Inchcock Today. Tuesday 29th November 2016: Cold and lonely day, late Whoopsiedangleplop. Tsk!


Tuesday 29th November 2016

In Finnish: Tiistai 29 Marraskuu 2016

0345hrs: Woke late, not surprising with the marathon hobble I had yesterday. Recalled bits of dreams, I was in a cellar (Again), and being beaten with hot rods and made to read Hitler’s false diaries while hanging on the wall chains. That’s all I remember.

I extricated myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, coming across a melted chocolate cashew nut on me jammies, knocked the headphones I’d not noticed onto the carpet and off for a WRHD session of great pain, but not 2tue001amuch bleeding this time. Returned and cleaned up a bit.

Made a brew, WRWW again and took the morning medications.

And boy, is it cold this morning!

Outside 24°f (-3.2°c) and in the kitchen 54°f (12°c).

2tue01Brrr! Got the new thick socks on, that helped a bit. Can’t complain at £1 a pair, can I?

Although, knowing my luck, the first time I wash them they’ll shrink to a glove-fitting size. Humph!

St Andrews day tomorrow, so I got on with doing graphics to celebrate it for Suzieann Smith and Duncan Robertson, two wonderfully caring people and cyber friends. I’ll use it on tomorrow diary. Then updated the journals.

2tue032tue01aPopped onto the scales.

Very pleased, when I compared them to last months one on the left. Although, after yesterday’s marathon, and I did strip off today when I weighed myself and the time before, I had some clothes on. Maybe not so pleased after all? But better than going up I reckon.

2tue04Started the Crock-Pot vegetables off. Carrots, leeks, onions, tomatoes and parsnips.

I wasn’t sure if I could cook using sauces in the Crock-Pot, but I gave it a go. Black bean sauce, vinegar, oregano, Bisto vegetable flavouring, some Marmite and sea salt added. Must remember to keep stirring up the concoction.

2tue06Did some more Facebooking and graphics, etc.

I went into the kitchen to stir the Crock-Pot and make another mug of tea, and noticed outside, this lady on the right giving lessons about dog control I think to the others. As soon she left with her dog, the other two ha da devil of a job getting theirs to come back to them. Hehe!

Carried on graphicationalisationing and Facebooking until 1055hrs, when I started my ablutions. Used the scented Dettol soap today.

Ambled hopefully to see Olive, but she was out. Might be her Scrabble day? Disappointed.

2tue07Stirred the Crock-pot. Then I returned and took the empty jars to the bottle bank.

Took a photograph of the bins, but once again the red spots appeared? Spoilt the whole picture. I wonder what it is I’m doing wrong?

Then again, I often wonder this on and over many situations and occurrences. Tsk!

Stood a while looking at the beautiful but dastardly cold view around the apartments. Shivered, broke the wind and returned indoors back up to the flat for another WRHD session.

2tue08Stirred the vegetables and gravy in the Stock-Pot, tried a piece of parsnip and it was still rock hard. This was after nearly four hours in the slow-cooker? I imagined that dong the fodder in gravy as opposed to the usually salted water might be having an effect here?

Turned up the setting to high, kept stirring the stew of sorts, often in between working on the computer, Graphicationalisationing mostly.

Finalising and preparing the fodder.

2tue09Moved the seasoned Crock-Pot vegetables into the saucepan and added some tinned stewed steak in gravy to it. Did the washing of the slow cooker bowl in between stirring the mixture up.

Made a right sticky mess of the porcelain and it took ages to get it cleaned, managed (Whoopsiedangleplop) to cut the right thumb on the concrete like bits of food sticking to the bowl, in the process. Ended up with a stew of sorts, that was enjoyed with some Sourdough bread and a lemon yoghourt.

The TV viewing choices were selected, something was on from 1755hrs through until 2300hrs for me to watch. Of course, I realised the expectancy of getting to the end was not high. Eventually settled and watched Heartbeat that was due to finish at 1900hrs, but nodded-off at the second set of commercial breaks – waking up at 0000hrs!

Monday 28th November 2016: Inchcock Today: Nottingham City Hospital for INR Blood Tests, then the protracted marathon started!


Monday 28th November 2016

In Gujarati: સોમવારે 28 નવેમ્બર 2016

0040hrs: Woken, I battling to recall the dreams I just knew that I’d had. Only bits were available from within the depths of my confused and at times almost uncontrollable memory. Oh, that sounded good! Being chased again and something about flowers, giant flowers?

I laid here, pondering on what duties were required today. Got to go to the Nottingham City Hospital this morning for the haematology Warfarin INR blood level test. Then to go to Bulwell if time, to have a look in Fulton Foods and then the cheap-shop for any bargains, and feed the mallards.

I extricated myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and assessed the ailments as I walked into the kitchen to make a brew. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve and Duodenal Daniel all felt calm at the moment, only Little Inchies Lesion was going to be an immediate problem; I felt the warm wet sensation as I walked, Humph!

Into the wetroom and cleaned things up best I could, the stopped bleeding after a few minutes and I applied some Dakacort Cream for now. I’ll apply some Betamethasone after I have my shower later. Uncomfortable feeling down there now? Put in new hearing aid batteries and cleaned the tubing.

I was glad I’d woken so early, cause it gives me time to do some diary work, Facebooking and graphicalisationing before I’d have to leave early to walk to the hospital to arrive early so I can save time waiting in a larger queue if I arrive later. If that sounds right?

Got the computer on and updated these diaries first. Predestinately, Duodenal Daniel started giving me grief then.

Did a few graphics for the TFZer folk site.

bishirley marieh-aged2

Got the kettle on ready to take the medications. Both bottles of milk, full cream and semi-skimmed had gone off! Fancy that! Have to get some in Bulwell today.

1mon01Ablutions were done in a Stand-at-the-sink style, too early to use the shower and disturb the neighbours.

All ready and set off on the hike to the Nottingham City Hospital Haematology Department to have my INR Warfarin blood level test done.

The journey, setting off in the semi-1mon02darkness was fascinating in many ways I observed the faces of some of the drivers as they passed by, a certain lamentable Monday morning expression of… what’s the words I’m looking for here? Er, erm, Regretfulness, resignation and a drugged-up stare of desperation.

