Inchcock Today: Wednesday 23rd November 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day again – painful.


England due to get a bit wet? Hehe!

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

In Tamil: புதன் 22 நவம்பர் 2016

0125hrs: Another early rising for (Currently) Nottingham’s Grumpiest Pensioner.

I knew I’d been dreaming, but yet again no memories of any real details (I hate that!).


And checked out the nose and eye 2tue09ailments once again. It was still painful wearing the spectacles, though.

Computer turned on and made this funny addition to the photo I took, of my poor sad looking face yesterday.

I noted that the new ailments had caused Anne Gyna, Roger Reflux, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia and Duodenal Donald to give me rest while I copped with the nose and eye hassle? Arthur Itis was not being so kind, though. Along with the back and bruised knee, Arthur continued to give me grief. The stabbing pains behind and above the left eye didn’t seem as bad as yesterday. No dizzies yet either.

Took the medications and made a brew.

Pleased to report I had not left the heater in the wetroom on, nor any taps were running either.

3wed02Updated the diaries on WordPress up to here.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another cup and took this photo through the kitchen window.

Sorted the number for a brown office chair so I can give it to Olive, to give to her Malcolm who is kindly going to fetch it and erect it for me.

The pain behind the eye is getting worse now.

0459hrs: Did some Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

0830hrs: Started the ablutions.

Cleaning ladies arrived and pretended to clean the place. Nice chinwagging. Gave them some nibbles. They were soon gone, and I had to clean the wetroom after they had done so leaving bits of black on the floor?

I called to see Olive with the order number for the chair and the cash, that her son Malcolm is going to fetch and fit up for me. Kindness in the extreme.

While we were chinwagging, the cleaner girls returned, one of them had left her coat in my hallway. Gave Olive a kiss and cuddle and returned with them so she could get her coat from the flat.

3wed04Got the din-din going, much earlier than usual.

The legs and back were still playing up.

On my next visit to the doctor, I might ask for some anxiolytic medication of some sort, cause I’m not only in pain with the physical stuff, but getting myself in a state mentally here. Can’t make decisions and fretting over nothing lately.

Settled to read a book and the door bell rang. It was Malcolm with a large box containing the chair. As I stood to one side to let him in after greeting him, I clouted the left side of my head against the electrical box, conveniently at such a height that it allowed my shoulder to go under the box and my head to make contact with the box.


Took these photographs Thursday morning, showing the location and how I managed to Whoopsiedangleplop my way through life once again! Hehehe!

Felt the resulting dizzy coming on and down I went. Malcolm helped me up and got me sat in the chair in the front room. Where after a while I felt a lot better and investigated, finding that I’d cracked a hearing aid, broke the glasses (Bent out of shape and sync), and had acquired a nice bruise on the head. This did not help the legs and back either. An ensuing headache, with the pain behind the eyes, was testing my metal now.

3wed05Malcolm set to erecting the chair for me, he looked an expert at it. This didn’t take him long.

I thanked him profusely for his help, and he even took away the empty boxes for me.

Bless his cotton socks.

I took a photograph of the new chair in position next to my computer, then faded fast and could only sit down and feel sorry for myself as the headaches and dizzies started, joining the legs back, eyes, nose and neck in the medley of pain! Hehehe!

Sounded good that, don’t you think? Almost poetical? Or not?

I’m not sure about the next few hours, a few WRWWs and trying to watch some TV I think. Nodded off.

Woke later finding a note on the ottoman: Prizes to meeting – Chemist prescription, GP appointment, opticians glasses to mend, clinic 1430hrs.

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