon in the City Centre, dropping off on Upper Parliament Street.1mon04

I went into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall), and to the market to get the cashew nuts for nibbling. They had gone up in price again today! A few months ago they were 99p per 100gm, now they are £1.49! But it doesn’t bother me. Humph!

A bit of a fib there, sorry.

1mon05Nipped down a floor and to the end of the mall into Tesco and got some lamb, Boczek, and chicken thighs.

Paid the gal on the checkout, turned away and dropped the bag…

What a plonker! 

Out onto Milton Street as an ambulance pulled up. I hobbled to have a look. No idea what had taken place but a young teenage lad was being tended to as he sat on a seat at a bus stop.

1mon06As I limped down to the slab square, there seemed to a lot of buses in the traffic jams?N

1mon07The Slan Square itself was being prepared for some special event.

I looked up what was going to occur when I got back home:

On Wednesday 12th October 2016, Nottingham will be hosting its biggest ever ULEV event at Nottingham’s Old Market Square with a number of manufacturers coming to display their newest models and to provide information and guidance to members of the public thinking of making the switch. Nottingham City Council is also proud to be launching their status as a ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ demonstrating the authority’s commitment to reduce our environmental impact by converting our fleet to ULEVs by 2020. Meet the Manufacturers! After reading this, I’m not a lot wiser really?

1mon08I took this shot on Long Row, of a Watson Fothergill designed building above the shops on the ground floor.

So pleasing to the eye and detailed without being gaudy?

The world famous Nottingham architect actually reversed his names as he matured, he was Christened, Fothergill Watson originally. Just thought I’d mention it like. Whatever, he was brilliant!1mon09

Caught the L9 back to the flats.

A bit of a hiatus en route, though.

Where the bus turns off of Porchester Road to go down Davis Street through the housing complex, a lorry was delivering waste skips to a building site just down the road a bit.

So the hour the journey usually takes took 90 minutes, much to the chagrin of some of the passengers and those that were eventually picked up on the way. Felt a bit sorry for the driver.

As I dropped off at the flats, a few tenants were waiting at the stop for the L8 to arrive. I greeted the with a cheery “Hello folks, a bit nippy this morning innit?” I didn’t get any replies? I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve done something wrong?

I called in to see Olive on the way back, she was not in a good mood again, curt, sharp? I hope she is okay, she said she was.

Got in and had a WRWW, went to make a brew, and decided to clean the Crock-Pot bowl – I dropped it on the floor as I went to empty the dredges of food left in it. Had to mop the floor, Huh! At least it didn’t break.

Put the fodder away and got the laptop on to update this.

Got the potatoes on the boil to have with my salad later.

Started Facebooking.

1mon11The sky is getting awfully dark now, and it is definitely going blooming colder here!

Took the medications and got the meal ready.

Had peruse of the book I’d been reading for months off and on now, entitled ‘The Qintinshill Conspiracy’. Heavy going this documentary tale and record of the worst Railway Crash ever in Great Britain and the farcical inquiries that followed.

1mon10The meal was ready, served it up and salivated while I ate it!

Chicken thighs, pickle pork pies, beetroot, boiled small potatoes, cheese, Marmite cheese, pickled egg, tomatoes, veggies (Mushrooms, peas, onions and carrots) and tomato. I dabbed Marmite on the potatoes, Mmm!) Followed by a banana and guiltily, a fresh cream French Horn. (Yes, I know, I didn’t mention this earlier, Tsk! Hehe) A rather excellent spread most enjoyed.

Watched some DVD, ‘Primeval’ then a bit of TV, mostly in ten minutes periods of wakefulness followed with ten minutes of nod offs.

Gave up, turned off the box, and seemed to go straight into a dream about my being chased again, around unknown villages and into a large factory, up stairs, around departments. This appeared to last for ages – when I woke, in need of a WRWW, I found only minutes had passed since I nodded off?

Carried out the WRWW and climbed back into the recliner chair and was soon off again into the land of nod and another dream. This time, I’m sure there were some of my ether friends in there. Were they putting make-up and decorating with icing on my bald head? I wish I could remember more.