To Mansfield Road and down Edwards Lane, then left onto the Ring 1mon03Road.

Where the first of many a pavement cyclist during the day, nearly hit me as he belted by and then did the same to a school lad further on.

I crossed at these lights on the left, nd continued along to the next junction and traffic Island, where I was to turn right into Hucknall Road where the 1mon04City Hospital entrance for my blood taking session was.

A sudden lack of traffic at this place when the photographicalisation on the left here was taken.

Wondered up passing the GUM clinic and right into the main building and took a ticket and joined the queue for the blood letting sessions. Hehe! There was a trainee nurse doing me, and when she said, as she stuck the needle  into the vein; “Just a little prick here…” I resisted replying; “Oh, are my flies undone then?” I was soon all done, thanked them and gave the1mon07m their nibbles, which they appreciated.

Made my way to the bus-stop and realised it was far too early yet, for me to use my beloved and much valued Free Pensioners Bus Pass. I was loath to pay cash, but decided it must be done… then… I realised that I’d no coin-cash with me! What a plonker!

I pondered on what was to be done. I settled on having a further marathon walk into Bulwell instead of using the bus, as Anne Gyna the legs and feet were not feeling too bad at the moment after the walk from the flats. Thought this was a good idea at the time.

1mon191mon08Never again.

Out onto Hucknall Road, avoiding a few pavement cyclists along the way.

I got a call on the mobile, the firs tone for months, and wondered what that strange noise was coming from (New hearing aid batteries put in this morning), but missed the call, they rang again, and it was the new receptionist from the GP surgery. She reminded me that I had not attended for my INR blood level test. I explained, a tad sarcastically I’m afraid: “I usually get an email reminder from the surgery, along with an appointment to see the nurse for the next Monday. I didn’t this week, so the results that come two days later makes it impossible for me to book an appointment cause you are alway too full for the day they tell me to attend and have it done. She said, ‘Well I have a free appointment for Wednesday evening…’ No, I said, Wednesdays I leave free to stay in so I can arrange for the laundry collection, cleaning ladies, any deliveries of food, the Chiropodist, etc. so I’m in when they arrive. That is why I leave Mondays and Tuesday free for the INR blood test. Told her I’d just finished having it at the City Hospital and she said: ‘Oh well, you’ve had it done’ and rang off. I sense future altercations between my and this new Obergruppenfurher receptionist?

1mon09 1mon10By the time the conversation ended, I’d walked as far as Basford. Turned right along Bulwell Lane and proceeded through Highbury Vale and into Bulwell. Now the feet and Anne Gyna were starting off. And I needed a leak badly.

Avoiding more pavement cyclists, I eventually got into Bulwell. Where I did an awful lot of shop searching for bargains.

Went into Fulton Foods first, no PeaRice snacks there so came out and went to the cheapo out-of-date shop. None there either. To Farmfoods and got nothing there. Then to Heron Foods, where I got a packet of cubed seasoned potatoes for only 75p and some milk. Then the B&M, where I did get two pairs of 1mon11heavy duty work socks. Popped into Poundland shop, nothing there.

Made for the tram station, stopping off to feed the mallard ducks on the river Lean, but they were not eating at all. Still, the pigeons saw the food off without any delay.

Got on the tram, and it was pretty full, and there sat a young lady using her 1mon12aphone, which she did for the entire journey, with her feet on the seat and people were standing? She did take her feet off the seat when I gave her a glare but put her bag on it so nobody could use the place! Inconsiderate thing her. The tram got busier than ever as it approached the City Centre, and a lady removed the girl’s bag and sat down, the girl just carried on using her phone. Good for the elderly woman!

I dropped off at the Theatre Royal and went to Tesco in the Victoria Centre, and managed to get some Seaweed cheesies and Sourdough bread at last. Got two loaves, hoping there would be room in the freezer. To the upper floor and got some nuts from the market stall.

As I left out over the walkover, to the left was a fire engine, right a police van.1mon151mon16

1mon17No idea what had occurred. Walked through Clinton Street to the bus stop.

The feet were stinging badly now, and the only public toilets were closed. Oh heck!

Caught the L9 bus back, met a fellow tenant and we had a chinwag en route. This helped me to forget the bladder urgency.

Glad the self-imposed hike was over.

Of course, it took a lot longer for me than the forecast in the piccy below.
With me limp and calling at the Haematology for the Blood Test with the very nice nurses, then once in Bulwell, I visited many shops in search of bargains, of which I only got one. Took me around 4h 15min to get this done and to the station to catch the tram home, that took a further few minutes. (an hour or so), then the 40-minute bus ride home.
Shattered I was! Hehehe. Only me to blame, though.

1mon20Not sure the 4.432 miles was as far as that? The timing was well short of the actual time taken of course.

1mon18Back at the flat, a desperate and painful WRWW, ahh! And got the meal prepared and cooking.

Used the last of the chicken legs, beetroot, tomato and the seasoned potato cubes.

Not too bad a plateful. The sourdough bread was gorgeous.

As for doing anything with the mind numbed by fatigue and the aching feet and Anne Gyna in a bad mood with me, nothing was done really, I just flaked out.

Sunday 27th November 2016: Inchcock Today: Poor old fool is in lonely-low spirits again, Tsk!


Sunday 27th November 2016

Latin: Sunday 27 December MMXVI

Woke late for me, 0355hrs, annoyed at not remembering any of the dreams yet again. When I tackled the job of getting out of the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner, I was well pleased with Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, even the legs and feet were being nice to me. It was the other sides of my problems that got to me. The unwarranted depression. Not for me the strikhedonia I crave so much, just fretting about everything and even feeling lonely? I couldn’t even carry out my wish for tarantism in case it set Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna off. Hehe! Adding further to the well of self-pity surrounding me this morning.

The dizzies that affected me last night had all cleared up and no signs of the pains behind the eyes either – Gawd, I should be happy and pleased this morning – but am I?

I did the ditty and graphic at the top of this dairy, determined to pull myself out of this well of almost overwhelming urges to fret and worry, even wallowing in self-pity. Pathetically, sad!

Only one little dizzy affected me when I responded to the WRHD session demand. None since and that one was only a few seconds long and not a bad one at all.

Computer, on and updated the diaries.

Got the veg going in the Crock-Pot: Mushrooms, carrots and leeks, to use in making the Risotto later.

Facebooking then watched some YouTube.

Many hours later, I forced myself off of the computer with the newly acquired headache, and then did the ablutions. A lavender soap session today.

7sun01aSet off on a little hobble to Aldi on Mapperley tops. Went the same way out and back this morning.

The shortest route, but the steepest.

I took the empty jars with me to drop into the bottle bank as I passed it on the way out. Unfortunately, I forgot to drop them off and carried them all the way to the store and back to the flat so I could try to remember to take them another day. Humph!

7sun02At the end of Chestnut Walk, I took this photograph on the wild bit of land half way up Winchester Street Hill.

I can’t recall why I took it.

Pressed on up the hill and onto Woodborough Road to the Aldi store.

Got a large Yorkshire pudding, some nibbles… but forgot to get the milk.

7sun03Back and down Winchester Street Hill again.

The cloud formations looked beautiful from here.

The street on the left is where many years ago, the bakery was that supplied my shop with products, this brought back some happy and sad memories to mind.


Further down the hill, I crossed the road junction, where I had my Whoopsiedangleplop tumble last Sunday.

I had a look, but could not see any holes or lumps where I could have tripped over in the tarmac?

But I seemed to have managed to. Hehe!

Back to the flats, WRHD session, medications were taken and got the dinner cooking. I spent a lot longer preparing this one, which involved a lot more cleaning up afterwards.

7sun05But the result was worth it all for once. Not done too good recently with the fodderisationing.

Enjoyed this effort a lot. Cubed potatoes, chicken legs, delicious gravy, Crock- Pot carrots, leeks and mushrooms, swede all served in the Giant Yorkshire Pudding.

Mandarins in Orange jelly to follow.

Got the TV on and proceeded to nod-off, dream, wake, nod-off, dream wake… on and on for hours like this. Vaguely recall the dreams all being of something different, but what about?

Another call for a WRHD session. Made a drink and returned in my jammies to the £300 second-hand recliner and settled once again. I was off within seconds, this time for hours.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 26th November 2016: Started well, ended wiv me in a right state. Tsk!


Saturday 26th November 2016

Spanish: Sábado 26 de Noviembre de 2016

Wide awake at 0230hrs: Pondered on the only bit of the dreams I’d had I could recall; I was trying to commit suicide in a large cellar, by jumping off a tin of Quality Street chocolates, and baffled as to why this didn’t kill me, kept trying, again and again, until the tin was flattened, then someone in the next cell banged on the wall and complained about the noise?

Scrambled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Much blood from Haemorrhoids Harold again, but considering the marathon I had yesterday, the legs knees and feet felt fine? Mind you, I did take me time.

Got the mushrooms and carrots in the Crock-Pot simmering away. Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Computer turned on and updated the diaries and did a graphic or two for later.

Checked the emails and remembered that I have the INR blood test at the hospital on Monday, so I got the Anticoagulation sheet out ready and left in on the writing desk in the hope that it would remind me.

biregDid some Facebooking.

Then a graphic for the TFZer site folks from all over the world.

While doing this graphic, medical Whoopsiedangleplop!

Suddenly I got a dizzy spell and started shaking and sweating a bit.

Weariness and fatigue followed. I even felt a bit pitiful and depressed at the same time?

Turned off the computer and sat doing nothing for hours and hours, I turned on the TV, but concentration had evaporated.

7sun02A lot later, I decided to try and get something to eat. Herb tomatoes, Gnocchi and mushrooms, with what was left of the Sourdough bread.

I smelt so nice, but the taste buds had gone all warped again and I did not eat anywhere near all of it. 

Put the dish down and fell asleep, forgetting to take the evening medications again!

Inchcock Today – Friday 25th November 20169: Got some jobs done – No bad Whoopsiedangleplops again either!


Friday 25th November 2016

Albanian: E Premte 25 nëntor 20169

Awoke at 0125hrs, wide awake again, but with no memories of the dreams again… most annoying this, have I lost the ability to remember them suddenly? I’ve not recalled any for ages now? Tsk!

I had a conversation with myself, a psittacism-ridden one. That seemed to get nowhere in my desire to sort things out in the brain that needed attention to obtain a degree of autexousious; if you know what I mean? The self-discussion was terminated when the urge for a WRHD session arrived.

Haemorrhoid Harold bled again, Little Inchy too, but by far less degree. Anne Gyna was being exquisite to me this morning, Arthur Itis his usual annoying self, Duodenal Daniel and Roger Reflux were in a good mood with me too. As I cleaned up and medicated the two area in need of attention, I pondered on what I needed to get done today. The Betamethasone Cream needed fetching from the Chemist, and maybe I could get some bread from the Lidl store while there? Feeling so surprisingly good this morning (Up to now, Hehe!) I thought I’d walk into Carrington to the Chemist, call in Lidl then get the bus into Bulwell to try and get some stuff from the two cheapo shops, get a tram back to Nottingham, see if Tesco had any Sourdough Bread that was fresh for a change and if they did, I’ve room in the freezer now for two loaves.

Blimey, I thought, is this me actually making plans? I got a bit worried then. Still, it’s only 0230hrs, plenty of time to forget. Haha!

Had another WRWW and made a brew. Took the medications and got the computer on to update the diaries and do a header photo or two for later use.

0445hrs: got a message about updates from HP Support Assistant.5fri3

5fri02Managed to get the HP Support Assistant downloaded and installed.

But the rest of the things only confused me.

So, I checked on the email situation. Lovely one from Patti Beckert, the American Artist, who looked 5fri03after me from afar when I had my cancer and then the heart operation. Bless her cotton socks.

Brother-in-Law Pete sent me an excellent photograph of Trinity Square from last night. Good on him, I told him I’d post it on the TFZers Facebook page today.

bipmcDid some artwork on CorelDraw17 then on to Facebooking.

Did this graphic of TFZer Nancy and me. To try and cheer her up, because she is poorly and not eating well at all, and that just is not our Nancy!

Back to the Facebooking.

I’ve managed to avoid getting the mulligrubs so far today, keeping my fingers crossed on this score.



Did the ablutions and set off on the marathon walk into Nottingham.

Got a nice shot at the end of Chestnut Walk, showing the amazingly bright sunshine.

Out of interest when I put the journey onto Google Maps in Walk mode, it told me the trip took 1hr 19min’s – in real life, it took 1hr 55min’s (Plus the two hours and a bit wandering around getting my stuff done) – but I assume Google were not aware that a pensioner with a limp was doing the walking. Hehehe!

5fri05I called in to see BJ at his house, just off Mansfield Road and had a chinwag.

Then on into Carrington and called at the launderette to arrange for them to collect my laundry each Wednesday and return it after washing. Not cheap, but worth it to avoid the hassle of using the flats laundry room now that we have been barred from using it between 2000hrs 0800hrs! Onward along Mansfield Road and right down Huntingdon Street and to the Aldi shop. Got a meal in Yorkshire Pudding and cheesy buns.

Then over to Tesco in the Victoria centre, where I found that again, they had no fresh sourdough sliced bread in stock, only old ones, or very short dated 5fri06anyway. I didn’t get any fresh cream cakes either. Due mainly to the shock of standing on the scales last night. 8lb up on a fortnight ago! Oh ‘eck!

Walked through the top floor of the mall, and called at the nut stall to stock up.

Out through the walk-over and walked 5fri07into the slab square.

Passing many food retailer vans en route.

The feet and knees were holding up nicely after the hobbling to town session.

In the slab square and all around it, were amusement and stalls for the 5fri08Christmas Take-as-much-as-they-can-off-of-you Fayre.

Took a moody photo here. But, not a good one.

Walked down Exchange Walk and got some cash out from the machine, ATM I should say?

Looked in the Birds shop to see if they had any Sourdough bread on sale. But again, failure.

5fri09Back down Exchange Walk and tried to take a moody photograph again.

No idea how, or rather, why, it came out like this, though?

Can anyone give me some advice, please?

Not doing very well with the photographicalisationing thing today am I?

I called into the M&S food hall and found they had one loaf of  Sourbread. The label said it was San Fransisco Type Sourbread? It was only 400g nd it cost £2! Blimus! Luckily I found it 5fri10tasted fantastic when I had some later.

Tried once again to get a good moody photo as I left the store. Again, not a good effort, not even decent, in fact, it was another crap try from Nottingham’s Grumpiest Pensioner!


Struggled up to the Audio Clinic and got some tubing, after a difficult time convincing the lady on reception to let me have some, due to my having forgotten to take my record book with me.

5fri11The feet were stinging now after ascending that steep hill to get the tubing and be sneered at. Still, my own fault.

I noticed that the ‘Three’ phone shop was suffering from customers details being hacked. Three members of staff and nothing to do at all for them as the store was being ignored by all of the Nottingham Shoplifters and customers alike. Talk about Black Friday!

Caught the last L9 bus home to the flats.

Called in to see Olive, she was awaiting the arrival of some of her family as it normal at the weekends. I thnk she was feeling better, cause she managed to tell me off; still, I got a  kiss as I left.

5fri12Sorted the meal out.

I Noticed how thin the lovely Copse was getting now that winter approaches.

Another bad photograph was taken here.

Hope it’s me and not the camera… I think?


The meal mushrooms, baked beans, seasoned new potatoes, tomatoes, beetroot, and chicken on stick thingies.

The whole thing was a disaster I’m afraid.

Apart from the expensive San Fransico Type Sourbread – that was grand. Most I could give overall as a rating for tonight’s sad effort is 5.9/10.

Amazingly, I stayed awake and watched two TV programmes today.

I forgot to do the hearing aid repairs, Huh! I’ll do them tomorrow… he say’s with mock confidence.

My high EQ informs me that I should anticipate a shattering recumbentibus soon.

I have been warned. Oh dearie me…

Inchcock Today. Thursday 24th November 2016: Tenants Meeting missed again – Whoopsiededangleplop Avoidance Mode Engaged!


Thursday 24th November 2016

In Albanian: E Enjte 24 nëntor, 2016

0240hrs: Woke fretting over all the tasks that lay ahead today. No way can I get them all done. Pondered on the optimum order to attempt them. Tenants Social Hour (May have to just nip in and drop off the prizes and nibbles), Then a bus into to town and get to the opticians to have the spectacles repaired. Next up to Angel Row Audio Clinic and get some tubes for the hearing aids. Get some bread while in town, bus back to Carrington call at the Chemists for the prescriptions. To the surgery. Out and to Hucknall Road and get a bus into Bulwell, get pea snacks, bus back to City Hospital and to the GUM Clinic. A bus to… no, I’ll never cope with all this in one day. Something, will have to not get done?

Yet again, I could remember nothing of the dreams I’d had at all.

I liberated myself from the struggling to operate £300 second-hand recliner chair in response to a call to have a WRHD session. As I cleaned the blood away that had leaked from Haemorrhoid Harold, I pondered on the medical conditions. Anne Gyna was being very kind this morning, as was Hernia Harry too. Arthur Itis naturally was giving me a bit of hassle, but less than yesterday. The swollen knees were easier. The pains behind the eyes had relented somewhat. The head where I hit it falling onto the floor yesterday was persistent but not too much to cope with. No dizzies yet at all. Little Inchy’s lesion was leaking blood, but not as bad as it has been. Even the back pain had abated a little.This scenario above

The medical sit-rep above was pleasingly comforting. Because last night I felt in a right pickle and state and feared in capacities for today. I swore to have a Whoopsiedangleplop free day if possible.

Made a mug of tea, took the medications and did the graphic at the top of this page. Then got on with the diaries.

0511hrs: Had a go on Facebooking. Then did Graphics until 0825hrs.

Warden Deana rang the bell. She had been to see Olive who told her how poorly I was. Gave her the raffle prizes for the Social Hour and asked her to drop them off, which she did.

Ablutions completed – carbolicalisational session today.

Checked the list of tasks-to-do, and decided in this order: 1030hrs L9 bus to town – Sourdough bread from Tesco – To the opticians to get glasses mended – Audio clinic for batteries and tubing (so I can repair the hearing aid I broke walking into the hallway electricity cupboard) and bus to the GUM clinic. then bus back to the flat. Betamethasone Corticoid Cream. Leaving the Doctors for tomorrow

Leaving the collection of the Betamethasone Corticoid Cream from the chemist and calling to see the doctor for an appointment until Friday. I’m not sure if I can fit all these tasks in any way, but I’ll try.

4thr02Readied the things again and wrapped up well, then set off to the bus-stop to catch an L9 into town.

Met Olive and one of her daughters near the lift on their way out, grabbed a little cuddle and kiss. Much to the amazement of her daughter.

The weather was windy and cold this morning. My mind was all over the place considering which of the jobs I could get done and which to leave.

Got into town on the L9, dropped off and walked straight through the Slab 4thr03Square and up Friar Lane to the optician’s shop. Where the highly desirous lady set to repairing the glasses straight away for me and was very nice and kind in doing so, flashing her Cytherean smile at me, making goosebumps come up and kindling feelings of such passion arise within as she looked straight into my eyes as she checked if the glasses fitted correctly… Sorry, got carried away a bit there.

Clinging to the memories of her twinkling warm smile, I thanked her and departed. Across the pelican lights and up Granby Street … oh, they call it Maid Marion Way nowadays. Up to the top and left, up the staggeringly steep Park Row and right onto the Ropewalk and into the Audio Clinic, to find it closed? Could not see any signs about why?

Looked through the window in the door and everything looked normal in the waiting area. Someone came walking nearby from another department and she said the hours have changed for the walk-in side of the clinic, but 4thr05someone had stolen the sign they had put up, I can call on Mon Tue or Wed between 0930 > 1400hrs for any non-appointment reason. I thanked the chap, who had kindly taken his time to explain things to me, and departed back down the hill into the City Centre once again, to catch the L9 bus back home.

Everyone seemed like I was, well wrapped up in the cold and wind that prevailed.

Met one of the lady tenants at the L9 bus stop and had a chinwag with their there and on the journey back to the warmth of the Woodthorpe Court flats. She was a Geordie lass and she’d lived for four years in Australia and five years in America and had worked in Las Vegas, Nevada. She told me she didn’t like it on Australia and was glad to come back to England from America. She lived all over the place in England too. Cornwall, Hereford, East Anglia (Which she really hated!) and Wales. A well-travelled lady indeed.

Met Olive in her chair with her daughter as I got in the lift and we shared it, with me grabbing another snog and chinwag en route.

To the flat to collect the Clinic Card I’m forgotten to take earlier, and out straight away and caught the 40 bus on Winchester Street Hill to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic. Booked in and waited in the corner room along with about twelve other make patients. A right United Nations looking lot we were too. Me the only white person, brown and black youths, who, I could sense were thinking “What was that old git up to, to have to come here?” (The G.U.M. clinic). Then another patient arrived to join us, a sort of cross between a hippie and a rocker he was. I wish I could have sneaked out my camera to take a photo of him, a right dodgy looking character he was. Hehe! He’d be about 45-50, very tall and thin. Long straggly greasy black hair with balding on top and a ponytail that was brown. Most of the lads were on their mobile phones, it would have made a good photograph with me sat in the corner with my  crossword book.

I was called in, ahead of many of those who were there before I arrived, and got odd looks from some of them when I went into the treatment room, avoiding the usual visit to the assessment office. Down went the trousers, on the bench thingy, out came the lighted magnifying glass, Little Inchy covered with paper towelling and I was told to wait for the doctor and not to move.

A male doctor a female doctor and a nurse came in after a while. They each had a look and then they consulted with each other. They asked if I was using the Betamethasone cream, (I didn’t tell them I’d forgotten to collect it from the chemist). The nurse applied some to the lesionThey decided to try another different treatment cream this time, but I’d have to wait until they had consulted with my Doctor to assess if it would be safe to use this one, with me being on Warfarin. They would be in contact, but I must return for another check-up and they would make an appointment and let me know of that as well.

As I walked out through the corridor where the treatment rooms were, I heard a howling? I wondered if this was the Beatnik-Rocker chap? Hehehe!

Caught the 40 bus back to Sherwood, then the L8 that took me up Winchester Hill to the apartments, didn’t see anyone I knew, and of course ‘Little Inchy’ was stinging a bit.

In the flat and a WRHD session, with Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding fairly badly.

4thr06Physically shattered now, all I could do was get the fodder ready, simple that tonight.

Ready meal Yorkshire Pudding with sausages. mashed potatoes inside it with a bit of gravy. I added some more sausages and when it was cooked some crispy bacon strips.

Some mini rolls and bread thins along with a sundae dessert completed the meal. However, I only ate a few of the mini rolls and didn’t eat the sundae. I tried a spoonful and it tasted off?

Did the washing up and settled to watch a Jonathan Creek DVD, the one I’d been trying to watch for several nights but could not due to my falling asleep.

Same again tonight.

Oh, just realised, the Whoopsiedangleplop Avoidance Plan for today worked! Hurrah!

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 23rd November 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day again – painful.


England due to get a bit wet? Hehe!

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

In Tamil: புதன் 22 நவம்பர் 2016

0125hrs: Another early rising for (Currently) Nottingham’s Grumpiest Pensioner.

I knew I’d been dreaming, but yet again no memories of any real details (I hate that!).


And checked out the nose and eye 2tue09ailments once again. It was still painful wearing the spectacles, though.

Computer turned on and made this funny addition to the photo I took, of my poor sad looking face yesterday.

I noted that the new ailments had caused Anne Gyna, Roger Reflux, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia and Duodenal Donald to give me rest while I copped with the nose and eye hassle? Arthur Itis was not being so kind, though. Along with the back and bruised knee, Arthur continued to give me grief. The stabbing pains behind and above the left eye didn’t seem as bad as yesterday. No dizzies yet either.

Took the medications and made a brew.

Pleased to report I had not left the heater in the wetroom on, nor any taps were running either.

3wed02Updated the diaries on WordPress up to here.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another cup and took this photo through the kitchen window.

Sorted the number for a brown office chair so I can give it to Olive, to give to her Malcolm who is kindly going to fetch it and erect it for me.

The pain behind the eye is getting worse now.

0459hrs: Did some Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

0830hrs: Started the ablutions.

Cleaning ladies arrived and pretended to clean the place. Nice chinwagging. Gave them some nibbles. They were soon gone, and I had to clean the wetroom after they had done so leaving bits of black on the floor?

I called to see Olive with the order number for the chair and the cash, that her son Malcolm is going to fetch and fit up for me. Kindness in the extreme.

While we were chinwagging, the cleaner girls returned, one of them had left her coat in my hallway. Gave Olive a kiss and cuddle and returned with them so she could get her coat from the flat.

3wed04Got the din-din going, much earlier than usual.

The legs and back were still playing up.

On my next visit to the doctor, I might ask for some anxiolytic medication of some sort, cause I’m not only in pain with the physical stuff, but getting myself in a state mentally here. Can’t make decisions and fretting over nothing lately.

Settled to read a book and the door bell rang. It was Malcolm with a large box containing the chair. As I stood to one side to let him in after greeting him, I clouted the left side of my head against the electrical box, conveniently at such a height that it allowed my shoulder to go under the box and my head to make contact with the box.


Took these photographs Thursday morning, showing the location and how I managed to Whoopsiedangleplop my way through life once again! Hehehe!

Felt the resulting dizzy coming on and down I went. Malcolm helped me up and got me sat in the chair in the front room. Where after a while I felt a lot better and investigated, finding that I’d cracked a hearing aid, broke the glasses (Bent out of shape and sync), and had acquired a nice bruise on the head. This did not help the legs and back either. An ensuing headache, with the pain behind the eyes, was testing my metal now.

3wed05Malcolm set to erecting the chair for me, he looked an expert at it. This didn’t take him long.

I thanked him profusely for his help, and he even took away the empty boxes for me.

Bless his cotton socks.

I took a photograph of the new chair in position next to my computer, then faded fast and could only sit down and feel sorry for myself as the headaches and dizzies started, joining the legs back, eyes, nose and neck in the medley of pain! Hehehe!

Sounded good that, don’t you think? Almost poetical? Or not?

I’m not sure about the next few hours, a few WRWWs and trying to watch some TV I think. Nodded off.

Woke later finding a note on the ottoman: Prizes to meeting – Chemist prescription, GP appointment, opticians glasses to mend, clinic 1430hrs.

Inchcock Today Tuesday 22nd November 2016: Depressed, new ailments arrive and sorry for myself – Humph!


Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Spanish: Martes 22 de Noviembre de 2016

0230hrs: Once again woke up with the £300 second-hand recliner in the down position, and could not recall any dreams whatsoever.

Decided to get the laundry done first thing. Got some clothes on and collected the bag already prepared with the accoutrements needed. Down and got the machine going.

Back up to the flat, made a brew, took the medications and by then it was time to go down again. Changed the gear from the washer to dryer and went back up to 72.

Made a start on finishing yesterday’s diary and got it posted. Did some graphics to use later.

Down to collect the washing: and for the first time, I noticed on the wall boards near the lift doors on the ground floor, some new (Or that I had not observed before) signs as I exited the elevator.

2tue04Well the notices: Top left, no point in me going because, in the past, I’ve not been able to hear what anyone is saying at these meeting?

Top right, I cannot be a Responsible Tenant Award winner, thanks to British Gas mucking me about and lying to me, has put me in behind with my payments.

Bottom left, I agree with this one, but many tenants are still doing this. Although, me being an early riser, I’m not bothered about it.

Bottom Right: A new one this! That puts an end to me using the facilities here. No way can any tenants get their washing done in the day; cause residents are using two machines at the same time, and it is mission impossible! This is why folk do use the launderette at this ridiculous hour. However, I didn’t realise it was bothering folk. So, I’ll have to use the launderette in future. Means either a 45-minute walk there and back to Carrington, or catching two buses each way. Humph!

What with these instructions and being told I cannot photograph people at the Social Hour. Having to wait 30 days to hav2tue05e the heating radiator mended. The mess made when they supposedly sealed the draught in the kitchen and left the foam all over the wall, and it ran down over the electricity outlet and turned solid, and the wind still blows in so I have to put cardboard taped over the hole in the wall still!

I informed and showed the mess to those in charge here, and nothing was done, and complete uninterest in my problem was demonstrated by them…

All this makes me feel far less sanguine than I should be here in my new home.

Now we have (I’m told), three years of building and modernisation to contend with. How many more new moans will there be when that starts?

Can’t get your washing done, can’t take photographs… oh, I’m getting dispirited and pessimistic about the future here now.

Well, that’s that little kvetch over and done with. I don’t feel any better for it, though. Humph!

0635hrs: Got myself feeling down now.

Made another cuppa, of course, because of the complaints received it is too early to use the shower yet, or take the rubbish to the chute, or listen to the radio without the headphones on – which is how I listen to the radio and TV anyway – which in itself brings the problem of my not hearing the fire alarm, landline or mobile ringing while using the headphones.

The sensation of being tristifical and crestfallen has now joined my overall depression all of a sudden. Am I turning into a petulant old grouch?

Got on Facebooking until 0920hrs, then hurriedly carried out the ablutions and got ready to go to collect my prescription. (Which I forgot to do, humph!).

As I left the flat, Olive was on her way down to catch a taxi. Had a quick gossip and I aided her into the cab that arrived as we reached the foyer doors. Said my farewells and to the bus-stop.

The knees and back were still painful from the tumble I took on Sunday. But Anne Gyna was in a good mood with me.

On the bus into Arnold, I realised I’d forgotten to take the camera with me – of course, many things of interest occurred that I would have liked to have photographicalised. Huh! The car that hit a parked car, the pair, both using their phones who walked into a glass door… hey-ho.

Went to Sainsbury’s store. Got some excellent bread, Surimi fish tails nd some sliced mushrooms.The legs and back were getting worse, so I decided to get back to the flat and take some extra painkillers and apply the pain gel.

The legs and back were getting worse, so I decided to get back to the apartment and take some extra painkillers and rubbed in some pain gel. To the bus-stop and the L9 arrived minutes later, then the pains suddenly started that seemed to be coming from the back top of the left eye. Took the spectacles off, and realised I had new growth of whatever on the left bridge of the nose, where the glasses rest.

2tue08Got back to the apartment and checked out the nose. Put some cream on the nose infection whatever it is. Painful wearing the glasses at all now.

I then noticed a bit of bleeding on the bridge side, and under the eye internally and new growth on the top of the eyelid? Tsk!

I thought I was feeling a bit down earlier in the day, now I know that I am! These new ailments are seeming to go on for an aeviternity lately.

Telling signs of declining health as one ages, but I’m still glad to be here. Hehehe!

2tue06Got the fodder prepared. I wasn’t up to doing anything from scratch, so I had the Surimi, tomatoes, sliced apple, mushrooms, cheese sticks and some bread and butter.

I was convinced I’d eat some more nibbles later, but it didn’t happen, maybe this w2tue07ill please the scales in the morning? Haha!

Looked at the front room, remembered that the Hygiene ladies will be coming tomorrow.

I’ll ask them if they would kindly polish my 1967 G-plan cabinet I think.

The orangeish throw on the ottoman is the one that Olive gave me to use until I get the heater mended… if I ever do get it mended.

Took the medications with an extra 5mg of diamorphine.

The legs and back, along with the eye problem, made resting difficult, but as soon as I got a Jonathan Creek DVD playing, I nodded off…

Inchcock Today Mon 21st November 2016: Whoopsiedangleplops, dizzies, got soaking wet, medicational activities… oh, very busy day!

1mon01Monday 21st November 2016

In Haitian Creole: Lendi 21yèm Novanm 2016

1215hrs: Woke up with a hypnic jerk. In a different mangled position than usual, and the £300 second-hand recliner was in the down position, and I was inches away from tumbling off of it when I first woke – seconds later I did fall out of it. Did the already bothersome back a lot of good that did.

The new little heater was going nicely, and I made my way to for a WRWW, no signs on any requirement for a WRHD yet? Then I realised how early it was. The Whoopsiedangleplop falling onto the floor via the ottoman had woke me up properly, so no chance of any more sleep this morning. Little Inchy was only bleeding a tad, so that was good.

To the kitchen and made a cuppa, got the mushrooms in the Crock-Pot for later. Returned to the front room and sorted out the mess and checked on the recliner. Which worked okay, when I pressed the on button. Why it was in the down position, I don’t know. Can’t recall having any bad dreams. Or good ones for that matter?

Computer turned on and did some graphics then updated the diaries for a good while.

03.55hrs: Took the morning medications with another mug of tea.

Checked the emails: Amazon had replied to my complaint about the wrongly delivered delivery.

1mon02A message of apology. A link was supplied for me to claim a £10 money-off of my next order voucher. Time-limited though? Mmm!

At the bottom, Did I solve your problem? With option buttons. I clicked NO and got to a page to send them an email to explain why I had opted for the No choice. I typed this message. “Your team is in the position of being unable to solve my problem. The problem has occurred thus is unsolvable. You cannot time travel back and get the order to the right place, can you? Can you mend my bad back? Ease my angina or arthritis? Or calm down the angry with me tenants who had their front door blocked by the packages?
Mind you, if you are selling any time machines, please let me know. Hehehe!
Having worked in retail for many years, I can understand these things will happen from time to time anywhere to anyone. TTFN Gerry”

Then they next page after sending this off, asked me for a telephone number so they can if the feel the need call me. I put this on the reply: “Having hearing difficulties, this is not the best way to communicate with me, as I have misheard things on the phone before that has caused me grief and want to avoid this again. Cheers. Gerry

The other emails were all, what’s the word? Bumpf?

0430hrs: Got the things in the bag ready for later and the trip to the surgery for my INR Warfarin blood level test, then I’ve to go and collect the laptop from PC World.

Made another mug of tea to replace the one that went cold.

Facebooked until 0638hrs, then, I carried out some wording for my new list of them to use.

Had some porridge for brekkers.

The demand for a WRHD session arrived via the innards, a little blood from Harold Haemorrhoids. Little Inchy was not bad at all.

Brewed another mug of tea, and took these photographs from the kitchen.

1mon03The first from inside and the second I hung outside to get a better shot – and got soaked within seconds. What a clot!

I called Brother-in-law Pete, to see if he might be free to meet me and collect his Christmas present, cause today, I’ve got the surgery INR blood test, then to go into town to collect the pressie, then to go to the GUM clinic.

But he was going for his first hearing aid test today. Shame, if I’d known, I could have arranged things so I could have gone with him and shown him what’s what. Never mind.

I got the ablutions done at 0825hrs.

Got the things ready and walked to the surgery in Carrington for the INR blood test. Wet and windy it was. Got the test done and ordered some Betamethasone Cream. Gave the nurses their nibbles. Then popped over to Lidl and got two buns, razors and yoghourts.

Caught bus to the GUM clinic. Realised far too late, that I had got the wrong date. Oh, I felt in right, sorry state.

1mon03aBus into town, the rain still pouring and the winds persisted. Dropped off at Victoria Centre, went into the market. Taking this photo as I went through the walk-over.

This one tells you how the weather was.


Called in the market and got some dark chocolate covered cashew nuts. They had gone up again! £1,48 for 100g now!

Along to Tesco and got some bits. The new bread shelves looked rather threadbare, and the Sourdough bread very short dated, to I got some bread thins.

Over to PC World, where I got the dizzies and the shakes when collecting the repaired laptop. Not sure what took place here, the next real memory I was getting off of a bus from town in Sherwood, and I had the laptop in my bag.

The rain was worse than ever now, relentless it was I tell you! Haha!

A few phantasmagorical moments lingered, went to the Birds shop and bought a cream cake.

But by the time I’d got to the bus stop over the road to catch an L8 or L9 bus, things seemed to come together again. A couple of other tenants were there, and we had a chinwag between us.

1mon04Took these photographs of the traffic and weather as I waited for the bus and nattered away with the gals.

Caught the L8 bus after fifteen minutes and was soon back at the flats being buffeted by the winds and soaked by the rain on the short walk from the bus stop to the flats foyer.

Got in and dried off as best I could, turned the mini heater up a bit, and tended to a WRHD session. Put the pieces away and the laptop into the spare room.

1mon05Got the meal prepared as the rain continued to come down outside.

Feeling a lot better than I did an hour or so ago, titivated around a bit in the kitchen, then into the front room and read a book while the fodder was cooked.

Back in the kitchen to find I had left the hot water tap running again! Luckily the sink plug was not in situ.

1mon06Got the huge meal served up.

Minced beef, oven chips, cubed potatoes, carrots, onions, garden peas, swede, seasoned with vinegar sea salt tomato puree and lashings of delicious gravy! And plenty of it!

And of course, the cream cake to follow. Mmm!

Collapsed in the chair and drifted in and out of sleep for hours. The back still aching each time I moved. Tsk!

Inchcock Today: Sunday 20th November 2016 – Woke up warm for a change – at least the new heater works


Sunday 20th November 2016

In Lao: ວັນອາທິດທີ 20 ພະຈິກ 2016

0230hrs: Woke-up feeling warm and snug, then realised I’d left the oil heater on all nigh6sat04t. On minimum mind, on 2.5 with the lower switch on. Fought my way out of the £300 second-hand even wobblier than usual recliner chair and off for a WRHD session, no bleeding from Harry Haemorrhoid, but Little Inchy had been pouring, making a bit of a worrying mess.

Recalled bits of the dreams, being chased again around a desolated factory that seemed to comprise bits of all the ones I’d worked in over the years, then I was in the pantry when I was about 5 years old and was searching through Dad’s tool box?

7sun020300hrs: Made a strong mug of tea and took the medications. Then set about trying to find where and how to send Amazon an email of complaint about their delivering the goods to the wrong address. 0435hrs: I eventually got my way into an email on their site, shame, cause I’ll be damned if I could find it again. It said no replies would be sent, but I could find any comments on it from other customers at a link. After sending my email off (At least I think it went) I pressed the link and was told ‘This address is not part of the Amazon organisation?’ Humph!

Began updating the diaries for yesterday and this one. Had a look for Argos’s chairs in brown. Found the code and wrote it down for Olive’s Malcolm.

7sun05Got the potatoes in the Crock-Pot. Can you see my reflection on the lid?

All planned of course, Ahem!

Then suddenly the back started aching badly, as I thought it would after yesterday’s marathon haulage session with the Amazon boxes.

I took a photograph of me greeting my 7sun03Facebooking friends through the kitchen window… not that my Facebooking friends were in the window like, if you know worra mean? The appearance of the kitchen in the background and the morning lights on the streets looked a little different.

Not a good photo, just an odd one.

Made another brew and did some Facebooking for hours and hours.

The little heater was working well, the thermostat keeps coming on and off.

Got readied and tended to my ablutions. Little Inchy was not bleeding so bad now, but the back and hips were aching badly from the self-delivery efforts from yesterday and the Amazing Amazon cock-up.

Went to see Olive and collected some jars from her to take to the recycle bins on my way to Aldi later. Nice chinwag and off I set off up Chestnut Walk on a 7sun01gentle amble up Sherwood Vale to Mapperley top and down Woodborough Road to Aldi, then on towards town and down the steep hill on Mapperley Rise, and back to Chestnut Walk just in time, as the rain started to join the horrible winds that were prevalent.

I set out on hobble, dropping the jars in the bin on Chestnut Walk. On the way up Sherwood Vale, I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of my favourite little bit of wild intended trees.

7sun02I took two actually, the first one, then zoomed in to show the new growths forcing their way through amongst the dying off ones. Nature never fails to amaze me. For an evanescent moment, I was transported into a dream world of pleasure – don’t laugh, but I was.


Towards the top of Sherwood Vale, I clambered behind some garages onto a footpath to take a photograph with a difference.

Of an area that has only one roadway into and out of the private mini sized housing estate.

Doing this started the back and legs aching even more.

Getting back out again, decided me I would not try to do anything like this again.


As I pressed onwards up the hill again to the main road, passing a badly 7sun03parked vehicle on the pavement, as I took a shot of this car a dog came from nowhere and proceeded to shake his tail and lick me on the face – yes, face!

It was the second biggest Alsatian I’ve ever seen. Massive he was! When he hit me with his tail, he nearly had me over! Someone from somewhere whistled and off he went. Made the day for me!

Turned right along to the Aldi store and got some bits. They had no TV papers in, though. Got cheese rolls, PeaRice snacks and a packet of Fresh Cream Doughnuts jumped into the basket. I didn’t want to offend them by putting them back, so I kept them. Hehehe!

7sun05Turned right down Mapperley Rise and the rain started a little, and the wind got up something awful!

Not much vehicular activity, or many folks around either now.

As I rounded the bend in the photo, a chap was coming up the hill and eating a sandwich, as he approached to pass me he said, it a loud clear voice; “I told you, nobody listens!” in an educated posh voice. He muttered “Ah well”, and carried on up the hill whistling as he went.

I pondered on what an interesting little walk I’d had. I’d been of use to Olive for once in taking her jars of the bins, got a beautiful (to me anyway) photograph of the wild woods, Been shown affection by a giant Alsatian and been given advice by a stranger?

Feeling oddly contented I pressed on and as I crossed over the road towards Chestnut Walk – Whoopsidangleplop! Over I went as I tripped on some uneven bit of road tar.

Bruised the knees a bit, but nothing too bad at all, felt a fool mind, good job no one was around. Pulled the back again, though, and that has bothered me since the event. Hey-ho!

WRWW and g7sun06ot the fodder on the go straight away.

Minced beef, vegetables, fresh mushrooms, sliced boiled potatoes then roasted them, tiny tomatoes, two cheese rolls and those Fresh Cream Doughnuts that jumped of their own accord, into the basket when I was in the Aldi store.

As time passed the back started giving me grief.

Little Inchy was inspected and had not been bleeding so much this time. Crossed fingers on this.

I then had a sentient of an impending disaster/occurrence of a different nature to normal? Within two days methinks!

Took the medications and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner and faded, so tired.